The Auction

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A couple of the girls at my high school asked me to sign up for the annual auction. The ASB has it every year. It usually raises a couple thousand dollars that goes into the fund that’s usually supplemented by selling candy and stuff. I don’t know how it got started, years ago, but students sell services to parents or anyone that shows up — cutting grass, cleaning house, painting, whatever is needed. So I agreed.

“Okay, Sam, what service do we put down that you’ll offer?” Holly asked me.

I don’t know. I’ve cut grass, done all sorts of garden work, painted, done some simple carpentry, even a little plumbing work. Can’t we just say something general?”

“I have to fill in the form. You have to offer something, I can’t just make it up.” Holly tells me.

“Can’t I just say, uh, whatever you need?”

“I’m not sure if that’s okay or not but I’ll put it down and see if one of our advisors change it. Whatever you need. Right?”


That was Holly Robinson asking me. We’re both seniors. Both eighteen now. I’ve known her for years, from junior high. I’m Sam Jefferson. I’m not a famous jock or anything. I did run track and even got a second place once and I wrestled JV but wasn’t good enough to make varsity. I’ve been in a couple school plays always playing a best friend or someone’s brother, not being the star. I do okay in grades and will go to college, major in something technical, maybe computer science. I’ve never been much good with girls. I’ve dated. Even dated Holly, she’s very attractive. I’ve kissed a lot of girls, even managed to feel a blouse covered breast, but that’s all. At home, though, I help with everything, which is how I’ve done those things I mentioned earlier. My dad’s dead. Has been for years. My Mom needs all the help I can give her.

So, the date of the auction, I’m with about fifty others, hanging around the auditorium while the principal asks for bids on whatever we’ve offered. Each of us has to go up next to him when he comes to our name. All of the offers up until me were for specific things — window washing, house cleaning, yard work. So when he came to mine he laughed and said I was offering whatever anyone needed, a terrific opportunity. Mrs. Robinson won. She outbid two others and had to pay twenty five dollars. Actually, that’s a little high, most go for ten or fifteen dollars.

Mrs. Robinson is even better looking than her daughter and Holly is one of the best looking girls in our class. I’ve heard different guys say that her husband is a lucky guy. And I guess they’re right. For her age, she must be something old like forty, she’s in great shape, must work out or something. Anyway, we talk after the auction and I’m supposed to come to her house this Saturday at ten a.m.

I’m wearing a t-shirt, shorts and sneakers when I ring her bell. She opens the door and says,”Come in Sam,” So I do and she closes the door behind me. She’s wearing a pool jacket, or that’s what I assume it is, a little light coat you wear over a swim suit. It barely covers her butt. Other than that, she’s bare legged, bare feet. Actually seems smaller than I remember. I guess I’ve never seen her up close without a dress and heels on. She turns and walks ahead of me into the den. She sits in a chair and looks at me. I was pretty sure I saw her bare ass as she sat down. I’m ashamed of myself but I can feel my cock jumping a little.

“Well, Sam, what can I have you do?” she asks. I just stand there. I have no idea what to say or do. “You’re in good shape if I remember correctly,” she says. “Take off your shirt.”

I pull my t-shirt up over my head and hold it in my hand. I do wonder a little why she asked me that but I just wait.

“Come here,” she says. I walk over toward her. “Closer,” she says. I step closer She spreads her legs slightly and motions, “Closer.” I’m right in front of her, her knees on either side of me. Her face is only inches from my stomach. Weird. She unbuttons my shorts and pulls the zipper down and then pulls on them until they drop to my ankles. I figured I might need to do pool work so I have no underwear on.

She puts her hand under my cock and lifts it, although it was just about up all on its own at this point. “You are in good shape,” she says. She leans forward and all of a sudden she has her lips around the head of my cock. That’s never happened to me before. I mean, I’m aware there are blow jobs or cock sucking or whatever but never involving me. I’ve never felt anything like it. She’s sort of humming or something and her tongue is licking me inside her mouth and she slides further on me and has about half my cock in her mouth. The head is hitting the back of her mouth. Her one hand puts a couple fingers around the base of my cock and her other hand starts feeling my balls. Her mouth starts moving back and forth and I can feel she’s licking and sucking. She’s making “Umm” noises with some sort of slobbering sounds.

I have no idea what to do. I put one hand on her hair, to balance myself if nothing else. I realize I’m also sort of moving my hips, dikmen escort pushing toward her and then back a little. It’s all sort of involuntary. Weird but it feels really, really good. Then I can feel it happening. I’m about to cum. I say out loud, “”Mrs. Robinson . . .” and then it’s shooting out. I can feel it. I can feel her mouth changing some on me, can feel my cum around my cock, and she keeps on sucking on me.

When I’m finished, she slides her mouth back, then licks around on my cock, still holding it at the base with a couple fingers. It’s as if she’s washing me with her tongue and lips. Then she looks up at me. “You have a lovely cock, Sam. I loved that. Did you enjoy it?”

My cock is softening. I can feel it. She’s still holding it with a couple fingers. “Uh, yeah. I’ve never felt anything like that before.”

“No girl has ever sucked your cock before, Sam?”


“I can’t imagine why. You have a very nice cock. You taste terrific and really gave me a big load of your delicious cum. I think most girls learn that they like sucking cocks, it’s very sexy. But there’s something else just as sexy. Kneel down, Sam.”

I do what she says. I kneel. I look at her. Her face is slightly higher than mine, the way she’s sitting. She smiles. A different smile than I’m used to, though. She pulls the bottom of her little jacket and I can see between her legs. She’s naked. Her legs are spread, her knees on either side of me. “I want you to taste me, Sam,” she says. I take a good look. There’s some dark hair and there’s sort of a wrinkled skin area. I sit back some on my lower legs, which drops my face down so I’m looking right at her pussy. I’ve never seen a pussy before.

She puts her hands down on either side of the wrinkled area and pulls a little to open it and I can see pink. Pink that’s moist, the light reflects off the moisture. “I made you cum, Sam. I gave you an orgasm, now you need to give me one. Get your tongue to me and lick me. Sam.”

I looked up at her and then back to her pussy. I leaned a little closer, just to see it better. “Sam, you learn how to lick pussy and girls will always like you. Now get your tongue in there, Sam.”

I’m aware that people do this. I’ve seen it on the ‘net. I have to admit that I sort of want to, even though it’s very weird. So I lean into her and get my tongue out until it touches the pink area. “Lick up and down, Sam,” she says. I do that. It isn’t bad. Something like licking raw meat, I imagine. “Keep licking, Sam and give me your hand.” I lift a hand up and flick my eyes up at her. She moves one of her hands and grasps two fingers on my hand and pulls my hand up under my chin. She seems to slide a little further forward on the chair, must barely be on the chair at all now. She pushes my fingers against her and says, “Keep licking, Sam and push with those fingers, push them into me.” My fingers actually go into her. It’s a little tight and I’m pushing against moist flesh of some sort but they go in. “All the way in,” she says. Then I hear an “Ah,” then, “Slide your fingers in and out of me. Not all the way out, just move them to arouse me. And keep licking. Lick a little higher up. Ah, yeah. Feel something there with your tongue. Lick there. Lick that shape. Move your fingers. Fuck me with your fingers.”

I’m doing what she asks. She makes more “Ah” sounds and I just keep sliding my fingers in and out and licking the shape. The shape gets a little bigger. Her insides seem to get juicier or something. “Can you grab it with your lips?” I do that and there’s another “Ah.” Then, “Yes, yes, keep that up. Pull it a little with your lips.” I do that. “Sam you’re a natural pussy eater, this is great.” I keep on sliding my fingers and using my lips on what I realize is her clit. She gets even juicier and then her hips jump a little. “Keep it up, even faster if you can, and don’t ever stop.” I can feel her hand on the back of my head, pressing me against her. She almost screams. I can feel juice around my fingers. ‘Sam, pull your fingers out and suck me, right where they were,” she almost yells at me. So I do and I’m getting a taste in my mouth, fluid. My whole lower face is getting wet. I keep on sucking and her hand stays on my head pushing me into her. Then her moans slow and her hand leaves my head. “You were very, very good Sam. You can stop.”

I sit back some and look at what I’d been licking and sucking on. Much redder now. I slowly realize that I’ve been in a slight form of shock or something. All of this is so unexpected and so exciting and so sudden that it’s unbelievable. I’m just starting to realize that I’ve just had sex with this older lady. Holly’s mother for gosh sakes. And we’re both naked and I have a hard on and I bet we aren’t done. And that’s fine because I also realize that I’ve loved every second of this, even licking her pussy. I’ve never been so aroused before in my life.

She pushes the little jacket completely off her so I am looking right at her tits. Really dark nipples. I thought they were all pink or emek escort red or something. Noticeable tits, too, like I’ve seen on the ‘net. “Go ahead, Sam,” she says, “Feel them. Softly.” So I do. “Yes,” she says. “Kiss them.” So I do. “Suck on a nipple.” I do. “Ah” she says. “The other one, too.” and then an “Ah” again. “You like this, don’t you Sam?” she says as I’m sucking on her left nipple.

Still holding her right breast, I move my mouth from her nipple and tell her, “I certainly do.”

“Good, I figured you were a natural. So let’s fuck. Let me get off this chair. You lay down on your back.” I do what she says. She stands above me, one foot on either side. “You’re young and recover fast, you’re ready. That’s good,” she says as she starts bending her legs and lowering herself until she’s kneeling, her knees on either side of me. She grabs my cock and holds it as she gets herself right above it and then starts lowering her body. I can feel my cock head pushing through her cunt lips and then up into her. This lady has had two children and my cock has to force its way into her. Boy, a young girl must be really tight.

Now she’s sitting on me, my cock all the way in. She looks down at me and grins and moves her hips. I can feel my cock moving. “You like this?” she asks.

“Yeah,” is all I can say because she starts sliding sort of forward like she’s moving off my cock, then she grins even more and slides her hips back and I go back into her. She does this over and over. Then she changes some and instead of sort of sliding on me, she raises her whole body and then drops back onto me. Wham, I’m banged up inside her. Then she does that again. And again. She’s really banging us together. As she rises the next time, I try and push my hips up. “I like this a lot,” I say. She grins and continues to fuck me hard and pretty quick, her body really landing full force on me.

This lasts a while but finally she stops moving and starts almost yelling. I can feel her insides sort of grabbing at my cock and then can feel wetness as fluid comes out around my cock and runs on my thighs. She looks down at me with a big smile. “I loved that, Sam, but you’re still hard. Let’s change position and fuck some more, o.k?” “Well, yeah, sure.” I’ve never felt like this before in my life. It’s a dream come true.

“Let’s see if we can just roll and keep you inside me. You end up on top that way. Push with your right arm and leg and we can try to roll over. You won’t hurt me as you are on me momentarily.”

So I push and she does too and we actually manage to do it. On the way my weighr is on her thigh for a moment and then I’m on my knees in between her legs, my cock still in that tight place. It felt good moving inside her as we rolled. “Great,” she says, “Now fuck me Sam. Really push in and out fast and hard.” I do that. “Even harder Sam.” I’m already banging into her like I’m going to hurt her but I try to throw my weight behind my shoves and start really pounding, my cock pistoning in her as fast as I can make it. I can feel inside me that I’m not going to last long, I’m moving toward cumming.

“I’m going to cum,” I say out loud.

“Harder then, Sam. Make me cum, too!”

I think she does. She’s almost screaming and I have a feeling that I’ve never had before as I shoot out inside her. I push as far into her as possible and she wraps her legs up around me, her heels on my butt. And I shoot load after load. Then I almost collapse on her. I’m pooped. She stays wrapped around me with her legs and arms.

“Jim and Holly should be coming home within the next half hour so we have to be done for today. It would be best if you were gone when they get here. But I’d love to do this some more, I hope you want to, too.”

“For sure, Mrs. Robinson.”

She smiles and unwraps herself and sort of pushes me so I climb off her and get up and reach down and take her hand and help her up. We talk a little and set up our next appointment. Or is it our next tryst? I’m ready for more any time. Now that I’ve done it, I’d love to do it every day. But it doesn’t work out that way. We do meet about twice a week for months until I set off to college. I learn from her that she was a virgin when she married. She tells me how Jim and her had sex almost constantly, several times every day. Having her second child, Holly, something went wrong inside her so she couldn’t have any more children and she thinks that actually turned her on even more. It was no fun giving birth. But slowly, she and Jim became less active. She still loves him, still has sex with him, but perhaps every ten days or two weeks. So she’s taken a string of lovers to keep her satisfied. So, while this is a very big deal to me, it’s almost routine for her. But it’s obvious she is a very hot woman. It’s interesting to me that she remains Mrs. Robinson all through our meetings. Her real name is Ethel and she hates it and I’m not ready to start calling her honey or darling or anything like that.

Meanwhile, a couple months after we’ve graduated from high school, eryaman escort all of us are going to college or university. A mutual friend of all of us has a pool party to celebrate our moving on to the next challenge. There are about twenty of us there, including Holly Robinson. I didn’t plan this but there comes a moment when I’m on a lounge next to Holly and everyone’s laughing at a couple couples doing a fight in the pool — that is a girl on a guy’s shoulder going against another girl on a guy’s shoulder. I lean over and kiss Holly. We’ve dated before, I’ve kissed her before and even felt her breasts over her clothes but we have no history of being committed to one another or anything. She kisses back, putting her hands up around my head. When we break the kiss, I lean further down and kiss her thigh. I then kiss up her thigh and kiss on top of her pussy, with her bathing suit in between my lips and her actual flesh. She sort of catches her breath and spreads her legs a little so I kiss down into her crotch as much as I can and use the fingers of one hand to try and pull her bathing suit to the side and kiss her pussy. I’m not actually kissing her pussy, I’m an inch or more off to the side.

“You really want to do that, Sam?” she asks.

“Yes, I bet you’re delicious.”

“I don’t want to actually have sex. I don’t want to get pregnant,” she says. “But if you really want to taste me there, I think I’d like it.”

“I know I’d like it,” I reply.

“We need to go somewhere else, where there aren’t so many people,” she says.

“Let’s go inside,” I tell her and we both get up and walk toward the house. Everyone else seems to be laughing and commenting on the fight between two pairs of people in the pool. I don’t think anyone even noticed us leaving.

“I’ve watched guys licking pussy on the net and wished it was me often but I’ve never done this before,” she says as we walk along. “It sure looks great.”

“Well I have done it before and I’m sure you’ll like it. Every girl must love having a guy give her an orgasm.”

“You’re just making me more excited,” she says as we go into a bedroom on the ground floor. She pauses to lock the door behind us. We kiss and I put my arms around her and hold her and the kiss gets really good. She then sort of backs away from me. “You really want to taste me?” she asks but doesn’t wait and pulls her bathing suit bottom down and I’m looking at her bare ass and pussy. She backs up, away from me, until she runs into the bed, She sits down on the edge of the bed and I come to her on my knees, my face at her pussy level. As I move in close, she spreads her legs and I get my face to her.

I do everything I’ve learned from her mother. I use my hands to spread her open and push my tongue in her and lick up and down . I get my fingers up under my chin and slide them into her vagina as I start licking her clit. If she’s inherited anything from her mother, she’s going to love this and she does. She’s moaning and shoving her hips at me. I slide my fingers in and out and suck on her clit until she goes ballistic and starts shooting out juice and almost yelling. I slide my mouth down and suck her whole cunt into my mouth to get her cum. Her hips are jumping. her hand is on the back of my head, trying to control me.” God, Sam, that’s the best feeling I’ve ever had,” she says. And with that she’s Pulling on me to stand up and trying to push her hands down inside my bathing suit and get at my cock.

“I’ve watched girls do this on the net, too amd always wanted to try it,” she says as she gets my shorts down some. My cock almost jumps out, fully erect, and she leans forward and puts her lips around the head and takes about half of it in her mouth. Her jaws are spread wide, I really fill her mouth. “Is this right?” she asks, pulling away for a moment but keeping hold of me..

“Anything is right, Holly. Maybe it’s best to start sort of playing with my cock a little, kissing it, licking it, checking it out. Playing with my balls, before starting to really take it in your mouth and suck on it.”

“I’m just so excited and want to try it and couldn’t wait.” She’s licking me, moving her head around.

“That’s o.k., go ahead and do whatever you want. But sometime I’ll cum and you need to know it will happen and decide what to do. Some girls love it, think it’s sexy, and swallow it. I understand some girls don’t like it, are just sucking cock to make their boyfriend happy.”

“Oh, I want to. This is so sexy I can hardly believe it,” With that. she has me back in her mouth. She’s actually good at it, moving back and forth, sucking and licking. I won’t last long. She’s almost humming, making happy noises as she sucks me.It takes a couple minutes and I can feel I’m gertting there.

“I’m going to cum, Holly,” I say out loud. Her eyese flick up at me. She had them closed as she sucked me before this, seeming to really savor what she was doing. I shoot out a load. Her eyes open even wider and her mouth moves back a couple inches but never completely off my cock. Then I shoot again. I can see some leaking out of her mouth. “Breathe through your nose. Swallow.” I say. I think she does because I give her another shot and then am done. She takes her time moving her mouth away. Still holding my cock she looks at it, grins, then looks up at me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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