Lana Back at School Ch. 01

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“OK. I’m going to walk Fabian around the campus for a while, and we’ll meet you at the pizza place at 6:00,” Lana said to Elizabeth and Susan as they parted ways, respective beaus in tow. She turned her back on them as the other girls walked away, and reached out her hand. He took it and paused briefly to admire her natural ability to position herself perfectly in the sunlight, auburn hair shimmering, green eyes dazzling. The yellow sundress framed her perfectly, going around her lusciously full bosom and hugging her curves. He’d nicknamed her Punky-not after the TV character, but after a local road with curves so tight it had a speed limit of 15MPH.

They walked causally for a while, Lana pointing out her old haunts. This is where she went to academic classes. Astronomy class was at the top of that hill, at midnight, in the middle of winter. This was her ceramic studio. The water they drank was essential to climbing the steep hills of Tennessee, and eventually it took its toll on him.

“And where did you go when you had to pee,” he eventually asked her. She giggled at his pregnant-woman bladder and jaunted away in front of him. Again he paused to admire his prize before following earnestly to the requested accommodation. She bade him enter and stood at the door.

As he stood at the urinal trying to focus, he heard the door open and shifted a bit to his left to allow the new occupant better access to the only other urinal in the cramped space. He moved a little more when he felt the other person brush against his shoulder and then started when he felt fingers grasp it, bahis firmaları just as his stream was waning. “Follow me,” she breathed into his ear; and she pulled him, gently but insistently, into one of two stalls…not the handicapped one, of course; she needed the walls. He obeyed in a stupor, pants open but at his waist, and let her push him to the seat of the toilet. She took a couple of seat protectors and dropped them to the floor before kneeling on them. Then she looked into his eyes and said, “Dirty Lana wants to play.”

She pursed her lips to suck the remaining drops from his slit. She wasn’t into piss per se—not bottoming for it, anyway—but she was into dirtiness for dirtiness’s sake. He knew something of this. He had no idea of the extent. Neither did he care as she brought her face down to his balls and inhaled his musk. It wasn’t the vinegar of unwashed balls, just the specific sweat that clings down there to cock, balls, taint, that gave her clit a little tinge. She started with her tongue, dragging up slowly and then gently chewing the root of his cock through her lips, closing her teeth gently then licking again when her mouth was open. Ever the technician of carnality, she judged the available time against the desired result and counted 50 iterations of this technique. She left him with a minor hickey here, stopping just as he began to squirm away. This was not the time to assert her authority in a way that he would notice.

She trailed her tongue along his thigh to the cleft between it and his pubis and licked here for a bit, giving a few real nips with kaçak iddaa her teeth (five, to be precise) and suckling for 15 seconds. She dragged her face up above his cock, just brushing it with her chin, to kiss right at the top before repeating the treatment exactly at his other thigh. As she turned her attention to his beautiful, big balls (he’d never know it but they were one of the top five reasons she chose to be almost exclusive in dating him) she breathed at his cock, which twitched, and grinned when the balls moved subtly in their sack. She heard a drip of herself hit the makeshift mat under her knees.

Again she grazed her nose along his sack, before finally bringing a ball into her mouth to roll around. He exhaled deeply, as if he’d been holding his breath since he sat down. She felt him twitch again against her forehead, gave this ball a few more swirls, and switched. The pressure left her forehead; he was ready. She brought her tongue up to the tip and swirled it a few times before standing up and turning around. He had a half-second to think she was teasing him. He caught a groan of frustration in his throat as he saw her dress come up, but she heard it; it was the passion, perfectly predicted.

One step, two, slam. He pounded her into the door, caring about its stability only slightly more than she did. She pushed her tits up so the nipples would be right against the cold metal. He reached up to the frame of the stall as his cock continued its fervent thrusting. She thought herself to a small cum, simultaneously holding her breath out, willing her Kegels to remain kaçak bahis relaxed around his cock, and pushed her hands back against his belly. “My ass,” she said. “Do my ass, baby.” He pulled out slowly, relishing the feeling and the visual, and they both chuckled softly at the squish-pop-splurff that resulted from the pummeling she had so rightly deserved.

He shifted his stance a bit and let her reach back to position his cock at her hole. She breathed out slowly, and he took the signal to begin entering her. A few breaths and thrusts later the head was in. As he started his first real stroke, going a little too slowly for her, the door to the men’s room creaked. She clenched, he stopped. Footsteps. Faucet. Towel. Zipper. He sighed into her neck at the additional delay so she teased him further by milking him with her ass. He shoved, just a little, and she gasped. Was it too loud? He decided he didn’t care that much and breathed hotly into her ear, just to make her squirm some more. The stranger paused at the stall just long enough for them to know that he saw four feet, and went along on his way.

As the door closed again he pulled out to the tip, then fucked her into the door. Again she allowed him to think that he was in control as he took her hand and moved it to massage her clit through her dress. She knew it wouldn’t be long now. Stroking herself through the material she bucked against him, signaling him to fuck her ass with the abandon usually reserved for a well-lubed cunt. They came together, and she felt his cum shooting into her. As reason returned to him and he pulled out, she held her ass closed tightly and stood, breathing gently.

They went to the mirror together to straighten out. There was a tiny stain on her crotch, and she was confident that it would disappear in time.

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