Soothing Sara

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Sara lifted her leg and stepped across into the open doors of the elevator. It felt good to stand still a moment, after a very long morning of walking. Her morning fresh look had given way to a more frayed look now, and she was greeting the world more with a “You almost have me beat look”, instead of the “I am ready for you look”, she started out this day with. The elevator was empty, so she took this opportunity to smooth down the damp, almost wilted material of her navy blue dress with one hand, while she reached with the other to push back her long, shining, brown hair. “Whew”, she sighed softly to herself, as her soft fingers slid gently through the silky locks.

An easy, more relaxed feeling, slowly crowded out the tensions of only seconds before, and Sara welcomed this feeling by smiling to herself. She lifted up her weekly planner, and began reading down the page, to double check her next appointment’s name and time.

Her peaceful moment was suddenly interrupted by the piercing, shrill sound of a siren, and the elevator thumped to a glaring halt, jarring her book from her fingers, and thrusting her backwards against its walls. “Now what”, she mumbled to herself, trying to remain calm, suggesting to herself that this was a mere annoyance, rather than a serious or threatening situation.

The elevator was almost completely dark, excluding one tiny red light flashing high upon its control panel, illuminating what would be total blackness, with a faint, intermittent red tint.

“Hello”, Sara called out from her shadowy captor, “is anyone there?”
Detecting no response, she tried again, calling out louder this time, “Hello, can anyone hear me?” “ I am in here, inside the elevator”, she cried out, as a casino siteleri feeling of much more than disturbance crept slowly into her. When her call was again, in vain, she slid her back slowly down the wall, bent her knees and seated her self on the floor.

She leaned back against the wall once more and stretched out her two, long shapely legs, and began to massage them slowly to ease the tiredness now residing in each one of them. She kicked off her high heels, one at a time, and let them fall from her feet. With the help of the flashing red light, she could see the shape her small, dainty feet faintly.

Ten, well manicured, pink nails could be seen on the end of each pretty toe. Gently she moved her hands across each one, then sliding a finger between each, slowly, as she gently squeezed the tiny foot in her soft hand. “Mmmmmmm”, she murmured to herself, as she felt a warmness creep quietly up each leg, and hide itself between her thighs.

Pushing herself down a bit more, she nestled her neck and shoulders against the wall, as she lifted each lovely leg, and ran her soft warm hands down each one. The silkiness of the newly shaven, lightly moisturized skin, did feel wonderful to her touch, as it captured the warmth from her hand. Slowly, she ran one hand up and across the soft fullness of her thigh, as she pushed her other hand up and under the fabric of her dress to caress the firm flesh of her breast. The warmth that had hidden between her thighs began to increase, until a steamy moistness added its presence also. It lay deep within her, cradled inside the satin skin of two moist lips, waiting for the moment it would be found there.

Sara gently caressed the soft skin of her thigh, as she moved her slot oyna hand over, to caress the anxious mound waiting between them. Slowly she touched the silky flesh of her clit, and began rubbing it gently with her fingers. “Ohhhhhhhmmm”, she moaned, as she felt the wonderful sensations from her womanhood. Her body responded and released even more wetness, beckoning to ease in the fulfilling of its emptiness. Reluctantly she released the taut nipple she held between her fingers, and slowly caressed her self, as she moved this hand down to join the other one. Still rubbing her sweet clit, and enjoying the silkiness of her own skin, Sara’s excitement increased, and her need to be filled intensified.

She could no longer hold back her moans of ecstasy, so each one freed itself from her throat, filling the small space with the sounds of her pleasure. Her hips moved methodically to meet every touch, every caress, thrusting her hot pussy forward, yearning to be filled. After teasing herself with the hardness of her finger around the satiny flesh of her pussy, she slowly pushed it inside the wet, hot hole, and felt her muscles tighten around it, holding it, capturing it like a hostage, until an orgasmic ransom was paid. Thrusting her finger deep within and then pulling it slowly out, she felt herself quiver inside, as she rhythmically rubbed her clit also. Her hips wriggled and thrust toward the firmness of her finger, as her pleasure mounted, until she felt the quake of her orgasm. Her hot pussy quivered and squeezed around the hardness of her finger, until her orgasm was complete, and the wet silky sides of her pussy relaxed, amidst their final surge of hot juices, as Sara called out her lover’s name in a hoarse, breathless voice. canlı casino siteleri

“Ahhhhhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm”, she moaned, as she let her self completely relax.

She was seemingly oblivious to her dark captor, the still silent elevator. Slowly she pulled her finger from the confines of its hot, wet sleeve, and popped inside her mouth for a thorough sucking and cleaning.

“Hhhhhhhhmmmmmmmm” she sighed quietly to herself, as she thought about how good her last few minutes had been.

Abruptly, her moment of appreciating herself was interrupted by a loud rapping on the outside of the elevator door, as a voice called out, “Hey, is anybody in there?”

“Yes, I am in here” Sara called back in her still somewhat breathless voice. “Can you get me out of here?”

“Ok, one minute longer Miss”, the voice from the other side, shouted back.

Hearing this, Sara quickly jumped to her feet and began to gather her self. She smoothed back her silky hair from her now glowing face, and began to straighten her dress. She slid one foot into her heel, and just as she slid on the other one, she heard the elevators motors begin to hum, and the lights came back on. Within seconds, the doors opened and she was face to face with the smiling face of her rescuer.

“Are you ok?” he asked anxiously, as he reached to take Sara’s arm.

“Oh yes” she replied, “I am fine” as a shy smile crossed her lips.

“We didn’t know anyone was in there. The electricity has been out, due to a car wreck out front here, but we thought everyone had gotten out of the elevators in time. I am so sorry this happened to you, and I apologize for any inconvenience to you. Are you sure you don’t want to go to the hospital, should I call somebody for you?” He inquired in a still most anxious way.

Sara smiled widely this time at him, and assured him she was fine once more. “I am very well”, she said calmly, “Truly I feel good.”


Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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