Kirsten’s Ass

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“Hey it’s no big deal. It’s money and yeah I’m not gonna lie it’s a lot of money but that’s all that it is.” Jack said purposely diverting his eyes from her to some unseen point in space. “I’d rather that you were taken care of, that you are well and not dodging collection agencies than me have a few extra video games.”

Kirsten’s head drooped for a moment. Three thousand dollars wasn’t just a few video games. “I will pay you back. Why did you do it? There aren’t a lot of girls who can call up an ex and have him bail out her and her new fiancée.” Kirsten started to reach out for his hand but stopped herself before she touched him.

Jack let his eyes move to her hand for a moment then back to whatever it was he’d been staring at before. “Don’t make me say it. It’s not fair. And we both know you’re not going to be paying me back. I’ve known you for a decade and you have a hard enough time keeping your money together as it is. Now you’ve got a husband who can’t seem to keep a job and he comes complete with a mother and little brother to live in your house. You’ll be lucky if you don’t borrow more money from me.”

“You don’t have to be a jerk.” Kirsten hissed. At the same time she could feel her face flushing. Jack was right; she was never going to be able to pay him off, not without screwing herself over. “Why did you do it?”

“You know why I did it. Why do you want me to say it? Isn’t it enough that you needed help and I helped or is there a reason why you want to twist that dagger just a bit?” Jack finally turned back to face her. “You know what? Fine. I love you. Yeah you choose another guy over me and if he makes you happy then you made the right choice. Yeah half the time you treat me like shit and the other half you ignore me. You make all kinds of promises about how you’ll spend time with me but the only reason you’re here is because you needed some money to get you through the month.”

Kirsten started to open her mouth then stopped herself. “I keep my promises.”

Jack had to bite the inside of his cheek to suppress a chuckle that still managed to slip free. “Right that’s why you’ve come down to my office to work off some of your debt. Or should I talk about the other promises? Like how you swore you’d give me some anal if I gave the grand you needed to pay off your SUV. Well here we are, three grand later and I ain’t illegal bahis got none. Look just go home, I’m in a bad mood and I shouldn’t be taking it out on you.” Jack snapped to his full height, a not disappoint six foot three. He wasn’t in the same great shape he’d been in his youth but he was far from a slouch. “I’ll talk to you when I talk to you.”

Jack had nearly gotten back to his car when Kirsten grabbed his wrist and spun him back around to face her. “Don’t you start with this shit about me owing you. I made that promise before I even met Enrique! You’re asking me to cheat on my fiancée?”

Jack easily twisted out of her grip and reached for the handle his car. It was half open when she grabbed his hand again and slammed the door shut. “You made some of those promises before he was in the picture. Way I remember it though the last nine hundred or so was well after you’d started wearing his ring. Now let me go.”

“No. You’re right. I do owe you.” Jack raised a brow. “Is that really what you want? You want to fuck me in the ass? Okay don’t answer that I know you do. Fine. I do this and then we’re even.”

“You’re nuts. Why should I agree to that?”

“Because you know you’re right. You’re never going to see that money. I’ll try like hell to get it to you but the truth is that unless something changes by the time I have even half of that money to give you we won’t be speaking. But you can have my ass right here right now.” Kirsten leaned closer pressing her breasts against his chest. She had to get up on the tips of her toes to kiss the base of his jaw. “And that’s not a bad deal is it?”

Jack shuddered slightly and shut his eyes. It was always difficult to turn her away but after nearly a year of accidental celibacy it was even harder. “Stop it.” He hissed. The battle was already lost though. Kirsten had one hand kneading his hard cock through his jeans. “Stop.”

Kirsten paused for just a moment twisting her head until she could catch his eyes. “Like you always used to say. If you really want me to stop just say no.” She unbuttoned his pants and lowered his zipper. His pants only needed a slight push to fall to the ground. “I think I’ll take your silence as consent.” Slender digits slipped past the waist band of his boxers and started stroking slowly. Jack couldn’t help but utter a light moan. “Well that’s illegal bahis siteleri not silence but I’m pretty familiar with the signs of no and that isn’t it.” Jack’s hips started twitching just slightly. “I mean how many ways did I used to say no to you?”

Jack tensed slightly. “Oh relax. You know I loved it. And I loved you. Monster and all.” Kirsten’s voice dropped to a sultry purr. “Don’t tell me you never knew. You knew.” Using Jack’s cock as a leash she led him to the trunk of his car. “You still keep all the stuff back here just in case right?” Jack nodded. Kirsten quickly popped the trunk open and grabbed for his gym bag closing the trunk and setting it on the hood.

The sight of the JIC (Just in Case) bag brought a smile to both of their faces. It was a filled with all of the various toys they had acquired during their relationship. Jack had a thing for toys, particularly bondage toys. Cuffs, restrains, crops, blind folds, gags. There were at least two of each of those in the bag and some there were more than that. There were also a fair number of assorted dildos and vibrators for if things got creative. Kirsten wasn’t looking for any of that though. She was looking for, and found, a small red bottle. “Still got it.” She purred.

The bottle was filled with exotic warming oil. She didn’t remember what it was called any more but she remembered how it felt. It was a wonderful feeling that she wanted this one last time. “You know that’s part of why I left you.” Kirsten whispered pouring the oil over Jack’s member and working it in with her hand. “You lost that spark.” Kirsten stepped away from her ex stripping down to just her socks and sneakers. One leg was thrown up over the trunk opening her invitingly. “C’mon.”

“You know you shouldn’t tease like that Kirsten.” He took the oil from her and let it drip down the crack of her ass and used his cock to smear it across her rectum. “It’s not nice.” Slowly he started pushing his cock into her ass. “I might still have some of the old me left.” He growled. “Now you might want to relax or this is going to hurt.”

Kirsten gritted her teeth as Jack slowly split her open. Even with the oil helping him in it was still uncomfortable letting him in. It was a good sort of pain though, years of being with him had conditioned her to crave that sensation. “More.” She whispered canlı bahis siteleri pushing back against him forcing more of him into her. She didn’t stop pushing back towards him until Jack’s cock was fully buried in her ass. Once she got there she ground her hips against him trying to get one more inch that simply wasn’t there inside her.

“I guess you’re okay?” Jack chuckled pulling starting slowly to fuck Kirsten’s asshole. One hand moved grip her hip holding keeping her from crawling away. The other glided up her spin stopping for a moment at her shoulder, then again at the back of her neck before finally palming the side of her face and pushing her down against the car’s trunk. By this point he was fucking her hard enough to rock his car with each thrust.

“When I loved you you wouldn’t have asked that.” Kirsten was clawing at the car at this point random mewling of pleasure escaping her lips between words. Her eyes were shut trying to trap some feeling inside her body. “You just knew and even then you didn’t care.” She twisted her head enough that she could see his face. “The monster I loved used me.” She smiled slightly. “Just like you are right now.” She pushed back against him snaking a hand between her thighs to play with herself. “Just like you are now.” She repeated herself.

There were no more words left in Jack by that point. There were grunts, groans and whimpers left and the occasional profane description of his ex of her asshole but nothing remotely coherent to anybody outside his own skull. Kirsten of course could understand enough of what he was saying to be flattered by his words and at her own to the din. She could already feel his cock twitching inside her; he wasn’t going to last much longer. When they came both of them were silent save for a growling purr while Jack tried his best to completely impale her on his cock.

Jack waited a moment before pulling his cock out of her and kissed the back of her neck. “Thanks.” He pulled his pants back up and moved to her side to lean against the car for a moment before pulling her up into a kiss. “A lot.”

“You’re welcome. But you know the monster I fell in love with would have made me suck him clean afterward.” She smiled teasingly. “You know I’ll owe you for the rest of my life for the things you’ve done for me. She didn’t bother getting dressed. Kirsten just picked up her clothing and walked over to her car and drove away.

If she had been a little more observant she might have noticed that there was a car following her home. There was always the chance that she did notice and knew what was coming. . .

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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