Romance and Unbridled Passion Pt. 03

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Carrie crawled up in my arms and laid her head on my chest and dozed off. I laid there, as I often do, and listened to her breathing for a while before I fell asleep myself. I was so relaxed after the massage and then the amazing orgasm that I couldn’t help myself.

I don’t know how long I had been asleep but I was dreaming that Carrie was kissing my thighs and kissing and playing with my cock. It was a wonderful dream until I came to realize it was even better than that, she really was. I laid there for a few moments to make sure this wasn’t a dream but not even a dream could feel as good as she was making me feel. I was rock hard already and Carrie was running her tongue up and down the shaft of my swollen cock and then was kissing and licking my balls lightly.

I lifted my head slightly and watched her as she treated my cock like it was the best gift she had ever received. She was so patient yet passionate. She was licking and sucking just the head and I could feel the moans on my cock as Carrie teased me. I could feel myself getting harder by the second, something that was very hard to believe could happen. I wondered if the moans that were coming from her was because she could feel me get harder and harder in her mouth. I know when I touch her and feel her get wetter and wetter that the excitement level goes through the roof for me. Maybe she was experiencing the same thing.

It’s hard for me to explain how beautiful Carrie is. She is the type of beautiful that stops both men and women in their tracks. To look down and see my cock in her mouth makes me realize even more that I am the luckiest man around.

‘Oh Baby, that feels so good.” I finally managed to say.

Carrie just looked toward me and smiled and then went back to licking the head of my cock. Her tongue swirling around the tip and then the underside of my head which made me jump a little but I certainly didn’t want her to stop.

“I need to taste you”, I begged her almost.

Carrie turned her body and put one leg over the top of my body and suddenly we were in the hottest 69 position. Her pussy was just inches away from my face. I could tell she was already very wet and it was so beautiful to look at. Her pussy is perfect. That’s no exaggeration, it is absolutely perfect. It looks perfect, it taste perfect and it feels perfect.

I ran my hands up and down her ass and legs as she continued to suck my cock, now with a little more intensity. I ran my fingers across her pussy lips and down to her clit. Her clit was prominent now because it was swollen and she moaned against my cock as my fingers stroked it for just a few second.

One of the sexiest things about Carrie is that she absolutely cannot be still when I am touching her. She moves her body around and now was no different. Carrie was pressing back against my fingers and I took the opportunity to watch one disappear into her pussy. Carrie makes love to all of me. She presses herself against whatever part of my is touching her. It doesn’t matter if it is my thigh, hand, tongue or cock. It is one of my favorite things that she does.

I slid my finger in and out of her pussy, feeling her get wetter and wetter with each penetration. Her wet juices covered my finger and I raised them to my mouth to taste her. This set me on fire. I had to taste her. I had to make her cum on my face. I knew she would make me cum soon from her sucking my cock and I wanted her to get off at the same time.

I grabbed Carrie by the hips and scooted her ass back towards me and as soon as I was within reach, I pushed my tongue against her pussy lips and parted them so I could taste her. I ran my tongue slowly up and down the opening to her pussy and this made her increase the pace of sucking my cock. I wanted to lick her all over. Everything was desirable in my mind. I wanted all of her. I pushed my tongue inside and the warmth of her pussy combined with the taste of her wetness made my cock throb in her mouth and she could feel it.

I licked Carrie’s pussy all over. I didn’t want to miss a single inch. I wanted to taste all of her. As I licked her swollen lips and clit, I playfully touched her tight ass and got it wet with her own juices. I pressed my finger against her ass and continued to tease it and play with it as I licked her. Suddenly, I felt her doing the same to me. I wasn’t alarmed at all and it was exciting because I realized she wanted my body the same as I wanted hers. We were feeling completely engrossed in each other which made everything fair game.

Carrie reached between her legs and spread her pussy lips for me for a second. It’s hard to explain how erotic this is to me. She used her fingers to open herself a little more and give me better access to her clit. Well, that was part of her intention, she also got her finger wet and returned it to my ass and played around the area as she deliciously worked on my cock with her mouth, tongue and other hand.

I continued to tease Carrie with my tongue and fingers teasing both holes. I was güvenilir bahis listening to her moan when I would hit the perfect spot. This just encouraged me to continue what I was doing and tease her relentlessly.

Carrie’s mouth is working feverishly on my cock now and I can tell that my tongue is having the desired effect and she is getting very close to cumming. Her pussy is flowing freely with wetness now and everything I am doing seems to be making her hotter by the second. I could feel my balls tighten and I knew my orgasm would be soon to follow. Carrie senses this and, combined with her impending orgasm, she began to suck me a little harder and stroke me with her hand. Her hand was wrapped firmly around my engorged shaft and she knew I was close to cumming.

Her hips began an almost bucking motion and her moans told me she was at the point of no return. Her orgasm swept through her body leaving it trembling. I grabbed both of her hips and pushed my tongue into her still feeling her pussy contracting. At that exact moment, my orgasm struck me and I pumped cum out of my cock and into her warm waiting mouth. She moaned as she swallowed my cock and cum into her mouth and I watched her body as it continued to shudder from the pleasurable contractions that have taken over her body, her pussy quivering with delight. My entire body was shaking, aftershocks of another intense orgasm.

“Baby, I love what you do to me”, I whispered to her as she climbed off of me.

“You made me cum so hard!” She answered.

We laid in bed together, exchanging light kisses and just enjoying the feeling of each others skin. Carrie’s skin is so soft and warm and I love to rub my hands over her entire body, even when we are just relaxing.

After several minutes we got up and went to shower. The shower was large and the water pressure was pretty strong which felt amazing on our bodies. As Carrie finished up I ordered us breakfast through room service. They said it would be about 20 minutes which was plenty of time for the next part of my plan.

As Carrie was standing in the bathroom doing her hair, I took in one of my button up shirts to her.

“Put this on Baby. I ordered us some breakfast.”

I helped her put it on and I buttoned each button starting from the bottom and stopped where I could clearly see her cleavage and the beautiful outline of her breast. I took her by the hand and led her to the large oversized bed. I laid her down on the bed and then laid almost on top of her, my bare thigh between her legs. I rubbed her face with my fingers and kissed her lips and face lightly. My mouth found her ears and I began to kiss them softly, nibbling on the lobes with my teeth and then running my tongue along the outside and also licking the inside of her ear. A low moan resonated from her mouth and she pressed her crotch against my thigh. At first she just pressed it and held it there but then she began to to grind her pussy against my thigh.

“It drives me crazy when you do that”, I told her.

That just encouraged her to do it more.

“My pussy is soaked again for you Baby. How do you do that to me?” She asked.

“I need to put some pants on if your ordered room service”

“No, I have this covered.” I said.

I slid her up further on the bed, her back up against the headboard and I placed a few pillows behind her. I reached beside the bed and got out the toy that had a wider head that is designed to go just inside her and vibrate on her g spot and also a separate vibrator for her clit.

Carrie looked at it and said,

“Baby, you don’t have time to use that on me before breakfast gets here.”

‘I’m not going to use it on you. You are going to use it and you are not to stop.” I told her.

I rubbed the thick head of the toy on her already soaked pussy lips and I watched the head disappear into her body as I pushed it forward, I slid it in and out a few times to make sure it was completely slippery and then pushed it inside her. I then took her hand and placed it over the end of the toy so she could hold it there. I then pulled the blanket over her legs and up to her stomach.

I brought a bluetooth speaker and turned some music on using my phone. I leaned into Carrie’s ear and kissed it and said,

“Turn the vibrator on and hold the toy inside you.”

As soon as the vibration started Carrie gasped and her mouth parted slightly, a sure sign that she was really feeling the pleasure of the toy.

The music wasn’t too loud but it was loud enough to cover up the buzzing sound coming from the toy. I watched intently as she pleasured herself with the vibrator. Carrie makes the most beautiful and erotic faces when she is aroused.

About that time, there was a knock on the door.

“Looks like our room service is here. Do not stop what you are doing for any reason.”

Carrie tried to straighten up in the bed but I could still tell the vibrator was working.

I walked to the door and answered it. An attractive türkçe bahis woman with long brown hair had our breakfast on a cart. I asked her in and she rolled the cart inside.

‘Where would you like it Sir”, she asked.

“Bring it right over to this table close to the bed.”

I looked at Carrie and she looked nervous but gathered herself enough to say,

“Good morning.”

Her voice was a little higher than normal and sounded a little, well, excited.

Carrie kept her toy nestled inside her, the music covering up any suspicious sounds coming from the toy. Carrie was a little flushed and I know she was wondering if the room service waitress knew what she was doing. The room still smelled of sex from the earlier encounter and I wondered if she could tell.

As the woman was putting the breakfast on the table for us, I noticed that Carrie’s legs were moving slightly under the covers. I knew she had to be going crazy because that particular toy only has one speed. Carrie’s pussy is very sensitive anyway so I know it is making her nuts. I also notice my cock is very hard just knowing what is going on under that blanket.

The woman finishes setting up breakfast and I tip her and walk her to the door.

“Goodbye Ma’am” she says to Carrie, “I hope you enjoy your stay with us”.

As soon as I shut the door Carrie says,

“You are in big trouble mister.”

I walk over to the bed and pull the blankets back. Carrie’s legs are parted and she is holding the toy with both hands tight against her clit. I walked next to her and rubbed her hard nipples under the shirt I gave her to wear.

“Pull the toy out baby.”

Carrie looked disappointed but I quickly turned her over onto her stomach and lifted her onto all fours. I took my hand and spanked each ass cheek a few times and Carrie moaned her approval. I stood behind her and told her,

“Reach between your legs and take my cock in your hand and rub it on your pussy until you can take it any longer and you need to feel it fill you up>”

Carrie reached and grabbed my cock and rubbed it up and down her wet slit a few times before lining it up and then pressing her hips backwards and pushing me deep inside her.

The feeling of sliding into Carrie is indescribable. It fits perfectly around my cock. I take her by the hips and slowly slide in and out of her pussy, her wetness is covering my cock and running down my balls. She is rocking back against me in perfect rhythm. The sound of my cock inside her sliding in and out sounded so hot.

“Spank my ass”, Carrie said.

I took my right hand and spanked her across her ass a few times and she responded,

‘Yes baby, yes.”

I could see that she was playing with her nipples with one hand and that brought my orgasm even closer.

“You are going to make me cum soon baby. Please cum with me” I tried to tell her through my labored breathing.

“I will Baby. Cum for me. Cum inside me. please.”

My cock contracted almost violently and I could feel the cum leaving me and entering her swollen and wet walls. I heard her moaning,

“Oh fuck baby, oh fuck. I can feel that.”

I felt Carrie’s pussy squeezing my cock with the contractions from her pussy. She was now pulling at her nipples under the shirt I had her put on.

“I am going to cum on your cock baby. I love your cock” Carrie said emphatically.

I felt her tense up and moan louder than she had been and then I felt her body go limp. She fell face first onto the bed and I fell on top of her. My cock still just inside her.

I pulled out of her wet pussy and got on the bed next to her.

“I want you to lick both of our cum off of my cock”

Carrie turned over and began moving her tongue up and down the still throbbing shaft. Her tongue traced the swollen veins that had filled my cock with the blood that made me so hard.

She delighted in tasting us both and she loaned her approval Carrie licked all of my cock. Her cock actually. It belonged to her.

Carrie and I got up and dressed and got ready to go do some shopping and eat some dinner someplace nice. On the way down I stopped to speak with the front desk and asked Carrie to wait for me. As I asked for the manager I wanted to know if there was any chance he had an upgrade room with a hot tub. He told me he had one available and gave me the price for the upgrade. I told him I wanted the room and I told him I wanted to surprise her with it when we got back. I took Carrie over to the salon in the hotel and told her I wanted her to get her nails done and I would be right back to pick her up and take her out.

I got the room key for the new room and ran upstairs to gather all of our things up and take them to the new room. I hurried up to the new room on the fifth floor and it was absolutely spectacular. There was a beautiful view from a very large window overlooking the skyline and the hot tub was large and in the corner semi close to the window. There was also a couch and a güvenilir bahis siteleri large flat screen tv on the wall in the living room area with a dvd player in addition to the regular cable.

I hurried back downstairs as Carrie was finishing up in the salon. We headed out and caught our Uber which dropped us in a shopping area that had everything within walking distance. We were on the hunt for some skimpy lingerie for Carrie to wear and for me to photograph her in. We walked in and out of several stores until we got to one that had several beautiful pieces of lingerie. As we were looking together a saleswoman approached us,

“If there is anything you would like to try on, please let me know.”

“Thank you very much”, Carrie replied.

Carrie was holding up several different outfits in front of her and occasionally was asking me what I thought but you could tell the ones that she really liked. Se looked at one that was a darl green with lace near the top and it was short and made of satin. It was shiny and beautiful.

“I want to try this one on.”

I called to the employee and told her that Carrie wanted to try it on.

“Would you like to go in the fitting room with her?” The employee asked me.

“Sure I would” I said, trying not to appear overly anxious or excited.

The employee led us to a rather large fitting room, one that had a chair I could sit in as Carrie tried it on. I took a seat and I watched as Carrie pulled her blouse over her head and then reached to the back to undo her bra. Her bra slid off and revealed her beautiful breast.

“Yum” I whispered.

Carrie looked at me and smiled and wiggled out of her pants, revealing that she wasn’t wearing any underwear. That didn’t surprise me but it certainly got my blood flowing. I could feel my cock stiffen inside my pants. She makes my cock hard all the time and she knows that she is good at doing it. She stood there naked in front of me and pulled the new piece of lingerie over her head. It slid down her body and settled into place.

“Wow”, I said admiring this beautiful woman in front of me, “That looks amazing!”

“Do you like it baby?” Carried asked.

“Of course I do. It looks amazing on you.” I said emphatically.

Carrie spun around so I could see the back and her twirl gave me a glimpse of her sexy ass. She looked in the mirror and noticed that her nipples were hard. She turned back towards me and rolled her fingers over her hard nipples as she looked at me. I reached down and gripped the outline of my hard cock so she could clearly see the outline.

‘Is that for me?” Carrie asked with a lustful look on her face.

“It absolutely is baby. It is all yours.”

Carrie turned back around with her back to me and said,

‘Come her behind me and feel the material.”

I walked up behind her and pressed my body against her back. Carrie took my hands in hers and ran them all over her breast and then down her stomach and across her hips. She pressed back against me feeling my ever hardening cock pressing against her ass.

“Yum”, she responded. ‘I want that.”

“Do you like how it feels?” I asked.

She reached back and grabbed my cock and said,

“I love how it feels.”

“Not that, the outfit”, I laughed.

“I do like it. It is very soft and makes me feel sexy.”

“You are very, very sexy baby.”

Carrie took my hand in her hand and she moved it to the front of the outfit. She lifted the hem of the outfit up slightly and put both of our hands on her pussy. She was soaked.

“You like that?” She inquired.

“No, I love that baby.”

“Put your finger in me.”

I adjusted to I could take part of my middle finger and push it just inside of her drenched hole. Carrie moaned softly in my ear and then took my hand and lifted it to her mouth where she sucked her juices off of my finger.

“Oh baby”, I moaned, “You make me crazy.”

“Should I buy it?” Carrie asked.


As much as we wanted to stay in that fitting room, we realized that it would look suspicious for us to stay much longer. Carrie removed the gown and handed it to me to put back on the hanger. She slid her pants on and looked at me and took both of her breast in her hands and rolled her nipples between her fingers as I watched. She smiled and then picked her bra up. I wanted to fuck her right there and she knew it but she was having so much fun teasing me (and herself.)

We tried to gather ourselves as we walked out of the fitting room. I’m pretty sure that the employee helping us could see we were both flushed. I held the garment in front of me as we walked to check out so I could conceal my hard cock. It was very obvious to anyone that could have seen it.

We purchased the outfit and headed out the door, hand in hand, feeling closer than ever. We stopped and ate a light lunch and spent most of the time talking about how much fun we have together and how much we love each other but also about how much we wanted each other.

“I wanted you to fuck me in the fitting room” Carrie told me.

“Oh believe me, I wanted the same. Is that why you were so wet?”

“That was part of it. You have had me wet this entire trip.”

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