Katie trucker fucker cuckolds Harry

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Katie trucker fucker cuckolds Harry
I’ve been travelling a lot recently. Change of job. I enjoy it, but too much time alone. It does have some advantages in that I get to meet some interesting people.

I had had an important meeting earlier in Edinburgh and I was dressed appropriately. A tight fitting black blouse, under a fitted grey jacket with short grey skirt, stockings and a pair of black high heels. I was in a small wine bar, in Perth, doing my paperwork over a glass of wine. I was distracted by a beefy bloke at a table nearby who was trying to catch my eye. “

“Mind if I join you he asked?”

No harm in chatting to a beefy bloke,

“Help yourself, I’m Katie”.

“Hope you don’t think me too forward, I’m Mike and I’m here for the night”

Mike was good company and we chatted quite openly. He made me laugh. He was a truck driver and spent the odd night away from home. It was an enjoyable evening and even though we flirted a little, with a little chemistry, we went no further, although we did swap phone numbers, and Mike knew that I would be working around Perth from time to time.

We exchanged a few texts, some quite fruity and funny ones. I hadn’t said much about mine and Harry’s relationship, but enough for Mike to know that we had quite a modern view on sex and pleasure. I am not sure whether he had the bahis siteleri same arrangement. I had the sense that things were not easy at home.

The texts became fruitier to the point that we engaged in a little text sex, well exchanging sexy pics and chat. Much safer than Skype or similar when you cannot be sure what will be recorded.

One evening I got a text saying that he would in the same area as me the next day and did I fancy meeting up, with a winking emoji plus a devil one. I was staying in a quite plush apartment, a little bored of my rabbit jumped at the chance. I offered to pick him up and bring him back for a bite or two (winking).I knew that he would not be able to drive his truck anywhere off track. I was looking forward to some good male company and Harry was cool with it too.

I was dressed quite casually, tight jeans, a summer top and high heels. Nothing too flash, but still an attractive look I thought. It was warm for the year and Stu was in a tshirt and shorts. We didn’t have much time as Stu was on the clock.

I asked Stu to take a picture of me by his truck and a joint selfie which I sent to Harry. Harry takes a keen interest, for obvious reasons.

Back to the apartment, and Stu was clearly excited. I lent back against a table, and started caressing my body and posing provocatively.

“You’ mobilbahis re bit of a cock tease aren’t you Katie. I guessed as much when I saw you in your work suit. Must admit I hoped to see that again.”

I smiled back, undoing my belt.

“I’m a good girl” I said as I unbuckled my belt.

“I like to put a smile on peoples, faces, well men’s faces that is” I said smiling, and undoing the button on my jeans.

“You are very fuckable. If you were mine I would keep you on a leash” said Mike.

“Maybe next time, but I want your cock inside me” I replied as I undid my zip and began to pull my jeans down my thighs.

“Is this what you imagined” I said as I pulled my thong to one side and began rubbing my already wet pussy. “I’ve been horny as fuck since I got your text last night”

Mike smiled and stepped closer, kneeling down before me, pushed me back onto the table and started licking and rubbing my pussy. I groaned with pleasure and orgasmed quickly, and again and again as he tongued and fingered my cunt, rubbing my clit.

“Your turn” I said as I stood up and bent forwards to take his cock into my mouth, licking it teasingly first. Mike had sprayed some aftershave or something down his pants which is not as nice to taste as fresh man sweat, but that was being picky. I had a virtual stranger’s mobilbahis giriş big, throbbing, precum leaking cock in my mouth after a few days on my plastic friend. It felt and tasted heavenly

I paused for a moment and said,

“I want you to fuck me now, treat me like your slut”

Within a flash I was bent over the table, with Mike pressing down on my back whilst he steered his cock into my wet, wide, willing cunt. I felt so frustrated and cock in cunt was the perfect antidote. Stranger cock filling me. heaven

it felt sogood to feel his cock find its way into my wet, wide, willing cunt. It glided in, filling me up and he began to fuck me slowly building up speed.

After a minute or so, the angle was not quite right, so Mike Picked me up and placed me on the edge of the sofa. The height was just right and he grabbed my hips firmly and fucked me like a rag doll.

It was about 30 seconds later that I felt him tense up, grip me harder and explode deep inside me. He seemed to cum for ages as he kept fucking me for a few minutes whilst he emptied his balls into my cunt.

After a period of silence, rest and recovery Mike said,
“I really needed that – I’ve been wanking over your pics, imagining what you would be like to fuck. “

“How did I do?” I asked

“Not bad”he smiled

“Cheeky bastard, not bad” I laughed. “Well you hit the spot a few times, so you are welcome to give it another go” pausing …..”maybe”.

When Mike had said that he was on a tight schedule I had not realised quite how little time he had. So I drove him back to his truck.

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