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Mrs Brady was the mother of a girl whom I had known since school days. She was of Indian origins and married to an English military man who had served his country in the sub continent. She was by her birth very dark skinned with long flowing black hair, she was probably about forty-five years old, still very slim and very attractive. I had always been afraid of her. I had over a period of time been left alone in her company and found her disconcerting. Her husband had, I think, retired to an upstairs room and took very little interest in anything except his stamp collection. Mrs Brady, on the other hand, had many interests but I think that sex was probably foremost. Whenever she could, she was very touchy feely, and on more than one occasion her hand had slipped and touched my groin. She would often pat my bum. I often wondered if she had any sex life with her husband, I was later to find out.

I actually avoided her whenever I could, even though, if I tell the truth, I did fancy her and I often wondered what sex with a mature woman like her would be like. I did not have to wait for too long.

The Brady’s had a rare thing in those days, a plunge pool in their back garden. This was to be my undoing when on a very warm day; a few others and I had been invited to cool off in the pool. I had been there for some time and I needed the loo. I made my way into the house and upstairs toward the bathroom. When I came out I found Mrs Brady standing there. I was about to be undone.

She was only wearing a bathrobe, which she instantly pulled open, exposing her all. Then as she let it drop to the floor, she yelled out “Your going to fuck me now young man.” I could clearly see her, now naked, and revealing a remarkable body. Still firm her breasts were proud with pointed nipples; down below she had the most remarkable bush of pubic hair, black as night hiding just about all. I was now full of expectant anticipation, when without saying another word she pulled me to my knees and pushed my face into that bush. I am used to modern young ladies who generally remove all hair from their pubic region creating what I call ‘That little girl look’, so this was a new experience for me. It was warm and soft in here and it smelt wonderfully; she obviously kept it clean. My hands were now exploring this dark, secret region, my fingers parting the bush to find the ultimate prize. I touched her most intimate places and felt her shudder heard her first squeal a little and then she shouted “Fuck me now, please.” With that she lead me to a bedroom and threw herself on the bed. As she did, I heard her husband cough in the adjoining room. “He’ll hear us,” I said. Her reply was that she and he had not had sex in about twenty years and that she liked to think of him listening; It added to her excitement.
She was now laying, face down, on the bed naked and displaying to me a very fine rear view of her womanly assets. Indeed, for a woman of her age she had a splendid little bum, still firm and wonderfully smooth. Gently, at first, I massaged both cheeks together, and then slowly, oh so slowly my fingers parted her crack. Strangely the dark hair that surrounded this area of her body enhanced the glimpses of pink when her labia were parted. She was remarkably neat and tidy here with no loose folds of skin; and her arsehole was just like a small target; “Aim Here;” it said. So I did. I had noticed a bottle of baby oil on a nearby bedside cabinet and having suitably lubricated my forefinger, I gently slipped it up her bum. She squealed again as she raised her bum in the air, presenting me with the wonderful sight of her whole fanny in all its hairy glory. My finger slipped in a little deeper. My penis was standing as she groped behind her and one hand took hold of my shaft.
Without any further delay she guided my penis to her already soaking vagina. She rubbed me up and down her labia and it felt absolutely glorious. She arched her back a little more and I slipped into her most precious place, slowly and gently at first, and at the same time my fingers found her clitoris under its little güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri hood. Slowly, slowly I pushed in deeper and she shouted out loudly “Fuck me now, fuck me hard”. I was soon pounding away at her now super wet cunt slapping against her elevated bottom. I now need to taste all that pussy juice she’s pumping out, so I pull away and at once bury my face in her crack. I have, as long as I can remember loved the smell and the taste of a nice clean cunt. I first found this out at the age of about five when I had my first sexual contact with a little girl. Now here I am with my face buried in the cunt of a mature woman and she sure does smell lovely, tastes pretty good as well. She is different to other younger girls whom I have eaten out, her smell is heavier but just as nice and she tastes quite lovely. Now I grab her by her hips and pull her up as I guide my penis back into her cunt. I gyrate as I thrust in and out, she begins to make some very pleasing noises and I can feel her breathing quicken and deepen. I hear her labia slurping pussy juice in and out. This is getting good. She’s grabbing her tits and rolling her nipples, shouting out “Fuck me fuck me I’m going to cum.” I wasn’t too far away either.

From where I was the orgasm she had was absolutely awesome, she almost bent in half, her chest was heaving and she was shouting obscenities, she was soaking wet just about all over. I could see that I was going to have to lick her clean. “ Fuck that was good” she muttered, “Can we do it again?” Somehow I had managed to pull out without cuming and that made doing it again just about possible.

I had lain on the bed face down alongside this lovely specimen of womanhood and I was thinking that maybe it was time call it a day, when I felt a hand run across my bum. As it did so she remarked that I was shaved just about everywhere, not a hair in sight. She said that she might do the same; and with that she kissed my arse and then stuck a finger up it.

I have always been very keen on having objects up my bum. I have enhanced many a wank by inserting fingers of other objects up there. So I loved it when I felt her finger slip in and at once hoped there would be more. Indeed this lady turned out to be very skilled at cunnilingus, boy I was hard now. Next she took my shaft in hand and put the tip, just the tip, in her mouth, closed her lips around it and she sucked, hard. Simultaneously she rolled her tongue around my glans and even tried to put it in my urethra, not too successfully I might add. At deep throat she was superb and she gave me probably the finest blowjob I have ever had, alternating between sucking just my tip to then taking my whole shaft in as deep as it would go. She sensed when I was cuming but instead of pulling out for a facial she took me in deeper and I spurted my load directly down her throat. I don’t think she needed to swallow at all.

By now we were both spent and we passed a little time together talking mostly dirty. Then she suggested that we meet again soon and, as my thoughts of this lady had changed so much, I agreed to the following afternoon.

The next day came and I made my way back to her house, where she suggested that we go into the garden again, only this time there would only be the two of us there. Almost as soon as we got there she started to remove her scanty clothing saying that no one would see us there, unless her husband looked out of his window. I could not help but notice that since I had seen her the previous day, she had removed all her body hair, ‘twas all gone. She said she might do it and now that she had, I think she looked marvellous. She came toward me now naked as the day she was born. I was surprised that the removal of body hair made her look so very different; her slit was clearly visible now and the rest of her body somehow looked younger, her dark skin gleaming, her pubic area highlighted by the dark shadow from where those dark hairs had been.

She held me tight, and kissed me deeply. I responded and then I held her breasts and started to suck her nipples. She very soon perabet güvenilir mi was making lovely little squealing noises as I made her nipples stand out like sexual doorstops. Moving from side to side I licked and sucked her armpits, which she seemed to enjoy more than just a little. I gently laid her down on some newly mown grass and my tongue began to find its way down over her tummy looking for the ultimate spot. For a woman of her age she had a very smooth and flat tummy. My hands explored that tummy before I pulled myself down between her legs for a very close look at her cunt. There it was before me, slightly darker in colour than I was used to but splendid to see in all its glory. Also it smelt quite sublime that wonderful womanly smell, pheromones everywhere. It tasted even better as I licked up her dampness, that whitish secretion I have always adored.

Pulling down a little more my right hand thumb was playing with her clit and its lovely little hood, while two fingers on my left hand explored her labia, rubbing up and down. “Finger fuck me.” She whispered, “Do it to me now.” I did as requested and within a very short time I had two fingers sliding and slopping in and out of her incredibly wet cunt. At the same time, using that wetness I had slipped the thumb of my other hand right up her bum. I am sure that she had an almost instant small orgasm. I nearly did, and then I decided that it was my turn now. I now needed to do just what she asked when this all started; I needed to fuck her. A good old-fashioned fuck She was laid on her back, proper old Missionary style. I held my penis and rubbed my tip up and down her labia. It was very soon well lubricated and I slipped slowly into her warm, wet and inviting vagina. I was soon in as deep as I could go, right up to the hilt. After a brief pause, I began to fuck her, long, deep and slow at first. Then as I sucked her left nipple I began to increase my pace; she began making lovely little noises again. I loved this, the way she made all those little sounds made it, for me, very sexy, I loved it. I knew that I would not hold back too long while fucking her like this, alongside those lovely noises she was making she was also scratching my shoulders and my back. I was going to cum soon, that I knew for certain.

She sensed that I was on the short strokes and her noises became very loud. My balls tightened. She had said earlier that the neighbours would not see us. However with the noise she was making, they would have been in little doubt as to what we were doing. Not for long though. My shaft began to pulse and she took my load; I spurted six or seven times, deep into her vagina. I was spent. We lay locked together for a short while and then I pulled my now flaccid member out. She proceeded to feed herself with my sperm as she caught it dripping from her cunt; she lapped almost all of it up. “You taste so good.” She said later. Next time you should try some yourself. “Will there be a next time?” I asked her. She then asked if we could meet again soon; explaining that she wanted to try something different; I want you to take me up the bum. We went in and showered together and then I agreed to return in three days time.

This, however, did not happen for when I arrived at her house three days later, she was not alone. We kissed deeply and then she introduced her younger sister, over from India. She explained that her sister’s marriage had failed and that she was hoping to start a new life here.

The first thing I noticed about little sister was just how small she was. She was twelve years younger than her sister and apparently she lived for sex, could not get enough; this is why her marriage had failed; her husband could not keep up with her and she was going elsewhere for satisfaction. I was wondering about her being here now when she told me that she was here to watch; she wanted me to have sex with her sister while she watched. I had heard of other instances of this but this was a new one on me. However, by this time big sister was massaging the front of my trousers with both hands and tipobet my pecker was beginning to respond rather well. She undid my trousers and let them fall to the floor; I was not wearing any pants. I notice that while this is happening little sis is removing her clothes; apparently she likes to be naked whilst watching. It gave me a first opportunity to see her naked as she revealed her splendid little body; this one could pass as a young schoolgirl. I have, of course, always loved that little girl look with the coin slot pussy. This is crazy though here I am totally naked with a partially erect penis and with two sisters both of who are also naked. Where do we go from here? The answer came when big sis lay on the floor and began to open her legs. At that point I stopped her and suggested that we go somewhere a little more comfortable. We moved to her bed where again she lay on her back exposing almost all. I could resist no longer and I buried my face in her fanny. She was already wet down there and she tasted remarkably good. My tongue soon found her clit and she began to make those lovely little noises again. Mean time I could see that little sis was becoming excited as well; her nipples were standing erect, and she was working two fingers in and out of that lovely little coin slot; she would be doing more than just watching before very long. I was not wrong as just as I started finger fucking big sis I felt a hand on my bum, followed by some gentle kisses and “Fuck this feels good” little sis is first licking my arse and then her tongue slips inside.

I was later to learn from little sis that sexual activity amongst teenage girls in India was very high and as a result most were quite knowledgeable about sex and sexual practices from quite an early age. She, little sis, had been sexually active both with males and females for almost twenty years; she knew what she was doing. As she put it “My tongue has tasted quite a few arses, you’re by no means the first.”

I was still working on big sis’ cunt, kissing and sucking her labia and pulling back that little hood, exposing her clitoris, I gave it a kiss, when she asked me to stop. “I want you to fuck little sis while I watch, we’ve not done that before.” With that she took little sis and bent her over a convenient chair so that she was presenting her rear end. She then came and gently held my penis whilst she led me across the room. Then with me standing behind little sis she guided my penis into her fanny. “Now fuck her” she called and ”I slowly eased my shaft into little sis, she was gloriously tight and as I pulled back I could feel her vagina gripping me. This was superb; here I am having sex with little sis while big sis looks on. This must be one of the most sexually exciting things to have happened to me. Little sis was making noises similar to those her sister made. She was stretched out over that chair with her cunt in the air while from behind her I could see everything I was doing. I could watch my own shaft slipping in and out; I could hear small slopping noises as her juices oiled my shaft. I could see her vagina gripping my shaft as I pulled back. Momentarily I pulled out and ran my glans up to her bum and gently touched her anus. I noted that she did not object before slipping back into her cunt. Her sister whispered to me “Now fuck her hard, make her cum. I want to listen and watch my little sister cum.” She did not have to repeat this I might add. “I want to take her up the bum, make her eyes water.”

With that big sis took me in hand and guided my penis toward her little sister’s bum. She was already very wet and my glans penetrated her slowly; she made delightful little whispering sounds as I began to go deeper. For me this was a delight as I slipped into her tight little bum, her muscles tight around my shaft. Slowly I penetrated her deeper and she began to push back against me. She began to tremble,” I’m going to cum, fuck I’m going to cum”. Noisily, we came, almost together, as her muscles clamped hard on my shaft and she sucked me dry. At this point I think we were all spent up.

I was to have sex with Dea, that was her name, on a number of other occasions, and she never ceased to amaze me with the variations that she could bring to our sex life. Sadly this came to an end abruptly when Dea returned to India where, I understand, she had been given an offer too good to refuse.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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