Taboo Sister Rivalry.

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Taboo Sister Rivalry.
My younger sister Angie and I rarely got along growing up. She and my little brother were always much closer. When my brother moved to his dad’s house, it got even worse, and I think she blamed me for it. But when I was 19 and she was 18, things changed. My mom remarried, and along with her scum bag husband, came our new stepsister Shayla, also late teens, and she could not have been less like my sister. Angie was athletic and outdoorsy, and Shayla into trendy clothes and malls. Shayla was petite, with long brown hair, a tiny waist, and narrow hips. Angie had a firmer round body more built for a basketball court than a runway, with short blonde hair and wider hips. Angie tended to wear more practical clothes, mainly t-shirts and jeans that hugged her form and Shayla preferred trendy button up shirts with short skirts that matched to varying degrees. They shared a room, but spent every minute hating each other.

Somewhere along the way with their rivalry, I became a battle ground. Shayla started out just being generally nice to me, and since I was 19 and had a car, meant that she went with me places. Angie of course started getting jealous, and started trying to top her. They kept escalating their rivalry, and if one made me a sandwich, the other would cook me dinner. If one leaned against me while watching a movie, the other had to sit in my lap. No matter what happened, they had to show that they were better than the other and I, being the oblivious loser, never thought more of it than innocent one ups-man ship.

The innocence was tossed out the window though, and it was as much a surprise to me as anyone. I came home late one night after a concert, and Shayla was having a sleepover with her friend Christy. I quietly went to my room, and a few moments later, I heard a light knock on my door. Shayla was at the door. “Um, Christy was wondering if you wanted to lay down with us.” I shrugged, pulled on some shorts, and brought my pillow into the den. They each moved over to the edge so I was in the middle of the mattress, and they immediately rested their heads on my shoulders. I started to doze, but was awakened a short time later by a hand slipping down my shorts. The small fingers worked my shorts down and began to tenderly massage my balls. My shaft quickly hardened in surprise, and the small hand took hold of it and continued its massage. My first thought was Christy, but when I opened my eyes, she was sound asleep. I turned to my left, and my tongue and lips were assaulted. A fury of kisses covered my mouth, and a warm mouth nibbled at the soft skin on my neck. My assailant managed all of this while keeping my left arm pinned under her, though I had no inclination to offer any resistance. I could not believe what was happening. Shayla’s petite hand was gripping my cock, and her budding breasts pressed against me as she furiously kissed my face. With one arm pinned beneath her sleeping friend, and the other completely under the Shayla’s control, I was at her mercy. She quickly pulled herself up, pinning my cock between my stomach and her warm wetness, and started grinding her tender pussy against my aching cock, while freeing my hand to run across her firm ass and breast. Her pussy grew wetter and wetter. The whole time her friend slept soundly across my right arm, Shayla’s nubile body pressed tightly against me, the forbidden nakedness of it just making me want her more. Pre-cum oozed, mixing with her juices and our bellies slid against each other. I was nearly ready to burst, and we had barely begun. Just when I wanted to cry out, she leaned down close to me and said, “Shh, you don’t want to wake anyone up before the best part.” She kissed me lightly on the chin, and then with the smoothest movement, my world exploded in lights. Her slippery pussy wrapped around my cock and I knew right then that I was not going to set any records in duration. She bounced up and down with all the energy that only a teenage girl could muster. Her body moved like a piston, driving her down on me and rising again, and each movement serving to push me closer and closer to the edge. I couldn’t believe what was happening. She seemed possessed, and I was determined to satisfy her so I began to match her pace as I rocked my hips upward to match her downward movements. I put my arm around her waist to pull her down to me, and locked my mouth on her tiny titties, making her nipples rock hard with my tongue, before burying my face in her neck. I gripped her firm butt with my free hand, and pulled her down to me, driving my cock deep into her body. Her young pussy gripped my shaft and I pulled her even tighter. She let out the tiniest squeak, and I could feel her body clenching around my shaft, then a gush of wetness. This sent me over the edge, and I exploded inside of her, drenching her insides with sticky cum. As we lay there gasping, covered in sweat, Christy snored loudly right in my ear.

The next morning at breakfast, things seemed back to normal. Christy and Shayla ate pancakes, Angie ate eggs, and nobody mentioned anything unusual the night before. For the next few days, things seemed fairly normal, though I couldn’t keep my eyes off of Shayla’s body. She seemed to love flaunting it, and made it a point to give me glimpses every chance she got. Angie must have noticed, and decided she’d had enough. She had no intention of letting Shayla get so much attention without getting her say in things.

I lay sleeping early the next Monday morning, and without fully waking up, I heard my mom and stepdad leave for work. I heard a gentle creak of my bedroom door, and then a weight shifted around on my bed. A small body pressed against my back, and I thought maybe Shayla had decided on another adventure. Again, a hand slipped bet siteleri down my shorts, and I could feel a warm body press in against my bare back, with soft breasts and a softer tuft of hair on a warm pussy held firmly against me. As my rod attained its full extension, I could feel light kisses on the back of my neck. I turned over to meet her mouth and nearly shouted in surprise. As I lay there amazed, Angie’s naked body, firm, fit and athletic, captured my attention. Without saying a word, she pulled my shorts off and wrapped her lips around my rock-hard shaft. Her tongue wormed its way around the head, before she brought her mouth completely to the base of my cock. I could feel her throat squeezing tightly on me before she pulled back. She began using her face to fuck my cock with a passion. Angie’s moans of satisfaction mixed with mine. Soon I ached to taste her like she tasted me. I pulled her body over to me and buried my face in her sweet smelling slit. Her clit glistened at me, as I lapped at her furiously. Time and time again she gushed at me, and I drank in her juices each time. After what had seemed forever, I could feel my balls clenching, and Angie still working her way up and down without pause. Just when I thought I couldn’t hold back any longer, she stopped. I ached for release, and she wanted to make me wait. She rose up, and moved her body, positioning herself over my cock, grinning impishly. With a sly smile, she slipped it into her amazingly tight ass. Unable to hold back, I came the moment I was inside her. She wasn’t finished with me though, and her firm ass kept my cock hard. She slowly worked her body up and down, and my seed provided some slipperiness as it coated inside her. She kept her body moving and writhing and her handful sized breasts jiggled enticingly. Soon, she was pounding away furiously, taking the full extent of my shaft deep inside her. She dug her fingers into my chest and bit her lip as she impaled herself on me again and again. I could not believe my sweet baby sister was in my bed, with my cock buried so completely inside her ass, and I was quickly returning to the point of ecstasy. Unable to handle any more, I pushed her over onto her back, and started pounding into her with reckless abandon. She buried her fingers into her pussy, and wave after wave of her orgasms poured over me, and I picked up my pace. Soon, Angie was gasping, and begged, “Come! Come in me. I want you to come in me, please!” With that, I just couldn’t hold back a moment longer and let go with a torrent. When I did, it was too much for her, and she unleashed a torrent of her own, and dripped down her body and wetted my balls with her juices. I lay back, panting, and Angie set about licking my balls and shaft clean. She then leaned in, buried her tongue in my mouth. After a few moments, she leaned out, kissed me on the forehead, and then left my room to get dressed for school.

At school, things seemed back to normal for the girls, but it was hell for me. My friends kept going on about their weekends, and who they claimed to have made out with, and on and on. Of course, I couldn’t tell about my amazing weekend, and even if I could, who would believe me? Angie and Shayla passed me in the hall a few times that day, but didn’t give any real indication that anything had happened. By the end of the day, I had started wondering if maybe I had dreamed the whole thing up or something. After school, I walked out to my car, and Shayla was waiting for me. “Hey, could you bring me to the mall on your way to work? Daddy said he’d pick me up from there if you could drop me off.” I shrugged and unlocked the doors. As the bus Angie and Shayla normally rode home pulled out, I could see Angie in the window staring at Shayla with anger.

We were a mile out when I heard Shayla unbuckle her seat belt. “Hey, I thought of a way to thank you for the ride. I hope you don’t mind.” Without waiting for an answer, she had my fly open, and was pulling my rapidly hardening cock from my jeans. I nearly drove into oncoming traffic when I felt her warm, wet mouth envelope me, and her grunts of effort had me seeing stars. She would stop and gasp for air every few moments, and then dive back down to keep driving me even wilder. She pulled up her skirt, shoved aside her panties, and started rubbing her nearly hairless pussy rapidly. I could feel myself getting light headed, and found a back road to pull down so I could park before I had a wreck.

Shayla looked up at me and said, “I thought you’d never get the hint.” She hit the lever to move my seat back and quickly climbed into my lap. Her tiny breasts shoved out at me through her shirt, as she positioned her dripping pussy over my fully attentive shaft. With a gasp, she pushed down onto me. I could feel her come immediately, but she wasn’t content with just that. After her body quit shaking against me, she began to lift herself up. She gripped my seat for leverage, and started bouncing up and down furiously. I gripped her firm ass, and pulled myself deeper into her. Then she would lift up again, almost completely, and then I would pull her back down, until I was fully inside her again. She gasped, “Oh God. Oh, put your finger in me. I want you in both of my holes. Fuck, I need you so badly.” Using her juices to wet my finger, I began working my finger into her little hole, and she groaned in reply. She began rocking faster, as my cock filled one hole, and my finger was buried to the knuckle in the other. She started shouting, “Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.” And I could feel her body begin it’s now familiar convulsing. She drove her tongue down my throat as she drove my cock deep into her belly. I exploded inside her, and she returned the favor as orgasm after orgasm shook her body. güvenilir casino Panting and exhausted, we sat embraced for what seemed forever.

Soon she started stirring again, and my spent shaft still inside her began to come back to life. With renewed energy, her firm buttock began rising and falling with a slow but steady rhythm. She punctuated each drop with a light bite to my neck, sending amazing sensations down my spine with each thrust. The steady pace, following the fevered pace from before, was a welcome relief. Her soaked panties rubbed against the side of my cock as she maintained her hypnotic movements. I ran my hands under her shirt, and slipped my fingers beneath her bra, and began tenderly massaging her breasts and nipples. She unbuttoned her shirt, and unhooked her bra, then pressed her chest into my face. My tongue worked her nipples, and I started sucking on them with abandon. The harder I sucked, the faster her pace became. Soon we were furiously writhing, with her pussy making slurping noises with each fevered push. I felt her again and again convulse in orgasm, but she maintained her frantic pace. At the moment of truth, she practically leaped from me and buried my cock down her throat. I exploded down her throat, and she gulped down every drop of my seed. After a few intense moments, I began to wither in her mouth, and she rose up and ran her tongue across my lips, sharing the taste of our combined fluids.

She climbed back into her seat, then pulled her soaked panties off. With a grin and a laugh, she wadded them up then stuffed them in my glove box as a souvenir. I breathlessly started the car back up, and drove her to the mall before driving to my part time job. My boss griped at me for a few minutes for being late, and I had to just let him, because there was no way I was telling him why. After a lecture about responsibility, I got to work and tried to keep myself occupied.

I got home late and the house was quiet. I headed straight to the bathroom, and stripped down for a shower. The smell of Shayla’s juices still clung to my balls, and I could smell their sweet flavor, instantly making me rock hard. I climbed in the shower, and stood with the hot water pouring over me, while I gently stroked myself to the memory. I stepped out of the water and opened my eyes, to see Angie, naked and wet from the steam, standing in front of me in the shower. She was looking down at my hand on my cock, with a hand on her hip. “Hey, you know you don’t have to do that yourself. You just let me know when you have a need, and I’ll be happy to help.” She pushed me out of the water stream, and let the water pour over her curves. She turned away, and let the hot water soak her firm ass. She swayed enticingly, leaned forward and parted her pussy lips. She motioned me forward. As I got to her, she began grinding against the underside of my cock, arching her back to bring her body close enough for my hands to explore. The water and her juices served to make things slippery, and we both began to breathe heavily, when I pinned her to the shower wall. She took ahold of my cock, and desperately shoved it into her waiting pussy. She pushed against the shower wall, giving leverage to get me completely inside her tight flesh, and I grabbed her breasts, pulling her in tightly. Soon she was gripping the soap rack, with her feet completely off the floor and wrapped tight around my hips. I felt her drench my cock again and again, as orgasm after orgasm enveloped her. I held her tightly with one arm, while I worked her clit with the other. Her small body, firm and athletic, seemed to have an endless stamina. I, however, was growing very tired. She pulled away from me and spun around. She pinned me in the corner, planted one foot against the edge of the shower, she attacked my cock again with youthful glee. Her body rocked back and forth, bracing her hands on my shoulders for balance, and I could feel her body sucking against me with each withdrawal. Her pussy clung to my cock, and each movement was one of utter ecstasy. My legs nearly buckled beneath me as I released inside her womb, my seed coating her young body. Without a word, she kissed me then climbed out of the shower, and was sound asleep by the time I got to the hallway.

I was getting more and more confused. And over the next few weeks I just kept being surprised. The girls would keep trying to outdo each other, and I was their play thing. As we sat on the couch watching a movie, Shayla pulled a blanket over us and stroked my dick, with her dad less than five feet away. Angie hid under my desk and sucked me, while my mom stood in the doorway of my room asking me about my weekend plans. Shayla pulled me into a storage closet at school and fucked me during her lunch period. Angie bounced around with my dick buried in her ass while she chatted with her friend on the phone. And neither of them said a word about it to me any other time. They never acknowledged that anything was different, and I felt like I was going insane. Months went by, and I was having more sex than anyone I knew, but I couldn’t even mention it to anyone. And through it all, Angie and Shayla continued to bicker and argue at every opportunity.

As the school year drew to a close, my band got a job playing at a party for the graduating class, and while it didn’t pay much, they said we could bring guests and drink for free, so we were game. Both Angie and Shayla wanted to go with me, and I couldn’t very well tell either of them no, but strangely they were both being nice to each other. I didn’t understand it, but it was good that they had taken a night off from screaming at each other. The night went well, and they both mingled with others, and got hit on a lot, but as far as I could tell, internet casino politely declined and grinned at each other when that happened. We played our set, and got a break as a DJ took over. Angie and Shayla came over to me and asked me to join them in the hot tub in the back yard. I grabbed three bottles of beer on my way back, and left the loud thumping party to the relative quiet of the back yard. Both of the girls were already stripped down and in the tub. I passed them each a bottle and disrobed, and as I climbed in to the tub, I noticed they’d sat their beers down unopened. Their naked bodies, side by side, glistening from the moonlight had my heart racing. I kept looking back and forth between them, and they each had a smile that told me there was something I was missing. They slid around until they had me between them and started running their hands over my chest.

Angie whispered in my ear, “I bet you’re wondering why we asked you here, huh?”

Shayla whispered in the other, “Yeah, we finally found one thing we have in common.”

They both began kissing my face and neck, while Angie massaged my balls and Shayla gripped my dick. I pulled both of them in close, and squeezed their asses, Angie’s firm and round, Shayla’s small and petite. I had difficulties focusing, between each of the beautiful nubile bodies pressed so tightly against me, eagerly trying to please me, and their amazing hands working on my hardened dick.

Angie looked at Shayla. “I’m older, so I get first. You wait your turn.” She then leaned in and kissed her lightly. It would have seemed so sweet and pure, if she didn’t at the same time put her leg over me and slip my dick into her waiting pussy. She started a slow, methodical movement. She clearly had no intentions of making this quick. Shayla leaned back and began working her fingers into herself, and let out periodic moans to punctuate Angie’s own. Angie pulled her body against mine, and her firm breasts pressed into my chest. Her fingers gripped into my back, and she drove me deeper and deeper into her with each movement. I slowly worked my hands down her back, over her hips, and squeezed her ass. She started kissing and licking my lips as I massaged her tight ass, and bit down as my finger slipped into her. She began rocking her hips back and forth; trying to get both my dick deep inside her wet pussy, and my finger firmly into her tight ass. “Oh my God, I don’t know why we didn’t do this years ago. I can’t believe my big brother is fucking me. This is so…. Oh fuck, I’m coming!” Her body clenched around me as an orgasm shook her. After a few moments, she stopped shaking, gasped for air, and resumed her task of trying to pull me further inside of her. Shayla looked on, and moaned rapidly as an orgasm rocked her as well.

Angie locked eyes with me, and started again with a determined intensity. Her blonde hair was matted to her head, and sweat poured from her, and the low hum of the hot tub did nothing to drown out her sharp breathing. I could not break away from her pale blue eyes. I leaned back, so I could get a good view of her body, so young and pure, doing its beautiful dance upon me. As her rhythm-built speed, I ran my fingers over her firm tummy, and against the light curve under her breasts. Her pace quickened as I lightly ran my hand against her collarbone, and against her cheek. As her pace became frantic, I held her face, and then pulled her to me, kissing her deeply and passionately as my seed burst into her young womb. As I splashed inside her, she began quaking with another intense orgasm. I sat, gasping and out of breath, as Angie slouched against me.

Shayla, however, had other plans. Exhausted, Angie rose off of me, and Shayla took her place. My cock stirred with the water currents, and Shayla looked at it happily. She gripped my shaft and rubbed it between her soft lips. The silky smoothness of it was revitalising. She teased me, putting just the head of my dick in her pussy, and then drawing it back out. I was still tender so soon after Angie’s turn on me, and Shayla was not feeling any sort of patience. Her creamy thighs pressed down on mine as she shifted her weight closer, finally taking me in further. Her knees hugged my hips while she slowly rolled her body, still not taking my entire shaft, but teasing me with apprehension. Angie leaned against me and directed one hand to her pussy, and I ministered to her needs while petite Shayla satisfied herself in my lap. Finally, when she had decided I was recovered enough, she pulled her body against mine, and finally I was completely inside her tight pussy. Angie moaned in my ear, “Fuck her good. Fuck her so good she can’t walk. Destroy her pussy, so I can get your dick all to myself. I don’t want to share.” Shayla barely grunted in reply as she drove my dick into her over and over. Her tiny breasts, with her hard nipples, contrasted to Angie’s fuller chest, but Shayla’s narrow waist meant she was far more flexible, and made up in enthusiasm what she lacked in curves. I sat there, with my dick deep inside one beautiful sister, one hand fucking the other sister, and my still unopened beer in the other hand. Shayla was pounding her body against mine, and my dick went deep inside her with each fantastic gyration. Angie writhed, and came against my nimble fingers. Simultaneously, Shayla shook and squeezed around my dick, and she exploded with wetness. Their orgasms proved too much, and I soaked Shayla’s pussy with wave after wave of semen. I struggled to stay conscious, but Shayla and Angie locked into a passionate kiss.

I found myself dozing in the hot tub, with a beautiful naked girl on either shoulder. They looked up at me with a poorly concealed glee. Angie asked, “So, were you wondering what it was that we finally found we have in common?”

I nodded lazily, and Shayla piped up, “Well, you see, yesterday we found out something interesting. It would seem that we’re both pregnant with your babies.”

Needless to say, summer vacation was extremely interesting.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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