Lessons From a Family Ch. 01

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As I was selecting a new brake light bulb, I was approached by a woman wanting help selecting the same for her BMW. She showed me a fix-it ticket from the local cops, it required repair by the next day or a fine. She was about 50 years old, 5’5″, medium build, short dark hair and big brown eyes. She wore a sleeveless cotton shirt with the top 3 buttons undone, displaying a good bit of cleavge. Below she had jeans and strappy heals. I saw no rings on her fingers. She introduced herself as Susan, and I Roger

After helping her select the correct bulb for the year and model we paid and started out to the lot. She asked me to help replace the burnt out bulb. Upon checking inside the trunk I found tools were necessary for hers, as they were for mine. She asked that I follow her to her home to help her make the replacement. She lived just a few blocks away. Being 35 and recently divorced, I no reason not to be helpful to a lady in need, so I followed her.

As we arrived she used the button to open the center of the three garage doors. She pulled in and I parked behind her. After I walked in she closed the door and turned on several light in the ceiling. I noticed a good selection of tools on pegboard on the rear wall. There were no other cars in the massive garage, but there were several pieces of furniture, including a dining set.

I went to the wall where I selected the tools need to the job. She said she would bring me a cool drink and went into the house.

While my head was inside the trunk of her car, I heard her come back. I needed another tool so I straightened up and turned to her. She had brought a tall glass of ice-water, but she had also changed. Now she was wearing a bikini like I had only scene on-line. The material was sheer black. The triangle top covered a little more than her nipples. The bottom was a g-string about 2″ wide in front, and only a string between her cheeks. She also wore black sling heels, a black beaded choker necklace, matching black earrings, about 2 ” long, and an ankle bracelet of the same design.

Although the clothing she had worn earlier was attractive, this outfit let me really check her out. Susan had taken very good care of herself. Muscles were rippling under her skin. Her breasts were quite firm with small dark, hard nipples. She had removed all her pubic hair. She said that when I finished we should swim in her pool, and offered me the drink. I took a good amount to cool me down in more ways than one.

I rushed through the bulb replacement as Susan watched and occasionally leaned against me. When I had replaced the tools and cleaned my hands she led me inside. I asked her about swim trunks and she said swimwear was not allow in their pool. I followed her through the house and out back to a large pool. There escort dikmen were fountains and a tanning pad. One could lay on the pad and be about 2″ in the water to stay cool. Susan turned to me, placing my fingers on the strings of her top behind her back, I pulled the strings. She then led my fingers to the knot behind her back, again I pulled. Her top, what little there was, fell to the deck. I needed no guidance to move to the strings at her hips. The bottom dropped to the deck.

Susan stepped to me, grabbing the bottom of my shirt and quickly pulling it over my head. She unfastened my shorts, quickly pulling them and my boxers to my feet. I stepped out of my pants and sandals. Now she looked me over, as I had done her in the garage. She evaluated my short brown hair, clean shaven face, body, with little hair, toned by regular workouts, and a shaved package. I was 36, about 5’10”, 165 pounds. Susan said, “I chose the right man to fix my problems.”

We walked down the steps into the refreshing water. We swam independently for a few minutes, eyeing each other, and savoring the moment. Susan swam to the deep end, where there was a swim-out. She stood on it, stopping to show her firm butt. She moved to the diving board. She stood on the end, then turned while holding her chin as if deciding which dive to do. She faced the pool, jumped up, doing a pike and quickly splashing into the water. She surfaced and swam to me.

Now the action was beginning. Susan put her arms around my neck and began a wonderful kiss. She pulled her body to me, beginning with those firm breasts pressing into my chest. She moved one arm to my back and pulled us together at the stomach. Then she placed one leg between mine, wrapping it behind. She then pulled my leg between hers and began a rhythmic motion causing my thigh to rub her crouch. She broke the kiss, leaning her head back, while continuing the full body contact. She looked into my eyes and smiled, saying, “I want to use you right here.” She continued the action of our legs, and now I was beginning to get the erection this situation would be needing later. As she felt my growing manhood she began a circular motion with her hips, causing me to reach full readiness. She alternated rubbing her breasts and stomach in circles, and her leg pumping mine between her legs. We continued the great kissing.

Now I felt comfortable being a full participant. I reached around Susan, placing one hand in the center of her back and the other on her beautiful rear end. I pulled her to me. Then I moved the hand from her back to her breast, palming it. Susan took my fingers and moved them to her nipple, placing the thumb on one side and the index finger opposite. I got the message. I began squeezing, pulling, and twisting. escort emek She broke the kiss, threw her head back, and began to moan. Her leg action became stronger, and I pulled her hips tightly to my leg. As I looked at her face I pulled and twisted the nipple firmly. Susan suddenly shouted, tensed, then collapsed. I held her to keep her from slipping under water.

In a few moments she came around. She took my hand and led me to the tanning pad. There she guided me onto my back. She stood at the foot, raised my knees and spread my feet. She moved to my side and kissed me again, now she began stroking my erection. She began kissing down to my neck, then shoulders, then chest, stopping at my nipple. There she stopped. She licked, kissed and sucked, making my small buds stand out hard. She was using her mouth on one nipple as her fingers pulled, pinched and twisted the other. I discovered my nipples were the greatest erogenous zone on my body. My dick was as hard as it had been as when I was a teen.

Time came to change the activity. Susan climbed up onto the pad with me. She moved to a position with her virgina over my face, as she faced my feet. She lowered herself to my face, bending forward to allow me to breath. I knew she wanted to be pleased again. I opened my mouth as she made contact. My tongue began moving in and out of her warm body, then switching to licking her hard clit. I alternated, tongue fucking, then clit licking. Susan pressed her thighs together, stopping my alternating activities. Now she began rocking, back and forth, with my tongue on her clit. Suddenly she sank down on me with a groan,having her second orgasim.

Susan pulled herself up, then slid off the pad. She began licking and kissing her juices off may face while massaging my hardness. She stood and looked into my face smiling as she said, “I did chose well.” She continued to look into may eyes as she took one of my hands to her breasts and the other between her legs. She began rocking my hands on her body to show me what she wanted. Then she returned to my nipples with hands and mouth. This wonderful foreplay continued for several minutes. Now I began to like short hair on a woman. It did not hang down to tickle my face or body.

I enjoyed Susan setting the pace, keeping me stimulated, but saving me for later. She wanted to change positions again. She pulled me down into the water, about waist deep. There she backed to my front. She began rubbing her crack over my dick, catching it between her cheeks. Then she moved back and forth or up and down. As she leaned her back to my chest she brought my fingers to her nipples again. I knew what to do this time, pull, twist, and squeeze. After several minutes she took my right hand to her pussy. There she took my escort eryaman middle finger and put it in her, catching her clit under the top joint. Without a demonstration this time, I began to finger her rapidly, while alternating stimulating right and left nipples. Again the moan and collapse.

After recovering Susan led me back to the tanning pad, placing me in the same position. She said, “Your turn.”

Again she was sitting over me, facing my feet. She settled herself down again, but this time her anus was placed over my mouth. She wiggled to let me know that I was expected to use my lips and tongue. I began, sucking, kissing, licking, and tonge fucking. Susan said, “This is not new to you.” She leaned father forward licking around the head of my dick. Now her hands came between my cheeks, pulling them apart. She rolled my hips off the pad. Her mouth began to mimic mine. We continued this for several minutes. She stopped, asking if I wanted a blow job.

I nearly shouted, “Yes, please.”

She let my hips down, and pushed herself back on my mouth, saying, “I want more.” She began licking the head again, then down the sides, top and bottom. She hardened her tonge and used it to lightly probe my balls. This was my day to learn of new pleasures.

Finally Susan began slowly putting her lips over my cock. She just slid down, down, down, with little suction. When she had me completely in her mouth she froze there. Then she started very small up and down motions, keeping me fully in her mouth. Then the action began going nearly full length, stopping before sliding her lips over my crown. She released me. She reached between her legs into her pussy with 2 fingers of her right hand. She went back to the wonderful blow job. Now I felt her pull my cheeks apart with her left hand. Suddenly the slick fingers of her right hand were pushed into my rectum. I froze. Susan did not move for a few seconds, the she began moving herself on my mouth again. I understood she was trying to show me anal sex was good. I returned to licking, sucking. Kissing, and tongue fucking. Susan returned to sucking me, while slowing beginning to finger fuck my ass.

I was not able to hold out much longer. As I groaned before cummimg, Susan took only the head in her mouth. As I shot she caught all my cum in hre mouth. When I finished she looked at me with a smile in her eyes.

Susan lifted off my dick and came to kiss me. As we opened for more tongue action my mouth was filled with my cum. I had to swallow because Susan pressed my head back to the pad and tougned my mouth. She would not let me move away.

Susan swam away, showing her ass as she dived to the bottom. When she came up I was waiting to kiss her again. She pulled us togther and we felt warm in the cool water.

I explained I need to be leaving because I had an appointment. She said she wanted me to meet he son and husband, adding that they should enjoy having fun with me too. We got out and dryed each other. Susan then saw me to the door, giving me a quick good-bye kiss.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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