The Bedchamber

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Lawrence led me into his bedchamber, decked with a glowing fish tank that took up an entire wall. I watched the exotic fish swimming in swirls around the coral within the tank. An eel lazily glided among them. The blue glow dimly illuminated the room.

Lawrence crept up behind me and wrapped his arms around me. He wetly began sucking on the juncture between my neck and shoulder. I slowly breathed in and out, hoping to control my rapidly increasing desire. My breath hitched as Lawrence’s hands slid under my shirt and firmly squeezed the globes of my breasts. The fabric of my bra rubbed against my hardening nipples and I never wanted him to stop.

I began rubbing my ass against his crotch and was happy to feel his dick growing. Soon it was poking between my thighs. I wrapped an arm behind me and gently squeezed his ass as I let out a low moan.

Lawrence’s hands rubbed down my sides and curved around my hips to the front of my pants. He undid the clasp and slowly lowered the zipper. Lawrence roughly shoved my pants down and glided his hands up the back of my thighs to my round cheeks. He spanked them firmly, causing a slight sting and a lot of pleasure.

I bent over at the waist pendik escort and ground my crotch into Lawrence’s pants. He let out a rough “Oh!” and started dry fucking the hell out of me. The rasp of his pants slid against my pleasure button in a wonderful way. Soon my juices liberally coated his crotch.

Lawrence shoved me away, muttering, “Not yet… Not yet…” He walked over to a side cabinet and opened it so that the door was blocking my view of what was within it. I watched him pull out a peacock feather and a jar of vegetable oil. Dear God, what was he up to?

I tried straightening, but Lawrence kept me bent over. He started tickling the backs of my thighs with the peacock feather. He would slowly drag the peacock feather up one thigh, swirl it around my ass cheek, tickle it between my crack, go around the other ass check then down the other thigh. Each time he would drag the peacock feather over my sensitive flesh he would creep it closer and closer to the inside of my thighs. Soon I felt the barest of brushes against my pleasure box.

Lawrence dropped the peacock feather and uncapped the vegetable oil. He poured the oily liquid over my back, firmly rubbing it in with his maltepe escort hands. His coated hands slid under my bra and started coating my breasts with the rapidly warming liquid. I started pushing my breasts into his hands, nearly losing all control as he pinched my oily nipples.

I straightened up and took off my bra, turning around to face Lawrence. Lawrence ripped off his shirt and pushed down his pants and I started rubbing my body against him. His chest got coated with the vegetable oil, easing any unpleasant friction between us. He grabbed the sides of my head with his hands and forcefully started kissing me. Lots of tongue, just the way I liked it.

Lawrence picked me up and I wrapped my legs around his waist. He walked over to his bed and let me go, and I fell on his satin sheets. He unwrapped my legs from his waist and went back to the mysterious cabinet. “What could he be pulling out now?” I wondered.

Lawrence walked back to me with the most curious vibrator I had ever seen. A miniature Zeus with an enormous cock looked at me with a saucy grin on his face. Lawrence let out a diabolical chuckle and spread my legs as far as they would go. Oh dear Lord, will kartal escort it fit in me?

Zeus’s penis rubbed against my slit, barely giving it enough pressure to enter my pleasure hole. I bucked my hips wildly, but Lawrence wouldn’t satisfy my needs.

“Please Lawrence!” I begged, “Oh please!”

The mysterious cavern of pleasure had yet to be filled. Lawrence slowly started pushing Zeus’s cock in, only to retreat at the barest sign of ecstasy from me. My gyrating hips had no control over how deeply my cavern of earthly delights could be penetrated.

Slowly yet surely Lawrence let Zeus overtake me more and more. Soon Zeus’s cock was fully gliding in and out of me. With one last thrust, Zeus impaled me fully.

I started bucking my hips in earnest. My inner walls began to tingle as Lawrence turned Zeus’s magical penis on and it began to vibrate. Slowly it vibrated at first, then faster and faster. My senses were overwhelmed with this Zeus statue and the smell of hyacinths in the air.

Just as I was on the brink of coming, Lawrence had Zeus’s vibrating shaft exit my body. I whimpered, only to have my canal filled with Lawrence’s cock. He draped my legs over his shoulders and started fucking me in earnest. The rhythmic pounding of my box got to both of us. Soon my inner walls started clenching and I felt Lawrence’s load empty into me. I was filled to the brim with his sweet liquid.

Damn that was an awesome fuck!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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