Lucy’s lucky break

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Lucy’s lucky that David was a rugby player. Not that Lucy had the slightest interest in rugby and not that David was any good at it. He played with enthusiasm but absolutely no skill in the worst performing team in the lowest grade.

Her luck really started with an unexpected victory by David’s team. In true rugby fashion the team celebrated by getting drunk at “The Hangman’s Cock”, a pub which featured a large rooster on its advertising.
Later in the evening David was in no state to disagree when his team mates decided to continue their celebrations at “Malvina’s Delights”; an upmarket brothel.

David’s good fortune, and subsequently Lucy’s, was that Malvina selected Svetlana as his partner that night.

Svetlana was a Russian beauty. Not in the blond, sultry, pouting Amazon style of so many stunning Russian tennis players.
Students of international beauty sometimes mistook her for Italian with her long black curling hair. But her broad Slavic cheekbones and her brooding dark eyes made the students reassess.
Svetlana was five foot six, with a perfectly proportioned body. Some purists might have suggested that her dark tipped breasts were a little too large, but David, like most of her clients, felt they were perfect as he thrust his head between them.

At 30 Svetlana was probably at the peak of her sophisticated beauty. She now had 10 years international experience in what she regarded as her honorable profession. She was highly intelligent and a serious student of sex. She suspected, with some justification, that she was a world authority on sexual pleasure.

Svetlana also had the perfect psychological attributes for a whore. She had expensive tastes so she needed the money. She absolutely loved fucking.
And she had an almost maternal devotion to a few of her younger clients.

So Svetlana made David, then 20, her ‘project’ for the next months. Despite his shyness, despite the fact that all the booze had made him almost useless that first night, Svetlana had detected a talent waiting to unfold.

Malvina didn’t object that all of David’s visits after the first were free. Svetlana was her best earner and Malvina had become used to her idiosyncrasies.
During David’s first three visits Svetlana concentrated on the basic joys of masculine sex, with her vagina and mouth and fingers and anus on his erection. She played his cock like a maestro with a flute. David, whose experience until then had been limited to furtive fucks in the back seats of cars was suddenly in a new world.

Not only was his pleasure heightened to ecstasy, but it lasted all night as Svetlana took advantage of his youth and his being at his sexual peak. Her fingers, her hands, her lips, her tongue and teeth brought David’s cock to rock hard erections and then spouting orgasms time and time again.
Svetlana’s fingers and mouth and vagina and anus were trained to clasp, to tease, to arouse; to do all conceivable acts to make David’s orgasms shuddering, rocking and pulsating experiences which took over his whole body.

Stage 2 in Svetlana’s planned program of sexual enlightenment was to slow things down, to extend each part of foreplay into a sexual experience in itself. Svetlana gave David sensual massages. He had never dreamed that his feet could be erogenous. She covered his body with gentle touches with her nipples. She would tantalize him by taking his cock deeply into his mouth, but quickly withdraw and lick his nipples or rub her moist pussy over his face or suck his testicles.

Their kisses became longer, more probing, more consuming, more delicate sometimes, more urgent other times.

By the time Svetlana had finished her hour of arousal David’s balls were bursting. His whole body was screaming out for his cock to thrust into Svetlana’s demanding, soaking pussy.

Stage 3 in David’s education was the stage for which Lucy should have been particularly grateful. But Lucy couldn’t be grateful to Svetlana because, understandably, David never told Lucy, or indeed anyone else about his tutor.

“Davey, my darling boy,” said Svetlana as she stroked his flaccid cock after their frantic lovemaking.
“Now I must teach you how to truly arouse and excite a woman and take her to her sexual paradise. How to bring her to the peak of sexual fulfillment.”

David was a little upset by this comment. He had thought, judging by Svetlana’s groans and screams and writhing and bouncing for the previous half hour, that he wasn’t doing to badly in this respect. But he kept his comments to himself. Provided this instruction involved Svetlana’s gorgeous,voluptuous, responsive and free body, he didn’t mind what she said.

“There are two reasons I am sharing this wisdom with you, beautiful boy. The first is that most men are pathetic lovers.” Svetlana’s upper lip curled with disdain.
“The number of men who come to me and think they are great in the sack is very high. The number for whom that is true is, regrettably, very, very, very low.

“Do you know what I find is the hardest part of being a whore?” she prodded David’s back.
David shook his head as he licked her nipple.
“The toughest part of being a whore is not selling my body. The toughest part is to tell to these incompetent oafs how good they were, when in fact, they were bloody useless.”
Svetlana spat onto the floor.

“When you become a true lover, an artist, a master craftsman, a maestro, you will find that women will have thought they have died and gone to heaven. They will not believe their good fortune.
“And, they will do anything for you in return. And I mean anything” Svetlana tapped David’s chest and winked.

“And the other reason for learning this is that the true sexual lover enjoys giving as much as receiving. There is as much pleasure to be had in bringing your lover to orgasm as orgasming yourself.”

David listened, fascinated. He didn’t really understand all that Svetlana was talking about. He worshiped Svetlana’s rounded body: its crevices, its odors, its juices. He loved listening to her Russian accented speech. He loved feeling her body shudder and hearing her groan with pleasure when she orgasmed

“So, young man, here is the rule from now on.
“I must have at least two orgasms before you may have one.” Svetlana poked his chest painfully.
A lesson in female biology followed. David became even more familiar with Svetlana’s clitoris and G Spot.
“See how my G Spot is near the front. So thrusting hard and deep, however nice it feels will seldom bring your lover to orgasm unless you massage her clitoris with your pubic bone. Sometimes your lover will prefer it if you only have your cock half way in and massaging her G Spot.”

The lesson continued into the night. Svetlana instructed David about her ears and nipples, her throat and her armpits, her navel and her hips, the puckered brown star of her anus, the soft flesh at the top of her thighs, about the insides of her elbows and knees.
In fact by the end of the night their wasn’t a single inch of her body she hadn’t instructed him on.

It was easy to give Svetlana her two orgasms. His tongue or fingers on her clitoris or G Spot always worked and Svetlana expressed her gratitude by taking his cock right down her throat..

“No fingers or tongue or cock for those two orgasms when you come here next week.”

David had a week to think and worked out that with his teeth, ever so gently, and sucking with his lips he was able to bring Svetlana to her hip bouncing orgasm.

Svetlana responded by taking his erection deep into her rectum as she knelt in front of him.

“Now next time you are here, you must take at least half hour before I come.” said Svetlana as they showered together.

This was more of a challenge than David had anticipated. Such was Svetlana’s responsiveness that try as he might, she came in five minutes not thirty.

Svetlana looked at her stopwatch. “Five minutes only.” Her upper lip sneered.

“You are supposed to be a sexual maestro, not a rutting pig.” Her poke onto his chest was far from friendly.
Then she kissed David tenderly. “Change your pace, darling youth. Bring me to the brink then take me back. Learn to recognize when I am almost coming and do something else.”

So David slowed down for his next attempt. But after 20 minutes he heard sounds of exaggerated snores from Svetlana.
“This is soooooo boring Davey. Variety. Surprise me with different things, touches I’m not expecting.”

Svetlana grabbed one of his ears in each of her hands and gave very painful twists. Not letting go she pulled his face to hers so that their noses were touching. David was almost frightened by look of anger in her dark, smoldering eyes as she glared into his.

“Don’t you like my lips?
“I love your lips.”
“Don’t you like my ears?”
“I love your ears”
“Don’t you like the taste of my armpits?”
“You know I love the taste.”
And so this questioning continued, noses touching, his ears in agony until she had gone all the way down to her toes.
“Of course I love licking your toes.”
Svetlana’s voice became louder and more strident.
“You say you love all of my body. Well use all of my body.”
The twist on his ears tightened even more painfully.

David went home a chastened young man, but also a thoughtful one. And also without having had an ejaculation.

At the next session David applied Svetlana’s instructions and after half an hour of Svetlana’s groans and moans and writhing she came in a hip bouncing, Russian profanity filled orgasm.
She checked the stopwatch and kissed his nose in approval.
“Davey, that was beautiful, I’m so proud of you. Once more before I let you fuck my ass.”
David started to apply the same techniques but after 15 minutes he heard Svetlana’s exaggerated snores again and felt her hands grasp his ears.

With their noses touching, Svetlana’s teeth clenched in anger and David’s ears in agony.
“Davey, you are such a boring lover.”
“But you liked it half an hour ago.”
“That’s exactly the point. Its exactly the same and the second time it must be different. Look at my body David.”

She twisted his ears, forcing his face down. David looked at her erotic perfection, down at those lovely large breasts with their dark aureoles, down at her slim waist, down at her puffy shaven labia.

“Why do you insult me like this? Do you think I’m some sort of robot you can wind up the same way each time.”
His ears were twisted harder. Svetlana’s voice had that strident pitch.
“Use your imagination. Use your sensitivity. Use your instinct. Use all of your body. Use all of my body.”
Her voice was now shrill with anger.

Svetlana turned her back on David. Her body shook with sobs of anger and frustration at David.
He had no choice but to go home, his ears still stinging, his ego dented, and, he mused, for the second week in a row, without an ejaculation.
The task dominated his thoughts for the next seven days.

The next week Svetlana came after 35 minutes of what she now recognized as exciting, sensitive and masculine arousal from David. She was so proud of him and so proud of herself.

‘Davey, I am so proud. You are showing the talent I knew was there.”

The second time her excitement was even higher.
“Please Davey, make me come, I can’t take it any more.”
But David ignored her. It was well short of 30 minutes.

Svetlana’s excitement mounted. Her beautiful body was glistening with perspiration, her groans were an incomprehensible babble in Russian.
“Please, please Davey, now. Forget that stupid 30 minutes.” Her voice was a panting croak.
So David relented and Svetlana’s orgasm seemed to reach new levels of bouncing, Cossack yodeling pleasure.

But then those cruel hands on his ears, her angry eyes staring into him.
“That wasn’t 30 minutes.”
“But you were begging. You told me to forget the 30 minutes”
“It wasn’t 30 minutes.”
“But you seemed to have a fabulous orgasm.”
Svetlana’s face softened and she kissed him tenderly.
“Davey, it was the most wonderful orgasm. Thank you my lovely lover.”

But then her face hardened.
“It wasn’t 30 minutes.”
“But you were ready, you were begging.”

The cruel grip tightened, their noses touched, Svetlana’s flashing dark eyes blazed into his.
“Listen, and listen carefully, beautiful Davey. A woman wants a man who is confident sexually, who takes control of sex.
“To be sure, you must respect her, be devoted to meeting her sexual needs and never physically abuse her.
“But women quickly tire of wimps. Let her choose sometimes on things which don’t really matter. But, in the nicest way, you must be in control.”
“Davey, I have spent all this time training you to be a man.” Her voice was trembling with emotion.

Svetlana stopped momentarily as she sobbed..
“But sometimes I wonder if I have failed.” Her voice rose to a shrill shout. She prodded him repeatedly and painfully in the chest.
“Sometimes I wonder if I have been wasting my time.” Svetlana burst into tears of anger and self pity.

David seriously wondered whether his ego could take any more of this, or his ears for that matter, as he went home ejaculation-less for the third week. But again he did some serious thinking.

The next week started differently. The first thing David did was to throw the stopwatch out the window. Svetlana frowned, but inwardly she smiled so she said nothing. Then they lay on the bed, fully clothed, watching a rugby game on TV which David said he wanted to watch.

After 10 minutes and no conversation David idly stroked Svetlana’s thigh to a few inches above her knee.
After another 5 minutes he placed her hand on his jeans over his cock. Svetlana squeezed and stroked in a not particularly interested way, seemingly fascinated by the rugby, a game which bored her speechless.

Another 5 minutes and David opened his fly. Svetlana’s hand went inside and extracted his erection. Still no conversation. Both seemed to be preoccupied by the boring rugby game. Svetlana’s touch was polite but passionless.
But David was 19 and hadn’t had sex for four weeks and his erection was soon rampant.

Still watching TV he put his a hand on the back of Svetlana’s head and gently pushed. Now her interest was aroused and she applied all the skills illegal bahis of her 10 years experience. Her lovely soft mouth and throat swallowed David’s cock. Four week’s abstinence just burst and in a half minute his load of come vanished down Svetlana’s willing throat.

Still no conversation but Svetlana went to the fridge and poured another beer for David.

After 15 minutes David’s hand drifted higher up Svetlana’s thigh. She complied with his wishes when he nudged her legs apart, and still watching the rugby, lifted her bum to let him remove her knickers.
David stripped .from his jeans and boxers and hoisted Svetlana’s mini-skirt above her waist. In the simple missionary position he thrust his recovered erection deep into Svetlana’s vagina. She said nothing and didn’t move. But, her vagina was sopping wet, she closed her eyes and stopped watching the rugby. Perhaps she panted just a little but certainly didn’t come before David’s geyser spouted deep inside her clasping vaginal walls.

Afterwards Svetlana nuzzled David’s ear.”You have been using your brain.”
“Let’s eat,” said David and they went to a nearby Chinese.

When they returned David undressed Svetlana slowly. As each part of her gorgeous nudity was opened to him, he stroked it, he kissed it and licked it.

Then when she was naked and already breathing deeply David massaged her with aromatic body oil. Then for the next three hours Svetlana had a stream of orgasms, some 30 minutes apart, some 30 seconds apart but she didn’t mind. Her mouth, her vagina, her anus all felt the delights of David’s skilled and sensitive intrusion.

Svetlana’s excitement and sexual intoxication grew and grew. Her groans became more and more Russian and more and more profane.
She would scream, “I can’t take it anymore,” but then gurgle with pleasure in Russian as David’s untiring cock speared her gaping ass.

David went home and left her, a shivering, sweat covered , still spasming world’s sex expert, who had thought she had known everything, but had now reached new levels of sexual fulfillment.

After another month Svetlana declared that David was an honors graduate of her academy. She did ask three of her colleagues at Madam Malvina’s to check him out. They did so and all agreed that Svetlana had created a true stud, a master of seduction, of arousal, and in particular, a master of devotion to women’s pleasure.

They met at a cafe for the last time. Svetlana was different. Her long locks were now short, cut in the most elegant of coiffures, her neck, her ears, her wrists and her fingers were covered in expemsive jewelry. She still looked beautiful, but in a sophisticated and restrained fashion.

“Bye bye darling Davey. I can teach you no more.”
David was devastated. “But I still want to see you and fuck you.”
“No, you must go out into the real world. And I am starting a new career?”
“A career as what?”
“As the wife of a multi-millionaire 60 year old.”

She gave him a chaste hug. “But Davey, I’m so proud of you. You are my star pupil.”
A peck on his lips and she turned and left.
David watched her ass move around in her very tight skirt as she walked across the street to a parked Rolls Royce.

David somehow recovered.
His friends had pretty much lost contact with him over the six months of his tuition. So his rugby club mates were pleasantly surprised when he said “Sure” to their suggestion that they go to “The Hangman’s Cock” to celebrate the first match of the new season.
They were perversely proud that they had set a new club record for a losing margin.

The usual group of girls who were friends of his team-mates turned up after a couple of hours. In the past these girls had paid little attention to David. He wasn’t particularly good looking and had been painfully shy. When they had spoken to him it was more like a sisterly concern, certainly no interest in him as a man.

But without really knowing why, they now found him more interesting.
“Hi, David, where have you been,” said Sally who was slim and quite sexy. Not as sexy as she thought, but, in the past, way beyond David’s dreams.
“Slogging my guts out at Adult Education classes.”
“That’s interesting. What did you study?”
“Human biology.”
“And what did you learn?”
“That attractive women are unpredictable and take advantage of men.” David looked straight into Sally’s face, but she saw the twinkle in his eye.

Normally Sally would have been offended by such a comment and gone into a lecture about male chauvinist pigs. But something about David’s confidence and that twinkle changed her mind.
“That’s a terrible thing to say.” Sally punched his arm. “You don’t think I’m like that, do you.”
“What, not attractive?”
Sally started to giggle. “You know I didn’t mean that.”
“That you are unpredictable. I hope so. You’re not a bore are you Sally?”
Sally giggled and felt that this conversation had gone far enough. She held out her hand.
“C’mon biology boffin, let’s dance.”

“Later maybe, Sally. Max and I were having a discussion about our new club record.”
Sally stalked back to the other girls, she wasn’t used to being rebuffed. But that made her more determined that she would have that dance with David.

David and Max chatted away, not taking the slightest notice.

Lucy and Max were good friends in a platonic way and she came over to talk to him. To David’s mind Lucy had always been the pick of the group. The best looking and with a great sense of humor.
Was it purely coincidence that she had long dark curling hair like Svetlana? But Lucy was taller and slimmer and her cheekbones not as pronounced.. Her breasts weren’t as large, but they looked perfect to David as he could see the outline of her nipples as they pushed against her satiny black dress. Her legs were slightly longer and David appreciated every inch which her short dress revealed.

Although only 21, Lucy was sophisticated. Some might have thought her a little aloof until they heard her laugh and recognized the engaging twinkle in her eyes.

Lucy, out of friendliness, had tried to talk to David in the past but had found his shyness an impossible barrier. But now she found that shyness had been replaced by confidence, that stumbling conversation replaced by witty repartee.

David had primed Jack, the barman, on what to do when Max moved away.

After five minutes enjoyable chat Lucy wondered why she hadn’t thought about David more seriously before. He was good fun and seemed to have “something.”

She was interrupted in her thoughts when Jack moved along behind the bar and stood directly opposite. Jack looked at Lucy for a moment then turned to David who nodded.
Much to Lucy’s irritation Jack studied her openly and intently.
Jack stroked his chin as he stared, his brows were furrowed in concentration and he even moved a little to one side, then the other, to study her from different angles.
It only took half a minute, but Lucy’s irritation mounted. Then Jack looked at David who seemed to be waiting in anticipation.

Jack looked at Lucy again, nodded his head slowly and solemnly and then gave David the thumbs up sign.
David said “Thanks Jack, I think you may be right.” Jack walked away.

“How rude. Looking at me like that. And what was that thumbs up all about?”
“Sorry Lucy, it was all my fault. I asked Jack to check out whether you are good looking enough to be seen talking with someone like me.”
Lucy looked at him angrily.
“Congratulations, you passed,” and David burst into a fit of laughter. Lucy had the choice of anger or laughter but then realized that in its quirky way this was a compliment and joined David laughing. She looked at him in a different way.

After a couple more minutes. “Do you think I’m good enough looking to be seen dancing with you?”
“Well, I’ll ignore that dress, just this once.”
“What’s happened?” thought Lucy as she took his hand and, giggling, led him to the dance floor.

Lucy was angry when Sally butted in and tapped David on the arm.
“Hey, biology boffin you promised to dance with me.”
This wasn’t quite true, but it suited David. “Sure I did gorgeous, let’s writhe.”
Lucy pouted with anger at the snub and walked back to her friends.

But Sally made her fatal mistake after 10 minutes. Fatal, not in the sense of life or death, but fatal to her chances of getting her intended bonk with David that night. She went to the toilet.

When she thought about it later, Lucy was surprised at her brazenness when David was alone. She went up to him.
“Am I good looking enough for you to take me somewhere else?”
“Let’s check that out with my mentor and guru.” David put his arm around her waist and guided her to Jack

So Lucy again submitted herself to Jack’s detailed scrutiny. She couldn’t stop laughing
“As your guru and mentor David, I am pleased to say that the lovely Lucy gets a pass mark.”
“Oh thank you wise guru,” said Lucy as she kissed Jack on the cheek.
“Thank you wise guru,” said David as he shook Jack’s hand and slipped him $20.

“Where are we going?” asked Lucy, snuggling under David’s free arm as he drove.
“I’ve waited years to say this.”
“Say what Davey?” smiled Lucy thinking she was about to hear how long David had admired her.
“My place? Or yours?”

Lucy wasn’t particularly sexually experienced and she certainly wasn’t into first night fucks. But her guardian angel must have been watching over her and somehow she refrained from saying that “She wasn’t like that”.
“What’s your place like?”
“My place is a dump,” said David. “And the dishes haven’t been done for two weeks or the place tidied for two months. And my dog farts a lot these days.”
“Your place sounds perfect.” Lucy snuggled further into David’s one armed embrace

The next morning Hector, the elderly Labrador, joined Lucy in the kitchen as she attacked the dishes. The dishes were disgusting but Lucy was in heaven

“There’s not a single inch of my body which has been worshiped, hasn’t been aroused, hasn’t been tantalized, hasn’t been played like a musical instrument,” Lucy thought dreamily.
“And orgasms, how many orgasms did I have?”
“And I’ve never felt a cock like that before. Not huge or anything I guess, but he was inside me for so long before he came that first time And every minute was even better than the one before.”

“God, how did I manage to get his cock right down my throat?” And then she remembered how she had felt after the waves of orgasms she had from his oral sex and how she had been determined to reciprocate.
She had gagged a bit at first, but David had whispered some advice and soon she had been totally focused on bringing ecstasy to that engorged, vein covered, weapon of delight.

She giggled when she remembered how later, after she had sucked him again, he had jacked off, covering her face and hair with strings of cum. How she loved the smell of his semen and rubbed it into her face. Her hair was still stiff from his dried jism.

“And he fucked me right up my ass. Shit, what would Mummy say?”
The first time David had licked her puckered brown star it had sent a shiver of forbidden delight through to her vagina. And when he had inserted a finger as he was fucking her, the feeling of being full, the exquisite new sensations from her rectum had overwhelmed her before she had time to even consider protesting.
And then they had lain together face to face, David had carefully covered his erection with lubricant and then gently pushed two well lubricated fingers into her anus. Then he had told her to lift her knees higher.

David had looked tenderly at her as he knew she was an anal virgin.
“This might hurt a little just at the start.”
“Davey, are you going to do it or just spend all night talking about it?”
So David obliged. There was an initial feeling of stretching, not sore but different. Then a strange full feeling. But then her sphincter and rectal muscles muscles relaxed and expanded to welcome this enormous anal intruder.
Lucy didn’t hear David’s excited grunts and groans as she shrieked with delight as orgasms surged through her loins, through her clitoris, her vagina, her womb and shuddered along her anal cavity.

“Hell’s teeth did I really suck his cock clean after he had been in there?” But she certainly had and it had been a moment of tender devotion to David’s blunt instrument.

David came in to the kitchen and patted Lucy’s beautiful bum. She only had her party dress on. David sniffed the air.
“Lucy, we’ve got to do something about your farting.”
“Its not me, it’s that geriatric hound. I’ve opened all the windows but it doesn’t seem to help”
David glared at Hector who cowered in his basket.
“He must like you. He normally growls at strangers.”

Then he patted Lucy’s buttocks again. “Nice ass don’t you think Hector?”
Hector’s mournful expression didn’t change, even as Lucy pushed herself back into David’s hands
“What are you going to do about it?” she was shocked to hear herself plead.
“The couch, I think.”

Lucy went to lie on the couch, but David directed her behind.
“Lean over the back, lovely Lucy.”
Lucy did so and felt David hoist her dress far up her back.
“Lucy I need your help.”
He wandered around in front of her his cock only half erect. Lucy was surprised he could even get this far after the previous twelve hours. She eagerly took his member in her mouth and was proud of herself as his meaty wand was restored to full glory.

“Which one Lucy? The pink or the brown”asked David, now behind her again, parting her buttocks and his fingers gently exploring her labia. Again she was surprised, this time at how quickly she was moist.

“Both, please, Davey,” Lucy pushed her ass higher and was vaguely aware of how incongruous it must look; her being ravished from behind under the mournful gaze of Hector. But she soon became oblivious to her canine voyeur. David had wasted no time on preliminaries but she was soon orgasming again from her vagina and rectum..

After his efforts the night before it took David a little longer to come. Lucy’s ravished body just collapsed as he thrust into her rectum. Her feet were behind the couch, her ass was pointing roof-wards over the back and her head rested on the seat as she whimpered in delight.
Hector thought those sounds meant that Lucy must be in pain and climbed onto the sofa and licked her face in sympathy.

David finally came and Lucy finally recovered control of her body.
“Get illegal bahis siteleri your farting hound away from me.”
“You’re very lucky. I told you, he always growls at strangers.”

They did the dishes together then David had to go to his part time job in a car audio shop. Lucy cleared the three weeks debris from the flat then took Hector to the vet.

The Labrador was well known there. The receptionist insisted they wait outside as other pet owners always complained about his smell.

“I’ve told David a dozen times, Hector’s digestion can’t cope with a solid diet of red meat,” said the vet holding his nose with one hand. “Try these.”
“It looks like sheep droppings,” said Lucy examining the carton.

When David returned .
“Hector will never eat this crap. He’s a red meat dog. This looks like sheep droppings.”
“Let’s see,” said Lucy and poured some into Hector food bowl.
Hector charged across the room at the sound and emptied the bowl in half a minute.
“That’s the third bowl he’s eaten already.”

Within a week Hector was flatulence free and had developed a devotion to Lucy, as strong as his master’s.
Lucy’s sexual delights blossomed. They had many of those orgasmic all night and sometimes all day sessions.
Lucy also came to recognize a particular glint in David’s eye when he looked at her blouse or skirt at pussy level.
He wanted a quickie.
Although she didn’t often orgasm from these one minute quickies, she loved feeling him come in whichever of her three orifices he chose and loved the excitement and the impetuosity.
Behind the bushes in the park, in the toilets at the movies, and once on the lecturer’s podium in an empty lecture hall.

Three months later Lucy completed her law studies. It was the middle of winter and cold so David and Lucy decided to celebrate by driving north for to get some sun.
“We can’t take your heap, we’ll never get there.”
“We can’t have your sound system. I’ll throw up,” said David as he examined her sporty off-the-roader.
So he installed a far too expensive sound system which blew Lucy’s mind with its power and beauty.

For over a day they drove north, the wagon always a cacophony of sound as David played everything from the latest rappers to classic opera. Hector seemed to like the music and sat in the back seat panting contentedly.

The weather was summer-like. But all camping ground had signs “No dogs allowed.”
David studied a map and they drove to a beach-side nature reserve.
“We can’t go here,” said Lucy pointing to a no camping sign.
“That just means we’ll have it to ourselves.”
“What about Hector?” said Lucy pointing to the sign “Dogs will be shot “
“Good, no bitches on heat for Hector to chase and get lost.”

Like almost every off-the-roader Lucy’s had never been off the tarmac. But it proved itself as David drove for a couple of hours, over sand dunes, across streams and over rocks.
“No one else will be stupid enough to come this far,” said David.

For 10 days they had their tropical beach paradise to themselves. Hector was in heaven. Each morning he galloped along the beach beside Lucy and David as they went for their runs and he spent much of the rest of the day futilely chasing seagulls in the surf.

He joined David and Lucy as they body-surfed in the warm breakers. They took David’s inflatable dinghy and caught a variety of delicious tropical fish which they barbecued at night. They went snorkeling around the rocks and found some lobsters.

David watched in wonder as Lucy dived beside him, her long dark hair trailing in the water, the elegant grace with which she moved through water, her breasts, her long slim legs, her shoulders luminous in the diffused underwater light.
“This is how the stories of mermaids must have started,” he thought.
Hector liked mermaids obviously. Every time Lucy surfaced from a dive he leaped off the inflatable, dog-paddled over and licked her face.

After their run each morning the had a ritual they maintained each day without fail. Lucy took David’s switchblade razor and shaved him.
“Careful you don’t do some serious damage there, doll,” he panted urgently as the blade swept across his jugular vein.
Then David took the razor and trimmed Lucy’s Brazilian.
“Careful you don’t do some serious damage there, hunk,” panted Lucy as he meticulously denuded her clitoral hood.
“Did I do any damage?” David would ask.
“I don’t think so darling, but you had better check.”
So David checked the functioning of Lucy beautiful, glistening, pearly bud with his lips, with his tongue, with his nibbling teeth and with his cock.

After her orgasms Lucy said that it seemed no permanent damage had occurred.

Most days they never wore clothes. Most of the time when she was sitting or lying down Lucy would keep her knees wide apart, flaunting her breasts and flaunting her labia at David, and loving the dreamy look that came to his face as his eyes feasted on her feminine sexuality.

Lucy was a good singer and guitar player. In the evenings the three of them would sit around the campfire singing. Well, occasionally howling in Hector’s case. The red flames of the fire painted erotic patterns over Lucy’s breasts and belly, over her inner thighs, over her pussy.

David was a bad singer, but as many men do, resorted to imitating Willie Nelson. Like many men he found that Willie is a far better singer and his songs far more challenging than appears. David’s singing never rose above the “terrible” category, but Lucy didn’t mind as David looked into her eyes and sang:

“I’d have to be crazy, plumb out of my mind, to fall out of love with you.”

After they returned to Sydney and had a month of laughter, of sexual bliss and of increasing affection.

Then Lucy handed David a letter. He saw an important looking letterhead.
“What’s this?”
“A job offer from a top firm of London solicitors.”
“Are you going to take it?”
“When are you going?”
“In two weeks.”
“How long for?”
“I don’t know. Years maybe.”
“This is a bit sudden isn’t it?”
“Davey I don’t want to hurt you. Let me explain.”
But he stamped out of the room and didn’t come to her farewell party and didn’t come to the airport to say goodbye.

Three weeks later David met Svetlana for a coffee. If anything she was more elegantly beautiful, more aristocratic looking and wearing even more expensive jewelry.
“You look wonderful Svetlana, married life must suit look you.”
“It does dear Davey, but you look so sad..”

David told her about Lucy.

“But darling boy,” she held his hand and looked into his eyes. “You are only 21 and she 22. This was always going to end and someone was going to get hurt.”
“But why me?”
“Davey,” Svetlana stroked his hand. “That’s the game your are playing.”

“Let me explain.
“I once had a lover who was a boxer. Fabulous in bed but not so fabulous in the boxing ring unfortunately.
“One night I nursed him after he had taken a terrible beating. One of his eyes was closed, the other had a deep cut over it. His nose was broken and he could hardly move for the pain from his cracked ribs.

“’Bruiser,’ I said as my tears washed over his broken nose. ‘How can you let this happen to you?’
“’Svetlana,’ Bruiser groaned at me. ‘I’m a boxer and this is part of the game. If you get into a boxing ring and start throwing punches you’ve got to expect to take one or two yourself.’
“Davey, my darling boy. Love, in some ways, is like the fight game. Get into the ring and there’s a risk you will get hurt.”

“You are a young man in your prime. I can honestly say that you were my favorite lover.
“You are far too young to get into a permanent relationship. I didn’t train you for that. Your duty to me, to yourself and woman-kind to bonk as many as possible. While still remaining a gentleman.”

David pondered her words.
“What would have happened if Lucy hadn’t gone?” he thought. “Sooner or later we would have broken up. Or got married.” Married!
The thought sent a chill up his spine. He wasn’t going to get married to anyone at 21.

“Svetlana you are so wise,” he kissed her hand.
Svetlana looked into his eyes with fondness. “We did have so many lovely times together Davey, didn’t we?”
David felt a stirring in his loins and stroked Svetlana’s palm with the tips of his fingers. This had often worked in the past.
“Perhaps we should have another of those times.”

Svetlana smiled. “I take that as a great compliment Davey. But I am committed to my husband. He adores me and in a strange way I love him. He is well past his sexual peak, but he makes great efforts with what he has left.”

“Now this may sound strange, coming from an ex-whore, but I absolutely believe in fidelity in marriage. Much as I know how wonderful it would be with you, I’m not going to risk my marriage.”

“But he won’t find out.”
“That’s not the point. I would know.
“Bruiser, the dear man, told me how the Australian Boxing Commission was trying to clean up image of the sport. It banned boxers who got criminal convictions for violence.
“As Bruiser put it, ‘If you start punching outside the ring, you get banned for life.’
“Its the same for me with marriage”

David nodded and withdrew his hand.
“What happened to Bruiser?”
“He was banned from boxing because of his brain damage.”
“That’s sad.”
“Not really. He went back to college and now is a successful lawyer.”
“That seems unlikely. Too brain damaged to box, but able to be a successful lawyer.”
“I don’t think so. Think about the lawyers you know.”
David pondered, then nodded. “I see what you mean.”

Svetlana stood up to go. She gave David a chaste hug and a light peck on the lips. Then another of her painful prods on his chest.
“Just remember, always be a gentleman.”

The Hangman’s Cock was a meat factory where both sexes went on the good chance of being picked up.
It was so successful that they had to have bouncers on the door to restrict the number of people to the legal limit.

The owners of The Hangman’s Cock were astute businessmen. The door bouncers were instructed that there was always room for attractive young women and so the ratio of stunners to also-rans was always in David’s favor.

He and Jack perfected their strategy. It always involved at least two attractive and unescorted women who were seated not too far from the bar.

David, with his back to the women, would involve Jack in intense conversation. From time to time Jack would tap David on the shoulder and point at the women. David would turn and together with Jack, give the women a hostile stare.
Such women, who were used to friendly smiles from attempted pick-up artists were usually a little perplexed. A few minutes later, Jack and David repeated the exercise, this time the stares were even more hostile, Jack pointed at the women and gesticulated wildly. They were obviously talking about the women, but were too far away to be heard.

The third time David turned with an even more hostile gaze, the conversation became more animated. David ostentatiously looked at his watch, nodded to Jack. He strode purposefully over to the women, his face creased in a thunderous frown.

“Sorry ladies. Bar Manager’s orders,” he barked, pointing at Jack, a trainee barman. “The Bar Manager says you’ve got to go. There’s the exit.”
Invariably this produced a stunned silence followed by the question “Why?”
“You’ve been here for half an hour just sitting here. None of you know how to smile. None of you can dance. That gives this pub a bad name. People are supposed to enjoy themselves here.”

The more observant women could see the twinkle in David’s eye and realized that some game was going on here.
When they started to smile.
“Hey, you can smile. But that’s not enough. We can’t have anyone here, using up our oxygen, who can’t dance. There’s the way out. Do I have to call a bouncer?”
“But I can dance.”

David gave a loud sigh. “They all say that. How many time have I heard that before and been disappointed?
“OK last chance.”
Almost invariably all the girls at the table would get up to dance with him. David would dance in an exaggerated, slightly loopy way.”
“That’s not dancing; this is dancing,” he would growl.

The smart girls who had picked up the game tried to imitate him and burst into laughter. Those who weren’t so smart didn’t matter. There would be others there that night.

After the dance David would lead them back to the table.
“Well OK. I’ll let you stay. If anyone else tries to throw you out tell them Ernie the Enforcer says you can stay. But . . I’ll be watching.”
“And remember, this is how you dance if you don’t want to be thrown out.” David wandered back to Jack with his outrageously exaggerated movements.

It certainly didn’t work every time, but David knew this was a numbers game and it was an unusual Saturday when a girl didn’t come up to talk to “Ernie.”
“Ernie,” the smart ones would say. “Please dance with me. I don’t want to be thrown out onto the street.”

And it was a sorting out procedure as well. The girls who liked it the most were the ones with a sense of humor and a bit of wit.

So a series of witty, beautiful girls made their way to David’s flat. Standards of tidiness had rapidly declined since Lucy’s departure, but at least Hector’s flatulence had been solved forever.
And the witty, beautiful girls, after a night, couldn’t believe their good fortune.

David did follow Svetlana’s admonition to be a gentleman and never two timed, and always parted company on reasonable terms after a month or so.

The only one who didn’t like these new arrangements was Hector. He was fiercely loyal to Lucy and would growl whenever a new bedmate arrived at the flat.

“He’s trying to protect my virginity,” David explained.

The only exception to David’s no two-timing rule were Liz and her mother Florence. Liz was only 16, old enough to legitimately bonk but far too young to drink at The Hangman’s Arms. However she looked older than her age, had a lovely slim legged beauty and breasts which seemed far too large for her child like body.

Liz was sexually promiscuous and after David’s “Ernie the Enforcer” routine had come up to him as he was chatting to Jack.
“Hey Ernie, want to do some enforcing with me?”
David looked at those large breasts almost fully exposed by her low cut top. He was fascinated to see how uplifted they were as Liz was obviously not wearing a bra.

“Your canlı bahis siteleri place or mine?”
“Mine,” Liz said

Although Liz was promiscuous she wasn’t experienced, at least in David’s ways of sex. It was she who usually led the way in bed, but after David’s touch on her thighs and nipples Liz had realized that she was in new territory and sensibly took his lead.
She had never had orgasms from a cock before, in fact, despite her promiscuity, had seldom had orgasms at all with her wham-bang teenage lovers.

Liz had more orgasms in those 8 hours than she had had in her life before. She willingly surrendered her anal virginity, willingly forced David’s cock deep into her throat and willingly, for the first time, swallowed ever drop of a man’s ejaculation.

The next morning they went downstairs to breakfast, Liz wearing a tee shirt which barely covered her buttocks. Florence, Liz’s divorced mother, was reading the Sunday paper and liked David from the first words he said.

“David, this is my lovely Mum,” said Liz, completely unembarrassed to be introducing her latest sex partner to her mother.
“Where,” said David. “I can see your sister, but where’s your mother?”

Florence was deserving of such flattery. Her personal trainer had kept her 38 year old body in great shape, her cosmetic surgeon had worked miracles on her face and breasts.

After David had left, Liz went up to her mother and smacked her on the arm.
“Mum, you are naughty. Why didn’t you tell me that anal sex is so great.”
“Well honey. I never thought it was. All the times I have tried it, it hurt like hell.”
So Liz gave Florence a blow by blow account of what had happened. They really did have a very open mother-daughter relationship. Florence decided she needed a new sound system for her Porsche and went to David’s work.

Two days later, after David had installed the absolute top of the range gear, Florence asked, “Don’t you provide a post installation check?”
So they drove Florence’s Porsche to a lonely cliff top. There the Porsche reverberated to the sound of Florence’s old fashioned choice of music and rocked in rhythm to their enthusiastic coupling.

Florence couldn’t believe two things about anal sex with David. First that it was possible at all in the confines of a Porsche, second that it took her to ecstasies she had never experienced in 25 years of very active sex.

And so it continued for three years. David had a succession of lovers whose wit and beauty were the envy of his friends. They were a diverse group.
At a boozy bridge evening Florence had talked perhaps more than she should have about her amazing young man. This brought a succession of society’s most elegant matrons to David’s work and a succession of post installation checks on the cliff-top.

Liz had talked indiscreetly at a boozy teenage party and a succession of spoiled daughters from society’s rich list turned up at The Hangman’s Cock.
David really didn’t need this help as he was more than capable of getting almost any woman he set his sights on.

But a malaise came over him. He went on a three month period of self enforced abstinence. But it did no good. He turned to his mentor.

“Davey darling, the only times I see you you are always so sad,” empathized Svetlana.
“I really don’t know how to explain it,” said David.
“Just talk.”
“I still love women and their sexuality. I still love fucking.”
“But the excitement isn’t the same. The thrill of the chase isn’t there so much. Its a bit easy.
“Often I feel that I haven’t seduced them, they think that they have seduced me.
“And months ago, my last time, I was with a wonderful girl, Bridget. She was so beautiful, so intelligent and such good fun. And she loved having sex with me.”
“But?” interjected Svetlana.

“But when I was going down on her I had this strange feeling. I loved the taste and smell of her, I loved her reactions.”

“But?” interjected Svetlana.

“But I felt, I have seen all this before.
I wondered ‘Why am I doing this with Bridget?’ .
“I wondered, ‘Why am I giving everything I can give sexually to this girl I probably won’t see again after a month or so.’
“And I thought, ‘In another month I will be doing this with yet another girl, and a month after that, another.”

Svetlana kissed his hand.”Poor Davey, have I given you bad advice?”

“No, Svetlana, its just that now I think I am looking for something more. Something more than short term relationships and exciting but meaningless sex.”
“Can you remember any of these ladies who you would have liked to have a relationship with, which could have meant something more.”

“Not really.”
“Not really?”

“Well Lucy maybe.”

“What’s she doing now?”
“I met her and her fiancée three months ago.”
“How did you feel?”
“Not so good.”
“Poor Davey.”


After she had gone to England Lucy had sent David a lot of “Let’s be friends” emails. There were attachments of photos of her standing in front of all sorts of ancient monuments. There were detailed descriptions of her exciting business life and the exciting London scene.

David had seldom replied. When Lucy had asked specific questions about how he was he occasionally and very briefly responded.
One night he opened an email full of photos of Lucy with her girlfriends on tour in Scotland. She had looked so beautiful in each of the shots. David had got drunk.

“Lucy,” he emailed. “I’m probably a bit thick. But for the life of me I cannot see why you should think I would be interested in seeing photos of you in front of ancient monuments. I have never heard of any of them and want to keep it that way.”

That put paid to the photos, thank Christ. Lucy’s emails became less frequent and confined to asking how he was. David didn’t bother to reply.

After 18 months Lucy’s firm sent her to Australia to tidy up some international legal issues.
Her Email: “Hi Davey. I will be in Sydney for three weeks at the start of next month. Let’s get together for a chat.”
His email: “Hi Lucy. Great to hear you are coming here next month. Unfortunately that’s a busy time at work. So getting together isn’t on.”

When she arrived in Sydney, Lucy phoned. David was abrupt.
“I’m sorry. I’ll make it clearer. I am too busy to see you. Have a great trip.”
“I’m sorry David. I had never meant to hurt you so much.”
“Hurt me. You must be nuts. I was going to finish it myself.”

David thought to himself as he wrapped himself around a second bottle bottle of Sauvignon Blanc later that evening.
“Hurt me. She’s got an inflated view of herself. Sure she wasn’t a bad fuck, but I’ve fucked better,”

There were no emails in either direction after that.

Another 18 months later Lucy came back to Australia to introduce her fiancée to her family. One Saturday she took a risk and went with her fiancée to The Hangman’s Arms. By good luck, or possibly bad luck, David was there. David didn’t notice Lucy at first, as he was more than occupied by the attentions of Bridget.

Lucy had a strange feeling. Bridget was very beautiful.
She took Michael, her English fiancée, over to David.
“Hi David, long time no see.”
“Hi Lucy, long time no see. This is Bridget. Bridgey, Lucy and I were friends many years ago.”
“Hi Bridget. This is my fiancée Michael.”

Lucy noticed that David couldn’t quite suppress a look of surprise.
“How are you going Michael? What brings you here?”
“To try and get my parents and Lucy’s to agree about the wedding. Bloody impossible.”

David took a liking to Michael. A solicitor in Lucy’s firm, but certainly not a weak chinned English upper class wimp. A nondescript accent and a hearty laugh.

They agreed to have a meal in The Hangman’s Cock’s restaurant. Perhaps Lucy and David talked together too much, perhaps the conversation was slightly forced.

“How’s old Hector these days?” asked Lucy.
“Old is the word. Grey and arthritic.”
“And he always growls at me,” laughed Bridget.
“Could I come and see him?”

The next day Lucy arrived at David’s flat.
“At least you’ve improved on your housework,” remarked Lucy.
“Bridget’s pretty good at it.”
“And how many before her?” wondered Lucy.
“Where’s Hector?”

“He’ll come in a minute. His reactions are slower these days.”
Lucy was shocked when she saw Hector. His muzzle was completely white and he limped badly on his arthritic hind legs. But she saw the affection and adoration dog and master had for each other.

“Who’s this Hector?” said David pointing at Lucy.

Hector turned to Lucy and gave a growl.
“He never used to do that with me.”
“He does it with all the women these days. He’s protecting me in his old age.”
“All the women?”
“All one of them.”

Hector shuffled over to Lucy and sniffed her shoes. She was disappointed that he didn’t seem to recognize her. Hector went to lie in his basket. Ah well, it had been almost four years. Why should he?
Then the ancient hound dragged himself out of his basket and went to sniff Lucy’s shoes again.

Then he circled around and slowly sniffed some more. His tail started to wag.
“A memory stirs, methinks,” said David.
Suddenly Hector let out a joyful howl and scrambled to climb onto the sofa.

Tears came to Lucy’s eyes as she helped Hector onto her lap.
“Hello darling puppy,” she stroked Hector’s head with tears streaming down her face.
Hector was so overjoyed that he didn’t know what to do, so he alternated between howling, whimpering and trying to lick Lucy’s face. Lucy hugged and patted and kissed his nose.

“Do you remember how he loved it up at the reserve?”
“Sure do.” David’s voice sounded strange and Lucy looked at him and saw tears in his eyes also.

“Oh darling Hector, we all used to have such lovely times together,” Lucy couldn’t stop stroking and patting and crying.

“Do you remember the first time he licked your face on that sofa?”
It was a silly thing to say and afterwards David didn’t know why he said it.

Lucy certainly did remember. It was after she had orgasmed with David’s cock still in her ass. She looked at David, but not with anger.
“That was many years ago, Davey” she whispered.

But the damage had been done. Lucy decided she had to see her parents. She managed to detach herself from Hector.
“Nice to see you again David.”
“Michael seems to be a great guy. I’m sure you will be very happy.”
“I’m sure we will. Would you like to come to the wedding?”
“I’ll be busy that weekend, I’m sure.”
“How do you know? We haven’t set the date yet.”

On the return flight Lucy stared out of the window thinking but, not about anything really. Michael pulled out a huge file of legal notes and spent much of the time writing or dictating.
The day after they returned Michael came to Lucy’s apartment.
“Lucy darling, this isn’t going to work, is it?”
“What do you mean?”
“I could feel the way you and David reacted. Afterwards Bridget told me she felt the same.”
“Michael this is stupid. We’re going to live in England. David’s in Australia. What did we say that upset you?”
“Nothing I could put my finger on. Your were very polite and proper. But I saw the way you looked at him, in a way you’ve never looked at me.”
“Michael, this is silly. David and I finished almost four years ago.”
“One day Lucy, if I am very lucky, I’ll find a lady almost as beautiful as you who will look at me the way you looked at David.”

Nothing would change Michael’s mind. Lucy was incredulous, but after he had left with her engagement ring, she had a strange feeling of relief.

Three months later Hector died.
David knew there was only one person who loved Hector the way he had. Only one person he could share his grief with.

On MSN he wrote “Poor old Hector died today.”
Her reply: “Oh Davey, I’m so sorry. How did it happen?”
His reply: “My neighbors had bought this pedigree Alsatian bitch for breeding. She was on heat which drove poor old Hector wild. Somehow he managed to get through the fence to give her a rogering. Died from a heart attack in the saddle my vet says.”

Her reply: “Well its so terribly sad and I’m so sorry, but there are worse ways to go, I guess.”

His reply: “Dearest Lucy, for the first time in four years you and I are in total agreement.”
Her reply: “I felt a bit guilty, seeing him that time. Getting him all excited then leaving him forever.”
His reply: “He won’t be the first male you have done that to, I’m certain. But I’m sure in his canine way, he was happy to see you before he died.”

There was a long gap.
“I haven’t received my invitation to your wedding.”
“Michael called it off.”
“I’m sorry. Why did he do that?”
“He said I looked at another man the way I never looked at him.”
“Well, that’s a pretty good reason. Who is the other man?”
“I have no idea what he was talking about.”

A week later David opened up MSN again.
“My boss has decided that I’m culturally stunted?”
Her reply: “Why has it taken him so long? It’s obvious to everyone.”
His reply: “He has given me three months leave of absence so that I can tour Europe.”
Her reply: “He’s probably glad of any excuse to get you out of his hair.”

His reply: “Lucy, could you buy me one of those old camper-vans, I think that’s the way to go. I’ll send you the money. And could you provide me with a list of all the boring old monuments that I must be photographed in front of.”
Her reply: “I’ll be happy to Davey. Won’t you be lonely traveling by yourself?”
His reply: “I’ll pick up some hitch-hikers.”

A month later Lucy met David at Heathrow airport. Their hug and kiss on the cheek were similar to those of relatives who didn’t like each other very much.
“Here’s your camper-van,” said Lucy as they walked through the carpark.
“It looks great. Let’s check the sound system.”
A moment later. “Its crap.”
“There’s a good hi fi shop in Dover. I’ve drawn it on the map.”
“Thanks doll, you’re a brick.”
“Good luck with your hitch-hikers.” Lucy walked away.

It took David a few minutes to load and stow his luggage in the camper-van. Fifty meters past the first corner there was a hitch-hiker waving her thumb in true hitch-hiker tradition.

“Hi doll, which way are you heading?”
“South to the sun.”
“That’s a coincidence, so am I.”
“Is there a decent sound system in this heap?”
“There will be soon.”

“Well, the van’s a heap and you are obviously a beer swilling lout. But beggars can’t be choosers, I guess,” said Lucy as she climbed in.

Author’s note
Chapter 2 is written. I’ll see what the response to this is like.

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