Susan Awakens Ch. 02

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Robbie woke up the next morning with a tremendous, almost painful, hard on. He could not get the picture of his prim and proper mother laying half naked on her bed, her legs splayed and a vibrator pressed to her clit.

Not that he hadn’t tried! He had jacked off three times last night before he finally went to sleep. The memory of his mother was just so arousing, he couldn’t help himself. What was he going to do?

And the video their sexy neighbor had made was another thing making him hard. For an old lady, she was fucking hot!

He had noticed her large tits when she first moved in next door; she seemed to always show cleavage. He wouldn’t mind fucking her, either.

Finally, unable to go back to sleep, Robbie went into his bathroom. As he stroked his hard dick until he cum in his hand, images of his mother and neighbor flashed through his mind.

Spent, he showered and dressed for the day. What would he do?


The house was quiet as Robbie walked to the kitchen. His dad had probably already gone to work, despite it being a Saturday.

“Damned tax time,” he thought. His dad always disappeared this time of the year.

He didn’t know where his mom was, but he imagined she’d gone to the gym. She worked diligently on keeping her body hard and firm.

As he poured himself some orange juice, Robbie had a thought. What had his mom did with the video of their neighbor? Could it still be in the DVD player in his parents’ bedroom?

Rushing upstairs, Robbie pushed the button on the player. Silently the tray came out with the DVD nestled inside. “The Rabbit” the DVD read.

Robbie went to his room and placed the DVD in his laptop computer. His dick got hard again as he watched Jan work herself to a loud and obviously satisfying orgasm.

“Damn!” he thought to himself. “I’d love to get some of that!”

He wondered in Jan were home, now?


Jan wondered how her friend next door was doing and if she had used Jan’s present of the day before? She had considered going over for coffee, but there had been no lights on in the kitchen and she didn’t think anyone was up.

Jan wondered where this would lead? Would Susan loosen güvenilir bahis up, or withdraw further? She could see great possibilities in the family next door!

“Damn,” she chuckled to herself. “I wish Richard was home this weekend — I could use some hard dick.”


Robbie removed the copy of his neighbor’s DVD from the drive of his computer, and carefully copied the label of the original with a permanent marker. There, that should do; at least to his mother’s eyes. He had his own uses for the original.

He changed into his tightest pair of jeans; the one’s that would show his erect cock to best advantage, and put on a tight tee shirt and sneakers. Now to “return” the DVD to his neighbor.

He agonized on what to say –“Here is your jack off video?” No, too coarse.

“Here is the DVD you loaned my mom?” No, that didn’t sound right, either. What should he say??? He would have to say something if he was to get laid!

His heart in his throat, he walked across the yard top Jan and Richard’s house.


Jan started at the knock on her kitchen door. She had been thinking of Susan, Richard, and some adventures she and her husband had experienced with earlier neighbors, and absently rubbing herself through her short shorts.

Through the glass panes of the door, she could see Susan’s high-school aged son, Robbie.

“What did he want?” she thought.

Jan walked to the door, smiled and opened it.

“Hi, Robbie. What are you doing up this early on a Saturday morning?”


Robbie knocked on the door, still unsure of what to say.

As his neighbor opened the door, he forgot all about what he’d been planning.

Jan was dressed in tight short shorts which fit her ass like a latex glove, and a sheer blouse that was tied to show her tanned and freckled mid section, with several buttons undone to display her ample cleavage. He could tell from the way her nipples stood out against the straining fabric that she was not wearing a bra. She looked good enough to eat to the 18-year old Robbie.

“Hi, Ms. Richards. Am I disturbing you?” he stammered.

“No, Robbie. I was just having my second cup of coffee. Want some?” she türkçe bahis answered.

Robbie wasn’t much of a coffee drinker, but he figured he should pass up the offer, so he nodded and sat in the chair Jan gestured to at the table.

“So what is going on with you, Robbie?” she asked as she poured him a cup of coffee.

“Well, I have something of yours that I found and I need to return.” he said

With that he handed her the DVD labeled “The Rabbit” as he blushed from what he was doing.

Jan looked at the DVD, and back at Robbie, and blushed a bit herself.

“So, where did you find this, Robbie?” she asked.

“In my parents’ DVD player.”

“And did you watch it?” she inquired.

“Yes, and I didn’t think you would want my dad to find it when he comes home.” Robbie answered.

Jan could see that his conversation was not going the way she had anticipated when she opened her door to this young stud from next door.

She stood there a minute, running her eyes over his body. Tight jeans, tight tee shirt, bulge in his jeans. This boy had come over for more than just coffee.

“What did you think?” she asked him with a sly smile.

“It was good,” Robbie answered, crossing and uncrossing his legs to take the pressure of the tight jeans off of his rigid cock.

“And do you think your mom liked it?”

“I know she did,” he answered. “I saw her watching it and I’m pretty sure she had an orgasm. She was sure loud!”

Jan was taken aback for a second. Susan’s son had seen Susan masturbating to Jan’s video? Wow! This opened even more doors — kinky doors — of opportunity.

“And what did you think when you saw your mother getting off?” She asked.

“It was hot,” Robbie said. “As hot as you are.”

“And what did you do after seeing your mom get off?” she asked.

“I went and got off myself — three times,” he responded.

“And you still want more?”

“Yes, Ma’am. I want more.”

“Robbie, have you ever been with a woman before?”

“No, I haven’t,” he admitted. “You would be my first.”

“Well,” Jan admitted. “That is an offer I just can’t refuse.”


Jan motioned to Robbie to follow and walked güvenilir bahis siteleri into the living room and sat on the couch.

She patted on the couch next to her for Robbie to sit next to her.

“What have you actually done with a woman, or a girl, for that matter?” she asked.

“Well, I’ve felt a girls tits.” Robbie answered with embarrassment.

“Were they like these,?” Jan pointed at her large breasts, which now sported erect nipples.

“, Ma’am,” he stuttered. “There were not nearly as nice as yours!”

“Do you want to touch my breasts?”

“Yes, Ma’am, I do.”

Jan reached out and grasped Robbie’s hands and placed them on her tits. Robbie was unsure of what to do, so he cupped them in his hands.

“Massage them a little,” she instructed the boy. “And gently tweak my nipples.”

Jan moaned a little as the boy followed her direction and tweaked her sensitive nipples.

“That’s the way, sweetie. That’s the way.”


Robbie could hardly believe this was happening. Here he was in his hot neighbor’s living room with his hands on her hooters. Wow!

Acting to Jan’s instructions Robbie felt her erect nipples through the sheer fabric of her blouse. There like little erasers!

Growing a bit bolder, he began to unbutton her blouse to expose more of her luscious tits.

He could see that her breathing was changing; growing shorter and shallower.

He held a bare nipple in his fingers and pinched.

“Ouch!” she gasped. “Not so hard — at least, not yet.”

“Suck on my nipples, Robbie. Suck on them,” she ordered.

Robbie took one nipple in his mouth while continuing to massage the other with his hand. Jan moaned as he started sucking on her nub.

He could see her hand out of the corner of his eye, rubbing herself through her tight shorts.

“Harder, suck harder,” she gasped. “Squeeze my tits and suck harder, Robbie.”

Robbie happily complied and increased the pressure of his hands and his lips.

“Nibble on them; use your teeth,” she exclaimed.

Robbie did as he was told. He could feel her body tense under his as he worked her tits.

“Oh my God, I’m cumming,” she gasped as waves of pleasure washed over her body.

Robbie could feel Mrs. Richards shudder as she orgasmed from his sucking and massaging her breasts.

“Whew,” she finally gasped. “That was great, but what about you?”

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