Lil Jem Part 2

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Chapter 2
I kneeled on the bales, my mind racing as Mr. Frankie, a man in his 50’s fingering my bare slit and running his thumb over my tiny little anus. He slipped it in between my lips again to make it moist once more and again spread my wet over my butthole. This time his thumb pressed forward, trying to gain entry into my little asshole. I moaned slightly as I felt his thumb slip in past the tight ring, pull back just a bit then plunge farther in.

“Oooohhh” I exclaimed as he penetrated further into my virgin ass. He pushed his thumb in as far as it would go, holding it there for a few moments as his fingers continued to rub against my slit. I felt another tremble course through me as he continued thumbing my ass, my wet coated his hand as I became more and more excited. Now he was pulling his thumb almost completely out, then sliding it deep back inside.

What a sight I must have made, this little ten year old girl, kneeling on the bales, bum up in the air, getting fingered by an old man. I let out a little “mmmppphhhh” each time he shoved his thumb in to the hilt, twisting it around inside me. I thought I was going to have a cum right then and there when he stopped. I didn’t dare look around to see what he was doing, but I could hear him moving. Suddenly I could sense him moving close to me, wondering what he was going to do next when I felt him smear something cool and slippery on my bum.
Mr. Frankie looked down at the sexy pre-teen illegal bahis ass before him as he smeared some hand lotion he kept in the barn, on her little rosebud. He was hardly able to control himself as he took himself in his hand and moved closer to the little girl. He couldn’t believe he had started to seduce this little thing, but he just couldn’t help himself any more. The tiny anal ring had felt so good as it seemed to grasp his thumb in its tightness, the pink little slip with its dark lips below it the hottest pussy he had ever had his eyes on. She stayed frozen in spot before him, trembling slightly, waiting for whatever was coming next. At least she hadn’t run screaming out the door.

He brought the head of his penis to the tiny starfish shaped opening, wanting to just bury the whole thing in one shove into her, but restrained himself, barely. He rubbed the head of his hard cock up and down her slit a few times, his pre-cum mixing with her wetness and smearing it on her anus like the lotion. He couldn’t believe how wet the girl was, and this excited him even more. He centred the head of his cock on her the dark ring of her ass hole, slowly pushing forward.

He was averaged sized, not thick at all, and about six inches long. He held her hip in one hand as she tried to pull away from the insistent pressure of his cock. He let out a loud gasp as the head slipped pass the tight ring, into her burning hot little ass.
Jem lurched forward as she felt illegal bahis siteleri his head pressing into her. She couldn’t believe he was going to go up her bum, but it was happening. His hand held her hip as she tried to pull away, the pain becoming almost too much, then all of a sudden he slipped into her. She cried out with the stabbing pain, and then realized another feeling was settling over her as that first sharp burst of pain shot through her. Relief washed over her as her tight anus slipped over the head of his cock to grip the shaft. The pain subsided somewhat, flaring up again as he pushed deeper into her.

“Gawd”, she thought, he was actually in her ass! It excited her to think a real man was having sex with her, even with the pain, and the fact he was in her ass and not her pussy. She wanted it to continue, she wanted him to have her, and she had always had a crush on Mr. Frankie, even if he was older.

She gathered her breath, and pushed back slightly, allowing more of his cock inside her. She wanted to turn around and see his cock, she had never seen a real man naked before, but she was to scared to move. She gasped again as she felt him push further into her, now about half of him was buried in her tight ass, the pain lessening as he pulled back out, then returning as he slid back into her. He began a steady rhythm, sliding in and out, Jem rocking back and forth a bit, making small mewing sounds as she tried to ignore the pain and canlı bahis siteleri enjoy the pleasurable part.

Mr. Frankie knew he wasn’t going to last long, slipping in and out of her tight pre-teen butt, it was so hot inside her, and when she started to rock a little with him he knew he was going to cum. Holding her tiny hips with both hands he began to pump faster and faster, trying not to shove to deep and hurt her too much. It was so tight! Then with a groan he was cumming, filling her tight hole with his seed!

Jem heard him cry out, followed by another jolt of pain as he went deeper in her, then she could feel his cock pulsing inside her, spurt after hot spurt shooting deep into her no longer virgin ass. She knew enough about sex to know the feeling of him cumming in her, and she totally enjoyed hearing his groans as he emptied himself in her. Her little pussy was very wet, although there had been too much pain to cum herself, but that was ok. She stayed kneeling as Mr. Frankie carefully slipped his softening cock out of her tight bottom, turning away as he did himself up.

Mr Frankie watched as Jem slipped her panties back up, watching her swollen anus disappear under the pink material. That was the most intense orgasm he had ever had, he was sure.

Jem turned around to him, handed him the empty milk bottle and looking up at him smiling said “I think he is done drinking!” “I think he is” relied Mr. Frankie, not sure what else to say. Jem looked at him, still smiling, “I had better get home, see you on Thursday?”

“Yes, see you Thursday” he said, with a bit of relief. This was going to get interesting!

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