The Mom Next Door Ch. 06

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Paige Rogers was best known nowadays as CEO and spokeswoman for Nutragenex Weight Loss, but to Tom Jacobs she’d always be “Joey Fairweather,” the ditzy heiress she’d played decades ago on the hit sitcom Fairweather Friends.

Her character’s role on the show had consisted mainly of wearing as little as possible while delivering comically doe-eyed takes in reaction to the double-entendre punchlines of her many would-be suitors.

Her role in the life of adolescent Tom Jacobs had been providing prime jack-off fuel for half an hour every Thursday evening at 8:00 PM. He’d had her iconic swimsuit poster on his bedroom wall, and the issue of Playboy featuring her pre-fame layout stashed between a couple of X-Factors in a comic bin.

So, to find himself this morning in one of his own hotel’s luxury suites with Paige lying between his legs sucking his cock was the stuff of fantasy. Those blue eyes that had stared so vacuously at her co-stars on a 21-inch screen now blazed with lust as she devoted herself single-mindedly to pleasuring his prick.

For a woman in her mid-fifties, Paige was remarkably trim and youthful. It was evident up close that her age-defying sex appeal resulted more from the skill of Beverly Hills surgeons than from her own branded fitness products, but Tom really didn’t care. Those pouting lips might be plumped up with collagen but they were still warm and supple and knew their way around a dick.

“This is not the deal that we always had with Milt,” Paige’s daughter Lauren declared. She sat at the room’s small writing desk, nude other than for her black-rimmed Dolce his prick was buried all the way up Paige’s wildly flexing ass tunnel and it felt good.

“Look at you, all stuffed with cock,” Lauren whispered to her mother. “Just like you always want to be. And yet, you must feel so…so empty.” She gently traced the vibrating head of the vibrator over Paige’s vulva and around the lust-swollen lips of her open, exposed pussy. Then she slowly inserted part of it into Paige’s cunt.

Paige groaned?a wordless, illegal bahis animal sound issuing from deep in her belly. The head of the Hitachi was at least the size of a billiard ball. Tom couldn’t imagine what it must be like to have the huge toy buzzing away as it entered her. Lauren, of course, knew exactly what her mother was experiencing?there was nothing else quite like it, and in Lauren’s opinion, no human male could compare.

Paige Rogers’ awareness contracted to that tiny zone of sensation within her where one of her sex holes was stretched to the limit by a hard throbbing cock while the other welcomed the familiar, beloved plastic invader that her daughter wielded so magically. Paige inhabited a universe of nothing but sexual pleasure.

Until now, Lauren had used the wand on its lowest setting. When the vibrating head was completely embedded in Paige’s pussy, she rapidly stepped it up to its highest intensity.

“Aiiiieeee!” Paige’s orgasm exploded. She screamed like a banshee, her asshole dilating and contracting spastically around Tom’s cock. His ball sack swelled and tightened up. He couldn’t help moving now, withdrawing his prick a few inches and pushing back into her ass.

Lauren saw that he was about to come. She reached down and gripped his balls hard enough to hurt. “Don’t!” she commanded.

“Ouch!” Tom yelped. “What the fuck?!”

“Don’t come in her ass. Pull out!” Lauren released his balls, clamped her hand around the base of his cock and squeezed, dragging him back from the brink. His prick slid out of Paige’s ass with a wet sucking sound. She collapsed onto the sweat-drenched bedsheets, heaving and gasping like a landed fish on a boat floor.

Lauren pushed her mother to one side and lay back on the bed pillows with her legs lifted high and wide, toes pointed at the ceiling. Her snug little pink pussy pointed right at Tom. “Gimme that load, man!”

Tom threw himself atop Lauren and slammed his cock deep into her cunt with one brutal thrust. She growled and pulled him tight against her. Locking her illegal bahis siteleri ankles behind his thighs, she pushed the furiously buzzing vibrator up between his legs, right behind his balls. He climaxed instantly, his pistoning cock pumping streams of hot semen far up into her fuck tunnel.

“Jeeeesus!” Tom collapsed onto Lauren. Her arms snaked around his shoulders as she briefly pressed her open mouth to his, before briskly slapping his ass and shoving him off of her.

“You should get right to work fixing those contracts,” she pointed out.

“Yes, Ma’am. Right away.” Guess I’ve been dismissed, Tom thought. Lauren was apparently not the cuddling type. As he dressed he watched Lauren sit straight up in bed and open her legs like a gymnast doing a center split. She held her pussy lips apart with her slender index fingers. A thick, pearly stream of jism poured out of her cunt.

“Look here, Mother. Mr. Jacobs filled me with quite a lot of jizz, don’t you think?” She swirled a finger inside of her pussy to coat it with the slippery stuff, then brought it to her mouth and licked it clean. “So yummy. Want some?” She crooked her finger at Paige, who lay staring at her daughter’s dribbling cunt through glazed eyes.

Paige lifted herself up on her elbows and crept across the bed. She sealed her lips around Lauren’s slit like a starving woman. Lauren closed her eyes and relaxed against the leather headboard of the bed. She stroked her mother’s head as if petting a dog. “Good girl. That’s it…get it all, yeah. Clean me up…don’t neglect my clitty, hmm?”

“She’ll do anything for you, won’t she?”

“Naturally. I’m her daughter.”


“What’s eating you, Boss?” Amber prodded. Tom looked across the desk at her.

“I’m sorry…what?”

They were sitting in his office, finalizing plans for the upcoming National Conference of Televangelists meeting. Staffing was a challenge during the summer months, with the teenaged employees always wanting time off for some road trip, or a family vacation, or whatever. canlı bahis siteleri Tom would have expected that at most locations, but here in Greenleaf it surprised him. What was going on at Summerset Island that was better than this place?

“You’ve been brooding all afternoon,” Amber pointed out. “You spent the morning with Paige Goddamned Rogers. I’ve seen guys younger than either of us come out of meetings with her looking like they needed a month in a rest home, but they never look like they were headed for a funeral. Celebrity tail’s one of the perks of working here, after all.” She leaned forward conspiratorially. “How was she? Don’t tell me you were disappointed.”

“She was…amazing. Her daughter?I mean, it was…The meeting went real well, thanks.”

“‘Real well.’ Nice. I sure couldn’t tell by your face. So what else is on your mind?”

“I screwed up the contract,” Tom confessed. “I just copied everything from last year’s records and revised the dates. Turned out the numbers were all wrong. We discount to groups that commit to buying out the hotel.”

“Sure, of course,” Amber confirmed.

“Stewart didn’t log in the rates that way. He always showed everyone as paying full price. He even charged premiums, in some cases.”

“That’s not right.”

“No, and that’s only half of it.” He showed Amber a spreadsheet on his laptop. “See, including Nutragenex we’re booked well into next spring, but we’re still running ten percent short of what Oakmore was doing under Stewart. So after lunch, I browsed the files. Have you looked at the expenses and extras for the Randolph wedding last season? Ridiculous.”

“That was quite the extravagant affair.”

“It looks like a Kardashian got hitched here.” Tom snorted. “Did the wedding party ride in on bejeweled elephants or something?”

Amber couldn’t suppress a smile. “Not that I recall, no. Trust me, the mighty Randolphs would have raised hell if we’d overcharged them a farthing. So…it doesn’t look like Milt was ripping off the guests, and he wasn’t stealing from the corporation. He must have been putting money into the accounts from somewhere else to cover the difference.”

“It has to be some sort of money laundering,” Tom agreed. “We need to get a forensic accountant in here to figure this all out.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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