The conversion 6

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The conversion 6
Please read the prior posts on this story, this is the final installment!
We finally got back from the beach. Juan pulled in right behind us in his scooter. I told Maria I had invited him to have a beer. She nodded with a hint of suspicion in her eyes. I told her to go shower (we were all still a bit sandy) and Juan and I uncorked a beer.
She complied, and we watched her disappear into the backyard. Moments later I heard the water from the hose.
I asked Juan:
-so, do you dig Maria?
-Man, the old lady has some curves! I’d do her!
-Well, if you want to do her, today’s your lucky day. You don’t mind if we double-team her, right?
His eyes seemed ready to pop at the thought of fucking Maria today
-Of course not bro…
-Ok, strip naked and follow me.
I took off my t-shirt and my swim trunks. Juan could not believe I was for real.
-Come on bro..!
He took off his shirt, and hesitated a moment with his trunks. I figured he probably had not done a MFM yet. He took them off, revealing a long, thin, uncircumcised penis.
We walked naked to the backdoor and entered the backyard.
Maria was naked, rinsing shampoo from her hair. Seeing Juan, she instinctively put a hand over her crotch; the other was holding the hose, but she still put her against her breasts in a futile attempt to cover them.
-Hey Maria, give us a rinse too! I said, standing next to her. Juan followed me, his semi-erect penis bouncing side to side on his thighs as he walked.
She mumbled some sort of half-baked, fabricated outrage about what was happening to Juan, but I don’t think even her thought she sounded credible. I gave her a good slap on her butt and let my hand linger.
-Rinse poor Juan first.
Juan stood in front of her on the slab, his penis canlı bahis siteleri in the last stages of a full erection. It was quite a long penis, probably nine to nine and a half inches, but skinny as his owner. The glans emerged from the prepuce, completing the erection. Maria sprayed him with water as he turned around, then, grabbing the soap, began to run it over his body. I had her well-trained. He had a slight shiver as she grabbed his penis in her hand, firmly, and ran the soap over it and on his balls, stroking it hard up and down a few times, surely impressed by the length. She evidently compared it to my eight-incher, which was, however, much thicker. She crouched and soaped his legs up, and looked at me. I nodded.
Leaving the soap on its stand, she crouched again, and, holding Juan’s now squeaky clean penis by the root, put the glans in her mouth.
Juan could not believe what was going on. Maria wrapped both of her hands on his dick, and continued to suck on the head. He moaned. I rinsed myself with the soap and lathered myself while my friend enjoyed the blowjob. Watching them gave me a complete erection, and I commanded Maria’s attention. She obliged, and turning slightly, grabbed my penis. We stood closer, and she alternatively sucked our dicks.
I suggested we move to a bedroom for further action. We took a towel and quickly dried ourselves. We got into Maria’s room, and she turned to me for direction. I told her to get on her bed in all fours, and continue fellating my friend.
Juan stood on the side of the bed, as Maria directed her head to his penis. He bent over as she sucked, and fondled her gigantic tits with a look of pleasure and disbelief. I kneeled on the bed behind Maria, tested perabet her cunt for wetness with my hand, and, finding it satisfactory, slid my dick in her pussy. She whimpered as I pushed.
We quickly got into a rhythm. I pushed hard all the way into Maria, my balls slapping against her pubes and my thighs sending huge rippling waves across her huge, round buttocks. This would in turn push her towards Juan, increasing the depth of penetration into her mouth. She tried to steady herself against this by holding one hand against Juan’s abs. Realizing what was going on, I told her:
-No, no, no. You are going to let it go deep, bitch.
She put her hand down and again stood in all fours. Juan understood, and took her by the head, pushing the head into her throat. Maria seemed resigned to just drool and let it go deep.
Juan was near orgasm. Perhaps to be nice to Maria, he pulled his dick out, and with a loud moan, held his dick and ejaculated on the huge, pendulous sacks of flesh right below Maria’s face. The semen formed white streams and dripped off the nipple into the bed. I continued and, to give my friend the pleasure of a clean cunt, also ejaculated outside, all over Maria’s buttocks and back.
To add variety, I had Maria lie on her back. Juan, rapidly regaining his erection, penetrated her missionary style, while I dangled my dick and ball sack over Maria’s face for her to suck and lick. I penetrated her mouth, and quickly enjoyed the sight of it bulging into her throat, of her saliva drooling out of her mouth, and her look of alternating anxiety and pleasure. Her large breasts now rippled back and forth across her body, slapping her on her chin. The scene made me so horny, I quickly ejaculated in her mouth. She perabet giriş choked and coughed, streams of semen coming out of her mouth and dripping down her cheeks.
Juan furiously hammered Maria, and soon pulled out and shot another, still large load on her belly.
We gave her a minute to clean herself up, as she had four loads of cum splashed all over her face, tits, ass and back.
Both Juan and I were limp, but after giving Maria a good fondling, we quickly regained our erections. I took the tub of Vaseline I had left weeks before on Maria’s bedside table, and which now was half-empty, and offered it to Juan.
-You want to lube up for this one.
I smiled, and Juan could not believe it. He took a good dab and slathered it on his penis. I lied on the bed, and had Maria sit on top of me. I slid my dick inside her vagina, and, pulling her huge butt cheeks aside, revealed her anus to Juan. It had already been thoroughly trained, and she could routinely handle my girth now, so extensive preparations were not needed. The sphincter obediently yielded to Juan’s glans.
Maria was a champion broad with a wide pelvis, but even for her, the presence of my thick penis in her vagina and Juan’s in her rectum gave her intense sensations. She anxiously whimpered as Juan continued to slide his penis deeper and deeper. Once about five or six inches were in, he cautiously began to pump her. I pushed up and down too, and soon we found a rhythm, one penis in, the other out. I felt Juan’s dick through Maria’s tissues, adding to the stimulation. She whimpered ayy….ayyy… ayy dio mio…ayy dio…! as we pumped her. I squeezed her breasts hard as she continued to get the pounding of her life.
Juan and I ejaculated nearly at the same time, filling her holes with our cum. We pulled out and observed the spectacle of her open anus, cum dripping out.
Poor Maria excused herself to wash up once again.
I turned and told him.
-I will be leaving in a week back for home. She’s all yours now!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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