The Bargain

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“Stop making me cum…” Beth pleaded, her green eyes wide, her freckled face flushed. “That wasn’t part of the deal… please stop making me cum…”

Jake stared euphorically down at the beautiful redhead writhing beneath him. She was fresh off yet another mind-blowing orgasm, having just cum hard on his dick. Her second of the night.

He grinned. “No.”

“Fuck you,” she hissed. “You fucking bastard.”

Still smirking down at her, he began to speed his thrusts, resuming his former pace. His hips thumped against hers, and her eyes rolled back as his cock plunged eagerly into her silken snatch. She whimpered.

Jake stared down at her with carnal glee, scarcely believing this was really happening. He couldn’t possibly have imagined it a week before.

And for all this to make sense, perhaps we should start there.


Jake had just finished up in the university library when he collided with Beth Holdale as she came flying round the corner, clutching a stack of books. Predictably, the impact sent both of their cargo crashing to the floor. As it did to Beth too, and with a dramatic thump she hit the hard ground.

“Shit,” Jake said to himself. This wasn’t good.

Her head whipped round to stare daggers at him as she pushed herself upright and began to gather her books. “Watch where you’re fucking going,” she spat, picking up the last weighty tome and setting off again.

He watched her go with a resigned sigh.

Ms Holdale didn’t like him already; this wasn’t going to help. The room-mate of his room-mate’s girlfriend (not as confusing as it sounds), they moved in the same social circles.

And she’d always hated him.

He honestly had no idea why; he’d never really interacted with her one-on-one. But it was definitely a shame, because she was hot. Really hot. She had gorgeous shoulder-length red hair, and a beautiful, angular face with high cheekbones and a small, delicate nose complemented by a smattering of dainty freckles. She was slender and short at only 5’2″, yet somehow still buxom, breasts he guessed were probably large Cs pushing out from her chest. Not gigantic, but definitely something weighty to play with.

Frankly, he could not have designed a woman more suited to his tastes, and yet when he finally found one… well, it turned out she hated him.

He shook his head and carried on home. Back at the block of student flats, he walked into the small two-bedroom apartment he shared, only to find it empty. Good. His room-mate Eric was a great guy, but did not know how to be quiet. Loud music, loud movies, loud video games… loud everything, really. Loud sex with his girlfriend Grace that kept Jake awake all night.

And Jake needed to study tonight. There was an essay due in two day’s time, and he needed to get it right. He was a top level student, one of the best in the class, and he didn’t want his grades to drop.

In fact, the genetic lottery had been kind to Jake. Not only was he smart, he was good-looking too; reasonably tall at 6’1″ with a head of thick brown hair and resonant hazel eyes, his physique was toned and athletic from playing soccer.

He’d had all the female attention he could have wanted in his time at college so far, culminating in his recently starting to date his current girlfriend, Karen. But it was the one girl he couldn’t have that played on his mind the most; the only one who didn’t want him.


It was with her in his thoughts that he realised he was missing a book. He checked through the pile again, then checked his bag. He cursed loudly. Beth must have picked it up by accident when collecting her own books off the floor.

He sighed, grabbing his keys and set off for the library again.

He found her sitting on the second floor, head in hands as she stared forlornly down at an open textbook. She looked lost and overwhelmed. He almost felt sorry for her.


“I think you’ve got one of my books,” he said softly as he approached her.

“What?” she said, lifting her head, then her eyes narrowed as she saw him. “Oh, it’s you.”

“Yes, it’s me. And you have one of my books.”

She rolled her eyes, then looked through the pile next to her. Spotting the one that wasn’t hers, she pulled it out and offered it to him without even glancing his way.

He stood there.

“Take it, then!” she said, exasperated as she turned to look at him.

“A little graciousness wouldn’t go amiss,” he said. “How about an apology? Would that be so hard? It was you who ran into me. And it was you who ran off with my book, meaning I had to waste my time coming all the way back here to get it.”

“Fuck you.”

He snatched the book out of her hands. “You know, if you weren’t such a bitch – and God knows why, by the way, given that I’ve never done a single thing to piss you off – but if you weren’t such a bitch, I might actually try to help you, since you seem so fucking lost. But here’s a tip, free of charge: Pliny the Elder died at Pompeii, not Pliny the Younger, and that’s pendik escort who our assignment is about. You have them mixed up.”

For a moment she simply stared wordlessly at the book in front of her, her shoulders slowly sagging as realisation dawned on her that he was right. “Shit!” she hissed, suddenly slamming shut the book “Shit! Fucking SHIT!”

He started to turn away, a smug smile on his face, when he felt a hand grab his wrist. Alarmed, he spun back.

“You have to help me, Jake,” Beth said. “I’ve fucked this up. I’ve been researching the wrong fucking Pliny. Why were there two of them?!”

“Because they were related?”

“Fuck you,” she spat. “Don’t be an asshole. I need your help. I don’t have time to write this essay from scratch, but you do. You know it all already; you’re the top fucking student in the class.”

“You want me to write the essay for you? I have to finish my own.”

“No you don’t,” she said. “You’ve finished it. I know you have. You’re just being a nerd and going over it again and again. You could hand it in right now and get top marks.”

Well, she wasn’t wrong. He knew his essay was good, great even, but he was a perfectionist. He wouldn’t stop tweaking it until he had to hand it in.

“Why should I? You’ve been outright nasty to me since the first day we met. Why should I drop everything to save your ass?”

She swallowed, meeting his gaze. She was fighting an inner battle.

“Because I have something you want,” she said at last.

“And what’s that?”

She scoffed. “Like we don’t both know. Me. I have me. And that’s what you want.”

His eyes opened wide. “Are you suggesting…?”

“If you write that essay for me, and I get a passing grade, I will let you fuck me,” she whispered. “Just once. And you will tell nobody.”

“I have a girlfriend, Beth.”

“And I have a boyfriend. Neither of which changes the fact that you fucking want me. You’ve always wanted me. Now’s your chance, Jake, you just have to write that essay.”

“Let me think about it.”

“Nuh-uh,” she said. “It’s now or never. Make up your mind.”

His thoughts were a whirlwind of conflicting desires. He didn’t want to cheat on an essay, certainly not when it wasn’t even his own grades benefitting from the deception. And especially when the person who was benefitting was Beth Holdale, who had been a bitch to him from day one. On top of that, he had a girlfriend. A nice, steady girlfriend who went for coffee with him and sucked his cock.

But on the other hand, he could fuck Beth. Beth, whom he had fantasised over since they’d first met. Maybe it would finally get her out of his system. Maybe not. Either way, the opportunity was too good to pass up.


She sighed. “Good. Send me the essay when you’re done. And remember: don’t tell a fucking soul about this.” Then she scribbled her email address down on a scrap of paper, stood up and walked off.

He watched her go in a light-headed daze. Had that really just happened?

Holy fucking shit.


The next two days were a haze. Jake went to his classes, met with his friends, and finished writing his own essay. And as hard as it was to draw a line under it and leave it alone, he did just that so he could focus on Beth’s.

He’d asked for a few of her earlier essays to gauge her writing style. He wasn’t a master fraudster, but he knew the university computer systems could detect when someone handed in an essay that was completely different to everything else they’d done.

He had to admit, her work was pretty good. Not as good as his, of course, but not bad. In fact, even the essay she’d been writing for the past two weeks on the wrong Pliny was good. It’s just a shame it was completely wasted.

Well, not completely. He was able to harvest plenty of useful sentences and phrases from it to keep the new essay consistent with her style. He worked all night, until at last, at 5am the morning the essay was due, he was finished.

It was good. Not the very best, but that would be suspicious too. Just good, in line with her other work. He emailed it to her, then stumbled to his bed and passed out.

The next couple of days were even worse, if that was possible. Not only was he worried about being caught, he was also worried about whether she would pass. If she failed, maybe she’d spill the beans that he’d been the one to write it, and then they’d both be kicked out. And even worse, perhaps, he’d lose the chance to fuck her.

So it was with great relief that he opened his email three days later to find a missive from the tutor congratulating the entire class for passing the assignment. Everyone had passed. Everyone. That included Beth.

He sat there a moment, contemplating what this meant. Then with nervous fingers, he typed up a brief email and sent it on to Beth

“Looks like you passed, ” it read. “So when do you pay me back?”

He didn’t hear from her until the next morning. He woke up to a blinking light on his phone, and maltepe escort fumbled with it in his hurry to read the email.

“Tonight. Grace is taking Eric out to the movies. I’ll come to your apartment. Don’t tell anyone about this.”

He sucked down a shaky breath, then grinned. He quickly tapped out a message, cancelling his pre-arranged date with Karen, saying he had to work on an assignment. She sent a sad message back, but said she understood.

He didn’t even feel guilty.


By the time evening rolled around, he was a ball of nervous anticipation. Well, that and horniness. He’d bought a bottle of expensive red wine and two glasses, setting them out on the table. He even lit a candle.

When the door knocked, he was ready to burst. He swung it open and his breath caught. Beth was standing there in a long brown overcoat, her brows furrowed. She did her best to force a smile.

“Let’s get this over with,” she said, stepping past him into the apartment. “Oh God, you’ve lit fucking candles. This isn’t a fucking date.”

He shut the door. “I can still try to set the mood.”

“What mood?” she said, shrugging off her coat and helping herself to a glass of wine. Beneath the coat she was wearing a blue, off-the-shoulder top and tight black pants with brown leather ankle boots. The clothes did little to hide her sublime figure.

“There’s nothing romantic about this,” she continued, plainly ignoring his lascivious gaze. “We’ll get naked, you’ll give me your best thirty second performance, and then we’ll be even and we’ll never speak of this again. Afterwards, I’ll go home, I’ll turn on the shower, and I’ll stand in it for three hours whilst I try to scrub off this stinging sense of regret.”

He smirked. If she was hoping for a half-minute pump and spunk, she was going to be disappointed. Jake was not a hormonal teenager. He could last. He was going to make this count.

“I’m sorry, I didn’t catch that,” he said as he got his own glass of wine. “I was staring at your tits. I hope you wore some nice underwear; I’m looking forward to peeling it off.”

“Fuck you.”

“You love that phrase, don’t you?” he said. “I wonder if you’ll be able to say it with my cock in your mouth.”

“Fuck. You. No blowjobs.”

“No way,” he said. “I didn’t write you half an essay. I wrote the entire fucking thing, conclusion and all. So I want the same commitment from you. Sex is not just penetration, Beth – the foreplay is half the fun. And you agreed to it.”

“We can call this off right now,” she said angrily, gesturing towards the door. “I can walk right out of here.”

“Yeh, and I can anonymously contact the Dean to let him know you cheated.”

“You’d be bringing yourself down, too.”

“No I wouldn’t. There’s nothing to trace that essay back to me.”

She glared at him. “There’s the emails, dumbass.”

“Emails from an account that isn’t mine. Do you think I’d be stupid enough to link it back to me? I had to cover myself in case you were enough of an idiot to get caught.”

She stopped and stared for a while, then knocked back the rest of her wine. She poured herself another glass. “At least the wine is nice,” she murmured.

He drained his own glass then stepped towards her. “Listen, Beth. You agreed to this. It’s going to happen. And you can enjoy it if you let yourself. I’m a good-looking guy, and I’m in great shape. This won’t be a chore if you allow yourself to have fun.”

“Fuck you.”

That was it. That was the switch. He set down his glass, then grabbed hers and slammed it on the table. It was a miracle it didn’t break. She looked a little stunned.

Until he kissed her.

And amazingly, after a couple of moments she started to kiss back. Perhaps it was the wine loosening her up, perhaps she was trying to hurry things along, or perhaps she really was looking forward to this a tiny bit. Maybe it was a combination of all three.

Whatever the reason, his hands were soon exploring her body, and he noticed with delight that she was doing the same. He broke the kiss, blowing out the candle and guiding her to his room. She moved to sit on the bed and bit her lower lip, her cheeks slightly flushed with arousal.

Moments later he joined her on the bed, and they resumed making out. As their tongues duelled, he reached for her top, sliding it up her body. She lifted her arms and grabbed it, pulling it over her head in one smooth motion and throwing it away.

His breath caught at the sight of her lacy blue bra beneath. It seemed she’d dressed up for him after all.

“Nice bra,” he said.

“Fuck you.”

“That’s the plan,” he winked, then tugged her down for another kiss. She did not resist, instead kissing him back.

He reached for his shirt, tugging it off to reveal his toned chest. And despite her earlier protestations about how she wouldn’t enjoy this, her breath nonetheless caught in her throat. He could tell she liked what she saw. She bit her lower lip again.

He reached down, kartal escort undoing the buckle on his pants and opening them up, then pushing them down his legs, taking his boxer shorts with them. His cock was freed and stood proud, already hard and ready. He noticed Beth’s eyes on it. She looked a little nervous, like seeing his dick really drove home what was about to happen.

“It’s all yours,” he said, gesturing to his pole.

She glared at him, then knelt upright, undoing her own pants and sliding them off. Beneath she was wearing blue panties that matched her bra. She’d clearly made an effort. She reached for her panties and he stopped her.

“Nope, blowjob first,” he said.

“I hoped you’d forgotten,” she sighed, instead moving to hunch over his waist.

She brushed her red hair back over one ear, then leant down to capture his tip between her lips. Slowly she worked herself lower until the head of his cock was within her warm mouth, where she swirled her tongue upon it.

He groaned, reaching out to place a hand on the small of her back. She looked so good in her pretty blue underwear, his cock in her mouth.

Then she started to bob her head. It felt amazing, particularly as she started to kiss up and down his sides. The girl really knew how to give head.

But not once did she make eye contact. She worked his pole fantastically, but she did not gaze up at him. That was a shame, but hardly unexpected. He wasn’t going to bring things to a stop because of it.

Soon she was working hard, bobbing her head on his tip whilst her fist pumped on his saliva-soaked pole. His balls twitched, and he knew it was too much. She was an expert. God, her boyfriend was the luckiest man alive to be treated to blowjobs like this. Jake knew if he left Beth to it then he would blow his load in her mouth.

Which, he realised, was exactly what she wanted. It would bring things to an early finish; she wouldn’t even have to take off her underwear. And though cumming in her mouth would feel amazing, he wasn’t ready to let things end so quickly.

He reached down, guiding her head from his dick, noticing her scowl as he did so.

“Nice try, but we’re going to fuck,” he whispered, angling her head towards him and kissing her. She did not resist, but she did not kiss back particularly passionately either.

So instead he broke the kiss, flipping Beth onto her back and kneeling between her legs. For a moment he simply drank in the sight of her, but before long he wanted more. He instructed her to take off her bra and she did so, her 32C breasts spilling free from the pretty blue garment as she dropped it over the side of the bed.

He leaned down, immediately sucking one of her nipples into his mouth, lavishing those perfect tits with the attention they deserved. Beth moaned softly, then stopped immediately when she caught herself. Still, she’d done the damage; he knew she liked it.

For a short while he stayed that way until at last he started to kiss lower. He reached her waist, where he hooked his fingers beneath her panties and slid them down her legs. Then he kissed her stomach and started to trace his tongue lower.

“No,” she said, reaching out to grab his head. He ignored her, continuing his journey until he pushed her thighs apart and pressed his tongue against her folds.

Her eyes rolled back and she whimpered in pleasure, her hands dropping to the sheets. He chuckled, starting to explore her folds with his tongue.

After a moment or two she composed herself, staring down at him again and repeating her earlier command.

“No. I don’t want you to go down on me,” she said.

He lifted his head and smiled. “But I need to warm you up, don’t I? I’m sure you don’t want the sex to hurt.”

She glared at him, realising the sense in what he was saying, then sighed. “Fine, but only to warm me up. Don’t try to make me cum. I don’t want to.”

Jake grinned. That was an instruction he was definitely going to ignore; making Beth cum had been a fantasy of his since he’d first laid eyes on her. He wasn’t going to pass up the opportunity.

He returned to his work, his tongue finding her folds once more, exploring her most private areas. He probed her entrance, teasing the hole, enjoying the way it made her moan.

He did this for a few minutes, alternating between teasing her entrance and exploring her folds, before he moved upwards until he found her clit. He encircled it, beginning to tease the sensitive bud, enjoying the sharp intake of breath his attention caused.

Jake knew he was having the desired effect. She shivered slightly, her nipples rock hard.

“Ok, stop,” she breathed half-heartedly. “Stop now.”

He did not. His tongue carried on its slow, methodic swirl.

“No, don’t make me cum. You don’t have my permission to make me cum!”

She tried to pull away but Jake would not let her. Wrapping his arms around her, he tugged her back towards him, back onto his face.

“No… Jake… please…” she whimpered, trying to pull away again. Once more he held her steadfastly in place, his lips and tongue remaining clamped to her pussy.

Her thighs were clenching around his head, her body quivering. She stopped protesting, instead sucking down deep breaths of air.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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