Ravaged at my own living room

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Ravaged at my own living room
That Friday afternoon I left my office early and went directly to the gym.
After a nice two hour session of hard work out, I took a warm shower, dressed up in my office clothes and came back home by walking.
It was a very fine warm day and I was walking as I checked my phone. I did not realize I was being followed. I got up to the front door and opened it; when suddenly someone from behind pushed me inside.
I fell forward on the floor and when I turned around a man had entered and closed the door behind him. The evil smile in her face told what he wanted…
I tried to back away on the floor but he was faster than me. He just picked me up and led me to the main sofa there. He pushed me down on it. I starting begging for mercy; but the stranger just keep unbuttoning his pants and saying that I should follow his orders…
I was opening my mouth to protest; but my thoughts stopped when he took canlı bahis şirketleri out his cock and my eyes grew wide. It was long and very thick. At least it seized nine inches….it was the biggest cock I had ever seen.

He leaned onto me and grabbed my white shirt between his fingers. He pulled it and soon I was naked from my waist up. The stranger could not take his eyes off from my round boobs and I could not take my eyes off of that huge, perfectly shaped cock. And worst of all, it was sticking straight at me…

He moved closer to me and ordered to open my mouth. I was a bit scared and then I opened my red lips and, taking his cock in my hand, I began to suck on it. I soon began to lose myself and started sucking on this hard cock.

Then something happened that surprised me. My own pussy began to clinch on itself. I should have been ashamed, humiliated…but this huge cock in my mouth was turning canlı kaçak iddaa me on very fast…
I sucked his cock deeper and deeper…but then after a while the stranger pulled back. He ordered me to take off my tight blue skirt.

I begged him not to fuck my pussy; I was ovulating on those days.
But he did not want to hear my pleas; He just wanted to fuck me.
The bastard finally grabbed my skirt and ripped it off from my body. He smiled at the sight of my tiny white cotton thong; it barely covered my shaven labia. He pushed me back on the couch.
The man smiled again, seeing my thong was already damp. He told me I was a slutty wet cunt. Then he slid between my thighs and parted them, rubbing my clit with his dirty fingers.
Then I whimpered and in that moment he slid almost his entire cock in one fell swoop. It felt good in my cunt. I gasped and then moaned with pleasure. The bastard laughed and called canlı kaçak bahis me a bitch.
He began to pump in and out and I was losing myself. I then felt his hands reach up to my boobs and he began to squeeze them; pinching my hardened nipples. Then I felt my pussy was starting to betray me.

He kept fucking me harder and started growling; as I was fighting back an orgasm. I did not want come to this man taking me.
I tried with all my might to hold back an orgasm…but I could not…
Finally, I let go and this wave of pleasure burst out of me and I began to yell and scream loud like a bitch in heat.
I wailed as I was feeling one of the biggest orgasms of my life…
I could feel my pussy gush and my nipples get harder. He began to pump faster and I he made me cum again. I cried loud from the sensation and he began to move faster as he finally stiffened and came inside me. I could feel his burning semen in my swollen cunt…
He then pulled out and put his pants back on as I lay there panting…. My pussy was sore but satisfied in a way I had never been before.
The stranger looked down on me and said I should not say a word about this; not even my husband would know… And I nodded a yes.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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