Sensual Bus Journey Of Swathi With A Young Boy-2

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Sensual Bus Journey Of Swathi With A Young Boy-2

As the bus was halted, Aarav’s dad came and asked Aarav to go and sit where he was sitting as he wanted to sit in his place. It was very awkward. I was naked under the blanket and had to get up. I somehow got up and let Aarav move out. His dad went in and sat in his place. Luckily, the lights were still off.

After 5 minutes, the bus started moving. After some time, I could feel a hand pulling me towards him and when I looked it was Arrav’s dad’s hand. I was shocked. I looked at his face and it appeared he was sleeping.

Now I was in a real dilemma as to what I should do. Did he see what Aarav and I were doing and so he came here and now trying to play with me or is he actually sleeping thinking me to be his wife? I decided to let him do what he wanted and moved towards him as he pulled me really close to him.

He was much stronger than Aarav, so I could hardly resist. He now tried to pull the blanket and I was really worried. I tried to stop him and said, “Excuse me, please don’t take away my blanket”

Aarav’s dad: You were ok sharing it with Aarav, do you have a problem sharing it with me?

I was really shocked to hear that.

Me: But I was just sharing, because I didn’t have my blanket.

Aarav’s dad: Just sharing the blanket? Or should I say, enjoying with Aarav? See this.

He showed me a video on his phone, where he had recorded me sitting on Aarav and kissing him. It was dark, but it still showed me and Aarav clearly due to the street lights.

Aarav’s dad: Do you want me to show this to everyone?

Me: canlı bahis siteleri Please Sir, don’t do this. I will go and sit somewhere else.

Aarav’s dad: Shut up and sit here. Just do as I say. Now come close to me and share the blanket with me.

I had no choice and just do what he said. I came close to him and let him come inside the blanket. He was shocked to see me naked.

Aarav’s dad: Look how the whore is naked inside.

Immediately he held me tight and started kissing me everywhere on my face and neck. I tried to resist but couldn’t.

Aarav’s dad: If you try to resist you know what I will do. Now you will behave as if your my girl friend and do everything as if you want to. Wait, I will help you.

He took out a small bottle of liquor and asked me to drink. He made me gulp down the entire thing. It smelt bad and tasted yuck. But it gave me the kick, what he wanted it to be.

He now lifted me by holding my waist and made me sit on his lap, facing him and started to smooch me. I could feel the taste of tobacco in his mouth. But the liquor was making me high and I soon held his face and started sucking his lips and tongue.

His hands were roaming all over my body, feeling my naked back, breasts, nipples, ass, and thighs. It was as if he just wanted to feel me everywhere at the same time.

The smooch was so wild that we were soon out of breath and let go of each other’s mouth. Immediately, he buried his face in my breasts and started to suck and bite them. I was naked in an AC bus, getting sucked by the dad of the young tipobet boy who had just fucked me. I was getting wet and just pushed his head deeper.

As soon as he started moving his tongue on my nipples and tried to flick them with his tongue, a current ran through my naked soft body. I thrust my head back and moaned. The more I moaned, the more he licked my nipples.

While he sucked my right nipple, he took the other nipple in his fingers and twisted and turned it. He pinched it hard and I let out a soft scream. He was now biting me hard and it started to hurt more. I asked him to stop, but this time he took my entire left boob in his mouth started to suck it. Oh! It felt good. I was now completely wet and enjoying my boobs getting sucked.

He put me back on my seat and took off his pant. Without him saying anything, I immediately held his penis in my right hand and started stroking it. I could see the pleasure in his eyes and now started to lick his inner thighs. It was a bit sweaty, but I moved my tongue, while I continued to stroke him. His penis was getting harder. I made him spread his legs and continued to lick underneath the balls.

Then I slowly started to move my tongue on his ball sack. The touch of tongue did the trick and he let out a moan in pleasure.

I continued to move up the ball and reached the base of the hairy cock. I wanted to tease him more, but I guess he couldn’t take it. He pushed my face down and inserted his cock and started to push my head on to his cock. His cock was much huge and thick. It was becoming tipobet güvenilir mi difficult to take it in. I was getting almost choked when he took it out.

He pushed it in my mouth again and I continued to suck his cock, till he let his love juice flow in my mouth. I was tired and got up and sat on my seat.

He pulled me and held me tight. I cuddled into him while he played with my breasts. He put his left hand on my pussy and started to rub it slowly. I couldn’t believe I was getting excited again. I spread my legs and pushed him down. Now I wanted to sit back and enjoy my pussy getting licked.

He inserted his tongue and started to wiggle it inside my pussy. He then put his lips on my cunt lips and started to kiss them. I was really getting hot and pushed his head more.

He continued to finger fuck me and the fire in my cunt really needed a hard pounding. He licked my inner thighs and gave small bites. I took his hand and placed it on my breast and continued to caress it. I was now really wet and whispered to him, “Please fuck me now, I can’t take it anymore”.

Aarav’s dad: I knew the whore in you cannot resist it.

He made me sit on his lap with my back facing him. He adjusted his penis and inserted it into my pussy. I was so hot now, that I started moving up and down and so did my soft breasts. He turned my face and started to suck my lips and continued to drill me. I was grinding my pussy against his dick and continued to suck his tongue.

He grabbed my breasts and continued to pound me harder and after a few minutes, I could feel the warm sticky man juice in my pussy. I was exhausted and lay on his lap with my head on his shoulders.

Then I got back to my seat and wore my dress. It was still an hour to reach the destination. So I hugged Aarav’s dad and slept for the rest of the journey.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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