Nice Ride Home

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This might be a work of fiction. It might not. Either way, don’ t try this at home (or on the road)! The subject is most definitely over eighteen.


I had been in a state of intense arousal for days. It happened sometimes, especially when it had been so long since relief. My pussy was aching and swollen so bad it hurt to sit straight, knowing I wanted to rock my ass in that chair while reading his scenarios made it so much worse. It could have been the new moon, or it could have been the racy conversations with my textual lover. Not many subjects were off limits, and today was no different. After mentioning some different scenarios with one another for our literary projects, the heat within my body needed serious release.

There were so many yummy ideas running through my head for a great story, but the only thing I could think of was relief. And, since the menu at home wasn’t appetizing, I had to work in some self-service. My soon-to-be-ex-husband’s idea of romance was, “Can I dump in your cum bucket tonight?” Classy right? Between his earthy charm and constant philandering there was no way that dick of his was coming anywhere near me. Even again.

Challenging notions of where to do it filtered illegal bahis through guarded thoughts. I still had to live in the same house as him and my sleeping spot on the couch did not offer much privacy (no way was I ever going back into the bedroom alone with him after what he tried). The bathroom? Maybe but that was a place of constant business and the only time I had it really to myself was in the mornings. The closet? Too risky with my kids running around all the time.

Ah, the car! Perfect! Tinted windows and long country road were just what I needed to pull of that endeavor! And I had a long commute.

Work ended and driving onto the main road home, the setup was ideal. One lane, no other cars around; just the right amount of privacy but still a little bit of risk to keep it spicy.

Let’s do this. Thoughts of my worthless husband left my mind and I pictured my text lover in the car with me. We giggled like nervous teens, then he leaned forward. I turned up the music and touched my breast. It felt so much more swollen than before. I gripped the steering wheel as currents of passion ran down my breast, through my stomach and into that place, deep inside.

I thought about his hands touching illegal bahis siteleri my body, kissing that nipple, making me moan and boy, did I moan! Here in my car there was no one I had to hide my self-pleasure from; no one to keep quiet so as not to traumatize them for life, no one to keep quiet from because he can’t get the job done and it hurts his pride that I can do it soooo much better.

I could feel those panties getting wet. Why did I wear such thin ones today? Oh yes-this was why.

My right hand started to grip the shifter tight with each pinch and light tug, mimicking the flicking tongue and slight teeth grazing I was desperate for. That hand started to move up and down that shifter, as if I held his member, massaging with one finger at the tip, pretending that button was the snake’s mouth, dipping the finger in just the tip, lightly.

Paying attention to the road was second nature. My first nature at that moment was to cum, I needed it so bad! Turning the music up so I could feel the vibration, my hand went down under my skirt, moving the panties to the side and exposing my swollen clit. I tapped lightly and then started to move my finger over my clit, wishing it was his mouth canlı bahis siteleri there, twisting each slide of my fingertip over the very slippery surface.

I started opening my legs just a little more, keeping my speed on the road stable while my other hand was gripping the steering wheel almost too tight. The other fingers slid so nicely inside, warm and soaking wet. Pretending they were his fingers, I put them in slowly as if his dick were testing the waters first.

I looked ahead, truck passed me, could he see what I was doing? It only made me more aroused. Sweat beaded my top lip as I plunged my fingers deeper, moving up in the seat holding the steering wheel for leverage, imagining his hands on my ass, fingers reaching my crack, and my pussy gliding down his dick. I licked my lips, about to explode. I moved faster, fucking those fingers like I wanted to fuck him. Shuddering inside as I was about to come, touching myself to the sensual music, slowing down as the waves took over, causing me to swerve slightly, adrenaline making my senses so much more alive. I cried out as the last wave took over, spreading from my core, through my extremities and out of my fingers. My last thoughts in the throes of self-passion were how much I wished he could feel what I just felt, and did he think about me when he needed relief?

The rest of the drive was peaceful. Uneventful. Pulling into the driveway to home, I looked in the mirror and smiled at my little secret.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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