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Nick’s house … hmmm, our house … was already well furnished before we moved my things from Kansas. That slowed the unpacking down considerably. We unloaded the truck into one of the bays of the garage, effectively trapping his motorcycle behind everything. My little car being left outside wasn’t a problem for me, that’s what it was used to. After emptying the truck, we were just able to return it to the U-Haul center nearby before they closed. We then picked up a large ‘everything on it’ pizza and a 6-pack of beer and collapsed for the night. We were both exhausted.

Harley was very glad to see, though, and followed us everywhere. The neighbor k**s across the cul-de-sac took care of him while we were gone. It was his standard go-to arrangement when he was gone for a few days. Their parents were great about checking up behind them and making sure the gates were reclosed and locked.

The next morning, I woke at the same time he did with the alarm. He said I could stay in bed, but that wasn’t the lifestyle I was intending for us. I was going to do for him as much as he was doing for me. Not as a mother after her son, but a lover and partner for her lover and partner. I rolled out of bed, still a little fuzzy in the head from the long trip the past couple days, the excitement in the apartment, and the little sleep. I went to grab the t-shirt I had been wearing in the truck and stopped me.

“Have I mentioned how much I like you naked?” His eyes gazing into mine.

Silly, but I blushed. I had just spent much of the drive yesterday naked in the truck cab and here in our bedroom I blushed. “Yes, you have mentioned that a few times.”

“It isn’t that I am saying you should always be naked, but … I do like to see you, to touch you, and to make love to you. You being naked can be an enticing part of that.”

I put my arms around his neck and kissed him, pressing my naked self into him. “How could I ever complain about that?” I smiled as I bent over to pick up the same t-shirt, anyway. I received a pat on my butt as he walked into the bathroom. I quickly determined that being naked around the house and backyard might be fine, but I would need something I could throw on quickly if need be.

I went to the kitchen to make the coffee and a light breakfast. I still had things to learn about schedules and preferences. When he came out to the kitchen, I had his breakfast waiting for him and poured him some coffee, then sat down across the kitchenette table from him. I watched him eat and caught him glancing at my breasts as he did. He looked up at me, seeing that I was watching him and he got embarrassed. I reached across the table and squeezed his hand.

“I like that you want to look at me. You don’t need to pretend that you aren’t. It is exciting me.”

He smiled. “So, what are your plans for today?”

“You mean besides moving my stuff out of the garage and figuring out what of the rest is excess? I think that will occupy me.” The truth was, that I needed to make room for my clothes and move all that into the bedroom and closet he emptied for me. That would take some organizing and sorting. I knew I wouldn’t need much of the heavy winter clothes, but it would be good to have some into storage for vacations and travel, at least. Then, there was the furniture, kitchen stuff, small appliances, rugs, and bedding. The Salvation Army was going to be receiving a major donation over the next week, just of things that weren’t going to fit into the house.

I slipped on the t-shirt and followed him out into the garage, walking down the drive for the paper as he backed the car out on his way to work. When he reached my location at the end of the drive, he stopped for yet another kiss before leaving. I glanced at a movement and spotted Jane retrieving their morning paper, too. Once again we met in the middle of the cul-de-sac where she had questions of our weekend and the move. I filled her in on parts of the adventure, leaving out the parts about the fight in the apartment, the police, the nakedness, and encounters with the truckers and State Trooper. All of which would make a great story, but not until I felt more comfortable.

I spent the most part of the day naked, thinking I was staying in agreement with Nick’s preferences and coming to like the feel of it. The t-shirt was always handy just in case. I closed the garage door to allow me to make trips into the garage for items and walk back and forth without concern of being seen. It didn’t occur to me until quite a while later that moving from the garage to the bedroom meant I had to pass through the foyer and possibly exposed to anyone coming to the front door. With my arms full, it would be difficult and awkward to recover except to turn to face the door and hope the load I was carrying would cover me enough.

Within only a few days, the garage was basically cleaned out. My things were incorporated into the house and what didn’t work was hauled to the Salvation Army for them to recycle.

Then, Nick brought up me loving Harley, again. As the days passed, that had increasingly been in the back of my mind. It had been brought up, very deliberately by Nick, and mentioned again in the truck on the way back. If Nick had his way, that was going to happen, which isn’t to say that he would force me, but we both knew that the idea had a strong attraction to me, as well.

He approached me about it one night not long after I was fully moved into his house and sharing his life with increasing confidence and comfort. He asked me if I had thought any more about Harley and me, about having Harley become more of a lover than licking me to orgasm. I was honest with him, as was our agreement, that the idea was on my mind kurtköy escort bayan during the days, especially when I encountered him in the backyard or while on walks. Harley only had that one day’s encounter with me and then us, it had not set an expectation with him, yet. He had not since approached me, but I had also not approached him or put myself into a similar situation as before.

Although both of us were excited about the idea of Harley mounting me, of me having the feeling of fucking an a****l, neither of us had any idea what to expect. I had seen Harley’s penis tip peeking out from the sheath that day and it was quite foreign looking compared to any man’s penis I had ever seen. It seemed that there could be a lot of differences in the act, not just the shape of the penis. Nick suggested that we do some porn searching to help us learn. It seemed strange to be sitting at the kitchen table side-by-side with his laptop while search the web for information on dog mating, dog penis, and dog mating. It turned out to be a very good thing that we did. Personally, I had no idea. The idea of being fucked by Harley was a tremendous turn on because Nick was interested, I had experienced Harley’s tongue and easily orgasmed, and the whole thing was so taboo. The actual mechanics of dog mating was quite different. Maybe I was just clueless about dogs or never saw an aroused one or one that was not ‘fixed’. But, I had no idea about the knot and that it could lock the male and female dogs together, that the purpose was to hold in the semen longer for a higher probability of fertilization. He wasn’t going to impregnate me, but the idea of a part of the dog’s penis growing into a ball that would be pushed into me, then inflate even bigger, then hold us together until he relaxed and the knot deflated … I am glad I learned that before.

After discovering all this, Nick made the decision to slow this idea down for a few days. Even though I wasn’t objecting or backing away, he sensed this was more than I had naively expected. That it was more than we had naively expected. He wanted me to have time to process it all and really want to do this, not only because he wanted me to, but because I was comfortable in doing it and aware of what was going to happen.

We found a website that had video, messaging, stories, and forums specifically for each state. We registered as “AZCPLMS”. Nick asked me what they meant. I said it was Arizona Couple Mother and Son. He looked aghast at first, but then noted that someone might Arizona and Couple, but would never come up with Mother and Son. It would just be out little inside joke when it was used.

We found discussion about being mounted by a dog, stories about the experience, both fictional and purported to be true. Videos and photo series were helpful in see the process in what to expect, although, I truly felt there was no ‘knowing what to expect’ until it happened.

I was satisfied or maybe just too curious to wait any longer. While Nick was at work I went to a pet store and found a black, patent leather dog collar. I then had a name tag made in the machine in the store with my shortened name on it, “Sam”.

That night I had used some leftover chicken in a chilled pasta salad. I had the dining room table set up with some white wine chilling in the frig. When I heard the garage door open, I put the collar around my neck. Naked, completely except for the collar, I knelt in front of the door to the laundry/storage room leading to the garage, sitting back on my calves, my hands behind my back. We had talked and he knew how I didn’t like the whole slave impression, and he thought even less of it. I was sure he wouldn’t misinterpret my presentation. I was merely indicating my desire to be mounted tonight.

It couldn’t have worked out better. He opened the door and froze at the sight of me. He put down his backpack at the door, stroked my hair, put the fingers of his left hand under my chin and raised it. He lifted the name tag and smiled. He put out his hands and helped me to my feet and took me into his arms. He found my face and we kissed. He broke the kiss and smiling stated what I had hoped would be the obvious.

“You’re ready tonight. Good, I am excited … maybe not quite as excited as you are, but excited.”

I put my hands on the sides of his face and kissed him. “Put your stuff away and we can eat.”

He reached behind him and patted my butt on his way to his office. “And, I get to look at you naked all dinner?” I smiled.

The dinner discussion started by centering around Nick’s day, but it was clear by the frequently looks from Nick at my body and my body’s reaction, that we didn’t really care that much that night. We let the discussion morph to how we should handle my first time with Harley, where, and how.

“I think we should do it on the patio. Maybe use one of the lounge cushions for my hands and knees.” I looked up at him and I know I blushed. “And, it will be easier to clean up. The videos show a lot of semen escaping when the knot finally comes out.” I looked into the family room. “We should think about an old blanket that we don’t mind it getting messy.” I looked back at Nick who was smiling.

After dinner, Nick took my hand and led me out onto the patio. Harley came to us. Nick knelt down in front of him and ruffed his head, “Boy, are you in for a treat tonight. I can vouch for her, so I know you are going to enjoy this.”

Actually, I was hoping for the same thing. Nick told me he would open up my life and experiences. Boy, was he right about that!

While Nick occupied Harley, I took a cushion off one of the lounges and spread it out on the patio pavers. I supposed that I could have tried kneeling on the lounge itself and have Harley kartal escort bayan mount me there, but I felt this was going to be enough of a challenge the first few time without having to contend with a balancing act on top of it.

Nick let Harley go and he looked at me questioningly. I don’t think he still understood what was about to happen. And, frankly, I didn’t feel that sure myself. I looked at Nick with that same thought going through my head.

“Do I just get on my hands and knees and let him take over? The video made it all seem rather awkward and chaotic.”

“Try it. See what happens? I bet he licks you first like he did last time. You might have to pat your ass to encourage him like in some of those videos.”

This was so weird, erotic, perverse, and hot … all at the same time. I moved to kneel on the cushion and then moved to my hands and knees, and looked up at Nick who was smiling. I was trying to be mated by a dog for the first time and I had an audience. But, Nick was right. Harley walked around me, probably wondering what this crazy human female was up to now, and then came up behind me. I felt the cushion sag as he stepped up behind me, then his breath on my bare ass as he sniffed, before his wet nose made contact with between my cheeks. I flinched just a bit, but reached back to pet the side of Harley’s head to encourage him and to let him know it was okay. He poked his snout between my legs and I was again rewarded by the feel of his tongue as he lapped at my moistening pussy.

I was rock solid now, I didn’t dare move too much for fear of making him nervous or scaring him away. The only thing about me that moved was my eyes closing at the first touch, my mouth opening into a silent ‘O’, and my chest moving erratically as my breath came in starts and stops. I was again lost in the wonder of his tongue as it licked the length of my pussy, starting at my clit as it engorged and sliding along me to my asshole. When I opened my eyes, Nick had moved to the ground and was eye level with me, watching me, smiling, and delighting in my obvious pleasure. And it was all just beginning.

That reminded me that this was supposed to be our pleasure this time, not just my pleasure, again. I put a hand behind me, nudging his snout and at the same time wiggling my ass to break his tongue contact with me … reluctantly. Instead, I patted my ass and gave him some verbal encouragement. He seemed to hesitate and I saw Nick move as if to get up, but I stopped him. I had the sense that Harley was going to get this worked out. He was still intact, I felt he must still have all the urges.

I reached back with one hand, again, and lightly tugged on his collar, which reminded me of the one I was wearing and a surge of lust shot through me. That caused me to tug on him a little harder and that did the trick. He hopped with his front legs and came down on my back, his legs going around me for balance and his hind legs walked forward until we were in contact. Then he started humping. I remembered this from the videos, seeing how the dog humped and probed with cock, seeking the hole blindly. I could understand the advantage of a man who could hold it and aim, or at least, lean back and see where he was putting it to align his cock with the pussy. The dog, Harley in this case, was blindly poking with his cock, hoping to find the hole and the reward once found.

I was about to move away; it was beginning to hurt as he continued to probe. Then it was in! One moment it was blindly poking and the next it was inside me. Then, he started to frantically thrust into me. It was overwhelming and so unlike anything else I had experienced. Then he was out, again. God! He was in me, then he wasn’t. I knew it was that frantic pumping and he wasn’t long enough yet. I remembered reading and seeing how much bigger the dog’s cock became once it was inside and fucking. It just had to be inside long enough to get to that point.

He poked at me, again. Then, he seemed to get frustrated and released me, pulling away and walking around me. He came in front of me and licked my face and I sat back and hugged him. It felt sooooo good when he was inside and I knew it was going to be wonderful for both of us. We just had to be joined long enough for us to stay connected.

Harley returned to my rear and gave me several more licks, as if that might be the problem. He didn’t need to lick me, I was ready. He was the one. But, with that thought he was back on my back, probing at me, again. I wiggled my ass to try to assist him. When he hit my right cheek, I moved that way, but he was probing and humping so fast that I couldn’t do any good to help. I gave up and resigned myself to waiting for him to find my hole on his own. And he did. This time, though, Nick was waiting and held Harley against me as he began his frantic humping. There had to be a better way, but for now this was going to work. I could already feel how wonderful it was going to be and now I just hoped that a human’s pussy would be as pleasurable for Harley as a dog bitch.

A bitch. Was that what I was going to be for him? Was I going to be his bitch? The idea wasn’t offensive. Not in the least, in fact. But, that wouldn’t be the I felt as long as it was so difficult. Practice? Was that all it was? There had to be something more, something I needed to learn, yet. Then, and only then, would I become his bitch; when I could make it easy on him.

But, for now, with Nick’s assistance, I could feel why this was said to be so different, why it was such an intense experience. He was such a powerful fucker. I don’t know if I could call it loving even. It was fucking, pure and simple. But, not like the meanness I had experience before from men, not brutal and abusive. kaynarca escort bayan This was powerful, relentless, and consuming in its energy and enthusiasm. This was a****listic, all consuming a****listic mating. This was fucking for the purpose of breeding, simple and pure. This wasn’t like loving and tenderness that I usually experienced with Nick. This wasn’t the abusive domination that I had experienced with the others. In combination with Nick’s loving tenderness, this was an exclamation point in our activities. I already knew this was going to be a wonderful addition.

As Harley pumped into me, relentlessly, driven, and frenetic, I could feel the change in his cock inside me. The information we found described it as a growing in both length and circumference. It was true, that was exactly what was happening and it was so different and intense. I hung my head as my pussy was assaulted and it only when I caught a movement to the side that I realized that Nick was not only still with us but was no longer assisting. He was merely an observer at this point.

Then I felt the lips of my pussy being assaulted from the outside. I knew what that was and I was thankful for the information about the knot, its size and purpose. I knew that ball of flesh and muscle was going inside me, that Harley wouldn’t be content and fully satisfied in the process until we were tied and locked together. Then, he would be ready to give me his seed. It was part of his genetic code, his innate behavior dictated by generations of practice and expectation. His knot was forming and it was demanding entrance. I felt Harley press urgently at me, trying to pump the knot inside. I sighed deeply and moaned as I felt my pussy lips stretching at the pressure and my head hung further. I raised my head as I pressed back into Harley, onto his cock and the knot at the base. At the same moment, I made I contact with Nick whose eyes were riveted on the scene before him. He was naked, his cock was rigid and hard, and he was lightly stroking it as he watched. He smiled back to me and blew me a kiss. My heart and soul leapt at the sign of his love as his dog was in the process of mating me, fucking me, and preparing to seed me, to breed me if it was possible.

I squared my position on the cushion, spreading my knees just slight more, bracing my arms, and pushed back against the pressure from Harley. My mouth opened wide but nothing came out. I could feel my pussy widening, stretching, opening at the insistent pressure from behind. I gasped and sighed and moaned and groaned as Harley and I found our rhythm to work at getting the knot inside me. And, when it popped in, for that was exactly the sensation I had, I cried out softly, but a smile crossed my entire face that I had finally, truly, completely been joined to our dog.

I could feel and remember all the little details of the experience. He released his grip around my waist, shifted forward just slightly as he was now inches deeper inside me, and he gripped me tightly for more fucking. This time, though, the strokes were constricted and I was confused momentarily at the change. But, of course, I could feel him drive into me and then feel my pussy being pulled outward by the knot as he prepared to plow back into me. It didn’t take long now. I could feel him growing even larger and knot swelling inside me like a balloon that would never come back out. All the sensations, all the stimulus, and experiences. I came! I came hard! My orgasm rocked me so intensely, I almost didn’t feel his cock inside me jerk, but then I focused on him. I wanted to feel him, feel him cumming. It was also amazing! My body was being racked by wave after wave of pleasure and charges running through my body, from my pussy to my nipples. My arms shook until I dropped to the cushion, my ass stuck up in the air as I felt him cumming. He came in strong jets of cum, spurting into me, blasting off the walls of my pussy.

I felt a hand on my shoulder. I pulled my body up onto my arms and found Nick kneeling front of me, his cock hard and obviously desperate. Harley was still in the final throes of his cum leaking into me when I opened my mouth and devoured Nick’s cock. I sucked and gulped as much of him as I could and swore right there that I would someday be able to deep throat him. He was harder that I could remember at my first touch. This really was good for him as well and that made me even more dedicated and intent to make him cum in my mouth. I could feel Harley occasionally testing the knot the held us together, but it was in the back of my consciousness. My intention now was on Nick’s cock. And it didn’t take long. He was too charged up watching us to last very long. I felt his cock throb and twitch in my mouth. I felt him tense even more before the spurt hit the back of my mouth and slid down my throat. I gulp and sucked on his semen as he gave it to me, greedily, willingly, hungrily, and wantonly. I loved this new life he was giving me. I loved that I had the seed of both of my males in me at the same time. I loved that I had two hard cocks filling my mouth and pussy.

And … just then … Harley pulled out of me. I collapsed to the cushion. I could feel a puddle of cum forming underneath my pussy, which I was sure was gaping open.

I kind of remember being helped up and carried to bed. I kind of remember wrapping myself around Nick, my left arm over his chest, my left leg across his leg. I kind of remember soft words being whispered, “I love you, Mom.” “I love you, Samantha.” I love you, Sam.” “That was amazing, the hottest thing I have ever seen.” “I am so glad it was so good for you.” “You can’t know how much I love you …” I didn’t respond to any of them. I couldn’t. I barely heard them. But, each one had me hugging him to me a little tighter … a little tighter … and, a little tighter.

My sleep was deep and sound … and I might have had a smile on my face the entire night …

* * CHAPTER NINE: ‘AZ-SENIOR’ will follow * * Thanks for reading.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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