Lost in Subspace

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I carefully sat down in the corner of the dark room. There were too many people for me to venture out into the unknown. My eyes remained cast downward, as I waited for someone to approach me.

10 minutes passed and I was still sitting alone in this corner, when I noticed a tall dark figure walking my way. His eyes were intense, and my crotch immediately responded to his penetrating stares.

“Hello”, a smooth voice cooed, “What is your name, little girl?”

I nearly giggled at being called a little girl, but I responded shakily that my name is Renee. His eyes swooped over my body, from my nervous hands, down to my short skirt that was beginning to ride up my thighs, exposing too much flesh for comfort. I felt a strong finger touch my thigh, and I gasped in surprise, while drawing my legs away from him. My eyes remained on the floor, and I started to doubt why I was here in the first place.

“ Why so shy, child? Are you afraid I may bite you?”, the icy sarcasm in his voice made me shiver involuntarily. He laughed slightly at my shivers, and I blushed deeply. For the first time I lifted my eyes to admire his physique. He had a tan, the purest green eyes that sparkled with perversions, and very large strong hands. He was dressed in loose fitting jeans, and a tight casual top. I could clearly see his defined muscles, and that made my mind swim with all kinds of ideas. His face was clear of blemishes, and there were no wrinkles. However, he had a strong jaw, and the face of a mature man. I guessed his age to be around 40. I was only 17,and that frightened me. But it was an enjoyable fright. The kind that made me tremble and weak. His eyes had not left my face, and the tension between our wordless conversation was growing. Words poured out of my mouth, with no control.

“ I …I don’t really know why I’m here.”, I stammered. Oh god, I probably sounded really ignorant. But to my delight he only grinned, which made his face light up in a way that gave him a boyish look.

His voice lowered as his lips met my neck, “I know why you are here.”

At that moment lips brushed over my skin, and a hot tongue flicked across my flesh. My face burned hot with embarrassment. I had never been touched this way, let alone in a public place. He must have noticed my shame, because he grabbed my hands and pulled me out of my seat, towards his chest. I was too weak to care, too weak to fight those eyes. I followed close behind him as he lead illegal bahis me out of the door, to his black viper. My door was opened and he pushed me inside with force, but somehow a gentle force.

My mind raced, I panicked, my cunt began to drip, and here I was driving off in this car with some man I had known for 20 minutes.

“Where are you taking me?”, I demanded, my voice shaking.

“Somewhere”, his lips curved into an impish smile.

I leaned back into the soft leather, and closed my eyes, trying not to think. Why had I been at that place? Why didn’t I leave? What had I really been searching for? I glanced out the window and thought about his words, “I know why you are here”. But did he really?

The world outside my window was rushing by too quickly, tall buildings turned into plush mansions with 3 door garages. We reached the city limits, but he kept driving. My eyes darted to the speedometer; it read 80MPH. I didn’t scream. I just waited.

I was lost in thought when he pulled into a driveway. It winded in a loopy fashion towards a breathtaking home.

“where are we?” I asked.

“ My place.” he replied matter-of-factly.

He let me out of the door and I walked behind him slowly, waiting for what was next.

Once we were inside the front door, he grabbed me by the shoulders and pulled me to him, kissing me roughly. His tongue caressed mine, and his hands slide from my lower ass up to my lower back. They stopped and ripped off my thong, making my crotch burn as the fabric was violently torn away. I gasped and tried to push him away, but he was too strong. He laughed and began to lead me down a hallway decorated with various photos of S&M scenes.

“ Now, do not scream little girl. You will do exactly as I say, and enjoy every minute of pleasure that I get from this.” Upon finishing his sentence his arms swooped me up and opened the door. The room we entered was too dark for me to see where I was going. Or for that matter, what he was doing. I was tossed onto a bed, covered in silk linens. I saw him at a dresser removing several objects, and my body tensed as he neared the foot of the bed. Fingers wrapped around my ankles pulling me towards him, then spreading them apart. Cold air hit my exposed cunt and I gasped loudly. The man didn’t utter a single word, or even acknowledge I was alive and breathing. His focused movements began to frighten me as ropes wound around my ankles. My breathing had increased illegal bahis siteleri and I felt my breasts rising up and down. His hands moved up my legs in a swift movement to pull my skirt down. His strength was unbelievable. I was now bare from my waist down. Fully exposed in the most humiliating of ways. I was still a virgin.

He lowered his head to my leg and licked me slowly from my knee to the top of my inner thigh. Teasing me. Watching me squirm with desire, an ache burrowed deep in my body was released. I writhed and squealed, while arching my back off of the mattress. I felt his teeth clamp down on a piece of skin and gently gnaw, causing me to let out a scream of pleasure. When he suddenly stopped I was left, panting, wanting more.

He placed each knee beside my hips, holding me in place. Of course it didn’t really matter. I wouldn’t have moved even if I could. He had me spellbound. Trapped. His fingertips traced my body from my lips, down my collarbone, around each breast, and each nipple. Even though I still had my top on, I could feel his nails brush against them. His fingers continued down my sides, around my bellybutton, and when they reached the bottom of my shirt, he ripped. My favorite shirt was shredded in half. Tears flowed down my cheeks but I still could not move. He laughed and flicked a nail over my exposed nipple. I shuddered in response, not admitting I wanted more. My body was out of control. She was betraying me. He buried his face between my breasts and dragged his tongue across them, over each nipple, clamping his teeth down occasionally. Letting me know who was in control. It happened so quickly. One minute he was above me, torturing me with that magnificent mouth, the next he was beside the bed roughly handling my wrists. Tying each to the O rings dangling from the bed. I was spread eagle and vulnerable. My cunt was burning hot, aching to be fucked. But he was a vengeful god. He wanted more than a fucking. He wanted to have power, and control. He wanted to make me melt inside those forceful arms. He wanted to make me scream his name, and call him my master. I was willing. I wanted what he wanted so bad. We had a thread of words strung between us. A thread that would break so easily if provoked. We were bound together.

I waited for what would happen next, my breathing even and solid. My chest rising up and down in smooth intervals. Seconds became hours. And I was still waiting. I didn’t know the time. canlı bahis siteleri I did not know anything. Those green eyes watching me from the foot of the bed. He had a clear view of me. He saw what I could not. I trembled. He laughed. I didn’t even know this mans name!! But I was here, spread across his bed, like a slut. Waiting to be devoured.

“ Renee, I want you to know that the only words you are allowed to speak, are Yes Master, and Yes Sir. Nothing else. Those are the only words you are allowed. Do you understand?”


“Yes what?”

“Y-y-yes sir.”

“That’s better.”
“Now, do you understand what you are here for child?”

I shook my head. It wasn’t good enough for him. He slapped my thigh hard and my body lurched forward, defying the tight ropes.

“I asked you a question, and you did not respond appropriately. You will be punished every time you do not do as I ask of you. Understood?”

“Yes sir”. I swallowed hard and laid there helpless. He grabbed my shirt from my body and rolled it into a tight ball, making sure it was compact.

“Open your mouth, little slut.”

“NO!” I screamed.

“What did you say? You will open your mouth, even if I have to force you.”

I obeyed, and slowly opened my mouth. He quickly placed my balled up shirt inside my mouth, while pulling out a roll of duct tape. My eyes widened in horror when I realized this was also going across my mouth, to hold the cloth in place. My breath became rapid as he secured the tape, and ran a finger from my chin to between my breasts.

“You like that don’t you? I cant afford to have you screaming like that. Not anymore. Though, it really doesn’t matter if you do. No one can hear you. No one for miles. I really enjoy watching you all tied up and helpless. It thrills me supremely. I live here, in this place, by myself. No one will know that you disappeared. I know your kind. One of those slutty teenagers who think they can tease, but don’t like the consequences. I know you. I know everything about you. I have been watching you around town. Watching you flirt shamelessly, shaking your ass to tease me. You know me too little one. You know me well. You have felt my eyes watching you, and burning holes through your clothing. You enjoyed being watched, didn’t you?”

I shook my head hard, thrashing my body against the mattress, making gurgling sounds through the material gagging my mouth. His laughter burned through my ears and tears poured hard down my face. I felt so sick, horrible, disgusting.

“So Renee, what do you want me to do next?”, his cruel voice echoed, and I let my body fall limp.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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