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It was Friday, and Jesse Anderson waited, fretfully, on the front fender of his rebuilt 1980 Camaro for his twin sister to finish cheerleading tryouts. It was their senior year of high school and the tryouts where more of a formality for her then anything else. Since doing gymnastics since kindergarten and being on the cheerleading squad since junior high, she was there more to help the new girls learn the routines, and weed out the ones that couldn’t cut it.

He was worried because his sister should have been out about 10 minutes ago, and he needed to get to work. Jesse worked at the YMCA as a lifeguard, which suited him well. He didn’t like any sport that didn’t involve water. But since most of the schools in the area didn’t have pools or swim/diving teams, his only option for competition was at the YMCA. So being a lifeguard there let him have access to the pool for free, and also kept him in shape.

Jesse’s sister, Jaime, was finally exiting the school, with her best-friend Mandy Williams in tow, who also was a senior cheerleader. Mandy hated being called Mandy, by everyone preferring Amanda, but seemed to tolerate it from Jaime, and by default, Jesse.

Mandy was Jaime’s friend since doing gymnastics together in kindergarten, always on the same team, always inseparable. They even started doing cheerleading together in junior high after Mandy had to stop doing gymnastics since her body was developing because of puberty, and her breasts were getting in the way to much for her to do well.

Jesse had to admit, the two girls were two of the best looking in the school. His sister was the taller of the two at 5’7″, and had an athletic build that most of the girls in the school envied. Jesse had that similar build, at 5’11”. He was skinny, but not too skinny. He had a swimmer’s body. Both had dark brown hair, though his sister insisted on having burgundy highlights in her hair, which Jesse always though fit her fiery mentality.

When they were younger, their family always kidded that they had an outlaw for kids, with the play on there names being “Jesse James”. While they both were rebellious and defiant, Jesse was more subdued, and knew when to stop, while his sister was the one always getting into trouble with her crazy stunts. If Jaime was the envy of all of the girls in the school, then Mandy was the envy of all of the guys. At 5’6″, just barely shorter than Jaime, Mandy had longer legs than Jaime, and her breasts were a pair of gravity defying breasts that every guy in the school wanted to get there hands on. Although the rumors going around were that more then a few had. With her long honey blonde hair and crystal blue eye, she was a walking wet dream. Even Jesse has to force his eyes away from her, or risk embarrassing himself with a growing problem in his pants.

Both of them were walking to him still in there athletic shorts and sports bra. Mandy’s threatening to burst open from the strain her breast put on it. They looked like two uniform softball halves with an M&M perfectly positioned in the middle, held within the confines of the cloth. He knew something was up and his sister was the cause of it by the smirk on her faces. The two of them were talking to each other, and finally acknowledged him when they were almost to him.

“Hey bro!”

“Hey sis, Hey Mandy.”

Mandy noticeably rolled her eyes at the unwelcome name. Having chided him more times then he would care to count; she had long ago stopped trying to get here to call her by her full name.

“Hey, Mandy’s ride is already late, and we figured that since you’re already here you could give her a ride home. We already called here ride and said not to worry about it.”

Jesse Flipped upon hearing this. “What! I have to get to work after dropping you off, and Mandy lives on the other side of town, I’m definitely going to be late now!”

“Don’t worry; we’ll make it up to you.” Jaime said, as they started getting into his car, with Jamie in the back and Mandy in the front, since she would be getting out first.

“Yeah, just like you said you would make it up to me for missing States last year. Or like you said you would make it up to me for breaking my bike the year before that.”

“Oh please, you’ve been to the state swim meet, two years before that. When have you ever come to a football game, or a basketball game to watch us cheer? And as for the bike, you already had the Camaro at the time.”

“I was still rebuilding the Camaro! You know, I’m only doing this as a favor to mom, not to you, I shouldn’t have to take your friends home too.”

Jesse drove to Mandy’s house, knowing the way from having dropped his sister off here plenty of times. Mandy’s house was a larger house, almost bordering on “mansion”. Mandy’s father worked with the twin’s father, but was higher up in the chain of command. Mandy’s mom worked as well, but more because she wanted to, rather then needing to. The twin’s parents were well off as well, with their mother only working part-time to help with the budget.

The arguing continued after güvenilir bahis Mandy had been dropped off, and Jaime was left at their home. Jesse used a few of the back roads that he knew he could speed on and made it to the Y only 15 minutes late. After a brief discussion with his boss, Jesse went to about his duties.

The rest of the weekend was normal for Jesse. He has swim practice on Saturday and Sunday morning, and he worked at the Y in the afternoon at the front desk rather than a Lifeguard on Saturday not wanting to put to much strain on his body after practicing. Jaime had a party on Saturday, and an early date on Sunday. Jesse usually didn’t attend the parties with Jaime, and he was grateful for not having to deal with her on Sunday. The quite of not having her in the house helped him get his homework done faster.

Even though both brother and sister were known for their athletics, it was Jesse who was the studious one, known for his intelligence at school. Jaime was more willing to skate by her academics, accepting the Bs with the occasional A interspersed.

On Monday, Jesse was again at the school waiting on his sister, she was late again, but this time, Jesse didn’t care, he had the day off, and the rest of the week he was scheduled earlier shifts at the Y, so he wasn’t able to pick her up, their mother would do that.

Again, Jaime walked out with Mandy at her side. Whatever his sister had planned, he knew his arguments weren’t going to tread water. “Not again.”

“Please! Do you know how many guys would kill to have me or Mandy in their car? Beside, she’s coming over to our house. We’re going to go swimming in the pool before dinner, and then mom is going to drive her home.”

“Fine, just get in.”

This time Mandy sat in the back seat, while Jaime was in the front. Both of them talked non-stop on the way to the twin’s house about boys, the cheerleading tryouts that were finishing up this week, and other stuff that Jesse had no interest in. Jesse did manage to get a couple of quick glances at Mandy in his rear-view mirror.

When they got home, the girls went strait up stairs to change into their bikinis and go swimming, while Jesse went to go do his homework, while waiting for dinner. The screaming, laughing and splashing from the backyard pool kept making Jesse think he was working at the Y.

Finally, about an hour later, his mother told him to go out back and get the girls for dinner. He relented and went to get them.

As he exited the door to the backyard, Jesse heard a noise that made his stomach drop. He had heard the sound before, as a lifeguard at the Y. He knew that one of the two girls tried to dive from the board, but somehow didn’t entirely clear the board. Jesse, upon instinct, ran to the pool.

He had is shirt, and shoes off by the time he got there to assess the situation. His sister was swimming from the deep end of the pool to the shallow Oblivious to anything outside of the pool, but Mandy was in the deep end, and didn’t seem to be moving to the surface. Jesse knew that his pants would only get in the way, so he stripped to his boxers quickly and jumped in for Mandy.

In the water he saw her arms moving and air escaping here lungs, and she tried to scream underwater. Jesse grabbed her under her arms and swam her to the surface. After breaking the surface, Mandy was able to get air, but that also allowed her to scream her pain. Jesse now had one hand around her, using the other to get her to the edge of the pool, where by now; Jaime was waiting to help get Mandy out of the water.

Once out of the water, Jesse’s first aid training took over. He checked here over looking for cuts or broken bones while he had Mandy lie down and was asking her “Where does it hurt? What hit the board?” Through here sobbing and gasping, Mandy finally managed to get out that her knee hit the board.

He looked at her legs again, seeing that the side of her right knee was definitely red from the impact, and he knew that the swelling was going to start fast. After a new pokes and prods, he realized that it wasn’t dislocated, but there was the possibility that something else might have happened. He told Jamie to get their mom. They were going to have to get Mandy to the hospital, and that they were also going to have to call Mandy’s parents to get them there fast.

Gently, everyone managed to get Mandy into their mom’s car, with a towel wrapped around her, and ice on her knee to keep the swelling down. Jamie went with there mom to the hospital, while calling Mandy’s parents to meet them there.

Jesse stayed and watched the car leave. Finally the adrenalin left him, and he started to shiver, realizing that he was standing outside in a pair of wet boxers. He finally broke out of his trance and went inside to dry off.

Later that night, Jamie returned with their mother. Jesse wanted to know how things were, and how Mandy was doing.

His mother told him, “Well, she’ll live, thanks to you. But they won’t know about her knee until tomorrow. The doctors want to türkçe bahis wait until the swelling goes down before they look at the knee.

“You did a good thing today, Jesse, I’m proud of you.”

“Thanks Mom.”

During the conversation, Jamie just went upstairs and went to bed. Jesse tried talking to her, but he knew she wasn’t up for it; her best friend just survived drowning.

The next day at school, Jesse and Jamie were asked questions about Mandy. Where was she? What happened the previous night? How she was doing?

Wednesday just ended up being more of the same.

On Thursday, Mandy was back at school, though she has a brace on her right leg and was walking with crutches. She didn’t look like she was having the easiest of time with things, although she had a ton of offers from all of the guys in her classes wanting to help her carry her books for her to her classes.

Friday came and went with little fanfare. Jesse went to the Y to pick up his paycheck, and then went home for the day. He didn’t have to pick up his sister since she was planning on celebrating with the cheerleaders who made the squad since today was the last day of tryouts.

When he got home, he saw Mandy’s mother’s car in the driveway, and figured that Mrs. Williams was visiting his mom. Wanting to avoid having to talk with Mandy’s mother about what happened on Monday, Jesse just went up to his room.

To his surprise though, Mandy was there. She was sitting at his desk chair looking through his CDs oblivious to him being there. She was wearing a pair of tight jeans, with her brace over her right knee. Her crutches were on his bed a few feet away. She was wearing a white t-shirt, with what looked like a pink or faded red bra underneath. She looked gorgeous.

Jesse finally decided to say something, “Mandy? What are you doing up here?”

“Oh! Hey Jesse.” Mandy turned in his desk chair to face him, still holding his CDs. “I was just trying to waste some time while my mom talks with yours. I also wanted to thank you for what you did for me on Monday. You probably saved my life.” She looked down at the CDs in her hands, like she didn’t know what else to say about the event, or if she might want to forget about it.

“That’s what I get paid to do. Please don’t make a big deal about it.”

“Yeah, but if you hadn’t been at the right place at the right time…” she shrugged, “Who knows?”

“So how’s your knee?” Jesse asked, instantly regretting it. He moved into the room, depositing his bag by his desk, and moving to sit on his bed.

“Oh it’s ok. I have a torn ACL, but it won’t require surgery if I go easy on it. But that means no cheerleading for me this year.” That explained why she wasn’t getting ready to celebrate with Jamie.

“So what are you going to do to keep you occupied now that you won’t be cheerleading?”

“I don’t know. It’s not exactly easy for me knowing that I won’t be a cheerleader this year. Its part of who I am. I mean, how you feel if you got injured and couldn’t swim?”

“Look, I might be a good swimmer, and I might even get a scholarship or something from it, but that’s not who I am. I’m not a swimmer. I’m a guy who happens to be a good swimmer.

“Just because I play a specific sport doesn’t make me a Jock. Just because I get good grades doesn’t mean I’m a nerd. And just because you cheered doesn’t mean that you are just a cheerleader. I’m sure there are other things that you do well, other things that you have fun doing.” At that moment she looked up at him, and kind of cocked her head.

“Look, I’m sorry to about your leg, but I’m sure you’ll still have a lot of stuff to offer the world then being a cheerleader. Besides, you have to be enjoying the attention you’re getting with all of the guys at school fawning over you.”

“Please, those guys would eat rotten garbage if they thought it would help them get in my pants.” We both laughed at the truth of her statement. “So what are you doing tonight? Who’s the hot date this time?” I knew she was just trying to get me to get embarrassed. But I was used to this from her and Jamie.

“No one. No date tonight. Just homework for me.”

Mandy replied with an obviously sarcastic voice, “What, a cute guy like you with no date? What happened, did she turn you down?” She pouted her lips at the ends, and looked up at him with puppy dog eyes. If he had less control he would have kissed her right then and there.

But he just shook his head, and replied, “No, I didn’t ask anyone.”

“OK, tell you what, pick me up at 7. We’ll go see a movie and get some dinner. It the least I can do for my hero.”

“You don’t have to take pity on me.”

“It’s not pity. It’s appreciation. And besides, I could do a lot worse then going out with a cute guy like you!”

“Um…OK.” Jesse didn’t know what had just happen, but it seemed like Mandy just asked him out on a date.

“Now help me up, I’m going to have to get my mom to go home if I’m going to be ready in time for tonight.” With that Jesse helped Mandy Get güvenilir bahis siteleri onto her good leg, and Get her crutches for her. He helped her down the stairs slowly, and made sure they found their mothers, who were just finishing up there conversation in the Kitchen.

Mrs. Williams thanked him profusely, while Mandy was helped into Mrs. Williams’ car.

Jesse was still working how he ended up agreeing to go on a date with Amanda Williams. Not wanting to dwell on it too long, he decided to go along with the ride, and wait to see if there was a punch line later. Jesse pulled up to the Williams’ house at 6:55, figuring a few minutes early wouldn’t hurt, especially if he had to help Mandy into the normally low Camaro.

He knocked on the door and Mrs. Williams answered and invited him in. Mrs. Williams called to Mandy, who was still getting ready; to tell her that Jesse was there.

Mandy called down saying that she was almost ready.

When Mandy came down a few minutes later, with her crutches, Jesse hurried up the stairs to help Mandy the rest of the way down. When she was finally on the main floor, Jesse finally let himself take a look at her.

Mandy was wearing a light blue baby tank, with a white cardigan. Her breasts were essentially on display for the world to notice. The tank ended just about her navel where he noticed a piercing with a gem dangling in the middle. A White skirt stopped halfway on her legs, displaying them well, with the brace on the right knee. A pair of while Keds finished her outfit.

“Well, you two have a good time. Just have her back by midnight, ok?”

“Yes Mrs. Williams.”

They walked out to the car, and Jesse helped her in. He swore he could see a light blue flash of Mandy’s panty covered sex, but he figured he was just imagining it.

He got in and started the car. He looked over to Mandy about to ask if she was ready to go, but was cut short by a hand on his cheek and a pair of lips on his. It was soft and tentative at first, but Jesse just went with it. Mandy finally broke the kiss, both of them looking at each other, Mandy with slightly parted lips, breathing hard.

Mandy finally broke the silent trance with a giggle. “We better hurry, or we’ll miss the movie.”

Jesse pulled out and headed to the local theater. They got there just in time to see “Stardust”, which had just recently come out. It took a lot of arguing on Mandy’s part for Jesse to let her pay for the tickets. They both got a drink, and Mandy picked up a bag of M&Ms. Mandy finally relented on Jesse’s arguing and allowed him to pay for it.

In the theater, they sat up front, so Mandy wouldn’t have to climb the steps up to a good seat. The movie was an interesting fantasy movie about a falling star come to life, and a simple shop boy saving her. Robert Deniro’s character was the memorable one though. Mandy was holding on to Jesse arm through-out the movie, and squeezed him during all of the romantic scenes. Jesse had to admit, the movie was probably better then it actually was mostly due to the woman sitting next to him.

After the movie, they settled on going to a diner. Somewhere easy to get to, and wouldn’t require much walking on Mandy’s part. They shared a dessert, after which Jesse prepared to take her home. They had both been having a wonderful time talking and joking about all the stuff that they used to do as they were kids, but also talking about their current interests.

Mandy seemed like she didn’t want to go back to her house yet though. “Hey! It’s still early. It’s only 10:30. I know what we can do.” Mandy proceeded to guide Jesse to where she wanted to go, but never actually told him where.

A few minutes later, they ended up at playground that Jesse remembered them having played at when they were younger, they had even discussed it a bit during dinner. It was deserted, and they were the only ones there. Jesse helped Mandy out of the car, and this time actually did manage to see up her skirt.

Mandy pressed up against him, for balance, but had a devilish look on her face.

“See something you like?”

“I’m sorry. I didn’t mean to. It was an accident I swear!”

“It’s ok. How about you help me with my crutches though?’

“Sure.” Jesse let go of Mandy to reach into the Camaro to get her crutches. While bent over, Mandy managed to get a good look at his ass. She had to admit to herself, that at least she liked what she saw.

Once able to, Mandy led the way and headed to the swings on the playground. Jesse helped her into one, and started her off, since she was only able to use her good leg to push slowly. Jesse finally got into the swing next to her and accompanied her on her voyage.

After a few minutes they both slowed down, and just enjoyed the cool air of the night, and the stars in the sky.

“Jess, could you help me out of this thing?”

Jesse came over in front of her, and pulled her up to her feet. Upon standing up, Mandy pressed her entire body against Jesse and kissed him. She had one hand on his shoulder for support, the other on his neck making sure he wouldn’t try to get away. Jesse’s hands where on her hips and lower back, not daring to go lower, but also not wanting to leave the sweet feel of the top portion of her ass.

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