My roommates pictures. A sissy’s beginning.

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My roommates pictures. A sissy’s beginning.
I wasn’t surprised when my roommate sent me nude pictures of his cock by mistake. Or even that he had taken them in the first place. He was like that, very full of him self and very successful with the ladies.

What did surprise me though was the lustful feelings I had when I saw them. His long, thick, veiny shaft. His well defined cock’s head. His big, heavy, hanging balls. I began to desire sucking his cock, like all the girls did that he had over. I had, lusty, Gay feelings, lusty, Gay urges and desires. I had always dreamed about cock, but those had always only been fantasies.

I tried to hid them, push them down, but it became difficult to be around him. I could feel my cock swell in my pants thinking about his big dick. It was even shaved! I wanted it so bad! I had never sucked cock, never even touched one, but I ached for it. My knees would get weak thinking about it.

“How did you like those pictures, anyways?” I tried to hide it and pretend. “What pictures? Your cock pics?” “Yeah” he said, “Sexy, right?” I tried to laugh it off but canlı bahis siteleri I had a lump in my throat and my voice cracked. Yes! I thought to myself, I fucking love your cock! Of course I didn’t say it, but I think I didn’t need to.

“I know you’re into guys” he said very matter of factly. I acted surprised and insulted, but my voice cracked again and my face became red. I had to walk out of the room. My heart was racing! Was I caught? How could he know?

From the other room I heard him say, “Hey, I need a blowjob, come suck my cock” I couldn’t believe what I heard and played it over and over again in my head. My cock swelled and my knees weakened, I wanted it so much, but of course he was just k**ding, just joking around. Right?

I stood there frozen, processing the moment. I had to see, I had to know. I walked back into the room and there he sat, totally naked on the couch, his massive cock in his hand. “What the hell, dude” I said, trying to act cool. But there was no hiding my desire, he caught me staring at his cock, he knew.

”Just come touch it. I know you want makrobet to” I did want to and so much more. I tried to hide it and said, “If I do will you shut up?” I couldn’t believe what I just said! Fuck! Why did I say that? I’ll never live that down, I thought to myself.

I was shocked when he said, “Ok.” My world seemed to move in slow motion as I walked over and sat down next to him. I quickly put my hand on his cock as it throbbed and rested on his stomach, then pulled my hand away. “There” I said, again trying to hide my desire. My own cock felt as if it would explode. “Aw come on man, I need more than that” I felt light headed as I reached back over and began to stroke him. His full, warm shaft filling my hand. His cock felt so amazing! So hard, yet smooth, veiny and wonderful.

When he put his his hand on the back of my head and started to guide me down, I didn’t stop him. My mouth naturally and eagerly moved to his dick. I had never sucked cock before, but found it so wonderfully right, so wonderfully exciting and fulfilling. My lips wrapped around his head, feeling makrobet giriş the ridge before sliding down deeper. “Oh yeah man” he said softly. His dick tasted so good, sucking it felt so right, so thrilling.

I moved to my knees in front of him. No sense in hiding it now, and bathed his big, beautiful, hanging balls with my tongue as I loved on and stroked his hard shaft. “Fuck man, that feels so good!” I heard him say. His words made me so very happy.

“Fuck man, make me cum!” His words shocked me, was I going to let him cum in my mouth? In an instant, I knew. I knew what I wanted, what I had to do. I had to pleasure that cock and take its load, no matter what. It was just what I had to do. What I had dreamed of doing.

I spend up my pace, not wanting him to pull that beautiful cock away and not give me my reward, I held his base tightly and stroked him hard, all the time never taking my mouth from him.

His legs began to shake and I felt his warm, wonderful jizz begin to fill my mouth. I had never tasted anything like it, but was immediately hooked and addicted. I swallowed his cum right there and then. Letting his thick fluid slid down my willing and eager throat. I think we both knew in that moment that I would now be his cock sucking sissy. It wasn’t even discussed.

I sucked his cock, swallowing his creamy jizz almost

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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