Natalie 01: After Work Solo Quickie

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Natalie locked the sturdy door to her apartment with a clicking sound, and took a deep breath, looking at the narrow hallway of her home. It had been a fairly normal day at the office, a few meetings and the usual daily grind, but now she decided, it was time to call it a day and relax a bit.

The early autumn weather outside was warmer than usual, so she was only wearing a light jacket, with the front zipper left open to let in some air, revealing the dark blue blouse she wore to work today, and its slight but suggestive cleavage. She took off the jacket, and it put it away along with her purse on the coat rack.

She bent down to take off the ankle boots and socks she was wearing on her feet, her slender legs bending at the knee in her tight blue denim jeans. Now standing on her bare feet, she unbuttoned her jeans and gave a little sigh of relief. They really were quite tight, and she was eager to take them off and lounge around in something more comfortable.

She opened the door to her bathroom, which was a simple arrangement. There was the shower cabin with your standard slidable glass doors, a toilet, and a sink with a medicine cabinet above it.

Turning on the faucet in the sink, she started washing her hands with liquid soap, and looked at herself in the mirror. Natalie didn’t always feel completely confident, but she knew that she was a good looking woman, not only from the way that many men, and sometimes women, looked at her, but at the age of 34, she was pretty secure in herself.

Standing at 5’7″, on well-exercised legs that were a bit thicker around the thighs, she was a slim but curvy woman with a pair of full and plump breasts. She remembered how, in the elevators at the office today, a guy had walked in and absent-mindedly stared at them for a full five seconds before he caught himself and embarassedly started looking at his phone for the rest of the trip.

He had been younger than Natalie, but not by much. She remembered that he was quite a looker, a few inches taller than her in her heeled ankle boots, with broad shoulders and curly hair. She could see her face, full lips under a small nose and brown eyes, blush a bit under her dark brown ponytail. She had probably blushed then as well, but this time at home, she was more comfortable and felt more aroused than embarassed as she had been at the time.

She tried to remember who he was, but she hadn’t seen him before. After all, her office was quite big, and he could be working in any part of it. Feeling her breasts in her hands, she continued looking at herself in the mirror. She squeezed her hands slightly. Still wearing a bra. It was itching a little bit. Continuing to look at her mirror image holding her breasts, she caught herself rubbing her crotch casino oyna gently through her jeans against the edge of the sink.

Stepping back with a sigh, she unbuttoned the front of her blouse, followed by unclasping her bra under the back of it. Exiting the bathroom, she headed down the hallway into the living room, throwing her bra on the rug under the coffee table, and laid down on her back on the couch. She rested her head on a pillow against one edge and propped her bare feet up on the other. Unzipping her already unbuttoned jeans for some more relief, she could finally relax.

Lying down with her breast exposed, she started to absent-mindedly browse the internet on her phone. Her mind wandered, and she started thinking about what might have happened had either she or the elevator guy been a bit bolder. What if he had been? What if the elevator got stuck too? She wondered how he might have touched her… And felt her left hand that was free starting to wander .

Natalie grabbed a pillow from the foot end of the couch and put it between her thighs. She shifted over halfway to the side, facing away from the couch with her phone still in her hand. On the screen were the words of a lewd, erotic story. Natalie made sure to masturbate regularly, and had been doing so since she really started becoming sexually active in her mid-20s. Sometimes she would look at porn to help her along, but her favorite thing was to read erotica. She had a vivid imagination that could easily push her body along with the words she was reading.

The brief elevator encounter had aroused her enough to get started. She bit her lower lip and squeezed the pillow hard between her thighs as she continued to read the text on her phone. Her free hand wandered across her full exposed breasts, taking each nipple between thumb and index finger, rolling it until it grew stiff.

She kept playing with her hard nipple, squeezing her soft breast with the rest of the hand. Her jeans-clad legs tightened their grip on the pillow, and she rotated her lower body a bit so that she could squeeze harder against it. Her mind wandered, and she pictured herself embraced from behind by the strong arms of a tall man, his firm hands grasping her breasts and pulling on her nipples between his fingers. She imagined him nozzling her neck, as she let out something between a sigh and a moan.

Her eyes shut and she let the phone drop to the floor, so she could play with her erect nipples with both hands. Her legs started moving faster as the pillow grinding intensified. The couch was rocking a bit. Natalie could make herself orgasm pretty quickly if she wanted to, which was very useful when she needed a quick relief.

However, she wasn’t in much of a hurry, so she slot oyna decided not to cum just yet. With eyes closed, she grinded her throbbing pussy hard against the pillow through her jeans, biting her lip and making sure she didn’t go over the edge. Moaning through her teeth, she stopped right before she felt herself hit the point of no return, and laid completely still with the pillow in a tight grip between her aching thighs, concentrating on staving off the oncoming wave of orgasm.

Natalie rolled over on her back and breathed heavily a few times. That had been close, but she managed to stop herself from having an orgasm just yet. That meant her pussy was aching, and her hips were gyrating for more, almost on their own. Her right hand wandered carefully down her bare stomach and into her unzipped pants. She could feel the radiating warmth of her cunt, and her fingers slipped between her slick pussy lips and the soaked panties.

Finally opening her eyes, she was squirming for more after denying herself a quick pillow-humping orgasm. She fiercely pulled her jeans off, baring her slender legs and kicked them away somewhere into the room. She decided that she would find them later, and pulled her panties all the way down to her soft feet with dark red painted toenails, the panties briefly sticking to her dripping wet pussy lips on the way down.

She took the panties in her left hand and brought them up to her face, drawing in the musky aroma of her soaked sex. She imagined that a man was smelling them, and then wrapping them around his erect cock, jerking it and mixing his precum with her juices. It could be elevator guy, or it could be some other broad-chested man. She wasn’t too bothered with details at the moment.

Her right hand wandered down across her breasts and stomach, searching for her aching mound. She kept her pubic hair shaved around the vulva, but had a neatly trimmed dark bush that started just above her clitoral hood, which her hand soon found. A moan escaped her lips as her middle and ring fingers found the opening to her pussy, soaking in the abundant juices that had gathered there.

She took her newly wet fingers and started rubbing her erect little clit, that was poking out under its hood. She continued to imagine the man, whoever he was, rubbing his erect cock with her soaking panties wrapped around it. His strokes intensified with her rubbing, and Natalie bit her lip to keep herself from moaning too loudly.

A wave of pleasure erupted from her clit, growing more intense the more she rubbed it. She could feel herself approaching the point of no return, this time deciding to cross it. She imagined large ropes of cum streaming out of the moaning man’s big cock, filling her wrapped up panties, some canlı casino siteleri of it spilling to the floor. Another wave of pleasure overtook her, this one too intense to resist.

Her thick thighs clenched around her hand, and her feet pushed away from the edge of the couch, as she began to cum, her fingers pressing hard against her clit. She muffled a series of loud moans by covering her mouth with her left hand, while her lower body twisted and gyrated. A strong wave of pleasure went out from her pussy, down through her legs, and made her curl her toes.

Natalie sighed, and started breathing heavily. That had been really nice, but she was wanting for more. Her clit had given her a good orgasm, but her pussy still ached to be filled up. Wasting no time, still riding on the afterglow of her first orgasm, she got up on her feet and stood on the floor. She looked at the couch. There was a visible wet spot on the dark green fabric. Damn, she would have to clean that up. Now was not the time to worry about that, however.

She looked at her window. The blinds were mostly closed, but she could still glimpse through them. There was not much of a view on the other side, just a wall with mostly covered windows on the other side of a courtyard. She got on her knees on the edge of the couch, and leaned against the back with one hand, trying to position herself above the existing wet spot. After all, this wasn’t the first time she had done this, and she was a practical woman who saw no point in cleaning up two separate ones. She moved her legs further apart from each other, and could feel the lips of her throbbing pussy open.

Her free hand once again wandered down to her pussy, and she found it warm and absolutely dripping wet. She gave her swollen clit a few quick rubs, causing her to moan and her pussy to contract. It wanted to be filled, and she could feel its aching emptiness. In response, she slipped the three lower fingers of her right hand into her sopping wet cunt.

In her imagination, the man was taking her hard from behind, his hard cock ramming in and out of her wanting cunt. Natalie was pushing her fingers in and out of her wet pussy hole, and could feel his balls slapping against her clit every time the palm of her hand hit it. She stifled more moans by biting her lip, and fingered herself faster and faster, as the man fucked her harder and harder in her mind.

A wave of pleasure erupted through her whole body from deep within her cunt, and her knees grew weak and buckled below her. Her fingers buried deep inside her soaking pussy, she imagined the man burying his throbbing cock deep into her and filling her with his seed. Natalie moaned and had to choke down a scream, as juices dripped out of her, joining with the existing wet spot beneath her. More juices ran down both of her trembling thighs, making them slick and glistening.

Finally satisfied, Natalie decided that it was time to jump in the shower. She had a date to meet up with that evening.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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