Sling Shot

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Sling Shot
Sling Shot

The sex club was dark, wet and dank. The darkness was punctuated by strangers brushing up against me as I felt along the walls, trying to get my bearings. The path led into occasional pools of hollow red light as the pulsing beat of the techno music pounded my heart. Men I didn’t know and could not see grabbed me, touched my ass and grabbed my crotch as I explored the corridors. Fleetingly I caught glimpses of their faces and bodies. Some were attractive, others not. The ones in white tank tops stood out, but many were dressed in darker clothing, only a smear of their face passed by me as if I were in some erotic impressionist painting.

After a few turns I saw a large room and in the middle of it was a dimly spot-lit black leather sling, bathed in pink light. It was empty and inviting. All the men in the club were there for one thing or another, and so was I.

I pulled off my t-shirt and slid off my jeans, into a puddle of who-knows-what. I climbed into the cold, black, well-used leather, suspended by chains from the ceiling. It swayed gently as I nuzzled into it, trying to get my nude exposed body comfortable. I slid my ankles securely into the higher loops and hung gently in the musty air, waiting. I held a small tube of gel and a bottle of poppers for what was to come.

I could hear the breath of a dozen strange men, looking at me, no doubt, watching and waiting for something to happen. I reached out into the darkness and found a cold cock, hanging proudly between the owner’s legs. Would he try me? No. After a moment of playful contact and a slight erection, he pulled away, slipping back into complete darkness. I heard a muffled cough and a shuffle through the driving beat and squeezed some lube into my palm, rubbing it over my cock, which grew quickly in my steel cockring. With my cock, hard and slick, rising quickly, I slid my hand past my firm nuts and toward my warm tight hole, juicing it up for a taker. I took a sniff of poppers and my first greedy guy came over, pulled out his very adequate dick and brought it to my head. That was the invitation for the orgy.

As soon as I tilted my head back to take him in my mouth, I felt fingers, curious fingers, on my ass. As I sucked the cock of taker number one and took him to the back of my throat, the cold, clammy fingers of taker number two slid into my hole and started to loosen me up. For himself? I wondered.

The fingers in my ass were a bit uncomfortable, but I knew they were doing me a favor because eventually those fingers would be replaced by a cock, and that’s what I was waiting for. Taker number one began to moan and his dick tensed in my mouth. I wasn’t sure if he was about to come, but suddenly a warm load spilled güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri over my tongue and I swallowed it all up without hardly tasting a drop. I rubbed the spit around my mouth, smelling the nastiness, dying to touch my cock. When taker number two grabbed my balls and shaft I pulled his hand away. Not yet, man. Not even close. It’s way too early. I need more.

With a sicky, throbbing cock and completely vulnerable position in the black leather straps, a man, taker number three (and I would soon lose count) took his invitation. He came already hard, obviously watching and getting ready. It felt amazing when he slid his long, thin cock inside me, but it was too small to really rock my world. He came in my hot, wet hole after only a few thrusts and patted my ass after pulling out.

I reached my hand down and scooped up some of the juice, smearing it onto my already salty face. What a pig, I thought. A happy, horny pig! But this pig was ready for another. As I took a second pull off my little brown bottle, two guys began jerking themselves on either side of me and I reached out with my mouth, taking turns on them. The first guy shot a load on my chest and that made the second guy cum right away, aiming for my mouth but spraying his sticky load on my face and neck. It began to feel like an assembly line and I rubbed the juice from the last two guys around my body and face as a big black cock pushed suddenly inside my ass.

Fuck, he was big! And he came from the darkness like a huge cocked ninja waiting for his prey. I could smell his sweet skin as he pounded my ass and pulled my nipples as four or five other guys swarmed around me pinching, pulling, tugging and licking up the mess from the previous users. They started to stroke my cock but each time I pushed them away, not wanting to cum yet. The guy fucking me started doing the job for me when he noticed, and pulled hands away from my cock as well. He was taking care of me, knowing what I wanted and giving it to me, hard and fast. As he pounded my hole I began to feel my throbbing cock my shoot a load even without being touched. I had done that before with toys at home, but never in person. It was so close to happening now. I knew that as soon as I came it would be all over and this pig wanted more! More sweat, more smells, more cock, more cum. I had to concentrate.

The big fucker was pounding my hole raw and I could tell he was even holding back from 100%. I pulled a sweet, hard, uncut Latino cock out of my mouth and said to my anal lover, “Give it to me, man. All of it! All you got!” I must have been fucking crazy. He took my words and obliged, fucking me even harder, like some sort of hate-fuck and tipobet güvenilir mi pounded my ass into oblivion for the next ten minutes or so. I almost passed out. My cock was flopping against his flat tummy and my own, spraying out crystal clear rivulets of pre-cum as he fucked me.

I don’t know how many guys came during that ten minute period, but it seemed like a lot, and I was angry with myself for not being able to keep an accurate count. I wanted to know how many loads there were! I think there were at least four more, two of which came on my face. The cum was dripping into my ear, down the back of my neck. I had nearly an hour’s worth of cum all over my sticky body and the men were even starting to compliment me. I felt like a cum hero and imagined myself setting some sort of record.

I wanted my big black friend to come inside me, but he didn”t. He had other plans. After a few last thrusts into my raw hole he rushed up to my face and let out a thick meaty load on my toungue. The occasional spurt went off my tongue and onto the side of my face and a few greedy onlookers lapped it up. I was upset. That cum was for me! But I didn’t say anything. This was, after all, a public group of horny, degenerate guys and cum was public domain. I was the main attraction now and I had to keep batting hands away from my dick. God how it throbbed! As soon as Mr. Huge vacated my pulsing asshole, it was plugged by another. I started to feel like a horny, bottomless pig. Another load, just as I wanted it, in my rectum. I could feel it drip out and make its way uo my back, defying gravity. I had taken almost a dozen loads it seemed and the group was starting to thin out.

I touched my tender wet cock sparingly, gently and ran my fingers over my cum-filled, well-used hole. Had I missed my chance to cum at the height? One last lonely guy, an older man as far as I could tell, was stroking his fat but limp cock nearby. He maybe had missed his chance too. He had been watching but not participating. Suddenly there was no one left in the room but me and him as far as I could tell. I heard nothing but the beat. I was hugely disappointed and wished I had cum earlier as the massive black cock was stretching my hole. But I didn’t. His cum was still dripping off my chin and he may well have already been in his car by now.

“Hey,” I said, a slight air of desperation in my voice.
“Hey. That was hot,” the man replied.
“Yeah. Amazing. How come you didn’t join in the fun?”
“Too public for me. I like to watch stuff like this but I perform better in private. It takes a long time for me to come.”
“Do you get hard? I’m sorry to ask.It looks nice, of course…”
“Yeah. I come a lot, actually, but like I said perabet it takes a while and I like privacy. Though this did get me going a bit…”
“Do you want to fuck me?” I asked.
“Not here.”
“How old are you?”
“69,” he replied.
“That’s a great fucking number…”

The man laughed and suggested we go to a smaller room with a door. I hopped off the sling, my legs a little weak, and collected my clothes in my arm and followed him to a room. He went into a small booth that, much to my surprise and delight, had one gloryhole in it. I was still greedy, and hoped for one more cock, in addition to his, to end my night.

We closed the door behind us. I dropped my clothes in the dark corner, took a huff from my poppers and swallowed his cock, my own rising again quickly. Sure enough, he got hard and his nearly 70 year old cock was perfect, thick and veiny. I was about seven and a half inches and tasted sweet, with a slight flavor of aftershave.

Once he was hard enough to fuck me, I turned around and faced the gloryhole. I saw a shadow move on the other side of the wall and a thick piece of smelly uncut meat came through. I took the cold cock in my mouth, hoping my elderly suitor wouldn’t mind. He didn’t. The older man slid his cock into my hole, guided by his fingers and he fit my pulsing wet hole like a glove. I sucked the gloryhole cock clean, spitting out a few times, and felt it growing in my mouth. Soon my gloryhole buddy was hard as a rock and leaking pre-cum onto my tongue. I took another hit of poppers as the old man got more rhythmic, plugging me from behind. The gloryhole let out a huge moan and produced a huge gooey load of spunk into my mouth. It was salty like beef jerky and my cock danced as I swallowed it. The spasm from my dancing cock made my prostate tingle.

“Just like that!” I yelled behind me. “Just like that!” Louder.

The old man with his beautiful huge mushroom head fucked my hole at an impressive speed and tickled my g-spot. I felt like I was pissing as a massive flow spurted out of my cock. I head it splatter on the floor.

“Just like that! Keep fucking me! Oh fuck! I’m cumming! I’m cumming!” I yelled, and I let out a huge moan as eight or nine more bullets of my cum splattered on the floor. “Holy fuck!” I pinched my balls underneath my cockring.

“Take my cum!” the man commanded me, and I turned around, touching my still-leaking cock, my hole throbbing and my heart racing. I took his sausage in my mouth and I grabbed his saggy ass, forcing it deep as he pulled my head to his groin.

He shot a hard ropey load deep in my throat and I gagged, but swallowed every ounce of it as his body and knees buckled.

My dick was still bobbing, dripping. I smelled cum and spit everywhere. The pounding music took over as I savored the night and the ultimage hands-free orgasm it brought. The man left the booth and I sat there, rubbing my sticky body, stroking my soft tender cock and pushing my fingers into my aching, oozing hole as I tasted the cum of a dozen strangers, smiling.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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