Kayla Gives In

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**This story is true, names have been changed.**

On a hot summer day in June Kayla was laying beside the pool enjoying the warm rays on her bronze skin. She felt the suspicion of someone watching her, she looked around and saw nothing or no one in sight. She always felt a little uneasy sunbathing in the nude but, with no neighbors in close proximity her husband Matt assured her that all was well. Kayla decided to take a dip and cool off, once in the pool she looked up and saw Matt looking out the window at her, she cast a smile and waved to her sexy husband and continued with her swim. She thought it was a little strange that Matt was home in the middle of the afternoon so she decided to go inside and see what was going on.

As she walked up the stairs she towel dried her hair while calling out for Matt. “I’m in the bedroom Honey.” She walked through the bedroom door to see her husband standing before her in the nude with a full erection. “Hmm, seems you have something on your mind Baby.” Matt looks at Kayla with his handsome hazel eyes and sexy grin and says “Seeing you by the pool just caused my mind to wander”

Kayla laid on the bed and began to slowly finger her well groomed pussy and asked her husband “Is that what your mind was wandering about?” Matt stood there adoring his wife and her gestures. She always knew how to excite him. Kayla continued to finger her pussy then she reached for the nightstand drawer where she kept various toys. She pulled out an average sized vibrator and slowly stroked her pussy with it as Matt began to stroke his now 8 1/2 inch cock. Kayla slowly moaned and arched her back as mobilbahis güvenilir mi the feeling of pleaure took over her body.

Matt reached for the vibrator and turned it off and began licking his wife’s pussy while slowly inserting a finger inside her coating it with her juices. Kayla moaned louder and told her husband she wanted to taste his cock, Matt laid down on the bed and Kayla began to work her magic with her tongue on and around his member. She took his cock deeply within her throat and massaged his balls at the same time. Neither could take no more as they wanted to fuck. Kayla mounted her husband slowly as she teased him with her hot pussy just barely allowing the head to penetrate. Matt begged Kayla to sit on his cock and give him what he wanted. Kayla wanted to feel Matt deep inside her too but, she loved to tease him like he often did to her.

Matt grabbed Kayla’s hips and forced himself into her and she moaned with pure pleasure. Kayla’s tits bounced as she rode her husband. She liked to reach down and fondle her clit but Matt wouldn’t let her this time. He told her to get on hands and knees so he could fuck her form behind. He entered her from behind, which Kayla loved. He slowly pumped his cock in and out of her dripping cunt as she fingered her clit. Matt began to fondle Kayla’s asshole with his finger as he continued to pump her with his cock. Kayla enjoyed her husband playing with her asshole although she had never had anal sex. Matt wanted to fuck her in the ass as he had wanted many times before.

Kayla told Matt that his finger felt so good and that she wanted mobilbahis him to stick his finger in her ass. He withdrew his cock from her pussy and fingered her for some natural lubrication. She rolled her hips with pleasure and anticipation. Matt inserted his cock back into his wife’s pussy and slowly began to work his finger into her asshole, Kayla moaned with pleasure. She said “Oh yeah Baby, work it into my asshole, make me cum all over myself.” Matt had planned to do just that. Kayla began to scream “Oh God Baby, I’m going to cum!” Matt pumped her harder with both his finger and his cock. “I want you to fuck me in the ass Honey!”

“Please fuck my ass!” Matt was more than happy to oblige. He reached into the nightstand drawer and got some lubrication. He made sure to lube both his cock and her asshole for the easiest penetration possible. He placed the head of his cock at his wife’s tight asshole and began to slowly enter her. Kayla moaned with pleasure. Matt was all the way in and couldn’t believe how great his wife’s ass actually felt! Kayla fingered her pussy and rocked her hips, she reached for the vibrator and inserted it into her wet cunt. “Oh God Baby, your cock feels so good in my ass, fuck me harder!”

“Fuck me Honey, fuck my ass, I’m going to cum!” Matt began to pump faster, he moaned with pleasure. “Oh Honey, I’m cumming, I’m cumming, your cock feels great!”

“I want to ride you with your cock in my ass.” Matt laid down and his wife took his cock in her hand and aimed it at her asshole, it went in without a problem. Matt plaid with his wife’s pussy as she rode his cock, she rocked back mobilbahis giriş and fourth and up and down. Matt cried out “I’m going to cum baby straight into your ass!’ Kayla worked his cock harder as her fingered her cunt. “I’m cumming Doll, I’m cumming, your ass feels so good!’ Kayla said “Yeah baby, cum for me, cum in my ass, shoot it all inside me!” Matt began to cum and Kayla’s pussy started to contract at the feeling of her husbands hot jizz shooting in her ass. They both moaned with great pleasure and she slowly began to dismount him. Matt told Kayla he had to piss pretty bad and Kayla asked Matt if he would piss all over her cunt, she wanted to cum again.

They got up to go into the bathroom and Kayla grabbed the vibrator. She stood inside their garden tub and laid herself down and began to insert the dildo inside her asshole. She slowly pumped the dildo in her ass and spread her legs exposing her juicy cunt. She got wetter just thinking of her husband pissing all over her cunt. Matt looked down at his wife’s dripping cunt and stepped inside the tub. He held his cock in his hand and aimed it at her cunt. He started to piss all over his wife’s cunt, Kayla enjoyed the feeling and the power of Matt’s piss hitting her clit. She worked the dildo in her ass and began to cum again as her husband pissed on her. “I’m cumming baby, I’m cumming!”

“Oh Fuck that feels great! Yes Baby Yes, piss on me, I love it!” Matt couldn’t believe that he emptied his bladder on Kayla’s cunt as he just did. Kayla laid in the tub recovering from her orgasm and removed the plastic cock from her asshole. She then stood up and kissed her husband passionately. “We’re going to have to fuck like this more often.” She said. Matt slipped a finger in his wife’s cunt and said “Yes we do.” With that he turned around and turned the shower on, they took a shower together and began to fondle each other in the shower kissing slowly.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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