Lovers In The Park

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They had decided to meet in the middle of the dense park; she had been walking through the trails for a long time and decided that they had missed their connection point. She walked a little more and into a slight clearing, where she saw a make-shift shelter, just four poles, a tin roof and benches under it. She decided to sit and rest awhile before the long walk back to her car.

The benches were slick from exposure and she sat close to the middle them to rest, suddenly from behind her a blindfold was covering her eyes. Startled she began to struggle, she was not comforted by his whispered shhh at her ear. She felt the knot being tied behind her head as he told her to fold her hands in her lap. She laced her fingers together and placed her hands in her lap then felt the rope being wrapped around her wrists.

He moved in front of her and began to unbutton her blouse, sliding it off her shoulders exposing her breasts. She pulled back slightly in an attempt to elude his hands and the cool evening air, caressing her skin, and then drifting over her nipples. Before her nipples had any chance of getting hard, he reached out pinching and pulling them until they jutted upward to the sky, hard and distended. He tore the rest of her blouse off of her shoulders, tossing it to the ground. He told her to stand and she stood out of fear of what he may do to her, he unzipped her jeans, pulling them down over her pretty ass, sat her down then removed her shoes, pants and panties. She stood bare in front of him her juices flowing, glistening in the rays of the sun.

She heard another zipper and heard the rustling of his clothes as he dropped them on another bench. He took her nipples and pulled on them again, she felt is hard cock brushing her thigh and illegal bahis the whisper of the cool evening air all over her body. The air caressing her skin like a lover might, increasing her excitement; enticing the juices in her hot pussy to dribble down her left thigh. He took hold of her wrists and led her across the covered area; he bent her over a smooth bench back raising her pussy up in the air, exposed for his pleasures. He tied her wrists to the bench then he spread her legs wide, almost splitting her in half, securing each ankle to the legs on each end of the bench. She was fully exposed, he gazed at her sex juices glistening in the moon light and became even more excited and rock hard.

Her ass cheeks spread wide and her shaved sex protruding upward he runs his tongue completely through her slit, pausing on her clit, sucking hard, biting it, she moans loudly from the pleasure and pain. His tongue and mouth unmerciful on her clit, until he had it swelled up and hard; her body betraying her, twitching under the power of his tongue. Her juices outpouring, falling down her thighs and just as she was ready to cum, he reached the paddle and brought it down swiftly on her ass.

She howled from the burning pain as he continued to paddle her ass from side to side, each stroke harder than the last; her cheeks red and welting. She is begs him to stop, it hurts so much she is crying, her ass is on fire from each blow, he reaches between her legs and rubs her clit then plunges his fingers deep into her pussy. The heat from her ass and the hot pleasure from his hand bring her to the most powerful climax, lasting for what feels like forever, her body shaking. She cums and cums as his fingers assault her clit and pussy she begs him to fuck her, illegal bahis siteleri fuck her hard, deep, and fast. She talks to him, yes baby fuck my pussy with those fingers, take my cunt, make me beg for more, yes, fuck me, as she climaxes a second time, from deep within her. He raises the paddle and administers twenty more hard blows to her beautiful crimson ass. She shrieks at the shock of being spanked again and tears begin to fall as he drops the paddle and smacks her bright red ass cheeks, upwardly, full force with his hand. He positions himself at her dark circular hole, waiting for the right moment.

He dips his fingers deep into her wet pussy and spreads her juices from the front of her slit to the base of her spine. In one swift, hard plunge he penetrates her ass up to half of his length and rests there, as she screams from the pain, he slowly begins to move, first pulling outward some then plunging deeper and deeper until he is buried deep in her ass. He reaches in front to pull and pinch her nipples, while fingering her clit and cunt, she moans so loudly from the pleasures he steals from her and he begins to fuck her deeply in her ass. She feels so full and her juices flow freely for him to ride her, she begs him not to stop, she begs him to fuck her ass, deeper, rub her clit, and finger her cunt, harder baby, fuck me hard, fast and deep. He honors her wishes and administers the most punishing fuck into her virgin ass. He begins to swell deep inside his slut’s ass as his orgasm fast approaches, she is pushing her ass against his cock to take more and more, feeling his arousal coupled with her own she rubs her ass against him harder, feeling his balls slapping her pussy, he stiffens and they both explode in ecstasy cumming all over canlı bahis siteleri each other, the mixture of their juices seeping out and down her legs.

He pulls himself out of her ass and rubs each cheek telling her he knew she would enjoy that. She hears him walking away, only to return a few moments later. She begs him to untie her and she is ignored, he shoves the biggest vibrator he has into her sore ass hole and watches as it vibrates deep inside of her. His fingers reach inside her pussy rubbing her G-spot until she’s thrashing about, pushing her ass out for more as she cums with a force so strong, lasting a full three minutes with her cum dripping down her ass cheeks and into his hand. He reaches up and forces her to lick it clean.

He plunges his huge cock deep into her cunt hole feeling the vibrations from the thin wall that separates her ass and pussy, she screams out her moans of utter delight as the two cocks fill her to her limit, she bucks and begs for him to fuck her harder, but he delivers slow calculated strokes of his cock to her pussy and begins fucking her ass hard with the vibrating cock. He savors the feelings of the vibrations against his own cock as he fucks her deeper and harder in her ass hole and slow and deliberate in her pussy. She grinds her ass upward to take each stroke harder and deeper and he fulfills her desires by increasing the vibrations on the dildo and cramming it as deep and hard as he can, fucking both holes with such force, she loudly moans her deep passionate pleasure and explodes from the intense pressure built-up inside, he stiffens and shoots his cum deep inside of her cunt hole, and collapses onto her back.

He gently unties her and lays her down on the bench allowing her to recover in her own time. Once again he has taken her to heights of passion, with the thrill of not being sure of whom it is fucking her until he removes the blindfold and restraints. They lie together catching their breath, dress and start the hike back to the cars.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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