Road Trip

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It was such a warm, sunny day that Jessie decided to ride with the top down. Her sporty red car zipped around the twisty roads in the foothills of the Smoky Mountains. The sun shone down on her young, tan skin warming her. She had the roads to herself this bright afternoon as she made her way back for her final few weeks at school. She had spent her spring break visiting her family in their cabin in the mountains. It was a lovely break but between work, school and family she was starting to feel restless and amorous. The wind blew through her hair and played over her skin making her nipples harden and brush against her soft cotton tank top. The four lane was completely empty and Jessie reached over to turn on the radio. She turned up the volume and settled in for the long drive back to school.

A loud honk and cheering startled her out of her driving induced daze. She looked to her right and saw a car full of young men honking and yelling out their windows. One man mooned her as they sped away. Jessie shook her head and focused back on the road. The wind ruffled her skirt and she placed a hand on her thigh to hold it down. Her mind kept wandering back to that car full of young men and that muscular behind of the one who mooned her.

She ran her hand up her thigh and under her short skirt; her smooth skin felt so warm under her fingers. Her skin prickled at her touch, it had canlı bahis şirketleri been so long since she had touched herself or had been touched by another. She thought about waiting but she knew her roommates would be waiting for her so they could all dish about the break and who hooked up with who while classes were out.

Jessie’s hand stroked her pubis through her white panties, she could feel the wiry softness of her hair. She looked around to make sure she was alone and set her car on cruise control. She shifted in her seat and spread her legs. she lifted her skit and started to rub herself through her panties. She was surprised to feel a wet spot already.

She slipped a finger under the leg band of her panties and felt the slippery wetness envelope her finger. she slid it inside and gasped at the sensation of doing something so naughty while driving. the wind continue to blow against her skin causing more arousal. Jessie realized she had to really act on this or she would never be able to focus on completing her long drive.

She passed a sign stating that the next rest area was 69 miles away, she smiled at the unintended reference and thought she could never wait that long. The urge to touch herself was overwhelming as she squirmed in her seat.

“I could just pull over to the side of the road” she thought and quickly rejected that idea, cops and canlı kaçak iddaa good Samaritans often stopped to check on pulled over cars and she did not want to be interrupted. She silently thanked the makers of her car for installing cruise control and slipped her panties down her legs.

Her skirt was pushed all the way up to the top of her thighs and she could feel the air play about her moist pussy. her right hand traced her lips and circled around her clit. She slipped a finger back in and spread her juices around her swollen clit. Slight tingles started to spread from her pussy to her belly and she touched and rubbed. She took her fingers and placed them in her mouth tasting how sweet and musky she was. Her hand went back down and started to pinch her clit. A soft moan escaped her lips as she wriggled with pleasure.

Jessie was in the zone focused only on her pleasure. She continued to alternate rubbing and penetrating herself with her fingers. The miles droned on and she was lost in the erotic pleasure of doing something so dangerous. Jessie felt the car swerve over to the oncoming traffic lane, she righted the car and noticed the rest area was now just a mile away. She signaled her move into the right lane and slipped in front of a semi. “i wonder where he came from and if he saw anything” she thought to herself. A tremor shook her body as she thought of someone canlı kaçak bahis watching her while she did something so private, it was electric.

Jessie pulled into a secluded spot with some tree coverage. She put the car in park and lifted her left leg and spread out her right leg to have better access. She started to rub a little faster circling her clit in clockwise motion. “Oh yeah baby, rub that pussy,” a gravelly voice said to her left. Jessie gasped and looked around. She saw a tall bearded man in tight jeans to her right with a large, rock-hard cock in his hand. She was a little scared, but so close to climax that she couldn’t stop. she locked eyes with the man and the intensity of her rubbing increased. She slipped 2 fingers in her tight pussy and moved them in and out. She started to moan but still did not take her eyes off the stranger. His hand was moving so fast, all she could see was a flash on his cock. Jessie’s breaths became shorter and she could feel heat concentrating in her belly, she was so close, another moan slipped out of her mouth, “oh God, yes” she panted.

The stranger started to grunt and pant. “That’s it baby, finger that clit” he whispered. As he uttered these words, Jessie’s body went rigid and heat emanated from her belly to her extremities. Her whole body was covered in tingles. She let out a final moan as her body went limp, her car seat was soaked with her juices. she looked over as the stranger shot his load into the grass with a final moan. He tipped her a wink and walked back to his semi truck. Jessie pulled on her panties and put the car in drive, satisfied and refocused back on the road.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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