My Son’s Dominant Boyfriend Ch. 02

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Hey everyone, just wanted to thank you all for the feedback! Your encouraging words motivate me and your pointers for improvement fuel my desire to work on my writing. I’m a novice writer, so please be patient with me! I’ve taken on the feedback provided and I hope the quality of my writing reflects that.

Sorry for the long break. Life just got really busy!

I’ll definitely work on the names. For clarity, the boyfriend is Ethan Pierce, Paul Nelson is the son and Michael Nelson is the dad (Ethan occasionally feminises them as Pauline and Michelle). Thomas isn’t a character. The dad used to be called Thomas but I just couldn’t think of a feminine version of Thomas so I changed it to Michael. Helen Nelson is the dead mom.

I understand that the whole humiliation, degradation and specifically, skinny nobody dominating a bigger masculine man, isn’t for everyone. It’s niche for sure, but it gets me so hot. I haven’t seen many stories that had “bigger submissives”, so I thought I’d give it a shot. If you have story recommendations, I’d love to read them!

Regarding my story being unrealistic, it’s fair criticism. What I was trying to accomplish was establish Ethan as painfully average to make Michael’s submission even more humiliating. I tried to play into the “bigger submissive” idea. Ethan isn’t buff or hung, but he doesn’t need to be for the Nelsons to submit to him. I think my story benefits from some suspension of disbelief, it is fantasy, afterall. But, you’re right, the story could be more realistic. I will try to ‘fix’ the first chapter by adding more depth in future chapters.

Other than that, I’m loving the private messages of your sexy encounters. Keep them coming, thanks for reading. 🙂


I stood in the shower and stared at the razor in my palm. I knew what needed to be done but I couldn’t bring myself to actually do it.

A boy becomes a man the day he gets his first chest hair. I remembered how I ran to my own father to show him my first, and how proud he was of me. That was years ago, and my lone hair was now part of a whole forest of fur that covered my chest. What would my father think of me if he saw me now, shaving it all away after I was defiled by a man half my age, I wondered.

The razor looked daunting. I understood what it’d mean to shave myself smooth, I would be surrendering to Ethan.

The once warm shower turned cold as I stared. The shower’s boiler had emptied while I stood, no closer to finishing then when I started. I felt chilled to the bone and started shivering from the cold.

“What’s wrong, baby? Need a man to teach you to shave?” Ethan taunted, causing me to jump. The buzz of all my thoughts deafened me to the outside world and I didn’t hear him enter the bathroom. I instinctively reached to cover myself, which resulted in a chuckle from him. He leaned against the vanity and took a sip of the beer I gave him. The man who had defiled me moments ago now had a front row view of my further emasculation, and he was loving every second of it.

“I, uh.” I stammered without an ounce of confidence left in me. I was naked and shivering, about to shave myself to please the man who stood in front of me, fully clothed and wielding all the power. I looked down to my hand cupping my crotch and sighed a breath of defeat, releasing the hand covering my modesty. I looked up and pleaded with my eyes. “I don’t think I can do it.”

Ethan understood what I was asking of him and nodded. He placed his can down and walked forward, taking the razor into his hand. With a smooth stroke, he took a thick line of hair down the centre of my pecs. If someone saw the scene play out, it’d be comical. A short, skinny boy, shaving a hairy, muscular man. But if only they saw what unfolded in the living room, they’d understand how vulnerable I felt in his presence.

“You need to stop shivering almanbahis or I’ll cut you.” He whispered tenderly. A moment of kindness. His words oddly soothed me, and my shivering slowed as he made his way across my chest, before moving down to my abdomen. Helen used to find my happy trail so sexy. I remembered how I used to pretend to stretch and lift the front of my shirt to tease her. The memory felt distant as Ethan cleared my trail.

He grabbed my crotch gently but firmly, pulling my penis down to expose the skin. He moved to my testicles and I felt his strength in his grip. I took shallow breaths and embraced myself, feeling more vulnerable than I already was. The essence of my manhood was cupped neatly in his palm, in his control. If he felt like it, he could squeeze my balls and I would topple instantly, but he shaved nonchalantly, as if he had done this a million times. Despite being gay, he had no interest in what I had to offer. I was definitely more endowed than he was, but he didn’t pay it any more attention than the strokes of the razor. I soon understood why.

“Turn around, get on your knees and lean forward. Pull your slutty ass cheeks apart.”

I gulped and did as I was told, feeling more exposed than I had ever felt in my life. My hole was unguarded, and the position I was in made me feel like I was offering the most delicate part of myself to this man. I felt vulnerable.

“Sweet, virgin pussy. I can’t wait to destroy this hole.” He cooed, slapping my cheeks with his empty palm.

The cold razor surprised me, but I held as still as I could. Partly because I didn’t want any cuts, but also because Ethan had told me before and I didn’t want to disappoint him.

“Whenever I tell you to present your pussy for inspection, this is the position I expect from my bitches.” He commanded, his finger teasing my entrance lazily. I embraced myself for penetration, but he had other ideas.

“Yes, daddy.” I gulped.

“Good girl.” He dragged, content with how quickly I had submitted to him. It was strange, but his words had an effect on me. I felt pride from his praises, and I took every opportunity presented to show him how badly I wanted to please him.

He got me back on my feet and his razor eventually made its way down to my feet. He turned the shower off and stood back, taking a look at his handiwork. Like fresh livestock, I presented myself with my hands behind my back, standing at ease like how I used to back in the military. Except I was serving my country then. I was serving my son’s boyfriend now.

“Pussy inspection.” He commanded.

“Yes, daddy.” I repeated, dropping a little too quickly and felt my knees hit the floor hard. It was going to be bruised tomorrow, but I didn’t care. The rush I felt from serving him numbed the pain, and only fueled my need to get into position for inspection. I stretched my cheeks as far as they could, feeling the slight sting from pulling too hard.

“Delicious, pink hole. It looks so much better now without all that hair covering it up.” Ethan whispered as he trailed the tight slit of my entrance. “Hair is for men; you were a silly faggot for thinking you were one. I can’t wait to turn it into a loose pussy and turn you into a proper cumwhore.”

His casual trailing finger reignited my arousal as he stimulated me. The tingling feeling spanned from my hole down to the head of my penis, despite it not being touched at all. His cruel degradation was addicting and the idea of being used by this man excited me. To be his cumwhore, abused so often that my hole would loosen to fit his size and further accommodate him.

“Where’s your lube?” He asked, pulling me from my thoughts. He retrieved it and felt the cooling gel coat me and winced when I felt the pressure of his intrusion.

“I’m only doing this for you because it’s your first time. I expect my bitches pre-lubed almanbahis giriş so I can stick it in like a real pussy.” He pressed on, ignoring my pain. He stopped when his knuckles brushed my bare cheeks and I felt myself pulsing against his whole index finger. He wriggled his fingers and almost came on the spot when he started brushing it against my prostate.

“Oh, fuck!” I gasped, writhing under Ethan’s stimulation. A big muscled man being at the mercy of a skinny kid with one finger, and I was loving every second. He withdrew his finger and I felt empty and cold inside without his warmth.

“Look at you, clean as a whistle.” He said, examining his fingers. “A natural bottom. In addition to lubing yourself, I want you to clean your ass daily. If I fuck you and you’re not clean, I’m going to make you clean your faggot filth off me, got it, bitch?”

I shuddered at the thought. 2 Girls 1 Cup disturbed me. I was not into scat.

“Okay, daddy.” I agreed a bit too easily.

His exploring fingers returned. I felt two digits enter me and sucked my teeth in pain as I felt him spreading his fingers apart. A third finger followed when the pain subsided. I was in awe of his experience. Ethan was masterful at this, never applying too much pressure to keep the pain manageable. He was a puppeteer, and he had full control over me with only his fingers. He withdrew his digits once again and I looked back curiously.

Ethan inched himself forward, placing the head of his dick at my empty entrance. He looked down at me and sneered, before pushing my chest down to the floor to angle my ass higher for easier access. I rested my head against the wet shower floor and felt a cold puddle under my cheek. I was humiliated but my cock ached hard but remained untouched. My hands were busy holding my cheeks open for my penetrator.

I yelped in pain as he pushed himself in me. The burn seared across my rim and every muscle on my body tensed hard. I stirred to get Ethan out of me, but stopped at his comforting words.

“Hey, hey. Take it easy, big guy. It’ll only hurt for a bit. Try pushing out like you’re taking a shit.” He cooed. His demeanour switched quickly, from dominant degrader to comforting lover. I was at his service, but he was catering to my needs. He knew which side of himself I needed most and I admired my daddy for it. I did as told and relaxed.

Ethan pressed on and paused when I felt his pubes on my shaven ass. He had taken my cherry. There was no going back from this. Ethan Pierce, my son’s skinny boyfriend, will always be the first man to penetrate me like a virgin schoolgirl.

He allowed me a moment to catch my breath before stroking backwards. I felt him brush against my prostate and felt my toes curl in pleasure. It felt… amazing. The kind of pleasure I knew I could get addicted to.

Ethan picked up the pace and the pain subsided completely, with only the pleasure his manhood was providing me remaining.

Sex with a man felt different than with a woman. Sex with Helen was great, but this was better. Penetrative sex focused the pleasure on the head of my penis, but to be on the receiving end? I felt the same pleasure waft through my entire body and rolled my eyes so far back I thought they’d never see light again.

My moans and his grunts echoed against the shower’s walls. His aggressive, mine feminine, but with every thrust of his pelvis, an octave higher. Our voices entwined like a duet. In every aspect, I was the girl in this relationship. I was being penetrated, I was being coached through the pain by my lover, and I was moaning like a whore in heat.

“Yes!” I repeated loudly, no longer worried about presenting myself as the masculine man I had always been. At this moment, I was his girl. My submission turned him on, and I was rewarded with harder thrusts. I felt grateful for the pleasure he was almanbahis yeni giriş providing me.

“I knew you’d like this, slut. Like father, like son. Both writhing faggots for cock. You just needed a real man to see through your facade and fuck the inner girl out of you, huh?” He roared victoriously, having claimed another Nelson faggot. Using my hips as leverage, he stretched his leg forward and rested his foot on my face. I was in my place, under his foot.

“Yes, daddy. Fuck your little girly cumslut.” I moaned as submissively as I could, purring under his expert manipulation. I leaned into his humiliation, no longer burdened by masculine expectations. Within these shower walls, I submitted as his girl.

He withdrew suddenly and my cunt felt cool without his warmth in me. He took his feet off my face and shoved me to my side, then flipping me onto my back. I was limp from the pleasure I received, but he manhandled me like a ragdoll, throwing my legs over his shoulders. WIthout a word, he reentered me with a single plunge and I moaned in bliss.

Ethan continued his fucking. With my hole looser, Ethan thrusted faster, not having to worry about my pain anymore. He was a man, and he was taking what he wanted. I reached for my aching cock that has been left untouched. Ethan slapped my hand away and grabbed my balls and pulled.

“You don’t touch yourself unless I tell you to. Got it, faggot?” He yanked further, not slowing down his barrage on my pussy.

“Sorry, daddy!” I yelped from his control, careful not to complain about the pain.

“We’ll have to do something about that.” He huffed, releasing his death grip. “Your son learnt pretty quickly. There’s only one cock that matters, and it’s not yours.”

I broke eye contact, suddenly feeling self-conscious about this whole ordeal. Looking away, I saw our bodies in the mirror. His tiny frame wrapped around my large body, controlling my every movement. Why was I submitting so easily to this man? A boy half my age and half my weight? I couldn’t deny the pleasure I felt, but felt my cheeks flush and looked away. The humiliation returned.

Sensing my unease, Ethan plunged himself as deep as he could and stopped. Leaning forward, He grabbed me by the jaw to look at him. He rested his face against mine. With my knees to my chest, I felt my hole open further. He stared into my eyes.

“Don’t run from that humiliation. Embrace it like a good faggot.” He cooed. “If it didn’t turn you on so much, you wouldn’t be so hard right now.”

He was right. I had never been as hard as I have been today.

“I’m cumming.” He announced, picking up the pace. I felt him pulse against the walls of my sphincter, coating them with his jets of cum. He roared triumphantly, having conquered me. I had another man’s cum in me. I felt humiliated, but grateful.

“Thank you, daddy.” I purred, basking in his afterglow despite not having cummed myself. It didn’t matter anymore. He was right, only his cock mattered.

“Good girl.” Ethan praised, removing his softening cock from me. He sat on my chest, pushing his cock against my lips. “Clean.”

I opened up and swirled my tongue against the cock that just pleasured me like never before, doing my best to show my eagerness. I tasted his cum and the sweetness of the lube, but gagged on the other tastes. I pressed on. I didn’t want to disappoint Ethan now.

I tongued him lazily as he spoke.

“Get yourself cleaned up, you’re a mess. Find me later. We’ll fit you into your cock cage. Say goodbye to jerking off. Only real men get to touch their dick. You’ll have to learn to cum hands free. Go jerk your clit later once I leave. It’ll be the last time you ever do it again.”

After Ethan left, I stood to inspect myself. Hairless, denuded, defiled with my hole stretched open and dripping another man’s cum like a whore. And soon, I was to be denied too. I stared at the faggot in front of the mirror. I didn’t recognise this cockslut. How could I ever be a man again after all the filthy things I allowed Ethan to do to me? I’ve never cummed as hard as I did then.

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