Repay Debts Of My Bro

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Repay Debts Of My Bro

I am a 26 year old girl working in a call centre in Navi Mumbai. Fair, 5’10” tall, short brown hair, brown eyes and most important 34 30 34 in size. I stay in a rented 1 bhk house. My uncle’s son, Abhishek, came from his native to study when 3 years back. He completed his study and now he was 23 years and 25 years when this happened with me.
It was a Saturday night. I was having an off so I was relaxing. I had worn a see through white t-shirt and a see though boy short. It was 12:45 in night when the bell rang very hard. I thought that Abhishek must have been drunk and so he rang the bell so hard. I went and opened the door. I was shocked to see 5 guys including Abhi. I felt a bit uncomfortable. I was almost nude in front of 4 unknown people. I tried to hide my boobs with 1 hand and pubic with other hand. I asked them to go away. Abhi asked me to give INR 25,000 as he had lost that amount in a cards game. I said that I don’t have so much money, maximum that I am having will be around 2,000. Abhi told his friends that he does not have any money now and that he will give them I 1 week. I scolded him that how is he going to return in 1 week. To that the other guys got annoyed and started beating Abhi. I went in between to stop them.

Suddenly I felt a hand on my boobs. I was surprised. I went behind to release myself. But in that efforts my t-shirt tore off and my boobs bounced out. I was very shy and tried to run to my room. But 1 of the guy caught me with my hair and pulled me. They said that Abhi is not going to pay their debts but I can. They told me that I should behave to go about with this smoothly otherwise it will be bad with me and my bro as well.

I initially denied but when they tried rubbing my boobs and my pussy I was in 7th heaven. I was wet already. They removed their clothes and asked Abhi to remove my boy shorts. He just had to follow. As he removed my shorts he was bet siteleri ogling at my clean and shining pussy. They made me kneel down and asked Abhi to sleep in such a position that he can lick my ass and pussy. They made me suck their dicks 2 at a time initially and Abhi started licking my pussy. I was totally thrilled with this feeling. I was oozing more and more. Abhi was drinking it all. I was sucking their dicks. Slowly and smoothly they started to put more amount of dick in my mouth. They were choking me now. Abhi had now sucking my ass hole and he had started exploring it deep with his 2 fingers. It was now paining in my ass and well as my mouth.

I was in extreme situation when suddenly all of them went back and released their load on my face and boobs. I was now smelling very bad but that was raising the temperature of the room. They were all now very dull in terms of energy. They asked Abhi to get up and clean all the load with his hand. Once he was done. He was going to wash his hands. But his friends told him that he should clean his hands with his pants on the parts of his dick and his ass. I was sitting on the corner of the floor with my legs folded. They asked me to clean myself in the meanwhile when they asked Abhi to like this with wet dick and ass area to the nearby beer shop and bring some beer for free. He managed to bring 2 carates of beer. I was surprised how did he do this. It amounts about 4,000 for this. All were happy and drank 1 bottle each and were ready for the next round.

2 of them took me to my room. 1 of them lied on bed on his back with his dick hard and standing. Other guy was strong and tall. He held me from my arms and asked me to hang on his hands with spread legs. I was like what are they going to do. He took me towards his friends erect dick and dropped me on it. It pained so hard that I was almost fainted for a couple of seconds. They had huge laugh and then bedava bahis he started to stroke me and asked to ride him. Suddenly I felt another dick on my rear. He also did not have any mercy on me. He inserted in me in a single stroke. He then started giving me hard strokes. I was being fucked in both my holes after being fucked in my mouth by 4 people together. They stroked hard, soft, deep and teased me at times. I was enjoying it now. They fucked me in that position for about 30 mins until they unloaded in me.

I had already had uncountable orgasms. Once they had released in me they slept in the same position (I was sandBITCHED in between them). In next 5 mins or so door started banging and the guy who was in my ass suddenly removed his dick and it pained a lot and soon the guy from my pussy threw me on bed and went out. I was in deep pain as well as pleasure at the same time.

In 5 minutes Abhi came in. He was naked and his dick was erect and clean. He did not have courage to look in my eyes. He told me that the other 2 guys want to fuck me in the terrace. I had a good terrace as big as my room with a swing. As soon as I went there I saw 1 guy was sitting on the swing with erect dick. He directed me to come to him and sit on his lap with my pussy in it. As soon as I was in that position and exposing my back other guy thursted his dick deep from behind. And the session began. This one went a bit longer. In between I saw the watchman on the top of the building enjoying the view of the session. I was enjoying and did not want to stop. As far I guessed he was masturbating. After about 1 hour 15 minutes when it was almost 4 in the morning they unloaded their cum deep in me.
I was in pleasure this time. The guy from back left slowly and the guy with his dick in my pussy cuddled me in the same position lifted me and put me on bed and asked me to relax for a while.

After about bedava bonus an hour all 4 of them came in my room, I was afraid what are they up to? All 4 of them settled on the bed near me and told me to relax as they were going to try something different today. I was afraid. A guy slept on his back they asked me to sleep with my back on him. He inserted in my ass. It was deep. One guy came on my belly and inserted in my pussy. Another came in my mouth. I was in deep pain now, but wonder what is different in this. 3 holes 3 dicks in normal. But I was wrong there can be 4 dicks. I felt another dick entered my pussy. It pained hard 5 in the morning and I wanted to scream hard and cry but I was full of dicks. They fucked me for 20 mins in this position and all unloaded in me 1 by 1. I was half u*********s at the end of the session. But now I knew what was NEW.

After a while I just heard these guys leaving and telling Abhi that they would love me to lose more games more often. I felt asleep realising that I will not be required to pay-off any more debt.
I wake up around 2 in the afternoon. I was naked and smelling bad. I did not see Abhi around. I went for bath. Once I came out I was still naked. I saw Abhi had prepared table for lunch. He was in his shorts only. I thought of going just like that to the table. I went there and had lunch. At the end I realised that Abhi had his hands on my thighs and was nearing my pussy. I understood his frustration for the last night when I was fucked by so many people in so erotic ways but he not getting to even touch me once. I asked me how did he manage to bring so much of beer. He told me that he stuck a deal with the shop owner that he will give him a naked pic of mine. I was shocked to this asked him who was he. He told that he had gone to the shop in front of the gate and the owner stay in the flat just below me. I got angry and excited as well and fucked Abhi hard.

I posed for him that night so that he can buy more stuff from more people. There on we have been enjoying our sex life. He brings in his GFs and their ex-BFs and we have wonderful and erotic orgys very often.

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Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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