Late Night Study Session

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It’s Saturday night and hours have gone by as I sit all alone in my room cramming for the exam I have on Monday. Then slowly, my bedroom door opens. You come in and sit down on the edge of the bed behind me. I can’t seem to pull myself away from the books, knowing how important this exam this. You, aware of how hard I have been working begin massaging my shoulders. I try to continue concentrating but it is so hard because I need this so badly. You run your hands over my shoulders and as one glides up the nape of my neck the other reaches around to pull me closer. You gently nibble my ear as you whisper to me, “It’s time to take a break, you deserve it.”

At this point, I know I have to leave my chair and come join you on the bed. You pull me in close and kiss my neck, and shoulders. I look up at you and gently kiss your lips. You lift my tank top over my head and softly caress and kiss my breasts. I unbutton your pants and expose your already hard cock. I turn around and begin to lick your hard package. My tongue slides up and down your shaft. As I continue to lick your hard cock I feel my pussy getting wetter; I haven’t noticed until now but you have managed to remove my illegal bahis shorts and lace thong. Now all I can feel is your fingers probing in and out of my hot, wet pussy. Somehow I manage to maintain my control and concentrate on taking your entire hardness deep into my mouth. You can feel my throat tighten around the tip of your cock. You let out a long, deep moan. I continue to slide my mouth up and down while sucking just hard enough to keep you moaning; at the same time I’m massaging your balls with my free hand. You are so excited now as I bring you so close to climax before I back off.

“Not yet” I whisper, “I am going to make this last.” I too am so turned on that I can feel my hot, wet box burning with the desire to feel your cock deep inside. I turn around and climb on top of you. Slowly I slide down onto your hard cock. I continue sliding up and down, while you massage my breasts. I ride you slowly at first, then I begin to go harder and faster as you moan louder and louder. I am now grinding into you, my hips rolling back and forth. I moan louder until a scream finally comes out, my body begins to shake, and we both feel the incredible orgasm I have as my cum drips illegal bahis siteleri down your cock and onto your balls. At this point I can feel your cock begin to throb and I know you are going to cum any minute. So I pull myself off you and take you back into my mouth. I finish you off with a few final sucks feeling the tip of your cock deep inside my throat. I feel you tighten up as you cum so hard in my mouth, I swallow it all, not letting a single drip escape. You look down at me and can tell by the look on my face that I am loving every last second of it. Once you are done I let you out of my mouth with a few last little licks. I lay my head on your chest. As you run your fingers through my hair, slowly we drift off into a nice relaxing sleep.

As you begin to come out of your restful nap you notice a sensation around your cock. You come to realize that you have awoken to my mouth on you again. I just can’t seem to get enough. I slowly lick the head as the ball of my tongue ring rolls around the ridge of your cock. Up and down the shaft I go with my mouth. As I draw my tongue down the underside of your hard cock, you think I will stop and come back up, but I don’t, canlı bahis siteleri I continue licking back until I have taken your balls into my mouth one at a time giving a gentle suck. You are moaning so loudly now it’s turning me on. I feel my own wet pussy begin to pulsate with desire…but this time all I want to do is please you. So the more turned on I get the harder and faster I go down on your cock. I feel it now, the tightening of your skin, the quivering of your cock, the warmth of your cum pouring down my throat as you let out a loud moan. I can’t take it anymore…as I finish you off I realize how out of control I feel.

So I decide to take care of myself while you rest, watch and enjoy… You lay back breathing heavily and watch as I lean back against the pillows and begin to stimulate my clit slowly pushing in and out of my own pulsating cunt with two fingers knowing to alternate with three because that’s just how I like it. I quickly get to my g-spot knowing right where to find it and immediately begin to probe it harder, screaming now from the pleasure I give myself. You continue to watch letting out some moans every now and then. I feel my own cum dripping down my fingers as I have an exploding orgasm. I moan and scream loudly. I continue to push harder until I have nothing left. My knees are weak and I crawl over to you. I lay beside you and breathing heavily once again we fall asleep in each other’s arms…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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