The making of my wife, the cuckquean, part 3

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The making of my wife, the cuckquean, part 3
With my sexy naked wife seated on the edge of the bed, I took Mia by the hand around to where my wife was and had Mia kneel on the floor beside my wife’s legs. I took my wife’s chin in my hand and lifted her face to look directly into her eyes.

“Take my cock into your hand….” I said to my wife, “and offer it, your husbands very hard cock, to our new friend.”

The look on my wife’s face was pure lust combined with a bit of nervousness. She slowly reached for my cock, now sticking straight out in front of me and then held it toward Mia’s face. Mia smiled up at both of us and then opened her bright red lips and greedily engulfed my entire length into her wanton mouth. My wife just started intently, once she moved her hand out of the way. Mia was a real cocksucker and was really putting on a show for my wife.

“Oh God, Mia” I moaned, “You are amazing at this…. isn’t she something?” I asked my wife.

“yea…, she is” I heard my bahis siteleri wife reply softly.

Baby” I replied, “Cup my balls and feel how full I am right now.”

My wife did nothing but stare so I tapped her on the head.

“I was talking to you, Baby” I repeated myself. “Take my balls into your hand as Mia sucks me…. sucks my cock right in front of you.”

My wife reached her hand up and gently cupped my balls. I figured that this act would solidify her place in this new triangle. As my wife held my balls, I saw her pussy moisten even more.

“That’s enough, Mia” I said, as I pulled my cock from Mia’s hungry mouth. “I want to save the good stuff for later.”

My wife smiled, thinking that I was confirming that I would not come inside our new friend, but little did she know, I had other plans.

“Sit back and lean against the headboard” I directed my wife, “and spread your legs. Use pillows to prop yourself up.”

My wife did as she was told and her very aroused pussy casino şirketleri was now on display. Mia was still holding my cock yet gazing at my wife’s wet pussy.

“Mmmm” I said, “Looks like you’d like some of my wife as well?”

“Yes, certainly” Mia replied, “and it looks like she wants some of all of this.” Mia added, giving my cock a squeeze.

“If you’d like to taste my wife” I said to Mia, “Then you should do so.”

Mia released my cock and knelt down between my wife’s beautiful thighs. Just as she took her first long, slow lap at my wife’s moist folds, I added:

“Just make certain to NOT make her to cum.” I ordered, “she has to wait until AFTER you and I are finished.”

“Mmmmm” Mia replied, “You ARE a nasty one, aren’t you?”

As Mia leaned in and lapped at my wife’s dripping pussy, I replied:

“You have no idea…” I said, “In Fact, NEITHER of you have any idea.”

As Mia lapped at my wife’s center, I leaned down and took a long slow lap at Mia’s puffy opening. casino firmalari She tasted so hot and she wiggled her ass as my tongue probed her wet folds. Mia was totally smooth and I could NOT resist rimming her sexy asshole. I did so with wild abandon and heard her moaning into my wife’s pussy. I then heard the tell-tale signs that my wife was close so I stopped licking Mia and pulled her up and away from my wife’s body.

“She almost came” I said to Mia, “and we simply cannot allow that.” as I gave my wife a devious wink.

“Lay down” I instructed Mia, “on your back, against my wife’s torso.”

Mia did as I told her and then I turned to my wife.

“You, my dear” I said with a smile, “are going to hold our new friend as I have my way with her…. and I don’t care HOW hot it looks or how much Mia grinds against your pussy, you are NOT permitted to cum. Do you understand?”

My wife nodded.

“Just watch” I continued, “grab her tits, squeeze her nipples, hold her legs open… but just watch how I use this young, hot body for MY pleasure and HERS. Then, and only then, will you be permitted to get what you want!”

Mia sighed at hearing what was about to happen… my wife simply whimpered.

To Be Continued…

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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