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Jordan and I had always gotten along at work. We would eat lunch together sometimes in the break room and talk about a million things. She was very beautiful. She had long blonde hair, hazel eyes, and a body to die for. I can’t count how many times we would sit there and talk and as she was telling me a story I would be fantasizing about her lying between my legs, licking my clit and wet pussy until I came all over her face. On this particular day she was telling me about a party she was invited to. She asked me if I was interested in going with her. We had things in common, but I didn’t really know how many.

It was close to 6pm on Saturday and my doorbell rang. Jordan had come to pick me up for the party. She looked incredible. Her hair was down and she had put curls in it. She was wearing this little black mini-skirt and a button up top that her beautiful D cup tits were almost spilling out of. She asked if I was ready to go and I told her I was. As we were walking to the car I had mentioned the skirt she was wearing was very cute on her and wondered if she was wearing a thong under it. She told me she was and lifted her skirt enough so I could see it. I could instantly feel the twinge of my pussy and the need for it to be touched. My panties were getting very wet. She had no idea what she was doing to me, or did she?

We arrived at the party. There were actually people I knew from work there. I mingled while Jordan went and talked to a few other people. As the night progressed I had a couple of drinks, I was feeling good, and my inhibitions were floating away. As I walked back up to the bar for another casino oyna drink, I saw Jordan in the corner making out with some guy. His hand was sliding up her thigh, probably into her little wet thong. I actually got jealous for a minute. After getting my drink I went to sit on the couch with a couple of people I knew to get into their conversation; and to get my mind off the scene I just witnessed.

Minutes later Jordan came up to me and told me to follow her. She took my hand and led me to where she wanted to go. We went up the stairs and thru a door into what seemed like a study or library of some sort. There was a desk, a couch, and on the walls, shelves of books. I asked her what was going on and as she closed the door, she pinned me up against it. She started kissing me hard and feverishly. I had no problem with what was going on and I kissed her back, just as hard. My hand happened to do what the other guy’s hand had done. It went to her thigh, then worked it’s way up her round ass and to the little thong she was wearing. As my hand was groping her ass I made my way into her so called panties. First, in the back, then found my way to the front. My finger slid onto her clit, then down between her legs. Her thong was soaked and her pussy was flowing with her juices. I dove one finger, then another into her. As I was finger fucking her she was kissing and licking my neck. Then her breath started to speed up and she started moaning. With my other hand I was working on unbuttoning her top. Once I did, to my wonderful surprise she was not wearing a bra. Her tits were so soft, round, and her nipples slot oyna stood so beautifully at attention. I slide down a bit so I could get her rock hard nipple into my mouth. As I sucked on it and bit it, I was still finger fucking her. Within minutes she gasped and said that she was going to cum. That was exactly what I wanted, so I became a little more aggressive with her. I felt her explode on my fingers and her body seemed to go slightly limp. I pulled at her thong and slide it down around her legs and off onto the floor. She did not object. Then I moved her legs apart and went to my knees to lick the juices she has created for me from her drenched cunt.

After a few moments of eating her out, she pulled me up to her and started kissing me again. As she pulled back away from me, she looked into my eyes and told me she has thought about doing this for a long time but was not sure how I would react. She thought getting me to this party, getting a few drinks in me to loosen me up would help. I laughed; I told her I had wanted this to happen for a very long time also. I had fantasized about her while jacking off, more than once. She smiled her beautiful smile at me.

Jordan walked over and locked the door and led me to the couch. She took off her shirt and her shoes and was only wearing that little black skirt then. She told me it was my turn. As I was sitting on the couch she spread my legs apart. She teased me with her tongue, sliding it up my inner thigh. She lifted my skirt to see my panties. It was a thong also and she seemed to be happy about that. Her tongue was on the outside of it, but licking canlı casino siteleri on where my clit was and gliding down to my wet pussy. After she had me moaning and begging for her to tongue fuck me she obliged me. She moved the little piece of cloth to the side and dove her tongue deep into my wetness. Waves of adrenaline coursed thru me. She could feel me getting close to cumming so she pulled away. She sat up on her knees and told me to sit up. As I did she pulled my shirt off. She started kissing me again and undid my bra. With my tits exposed to her, she proceeded to work her way down my neck, to my nipples. They were so hard and they ached for her to suck on them. She pushed me back on the couch and continued to lick and suck my nipples while her fingers found their way into my soaking wet cunt again. As she continued banging me, she worked her way down my stomach to my swollen clit. Her tongue flicked and licked my clit, while her fingers banged me. She then stuck a finger from her other hand into my ass. I couldn’t hold off any longer. My hips started to buck and I exploded cum all over her fingers. As she pulled them out, her tongue went to my hole and fucked it. Within minutes I came again, this time all over her mouth. From cumming so hard my body seemed to go into a very relaxed state. She came up to sit next to me. We kissed feverishly again then she stuck the 2 fingers she fucked me with into my mouth. We were kissing and feasting at the same time.

Several minutes later she pulled back from me. She looked into my eyes and told me this was not going to be the last time that this would happen. I agreed with her. We stood up and got ourselves back together. After getting dressed, she came to me and we kissed again. She pulled away and went to the door and unlocked it, She told me we should get back to the party before we were missed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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