Store Clerk Ch. 01

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Let me tell you about a fun little session I had the other day. Hi my name is Jessica. I am twenty years old, I am five foot eleven blonde with a pair of D cup breasts. I work at the mall in a small store which is where the fun took place. The shop sells Goth clothing and other stuff related to Goth. Last week two of our workers had been fired for stealing cloths which left us very under manned. And since I was the one who had worked there the longest I got stuck picking up the extra hours.

It was Thursday morning. I woke up early that morning, mostly because I was dreading what the day would be like. Today I was scheduled to work the entire day. I was supposed to open and close the store which meant working from eight to eight. My only reprieve was from two to five when Steph was supposed to come in and help out. The high schools get out around two so those are usually our busiest hours. But on a Thursday there usually isn’t anyone in the store.

I really didn’t want to go into work today. I had just gotten a new harness for my toys and a couple of videos. My originally plans had included doing a little bondage this week but now that I was working the extra hours I didn’t have the time for it. It was while I was on my way out the door taking one last glimpse at my new toys when I decided that I could make work a little more fun. Turning around I headed back the pile of bondage supplies.

Picking up the harness I savored the smell of the fresh leather. I decided to put it on right then and there. I pulled off my pants and underwear, then took the waist strap and buckled it down tight around my waist. Once I was happy with the fit I took a small pad lock and locked the waist piece on. I then took the crotch strap, pulled it between my legs and loosely buckled it on but didn’t lock it. Taking a second lock I opened the lock and placed it into my purse then took both keys and left them on my dinning room counter.

I was about to put my pants and underwear back on but I thought about the underwear and decided I didn’t really need them. I picked up my pants to put them on then started thinking about outlines. The pants I had were very tight and would show the belt underneath. This wouldn’t work so I went back into my room to find something else. In my closet I found a pair of jeans that were a baggy casual fit. These defiantly wouldn’t show my belt underneath. But right next to the pants was one of my summer skirts. The skirt would go down to my mid thigh. It was just a loose white casino siteleri skirt that I normally wore with a pair of shorts underneath. But the idea of people seeing me was getting me really turned on by this point. I decided to throw caution to the wind as my hormones took over and I put on my skirt but with no shorts. With that I left for work.

I drove nearly straight to work. There was one stopped that needed to be made. Pulling my car into the local adult store I parked and got out. I went into the store and over to the wall that had all the various dildos on display. Knowing exactly which one I wanted I picked up the six inch long, one inch wide vibrating dildo. The truly important part of this dildo was that it had a wireless remote control for it. I walked up to the counter with my purchase in hand. On the way to the check out counter I passed the anal toy section. There was a remote control anal plug there as well but it was more expensive and I figured this would be enough for now. But I did get my creative juices going thinking about the next time around.

Once I had purchased my new toy I headed off to work. I used a side entrance to get into the mall which let me into the back entrance of our store. When I got into the store it was eight ten. I was late opening the store but I didn’t think anyone would notice. There weren’t that many people in the mall but I knew the longer this took the greater the chances would be that I would be discovered. And so I put my plan into motion.

The first thing to do was fix the remote to the vibrator. Using a small tool kit we had in the shop I popped off the panel on the remote control. It was a simple design. There was a slider dial to control the intensity and a simple button to control the on and off signal. When you pushed the button it connected a circuit which sent a signal to the computer chip which would radio the signal to activate the dildo. To turn the dildo off you would push the button again closing the circuit again sending a new signal to the dildo.

With the panel to the remote off I walked over to the entrance of the store. The gate was still down so no one could come in and the lights were all off so chances are no one could see me yet. The thing I was interested in was the inferred sensor at the entrance that when someone broke the laser beam it would activate a chime sound letting us know that someone had come in or had left the store. The sensor was hidden behind a clothing display so I didn’t have to worry slot oyna about people seeing what I did to it.

Using the tool kit again I pulled off the panel to the sensor. I quickly found the wires that led into the tiny speaker and disconnected them. I then took the remote to my new vibe and connected the button wires to the sensor wires that led to the box. Now when someone walked in instead of sending a signal to the speaker the sensor would send a signal to my remote which would turn on my vibe. When they walked out it would turn it off again. This way any time someone was in the store I would be teased in my most sensitive place. I figured this would give me a whole new appreciation for customers. Looking at the control I slid the dial about a quarter of the way up. I had a long shift ahead of me so having the vibe turned to max and having an orgasm every time someone came in would be a bit much.

The last thing to do was get the dildo put away. I walked to the back of the store and ducked down behind a rack of cloths making sure I was out of sight of the security cameras. I dropped my skirt down to the floor and unbuckled the crotch belt. While I was in the adult store I had gotten one of those small one time samples of lube which I now used to grease the tip of the dildo. With the dildo greased up I slid it all the way into my cunt.

I don’t think it has ever felt so good to stuff myself with a dildo. Of course I have never done it before in a store at a mall. By the time I got it all the way in, my pussy was on fire. I wanted to just fuck myself to an orgasm right there. It took all my will power not to do just that. Before I lost control of myself I pulled the crotch strap between my legs and refastened it in the front of the belt. God it felt good as the strap thrust the dildo even further inside of me. I pulled the belt a couple of more notches before I buckled it. The strap spread my ass cheeks and dug into my tender vagina splitting my lips. I took the lock out of my purse and quickly closed it on the crotch strap. I was now stuck at work till the end of my shift with a dildo locked inside of me. I pulled my skirt back on and opened the store.

With the store open there was nothing left to do but go about my job like it was a normal day. Let me tell you I have never had so much fun walking around a store refolding cloths. Every time I moved the dildo would move inside of me. Also as I walked the skirt would move around across my bare butt reminding me I had nothing on underneath. canlı casino siteleri I was standing in the back of the store folding cloths that were on a table when the intruder inside of me sprang to life. I nearly jumped out of my skin. With my back turned to the entrance I didn’t know someone was walking into the store till the dildo told me. Sometimes customer could surprise me because I didn’t hear the chime but there was no way I was going to miss this signal.

The girl that walked in spent about five minutes in the store looking at stuff before she came up to me and asked if she could try some stuff on. I told her yes and showed her where the dressing room was. She also asked if I could help her with the corset she wanted to try on. I said yes since it was my job and walked to the dressing room to help her. The girl was not shy at all because by the time I got to the dressing room she had her shirt and bra off and the corset was on. The corset had an under bra which had her breasts pushed up but still left them exposed. I tightened the corset and tied it for her so she could see how it felt. The whole time I was getting more and more turned on. I had never found girls to be attractive before but with the dildo buzzing away inside of me I was just completely turned on to the point I wanted to fuck anything I could get. By the time she left the store I was so turned on I would have done anything she asked if I could have gotten fucked for it. When she left the dildo was turned off and I was cooling off a little.

I was beginning to think I bit off more than I could handle. The store had only been open for forty five minutes and I was already wanting to tear this belt off and shove anything I could get into my sex to fuck myself to an orgasm. Overall the day just went on and on. People were walking in and out of the store looking at stuff then leaving. I was getting buzzed on and off all day leaving me a very horny, frustrated girl. It was to the point that people started picking up on how sexual I was acting. There were two different girls that came in and flirted with me for nearly a half hour each. The vibrator was driving me wild but I couldn’t get off. The two girls each left me their phone numbers and later in the day a guy did the same thing. If I wasn’t locked into the belt I would have thrown them into the changing room and had wild sex with them right there. By the time two rolled around I was a mess. I looked at Steph as she walked in and realized I probably wasn’t going to be able to hide what was going on. Actually when I first looked at her I realized she kind of looked hot which made things even worse. I had no idea what I was going to do.

To be continued…

Let me know what you think.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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