Lady Bee & Callum

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Lady Bee & Callum

Earlier this summer I met up with some old friends, Sue and Anthony, staying at their holiday house. They brought their 18 year old son along, who I hadn’t seen for a few summers. It shocked me. Suddenly Callum was a typical grumpy teenager, about to leave school and not sure what to do, talking about a gap year but not really sure. Sue asked me if I could have a chat with him and said that Callum had always looked up to me. I wasn’t sure, I used to speak to Callum a lot when he was a young boy but hadn’t seen much of since he was at High School. But I could see it would mean a lot to Sue, so I thought I’d have a try. I had taken a mountain of books to read on these valuable days off and wanted to laze around and not do much and Sue and Anthony were happy to leave me to my own devices. The next day they wanted to drive into the next town (about an hour away) but I didn’t feel like it. It was going to be a warm day and I wanted to just read a book in the garden. Of course Callum didn’t fancy going either and Sue winked at me – perhaps I could have my talk with him then.

I tried to engage Callum in conversation over the family dinner table that evening. He was polite but embarrassed and a bit shy. He didn’t want to talk. The next morning Sue and Anthony drove off for the day and I had a slow breakfast and then went out türkçe bahis in the garden and started to read my book. Callum didn’t show his face until lunchtime and we met in the kitchen where I was fixing myself a soda bread sandwich and he was looking hopefully in the fridge for breakfast. I saw him glance at my sandwich admiringly and smiled and said, ‘Can I make you one?’. I could tell he wanted one. ‘Okay, take a seat and I’ll fix you one up.’

Now, at this stage I should say I was very sensibly dressed. It was a cool summer day with a bit of fierce breeze, so I need my roll-neck jumper and linen trousers while Callum was wearing his teenager uniform – black t-shirt and baggy black trousers. I eyed him up and down. He’d been such a handsome young boy and now he was deep into teenager drudgery. He gave me a quick smile. The sandwich seemed to break the ice. Callum picked up the book I was reading from the table. ‘Anne Tyler – Mum reads her too. I’ve read one or two myself. She’s quite good.’ He flicked through the book, ‘What’s it like?’ I smiled, ‘It’s not the best, but she’s such a good writer. It’s nice to be reading her.’

When the sandwich was ready, I suggested he bring out one of the chairs and join my outside. ‘I can sit in the sun and you can sit in the shade’. And he laughed and that’s what we did. And we talked. güvenilir bahis siteleri We talked about his schooldays, possible colleges and the sort of jobs he might be going for. He was a very thoughtful young man.

When Sue and Anthony returned that afternoon, they could tell that some breakthrough had happened. ‘Callum seems lighter,’ said Sue, ‘less tense. You always had a connection with him!’

That evening Anthony got a phone-call – there was a problem at work and he had to return to London in the morning. Sue said she better go with him, but that I was welcome to stay the week as Callum was going to stay (he’d said he wanted some thinking space). ‘In fact’ said Sue, ‘it would be lovely if you could stay and keep Callum company. I know he’d get a lot from it. You can carry on being a brilliant God Mother to him!’ How could I refuse.

The next morning Anthony and Sue left for London and gave a lift to Callum who wanted to go to town to visit the library. He’d find his own way back on the bus later that day. I was alone to myself. The day was much hotter and in the late morning I decided I felt like another shower. I came down stairs with just my big yellow scarf and towel around my bottom-half and while I was fixing myself lunch, the phone-rang. It was Lorna, my sister who was telling me news about her husband güvenilir canlı bahis siteleri Keith’s new job. While we spoke I went outside and continued the phone call on my sun-lounger. After we finished I lay back and must have dozed-off.

I wasn’t asleep for that long. Maybe 40 minutes. But I was woken by footsteps. It was Callum. ‘Oh sorry,’ he said, ‘I didn’t mean to startle you.’

‘You’re back early, aren’t you?’ I spluttered, pulling my scarf around me.
‘Sorry,’ he replied, ‘I didn’t… I mean, the library was half-day closing. And it was too hot to wander around town. I can go if…’
‘No, I’m sorry,’ I said, ‘you just startled me. I was just going to get lunch. Can I get you another sandwich?’
Callum smiled, ‘Yes, I’d like that. If it’s no problem’.

I got to my feet and it was then that I felt Callum’s eyes on me. I was aware that my nipples were sticking out, I wasn’t sure how much, but they were definitely erect. And then I thought, well, what the hell. He’s 18 years old and I am 57. It flashed through my head, I wonder what on earth he would make of my Lady Bee online persona? Well, if a quick flash of nipples through a scarf gives him a bit of pleasure, why should I rush upstairs and change? So I pulled my scarf tighter. Well, actually, I slightly unwrapped my scarf and then pulled it tighter. And while I did that I made sure that the scarf came undone just enough to show maybe a peak of breast. Just in case Callum was still watching. Then I wrapped the scarf tight enough to make sure that I was very visibly still a woman. As I walked to the kitchen I could tell that he was watching.

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