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Everyone had always complained that I spent too much time in the shower and wasted all the hot water. I mean, it wasn’t always my fault- it was Winter, let me live a little. But now that for the first time in my life I didn’t have a roommate I could do whatever I want whenever I wanted. I could eat all the peanut butter at 2 am, I could take as long as I needed in the shower, I could walk around naked, I could have sex with whoever I wanted wherever…

But my mind wasn’t focused on the sex most of the time when I lived alone. It was on the fact that nobody could tell me what to do. One particular day, though, was when I thanked my lucky stars that I was alone.

It was a chilly March Saturday morning, before it got warmer and before I had anything to do during the day. My plans started at 3 pm with a couple of my friends so at 10 am I had enough time to spare and take a nice hot shower. Kanye West drove out the sounds of the water hitting the bathtub casino siteleri and yelling to his Graduation album was always how I loved starting my days.

Leaving the shower, “Stronger” started playing on my speaker and I went to my room to put on my clothes but hearing the robot Kanye voice say “harder, better, faster, stronger” got my mind wandering. I took off my towel and stared at my naked body in my mirror, so clean. Looking at myself like this turned me on a bit- my D cups, perky, and my nipples already rising. My pussy was completely bare because of the wax I’d gotten a few days before and knowing that made me tremble.

I started off by playing with my breasts, still in front of the mirror. I squeezed them, pushed them together, grabbed them and massaged them like how I wanted a lover to do. I pinched my nipples just hard enough to be on the brink of being painful but all that ran through me was pleasure. God, I was so ready to be filled slot oyna by that point, to just grab a dildo or a hairbrush handle or anything to fck myself with but I kept teasing myself. Ran my hands up and down my waist, my breasts, barely even touching my pubic mound. By the I’d already laid myself down on my bed. I couldn’t even stand up.

A couple more minutes of this teasing and I’d had enough. I was breathing heavily and just wanted something on my pussy. I slowly slid my hand down to it and gently palmed it. The sudden feeling of my hand made me gasp as I went to run my finger up and down my slit, feeling how wet I was for myself. “Such a dirty fucking whore, you. So wet for me already,” I’d told myself. “Practically begging,” I stopped to breathe. “to get fucked. You want to feel something like… this?” I touched my clit and shivers went up through my spine as I moaned. “Ugh, fuck. So eager. So hot. Where’s my fucking dildo?” I asked myself. I found canlı casino siteleri it rolled off the side of my bed and picked it up, admiring it before inserting it into me.

“Fuck!” I yelled as the dildo slowly slid inside me. It felt so good to be filled, to have something to fuck me. I slowly slid it back out and winced as it left my cunt. I put it back in and started to fuck myself with it, slow at first. “You’re, a fucking slut,” I moaned to myself. I used the other hand that wasn’t fucking myself to touch my clit and rub it in circles. “God, unf, dirty whore. Fuck yourself harder, please, harder, faster,” I told myself. My hips and hand were grinding into each other and my clit was screaming. I felt the familiar orgasmic pit start to build.

“Fuck, you wanna cum, huh?” I asked myself, moaning. “Fine then, bitch.” I started going faster and faster, moaning and screaming louder. “Fuck, I’m gonna cum, please cum fuck fuck fuck!!” I yelled as my orgasm hit me. I yelled out louder than I ever had with anyone and slowly retreated the dildo from inside.

I was left breathless after the orgasm and could barely stand up to get on with my day. Another steamy shower can wait.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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