Sun Bathing Ex

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Sun Bathing Ex
So a few years ago my Ex was staying at my house to get away from her abusive former partner.

I’d booked a week off work and the weather had actually been splendid for once, I’d bought some beers and we sat out in the yard drinking them, both of us in shorts and t shirts. As the sun came into the yard, the Ex had gone inside and put on a yellow bikini she’d bought and laid out to catch some rays, we finished the beers and I said I’d go and buy some more, as I was in the house I also stuck my camera on to charge, thinking to at least get a photo of her in the bikini to wank over later.

As I got back from the shop with plenty more beers I looked out into the yard and saw that the Ex had taken off the bikini top and was in the yard wit her tits out, with an umbrella giving her some shade so she couldn’t see me, I snapped off a couple of photos to remember the moment. I took her a beer out casino siteleri and we carried on sun bathing.

After a couple more beers I asked her
“Why don’t you go for an all over tan?”
“Won’t somebody see?” She asked

“Only if they look over the wall, as the only spot you can see the windows on either side is at the gate.” She looked over at me with that tease look she gets sometimes and I knew I’d turned her on with the idea and shimmed out of her bikini bottoms as well.

“Well I’m naked, get your shorts off as well then!”

“I was hoping you’d do it for me?” I said looking her in the eyes, she smiled at me and leaned over and unbuttoned the button and tugged down my zip, she moved around and rubbed her breasts on my leg.

“Oops,” she said her gaze moving to my groin, ” oh no that’s made you hard!” The sly smile was on her face again as she tugged my shorts down and off, leaving me in my canlı casino tight boxers. She slowly ran her hands back up my legs and reached my boxer shorts and quickly rubbed my hard cock through the material.” When did you last put sun screen on?” She asked out of no where.

“Before I went to the shop at least” I replied

Face down on the towel you.” She ordered, putting some factor 30 on my back and working it in, she sat on my bum and ground her pussy into my arse, she soon forgot about the sun screen and just started grinding down and thrusting hard onto me, pushing me down painfully, it didn’t take her long to bring herself off on my arse.
“Sorry, got carried away there. Oh I made your shorts wet, roll over and let me get them off you.” She ordered me again. I did as she asked and she pulled my boxers down slowly, when my dick sprang out she smiled even more. Once out she pretty much ripped kaçak casino them off me.
“I’ve been a bit naught as well, I’ve not put any cream on these at all,” she said rubbing her tits and looking at my dick. ” oh look a handy dispenser, ” she exclaimed, wrapping her ample tits around my dick. She licked the end and wanked me off with her tits till I shot my load over them, “nice! Plenty of cream for me to work with she said rubbing some in around her nipples, and then picking some of my cum off with her fingers and licking it off with her tongue, she quickly sucked my cock in her mouth to get the last few drops of cum. She then worked lower and started to suck my balls, licking her way up and taking one at a time in her mouth, she kept this up until I was hard again , she pretty much jumped on my dick. “It must be nearly 3 now we’d better be quick about this,” she said as she started riding me, she lent down to kiss me, then lent up a bit and thrust her nipple in my mouth for me to suck on, she concentrated on her own climax, driving down hard and grinding into me until she gasped and shuddered, digging her nails into my shoulders.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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