Little sister Kimmy Part 2

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Well as I said in my first story my little sister Kimmy and I spent the rest of that first summer learning and teaching each other about our bodies. The one thing she would not let me do though was actually take her virginity. She had previously had the sex talk with mom and was convinced she would save that part of her for her husband on their wedding night. It seemed crazy to me because she didn’t even have a boyfriend at the time.
Throughout that first summer we did graduate to oral sex. Kimmy became very good at it and at times seemed obsessed by it. She loved it when I went down on her but was crazy good at giving head. By the end of the first summer she was swallowing my cum, and could take most of my young cock in her mouth. In the beginning we were very awkward together because of our inexperience, but we learned quickly. Now, because our mom’s room was right down the hall we had to be real careful, so we would wait until she went out or when she had some wine with her sleeping pill at night…. Those nights nothing woke her up! There were also the occasional couch episodes after mom went up to her room.
Both Kimmy and I dated in the following years, but it didn’t stop our escapades. My girlfriend Connie, in my sophomore year took my virginity and I found I was able to please her quite well because of my tutoring sister! By the time Kimmy was a freshman in high school, she was dating a senior. He was some asshole that I never did like. She wouldn’t fuck him, but as I said, she was real good at giving head, so they dated until she got tired of him and sent him on his way.
That quickly brings us to my senior year of high school. I guess it was in March that I decided I was going into the Army after I graduated. Kimmy wasn’t too thrilled about the idea so sex was very much on her terms. Some nights she would maul me and then I might go 2 weeks where she would barely talk to me. By this time I had become quite popular with the girls in school. (I guess it’s true that girls talk) But I always enjoyed the time with Kimmy more than with any of them. I didn’t have a girlfriend for the last half of my junior year and my entire senior. I would just go out with whomever, and if she put out, I would go out with her again; Sounds pretty bad looking back at it.
That brings me up to a couple weeks before graduation. Kimmy started making comments about how much I was going to like what she was giving me for graduation. I figured she was buying me something because she hadn’t done anything sexual with me for the past two or three weeks. Every time I would see her my cock would get immediately hard and she would shun off any attempts I made toward her. She was growing out of her “ugly duckling” looks now as a sophomore. She traded in her glasses for contacts and was actually starting to fill out her shirts quite nicely. She wore tight jeans that showed off her round ass and I often had to hear from the guys in school how hot my sister was. I would get jealous, believe it or not, but couldn’t say anything about it, so I would often fall back on the “That’s my little sister you’re talking about” line.
The last weeks before graduation were real busy, with getting ready to head out for basic training two days after I graduated; it just seemed like there wasn’t enough time in a day to get everything done. Kimmy wasn’t helping me out and I didn’t date those last few weeks, so no matter how much I jacked off, it seemed like my balls were always full.
The morning off graduation was uncommonly warm. I decided I would wear shorts and a t-shirt under my robe. Graduation was at five and I woke up at the crack of noon. I lounged downstairs and made some coffee and was sitting alone at the kitchen table when Kimmy came down, wearing shorts that didn’t even think about covering her ass, and a tank top with no bra under it. I could see every line of her ripe breast and her nipples were doing their best to rip right through her shirt. As she walked into the room my eyes followed down her shapely body to her bare legs and bare feet. (You know how I love her feet!) “You’re killing me” I mumbled. “Not yet” she countered back. She walked over to the table, and leaning over, rubbed my crotch with her one hand, while she stole my coffee with the other. “Damn” I complained as I pushed myself off from the chair illegal bahis to get another cup. She took the seat across from where I was sitting and I returned to my seat with a fresh cup of coffee. “You’re leaving me” she said looking sadly into my eyes. “Not you….. Here” I said gesturing to the town around us. “Same thing” she said looking down at the floor. “C’mon” I said “don’t do that. I’ll be home on leave” “It won’t ever be the same” she said, and I noticed a tear running down her cheek. I got up, walked around the table and wrapped my arms around her to console her. “I’m gonna miss you so much”. Her head tilted back as she hit me with the puppy dog eyes…. Not the fake ones that girls use to get what they want, but real and sincere. Our lips met and she kissed me warm and passionately. A lover’s kiss.
We sat and talked until mom came through the door. She had gone shopping for my graduation party. We were having a barbeque in the back yard after graduation. We helped unload the car and then Kimmy went upstairs to start getting ready.
The graduates had to be there early so I drove myself and picked up a couple friends along the way. Graduation was boring and I fell asleep during the key-note speaker.
When we got outside I was met by an on slaught of family members. I mechanically thanked everyone for coming and then I saw my little sister. Beautiful. She was wearing a yellow flowered sundress that went to her knees. I can still envision it today. Her bare legs went down to her white sandals that showed off her pretty toes. She ran up to me and threw her arms around my neck and gave me a kiss on the cheek. “Can I ride home with you” she whispered in my ear. “Of course” I told her and left my arm around her waist for a moment longer as she stepped back from our embrace. We walked to the car and I unlocked the door from the passenger side to let Kimmy in. Back then power and remote locks were still a thing of the future. As she got in, she let her dress rise up all the way to her upper thigh giving me a great leg shot. I noticed when I got in the driver’s seat that she hadn’t bothered to pull it back down. We pulled out of the parking area and Kimmy slid her sandals off and put her bare feet up on the dash board causing her dress to expose her lightly haired pussy. She kept her eyes on me as she ran her fingers from her knee slowly to the top of her pussy. “I’m so horny” she said to no one, and allowed her finger to move to her clit. She let out a quiet moan as she slowly began to work herself. I’m not sure how I was driving because it seemed that I was mesmerized. As she became wetter, she allowed the very tip of one finger to slide inside, then a little more, finally seductively working up to the first knuckle. She then suddenly pulled her hand away and sat straight up. It was so sudden that I jumped and brought me back to the fact that I was driving. “You just pay attention to your driving, and leave the rest up to me” she said reaching for my crotch. I had taken my robe off before the drive home, so I was wearing my old gym shorts. Her hand slid inside the waistband and grabbed fully on my always erect cock. In a swift motion it was out of my shorts, her hand sliding to the base and her mouth engulfed me. She kept me in her mouth for about 5 seconds then slid up to the head and sucked hard a few times. She opened her mouth and let her tongue lick the very tip then began vigorously bobbing her head up and down my shaft while her hand jacked the base in rhythm. Just as I was getting ready to cum she sat up straight and as if nothing had happened she said “That’s all for now” “Fuuuck” I moaned “You are such a little bitch” With a big grin on my face. “You won’t think so later” she replied. So there I was driving down the road with my erect dick sticking out of my shorts. I waited a moment to see if she was going to finish but she just looked out the window. I stuck my dick back in my shorts, the tip sticking out the left leg.
When we got back to the house Mom was in the kitchen and several relatives where in the back yard preparing for my graduation party. I covered the bulge in my shorts the best I could and ran up to my room to change into a pair of jeans to help hide the growth in my pants. It had gone down some, still being about ¾ erect. I went down stairs and Kimmy was helping illegal bahis siteleri mom take snacks out to the backyard. We had a couple folding tables and picnic tables and I had prepared a bonfire pit a couple weeks before for after the sun went down. I watched Kimmy bouncing around and mingling with people as if she hadn’t even been sucking my cock half an hour before…. Incredible.
My cousin Becca arrived shortly after. She was only a couple months younger than me and lived about 45 minutes away. She would be graduating the following week when her school got out. She was a cutie that I had had a thing for since I knew the difference between boys and girls. We hung out a lot being the same age. She was blonde with shoulder length hair, and a beautiful sexy body. I talked to her for a moment but had to excuse myself when I realized that looking at her wasn’t helping my previous condition!
Our back yard was actually fairly large, about half an acre and was lined with woods on all sides. Mom and I had put up lights last week so when the sun went down there was light to see by and with the fire started in the pit it was really nice back there. There were about 50 people that showed up; family, friends, and neighbors. Everyone who was of age were drinking and having a good time…. Those who weren’t of age were doing their best to sneak a drink whenever possible.
After running in circles being social and thanking everyone for coming I finally got to grab a burger and Mt. Dew. I was just finishing when Kimmy came up to me and told me she needed my help. She walked back to the woods line and when we got there, she pulled up her sundress exposing her pussy. With her free hand she grabbed a handful of my hair and pushed me to my knees. “I want to feel your tongue” she told me. I glanced over my shoulder at all the people in the yard but figured since it was dark that no one could see us. I buried my face between her legs. She leaned back onto a tree and moaned pretty loud. I ate her hard and fast and could tell she was getting ready to cum. Then, just like in the car, she pushed me away and said “That’s all for now” and again, as if nothing happened she walked back to the party.
About an hour later Kimmy walked up to me, right in the middle of everyone, and whispered, “If you want to finish what we started, I want to watch you grab Becca’s ass” “what??!!” “oh… just grab her ass, she’s been hot for you for years and you are too much of a sissy to do anything about it; and if you don’t our little party ends right now.” Fuck. Well what did I have to lose? I scouted the area and saw Becca about 20 yards away, I made a bee line to her, wrapped my arms around her and spun her so her ass was facing Kimmy and grabbed both of her ass checks. “Thanks for coming” I whispered into her ear. “Ooohh my sexy cousin’s a little drunk” she teased. Actually I hadn’t had any alcohol at all, but I let her believe it. For the moment it was safer. When I finally got back over to Kimmy, she was smiling. “Great now go grab Aunt Sally’s boob” “Alright Kimmy enough is enough.” “Ok” she said calmly “If you’ve had enough of this,” she gestured to her body “then don’t do it.” “Damn you little tease… alright, I will.’
I looked around and saw Aunt Sally standing next to her 3rd husband (I could never remember his name) they were standing off to the side of the yard in a small group of people, but their backs were to them. Both of them had a drink in their hand. I walked over and stood in the group for a minute right behind Aunt Sally then figuring it was now or never, I reached around her and gave her right tit a squeeze then quickly turned back to the small group and involved myself in the conversation. I noticed Aunt Sally tucking her head onto her husband’s shoulder. Perfect I thought, she thought he did it!
Shortly after that people started leaving. I would walk with them to their cars that were lined up on the road and thank them again for coming. Finally it was just mom and I standing in the kitchen, and I realized I hadn’t seen Kimmy in the last half hour or so. “Well, that was really fun” mom slurred, spilling a little of her wine on the tile floor. “It was fun, thanks” I told her and gave her a big hug. As she hugged me I realized I was supporting more of her weight than she was. “C’mon, let me canlı bahis siteleri help you to your room.” I tucked my arm around her and helped her up the stairs, walked her into her bedroom and sat her on bed. She fumbled with the covers, then crawled under them; clothes still on. I turned off her light and shut the door as I left, then went down stairs to clean up a bit. When I was done I turned out the lights and headed toward my room. I still hadn’t seen my sister.
When I opened my door and went into my room Kimmy was under the covers. “Get your clothes off and get in her with me” she said fairly loudly. “Shhhhhh mom will hear you” I ordered. “Don’t worry about her. She won’t wake up until noon. She took a sleeping pill with her wine tonight.” “How do you know?” I asked. “Because I gave it to her in her glass” she smiled. “Now get naked.”
I stripped my clothes off and crawled into bed, leaving the light on, and slid up next to my baby sister’s naked body. “I love you” she said and then softly kissed my lips letting her tongue slide into my mouth. I slid my right arm under her neck putting my hand on her back, and my left hand grabbed her ass as I pulled her in close to me. “I love you too.”
I let my hand on her ass slide around to find her wet slot and began tweaking her clit. I could tell she was already wet and slid my middle finger deep inside her and quickly followed it with my ring finger. She moaned deep into my mouth and started sucking on my tongue.
I pulled away from her mouth and kissed her cheek working my way to her neck and then to her breast. I let the tip of my tongue lightly circle her nipples and then kissed my way to her belly button. I spent a moment there before continuing my journey southward. As I reached her pubic hair I pulled on it with my lips and then slipped my tongue across her clit, my fingers the whole time fucking her wet box. I pulled her clit into my mouth sucking firmly on it. Her moans got louder and she started pushing into my face. “Nooo not yet” she cried out pulling herself away from me. “It’s time for your present. There is K-Y-Jelly in your nightstand drawer. I want you to take my ass.” I must have looked puzzled because she followed up with “Don’t worry, I’ll put it back in her drawer before she wakes up. As I reached for the drawer a million thoughts raced through my mind at one time. ‘I’m going to take Kimmy’s ass’ ‘I’ve never done this before’ ‘ I hope I don’t hurt her’ ‘mom’s K-Y-jelly?’ ‘Mom masturbates?’ I reached in the drawer and sure enough it was there as she said. I must have been moving to slow because Kimmy took it from me and covered my cock with it. Then she rolled to her back and slid her lubed finger in her ass. “It’s okay” she told me ‘Just go slow at first so I can adjust to it” I must have either asked her or she read my mind because she then said “I’ve done it with my fingers before and it feels great.”
With that encouragement I took her legs and put them over my shoulders. I took my cock in my hand and placed it at the entrance of my present and pushed forward. Between the lube and all of her natural juices that had run down from her pussy, the head of my cock went right in. “Sloooow” she instructed. I froze. A few seconds later she said “okay…now easy” It seemed like it took forever, but I slowly worked myself all the way in. Kimmy started slowly pulling her hips back and then pushing forward. I started to meet her slow rhythm. “You’re fucking my ass” she said, as if I didn’t know “It feels so good” She was right about that. Her fingers moved to her pussy and she started rubbing herself. Our pace quickened. “Fuck me” she whispered then louder “Yes fuck me” then “YEEES JOEY! FUCK ME HARD!!” I was pounding her as fast as I could go. I began to feel her body stiffen, then she sunk two fingers deep inside herself and screamed “AAAHHHHHHH YEEEESSSS! She was completely tensed up now and I felt her body begin to spasm around my cock. It was a sensational feeling. I thrust forward one last time and came deep inside her tight ass. I thought I would never stop. My dick was throbbing, sending out shot after shot. When Kimmy was done she put her hands around my neck and pulled me in close to her face and tongue fucked my mouth hard and long. We rolled over to our side still lodged together, both of us breathing heavy. We laid that way until I finally went soft and pulled out of her. She snuggled up close to me putting her head on my shoulder. For the first time, that night, Kimmy slept in my arms as lovers.

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