Our night out.

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Our night out.
The wife and I have not been out for quite a while. Last night we finally had some free time and decided to go out to a nearby downtown area in Johnson city. We were having a good time listening to music and just going from bar to bar enjoying the different atmospheres. We went to one bar and the wife noticed a tall black man looking at her so naturally she showed off just a little. We left that bar shortly after.
We were at another bar when she noticed the same guy walking in. It didn’t take long for him to notice she was there and started checking her out again. I asked her if she was up to some fun. She winked and said sure. I asked her if she was up to trying something a little different. She asked what I had in mind. I asked her if she would be willing to just hook up with him and go spend the night with him on her own. She said she didn’t know if she would be comfortable with doing that. She said I was her safety net and she didn’t know if anything would happen that she didn’t want to if she was by herself.
I assured her I was just a phone call away and if she wanted to she could. She pondered and finally said she would try it. I left her sitting in the seat alone and went to a area I could watch her from. It wasn’t long before he approached her and started a conversation. They sat and talked for about a hour. He bought her a few drinks and she began canlı bahis şirketleri to loosen up.
She explained she was married and that I knew what she was doing. He seemed to get somewhat excited and asked if she could go to a hotel room with him. He explained he was in town for a business trip for a few day and he also was married but his wife was not to know. She told him she was happy with that arrangement and they proceeded to leave the bar and go to his hotel. I followed them from a distance and watched in amazement as my wife became his slut for the night.
They were sitting in the car for a few minutes kissing and making out. I saw her head go down into his lap and I knew she was sucking his cock. I was enjoying this. I love to think of what is happening while I am no present and she can do and say things she wouldn’t normally if I were there.
As they got out of the car I noticed she was putting her panties in her purse. She texted me while walking in and told me what hotel and room she was in and to let me know things were going well. She said he was really nice, respectful, and let her know no means no. They disappeared in to his room and I went home and waited.
She texted a few pictures and I could hardly believe it. I knew the guy was a big guy. He was about 6’7″ or so. Very broad shoulders, muscular build, and in very good physical canlı kaçak iddaa condition. One of the pics she sent was a cock pick as she was holding It in her hand. It looked to be about 11 or 12 inches and very thick. I didn’t get anymore pics last night.
This morning she arrived home. He had brought her home but when they pulled in the driveway there were 3 other large black men with them. She kissed them all and they left.
She came in the living  room and took her panties from her purse and tossed them on the couch. I asked her how her night went. She proceeded to tell me how incredibly large his cock was and how he had made passionate love to her. She told me how he went so deep inside her she felt like he was in he stomach. She said it felt so good and he had fucked her in every position for over a hour. She said he came like three men and afterward she could feel his cum pouring from her pussy.
She said they were lying there naked and enjoying each others company when he asked if she was in to taking on more than one guy at a time.  She said her body started trembling when he asked. She said she felt her pussy getting extremely wet as she asked him how many guys. He explained he had 3 friends and didn’t know if they would be interested in a group sex environment. She told him she would if they were up to it. He called his friends and they all came canlı kaçak bahis to his room.
She started sucking one while another started playing with her pussy and sucking her tits. She said when she got on top of one guy and was going to ride she felt another one getting in position to mount her from the rear. She said she told then she didn’t do anal so the guy assured her he wouldn’t go there. She said he stay in position and she was thinking she had gotten into a pickle because she knew he was going to try it anyway. She said she was starting to feel uncomfortable until she felt him sliding his cock inside her pussy alongside the other guy. She said it felt so awesome she started cumming over and over while they double pumping her pussy full of seed.
She told me they all used her repeatedly till a little after 5am. She said she drained them all dry. Her pussy was dripping their cum even after she showered. I could tell she had been used up by the way she was walking and squirming when she sat. Her pussy looked so used and stretched and she had some light marks on her neck and tits from all the sucking.
I asked he if she enjoyed herself. She said she did very much and thanked me for letting her do it. I think she will want to do it again soon. She said they made her feel comfortable and she liked their company. They have her number and are supposed to be nearby sometime soon and asked if they could bring a few more friends. She said she told them yes and she would see them soon. She said next time she wants to set her phone up and send me a live feed so I can enjoy watching her be the black cock slut she is. I can’t wait!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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