Spring Break By Accident!

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Spring Break By Accident!
The wife and I had just about enough of the cold winter and crap that accompanies it. We were both stir crazy, overworked, and totally in need of a bit of fun and sunshine. So I decided to be romantic and surprised her with a last minute trip to an all inclusive in Cancun. She was so excited when I told her to pack her bags, and just like that we were off on our adventure.

When we arrived at the resort (which was adults only), my wife immediately pointed something out to me. We were definitely the oldest people there. As we walked the grounds, we saw hot young bodies everywhere. By the pool, in the ocean, doing shots at the bars. Then it dawned on us. Fucking Spring Break. We hadn’t paid attention to the dates and this whole resort was packed with a bunch of college k**s on spring break. My eyes lit up at the idea of all the eye candy I would be in store for. But my wife was visibly upset as we walked to our room.

“What’s the problem?” I asked. “Well I can forget about swimming now. No way I am getting into the bikinis I brought with all these young hot bodies running around. I will look like a whale, and they will all make fun of me. This really sucks, I don’t expect to be the hottest person out there, but I’d like to be in the same ballpark as some of the other guests.” She was shaken, and I could tell she meant it. I thought she was crazy, because I think she is hot as hell, and I know other guys too. She is about 5’7″ and probably about 155lbs. Curvy in the right places. She has had a couple k**s and her body is not what it was at 20. But she looks damn good if you ask me. I tried to tell her all this and even told her I bet she would be giving all the college guys boners as they dreamed about fucking a hot MILF. She was not having it.

We unpacked and went to the bar for a few drinks. As we sit there in our clothes, sipping drinks and watching the young people frolic in their skimpy swim suits, I was started to get really hot. I mean temperature hot, and I desperately wanted to go to the swim up bar, and cool off. I could tell my wife was a bit more relaxed now from the drinks, and I ordered us both a shot of tequila. After that, her demeanor changed a bit more. She finally looked at me and said, “Fuck it, let’s go change and swim. I am not gonna let these k**s ruin my good time. To hell with them if they laugh, I’ll never see them again.” “That’s the spirit,” I encouraged, and off we went.

I watched her as she changed into three different bikini’s trying to find the one that made her look best. I tried to tell her to stop, but to be honest I was just enjoying seeing her naked each time she went for the next one. I was getting really hard myself looking at her, and when she finally decided on a bikini, I had to wait a few minutes to head back out because of my hard on. We both downed another shot of tequila and went to the pool.

She stayed in the water floating around and would have me go to the swim up bar to get us drinks. The college k**s were all hanging out there, playing their drinking games and enjoying themselves. They paid me little attention. Then the time came I had to go pee, and I asked her to get us the next round. She was pretty drunk by this point and said fuck it, I’ll go get them. When I came back, my jaw dropped. There she was bellied up to the bar, downing some weird colorful shots with a couple college dudes. They were all high fiving each other, and from where I was, I could see them checking her out. I knew that I was right that even young guys would find her hot.

She swam back over to me telling me she made some new friends. Her entire demeanor had changed. It was just the ego boost she needed to get her into vacation mode. After that we both went up to the bar, and ended up hanging out with these two young guys for the rest of the afternoon. They really chatted her up, and I saw their eyes all over her big full breasts, spilling out the sides of her slightly too small bikini. She made the occasional joke about being the old lady, and all the hot young girls around. And they played perfectly into her ego by telling her how she was even hotter, and looked like a real woman. Eventually it was time to head to our place to clean up for dinner. As we left, my wife surprised me by hugging each of these boys goodbye. I could tell they really liked that, with her big tits pushed against their bare chests, and one of them canlı bahis siteleri even wrapped his arms around her and put his hands on her ass. She was on cloud nine.

We got back to the room, and showered and got ready. She came out in her sexiest little sundress, like a new woman. She was still very drunk, and stumbling a bit, but up for a big party night. When we got to the restaurant, the place was packed. We were waiting on a table for two for like a half hour when the hostess asked if we would mind a table for 4 with another 2 people. We were starving and said sure thing. We got to the table and low and behold, it is the two guys from the swim up bar. I couldn’t believe it, and my wife seemed really excited. We all enjoyed the dinner, and downed two bottles of red wine. By now my wife was hammered, which was made even more obvious by her blatant flirting with these young guys. She was laughing ridiculously at their jokes, touching their legs and leaving her hand on them, leaning over towards them with her tits hanging out. And they kept looking at me to see if I would get upset. I was not. In fact, I was actually getting hard seeing her flirt in front of me. I had always secretly fantasized about seeing her fuck someone else. Although I assumed that would never happen. Let alone two guys at once, and them being 20 years her junior. But things were playing out nicely in front of me and I did nothing to discourage them.

When dinner ended, we all staggered out of the restaurant. I had to pretty much hold my wife up at this point. And the two young guys kept trying to convince her to go to the nightclub for another couple drinks. What my wife said next totally shocked me. She kind of slurred, “Come back to our place for a few more drinks and a dip in our hot tub.” Since we are older and had some money, we splurged for the big room with the hot tub on the balcony, and sitting area with a full bar. It had never occurred to me to entertain there, but now she had thrown it out there. They two boys jumped at this invite, and just like that we all headed back to our room.

When we got there, I fixed everyone a drink as they all got comfortable in the living room area. I noticed the guys checking out her panties on the floor as the made themselves comfortable. My mind was racing with what might be in store for all of us. I gave everyone a drink, and then went to turn on the hot tub. I came back in and announced to my wife, that the guys didn’t have suits with them. She yelled right out, “Looks like we all go naked,” and she started to laugh and laugh. The two previously confident young guys, were now getting a bit more quiet and unsure of themselves. I guess the idea of what might actually be about to happen was sinking in, and they were not sure if they were ready to go through with it. Those thoughts quickly left their minds, as my wife stood up, and pulled her sundress over her head revealing that she had no panties or bra on underneath. She strutted her naked body to the hot tub and jumped in. Within a minute the three of us stripped naked and joined her. The two boys were both pretty well hung. One was maybe 6 inches soft and the other was already getting hard and appeared even bigger.

I turned on the radio and we all started having a good time. My wife was so drunk at this point, that I started wondering if she was going to pass out. She had tons of energy, but was falling all over the place. She kept leaning over into the two guys, and I know her hands were in their laps to steady herself. I was wondering if she was actually touching their hard cocks, or just bumping into them. When it came time for another drink, she got out to get them. She was not bashful about getting out, and they both got a look straight up her ass and hairy pussy as she stumbled out. If they weren’t completely hard by this point, they were now. While she was getting the drink I said to them, “look she has never done anything like this before, but I am getting the impression she might want to fuck you guys. And I am okay with it if you want. So when she gets back, go ahead and make your moves on her, and let’s see where it goes.” They smiled at each other, whispered amongst themselves, and then told me it sounded great.

When she got back in the hot tub, I suggested she sit between them. She didn’t think much of it, and plopped (or kind of fell) down in between them. About a minute or so canlı casino after she sat down, I noticed her start to squirm. One of the boys had his hands between her legs, and appeared to be fingering her. Then the other boy started kissing her neck, and feeling her tits. I saw her put her drink down on the side of the hot tub, and then both her hands disappeared under the water. She was obviously stroking both of their cocks under the water, and I was doing the same with my throbbing cock. I couldn’t believe this was happening and she was acting like I wasn’t even there. Then one of the guys stood up and shoved his cock towards her face. She finally acknowledged my presence and looked at me for approval. I nodded to her and she began to suck his cock right in front of me. The other guy continued to finger her, and then he moved himself in position kneeling between her legs. He appeared to be trying to get his cock into my innocent, middle aged wife’s pussy. With her sitting down, he was struggling, and gave up. Next thing I know he also has his prick in her face, and she is sucking both of them in front of me. I was right about their sizes, they were both huge. She took their cocks and swirled them around together in her mouth. Then went back and forth sucking each of them deep, while stroking the other.

Finally, I spoke up and suggested we move over to the bed. As she tried to stand up, the heat and booze got the better of her and she fell back into my arms. I carried her out of the hot tub as the two guys toweled themselves off. I carrier her limp body back to the bed, as she was mumbling incoherently. She plopped down onto the bed, her legs falling open in front of us all. Her hairy pussy was glistening with her juices, and she continued to mumbled something we couldn’t understand. I kept asking her what? What do you want to do, what are you saying . Then finally she snapped, as clear as day, “Somebody fuck me now, please fuck me!”

Just like that, the boy with the bigger cock was between her legs and inside her. He was much bigger than me, and she really seemed to be loving it. She started to cum, really hard, and I think all the neighbors around there had to hear her screaming. I have never seen her cum like that in all our years together. And when she finally stopped cumming, she was out. I mean totally out. We didn’t notice at first, but when the guy stopped pumping her, me and the other friend who were stroking while watching, asked him what was up. “She’s out man. What should I do?” I went over to her and shook her to get a rise. It was no use. The guy inside her had pulled out and moved away. I decided to try to lick her pussy to see if that got her to come around. When I tasted her, it was much different. So much of her juices where dripping out, and likely mixed with his pre-cum. I continued to no avail, licking her pussy, now for my own pleasure. They both jacked and watched. When I finally stopped one guy said, “Well this sucks, I am all worked up now, and didn’t get any chance to finish.” We all agreed that this was no time to stop. 

“Well, she did say she wanted to be fucked. We all heard that, so I guess we need to give her what she wants. Who wants to go first?” The guy who had been fucking her returned to his place between her thighs and shoved himself back into her. As he did this, me and the other guy got onto the bed on either side of her. I held her legs open for him, as the other guy played with her tits. Then I saw him taking his cock and putting it to her mouth. He eased it inside her lips, and she instinctively opened to accommodate him. This went on for a few more minutes until the guy who was fucking her moaned really loud and shot a huge load up into her pussy. “Who’s next,” he asked as he pulled his huge cock from her now gaping hole. “Guests first,” I said and motioned to his friend.

He got between her legs and started to pump into her sloppy pussy. His friend joined me on the bed, and continued to play with her tits and rub his soft cock on her face. I didn’t know how much longer I could hold out seeing all this, and had to stop touching myself to avoid blowing my own load. After while of the other guy fucking her, he said he was having a hard time cumming . I think it was the booze, but he also added that she was so wet an loose from his friends cum, that he said he couldn’t feel to much. Then he asked if we could flip her over kaçak casino so he could do her from behind . I didn’t see any reason why not, and I rolled her onto her stomach. I pushed a pillow under her pelvis, propping her ass up before him as a prize. He opened her legs, and entered her doggy and began to trust into her.

From this position we could not play with her tits anymore, so we both just knelt over her jerking our cocks and watching him fuck her. Then he started to play with her ass and spread her cheeks. We both looked closer to see his cock going in and out of her. And then he began to play with her asshole. She made a bit of noise when his finger touched her anus, but it was a good noise. He then licked his finger, and stuck it up into her tight asshole. She had never done anal with me, and I don’t think ever did it in her life. His finger inside her ass definitely brought her back around. Just like that, she was awake again, and moaning like I have never heard. I thought she may be mad at us continuing and was worried about her reaction. But she was totally loving it, and moaning into her pillow. Then she reached her arms over and started stroking me and the other guy, and saying, “Fuck me, fuck me good, play with my ass!” I couldn’t believe my ears. She was like a totally different person.

Then the guy who was fucking her, pulled out his incredibly well lubed cock from her pussy. You could see all of her cream and his friend’s cum coating his impressive cock. And I watched as he slowly, inch by inch, entered my wife’s virgin asshole. He moans became groans, and I felt he hand leave my cock. I noticed it had moved between her legs, and she was now fingering her clit as he fucked her ass. It didn’t take him long to cum once he was inside her butt. And in no time he filled her asshole with all his spunk. He pulled himself out of her, and stood up off the bed. I watched as so much of his cum oozed out of her butthole, and trickled down into her pussy. She was still fingering herself like crazy, and rubbing his cum into herself. The other young guy had by this time stroked himself fully hard again, and she was still grabbing at his cock with her hand. I thought he might be about to fuck her one more time, but instead he shoved his cock to her face. She opened her mouth and through her moans he began shooting spurt after spurt of his cum into her mouth and all over her cheeks and hair.

I noticed the other guy had begun dressing himself, and now his friend joined him. My wife, still trying to get herself off from the ass fucking she had just taken, rolled onto her back. The two boys were now fully dressed and thanked us for a great time. My wife paid them no attention and continued to finger herself desperately trying to cum. I walked them to the door, and returned to my wife. “Can I help you with that?” I offered. “Lick me,” she growled. And for the first time, I was treated to a delicious creampie. I licked her ass and pussy for about fifteen minutes, tasting both of these young guy’s cum, and plenty of her own juices. I think she came twice more as I licked her. When she was finally done, I entered her. And boy was she sloppy. I now saw what the second guy meant, because she had been stretched out so much, and filled with so much cum that there was very little friction inside her. I decided to try her ass myself. I didn’t roll her over, I just pushed her knees up towards her head and lined my cock up to her butthole. As soon as I was fully inside her anus, I began to cum harder than I have ever cum in my entire life.

I collapsed on the bed next to her, and we both fell fast asleep. The next morning, I awoke to find her in the bathroom puking. I went in to get myself a drink of water, and she looked up at me. I was not sure at all if she would even remember what had happened or how she would react. She seemed to be crying a bit, and then said, “You must hate me and think I am total slut. I don’t know what came over me, it just felt so nice getting the attention from young guys, and feeling young again.”

I replied to her, “I would never think anything bad about you. You are a sexy, incredible woman. And you deserve to have all the pleasure your heart desires. I am not jealous or upset in any way. And I honestly had the time of my life last night watching you get so much pleasure from other guys.” I wiped her tears and hugged her. She smiled at me and asked, “Do you really mean it.”

“Absolutely, now lets get some room service and get cleaned up. We have to go find you some new young studs to use for your pleasure tonight.” She kissed me and told me she loved me more than anything in the world.

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