The Other Graduation Present

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It was late evening as Stacey and Mark sat up in bed. Each held the magazine of choice, doing a little bedtime reading. Mark was intently interested in an article in his Sports Illustrated. Baseball season was in full swing. The Cubbies looked like they might actually have a decent season this year.

Yet, Stacey barely looked at the pictures of her Women’s Day. Stacey stopped and looked at an ad for Dr. Scholl’s. A teenager held a pair of sneakers, supposedly smelly. Mom was handing him the Dr. Scholl’s. It wasn’t the Dr. Scholl’s that interested her. It was the interaction between mother and son. She knew they were just actors/models. But she could sense, or at least imagine, the interaction. Maybe, she told herself, it was more than just fantasy. She thought back to that wonderful night with her son. Cuddled up nude against him, basking in the after-sex glow as she drifted off to sleep in the hotel bed they shared.

She turned the corner of her mouth up, the side away from Mark, as she thought about John coming home from college in a month. He’d been in college for two years, coming home only on breaks and over the summer. And although he was no longer lustfully pursuing his mother, he did oblige her. Stacey still felt eager for him and John dutifully serviced his mother in the ways she had taught him. Which brought Stacey back to the task at hand. She sighed as the corner of her mouth dropped to a half frown. She set her magazine on the nightstand and turned toward Mark. Stacey placed her hand on his thigh.

“Susan will be graduating next month. Have you thought about what we should get her?” Stacey asked her husband.

Mark knew Stacey well enough to know that a “talk” was about to occur. So he set his magazine face down on his chest to keep his place. “I’ve been looking around at used cars. It’s what I got John when he graduated high school. I figure it’s only fair. Are you going to take her out to dinner like you did with John? Or, are you getting her something else?”

“John liked having dinner with me,” Stacey defended without telling him that it wasn’t just the dinner that John liked. “Actually, I was thinking that maybe with Susan, I would get her the car and you could take her to dinner. It would help your relationship with your daughter if you spent some special time with her. Just the two of you.” By now, Stacey had moved her hand to her husband’s underwear, just holding him from the outside.

When it came to the kids, Mark often deferred to Stacey’s wishes. He figured her maternal instincts were better than his hunter/gatherer instincts when it came to raising children. Mark let out a sigh. “Well, okay. But I want to help pick out the car.” Mark wanted to be sure it would be a practical car, and big enough to protect his daughter in the inevitable, teenage accident. “Although it’s hard to believe that John really liked the dinner. I mean, like any teenager, I know he likes food, any food. You could have taken him to McDonald’s and he would have been just as happy.” As he felt Stacey softly stroking him, he remembered something else that had surprised him about that night two years ago, “And, I have no idea how the two of you sharing a room worked out.”

“It was okay. John was very good and respectful of his mother.” Stacey reached into the fly of Mark’s underwear and pulled out his cock. A little difficult because it was getting hard, Stacey wrapped her fingers around him and slowly jacked him off.

Knowing that sex was going to happen after this “talk”, Mark folded his magazine back and tossed it aside. Then he rolled over to face Stacey. He slipped his hand down her panties as he asked, “So just what did the two of talk about?” Stacey bent her knee to lift her leg so he had easier access to her. Mark was beginning to think he didn’t get the full story two years ago.

“Well… We talked about sex,” was Stacey’s matter of fact reply. Stacey rubbed Mark’s cock faster as her own arousal increased. Mark could bring her to orgasm quickly with his fingers.

“You mean he wasn’t embarrassed to talk about sex with his mother?” Mark asked, somewhat incredulously.

Stacey didn’t answer. Instead, she let the orgasm flow through her. When she caught her breath, she explained. “He was at first. But we were both drinking quite a bit. And actually, it was more like sex-education. Sure, he learned the biology in school. But what I taught him was how to make love to a woman. Which is what you need to teach Susan.”

“What? How to make love to another woman? We already know she knows how to screw her little boyfriends,” Mark retorted.

Mark was referring to the time he and Stacey came home early one evening. Mark’s wrath was directed at her then current boyfriend. Susan quickly ran to her room. But, the glimpse of Susan’s brunette patch, her firm little titties barely jiggling, didn’t escape his notice either.

“No, silly. But she does need to learn how to please a man. She needs to know how to satisfy and please a man. Sure, she’s mersin escort played around with little boys. But what about the things that count?” Stacey paused long enough to throw her leg over Mark. “You need to teach her how to make a man feel alive, while thinking it was all his doing.” She sat up, straddling him. “Kind of like when I showed John what it was like to have the woman on top.”

Mark looked up at his wife as she reached under her nightgown and guided his cock in. He reached up and cupped his wife’s breasts as Stacey started rocking up and down on him. So, Stacey didn’t just talk about sex, she taught John about sex. She showed him what it was like to have the woman on top. Showed him?!? They didn’t just share a room. They shared the same bed. They fucked each other. Mark blew his load at the realization.

Stacey noticed the light bulb go on in Mark’s head. She lay down on top of him, leaving his cock in her to keep the cum from oozing out just yet. She decided to play it up a little more. “One thing that he must have gotten from you, he held my titties pretty much the same way as I fucked him. Of course, I did have to teach him just how to pinch and twist them so that they didn’t hurt. So that it pleasured a woman rather than cause pain. That’s what you need to teach Susan. How to truly make love to a man.”

“You fucked John? And now, you want me to fuck Susan? No, I don’t think so.”

“Why not? Yes, I fucked John. And to tell you the truth,” Stacey leaned down close to Mark’s face. “I can’t wait for him to come home for summer break so I can fuck him again. Just like we do every time he’s home.” Then she kissed him, holding the kiss for a few seconds to delay any protest. Stacey also rocked her hips, letting his semi-soft cock fuck her pussy a little more. It was just for emphasis, letting Mark know that she had, and would again, fuck their son.

When Stacey released the kiss, Mark asked her, “So, you’ve been fucking our son and you’re proud of it?”

“I’m proud of the fact that he finds me attractive enough to fuck me. I’m proud of the fact that I taught him to be a good lover. I’m proud of the fact that when he’s away at college with some girl, he’s making her a very, very happy woman.” Stacey unconsciously smiled slyly. “Can you say the same thing about Susan?”

“No. And I don’t expect to.” Mark rolled Stacey over, and then himself on top of her. Some how, his dick regained its stiffness. He slid it in her. “You on the other hand, I can fuck.”

Stacey hooked the heels of her feet on Mark’s ass and pulled his ass tighter between her legs. She wrapped her arms around him. “Admit it. She’s beautiful, young, slender. And some of the outfits she wears are sexy as all hell. You mean that when you’re sitting in your chair with the newspaper covering you lap that you’re not hiding a hard on for her and her friends?” Stacey knew the thought of their daughter was going through his head, at least the smaller head. For the first time in years, Mark was hard again after sex.

Even Mark was surprised by the hard on he had. He pumped Stacey’s pussy slowly, letting his dick get harder. Looking down at his wife, he thought of her having sex with John, their son. He thought of her suggestion that he have sex with Susan, their daughter. She could be pretty sexy sometimes…

“That’s it, Mark. Fuck me. Fuck me like you’re going to fuck Susan. Give me your cock again. Fuck me one more time, for Susan.” Stacey pulled him tighter to her, roughly rubbing his back as she tried to coax him into fucking her.

It didn’t take a lot of coaxing. All it really took was for Mark to close his eyes and imagine Susan beneath him. He heard Stacey’s moans of pleasure as she came, but to Mark’s ears, it was his daughter Susan that begged him to faster, harder, and deeper. It felt to him that it was Susan’s pussy that he filled with a second load of cum.

+ + +

“Come on, Susan. Let’s go for a short walk.” Stacey suggested to Susan.

“Aww, Mom. Can’t we just drive to where ever we’re going?” Susan complained.

“It’s not that damn far. Grab your purse and let’s go.” Stacey commanded.

Susan grudgingly went to her room to get her purse as Stacey picked up her own. Mark was in his chair, with his newspaper. He looked up at Stacey and Stacey winked at him. Mark lifted the paper just enough to show that he did have a hard on. This was going to be Stacey’s present to Susan. He already had made reservations for his present to Susan.

“Just where the hell are we going anyway, Mom?” Susan asked.

“You’ll see…” was all Stacey would offer.

They left the house and turned down the street. About two houses down, Stacey walked up to the passenger side of a car parked on the street. Stacey reached into her purse and took out a set of keys. Tossing them to Susan, “Here, why don’t you drive?”

“WHAT?!? Are you kidding?” Susan exclaimed. Grabbing the keys, she quickly ran over to the other side. It was a good thing there wasn’t escort mersin any traffic, Stacey thought. Susan hurriedly unlocked the driver’s door. As soon as she opened the door, she saw a red bow on the steering wheel. Stacey had just finalized the purchase earlier that day and didn’t have time to do much else. Besides, if she put a big ribbon around it like in the commercials, it would have tipped off Susan too early for the surprise. At least she picked out a red bow, Susan’s favorite color. Susan sat down behind the wheel and started caressing it, looking around the inside of the car, checking out what all it had. There was a tapping noise on the passenger window.

Surprised that she forgot all about her mother, Susan quickly looked around for the ‘unlock’ button. Finding it on the armrest of the door, she hit it. “Sorry, Mom” Susan said pleadingly as Stacey opened the passenger door. “I just got so excited. My own car!”

“It’s okay, I’ll forgive you this time,” Stacey replied. “Just don’t be too excited and get into an accident.” Stacey put on her seat belt.

Susan adjusted her seat, the mirrors, and noticing that the steering wheel tilted, moved it around a couple of times before deciding that where it was originally suited her just fine. As her father had taught her, she put on her own seat belt before putting the keys into the ignition. The car started with a ‘varoom’ before settling into a purr.

“Let’s hit the grocery store. I need to pick up a few things for the house,” Stacey suggested as a way to give Susan a place to go. Susan started off, being careful to drive as if her mother was in the passenger seat, not like she drove when she just borrowed Mom’s car. After all, her mother was in the passenger seat.

At the grocery store, Stacey picked up a few of the frozen pot pies she knew Susan hated. But for her and Mark, they were almost like a comfort food. When they first got married, the pot pies were cheap and they had little to spare. And John couldn’t care less, he was still at the stage where he would eat almost anything. Stacey expected a reaction from Susan when she picked them up. But, Susan was still excited about having her own car.

Besides excitement, Susan also felt a little pride. She likened it to the feeling she had when she first got her permit and drove her mother somewhere. This time, she was doing it as well, but in her own car. They checked out and Susan drove home.

They hadn’t bought much and there were only two bags. Each woman carried one bag into the house. Susan quickly set the bag on the kitchen table and walked over to her dad.

“Thank you, so much Daddy,” Susan cooed has she leaned over to give him a hug. Mark hugged back, his hand at the small of her back. When Susan stood back up, Mark looked up at her. His eyes only briefly hesitating at Susan’s tits, barely hidden in the halter-top she wore.

“Susan,” Stacey said, “why don’t you go to Debbie’s house and show her your car?” Debbie was a friend of Susan’s in high school. She lived on the other side of the district, making it a fairly short distance from school, but a long trip from one house to the other. A trip that usually required Mom or Dad to drive out late at night to pick their daughter up and take her home.

Susan looked at her dad with eyebrows raised, waiting for Daddy’s approval. “It’s no problem, you can go. Just remember, having a car doesn’t mean you can come home any time you feel like it. I still expect you home at a decent hour. And no drinking. If the cops even smell alcohol on your breath, you’ll lose your license until you’re twenty-one. That’s almost three years.”

Standing behind Susan, Stacey held her finger and thumb close together. With her other hand, she made a cutting motion across her throat. Mark took the hint.

“But, I guess you’re a little old for lectures any more. Just be careful and have fun,” Mark told Susan in conclusion.

“Thank you, Daddy,” Susan said to him just before planting another kiss on his cheek and bounding out the door.

Stacey watched Mark watching Susan as she went out the door. She didn’t need to follow his gaze to know just what he was looking at. His eyes almost bounced as they went from Susan’s tits to her ass. Stacey walked over and sat on Mark’s lap.

“So, I take it that you already gave her that lecture?” Mark asked, assuming that was why she cut him off.

“No. But you have to remember something. If you keep lecturing her like a little girl, all you’re going to get are little girl pecks on the cheek.” With that, Stacey reached down and patted Mark’s cock, confirming her suspicions that he was still hard under the newspaper. Mark’s hand reached Stacey’s tit as her lips met his. Stacey continued toying Mark’s hard on.

John had been home from college two weeks already. Mom hadn’t asked him about sex and he was cool with it. It didn’t matter one way or the other, unless he was horny. His college girlfriend lived half the country away and he wouldn’t mersin escort bayan see her until fall. Not that they were that serious. But for whatever reason, she couldn’t seem to get enough of him in bed. John knew he would eventually be looking forward to some sack time with his mother. He walked out of his room and walked down the hall. He saw his mother on his father’s lap, locked in an embrace. They didn’t hear him walk to the kitchen. John closed the refrigerator a little hard, making some noise. Taking a glass from the cabinet, he closed it a little loudly. Going back to his room, he closed the door a little hard.

“Hmm, I think you may have a jealous lover on your hands,” Mark commented. “How do you deal with that?”

“I don’t think he’s jealous. Hell, he never liked to see us kiss. Ever since he was a kid, it was always “gross”.”

“Get up a minute.” Mark waited for her to get off his lap and stood up. “Come here,” Mark said leading Stacey to their room. Just in case, Mark closed the bedroom door and turned to Stacey. “Would you please kneel down for me?” he asked as he undid his belt. Stacey took the hint and knelt before her husband. “My cock has been hard for a long time and I know that I need some relief,” he explained as Stacey took him in her mouth. Looking down at Stacey’s brunette head, it wasn’t hard for him to imagine that it was Susan sucking him off. Stacey kept hers cut to about her shoulders. But Susan kept her hair long, almost to her waist. It was yet another feature of Susan that turned him on. He was now looking forward to the possibilities. Thinking about it for much of the day, and Stacey’s devotion to his cock, it didn’t take him long to cum. Stacey stood up, wiping some cum off her chin and licking it off her fingers.

“Now, why don’t you go take care of our son before he gets too upset?”

“Really?” Stacey asked, surprised at what Mark was suggesting. “Okay, but first…” Stacey took off her T-shirt and tossed it on the bed. Then she took off her bra. “I’m going to make things just a little easier,” she explained. Then she put just the T-shirt back on.

The T-shirt was a pale yellow and Mark could make out the darker nipples underneath. “Well, I’m certain that will make it plain what you have in mind,” Mark commented. Stacey turned toward the door. Mark gave her a playful swat on the ass as she opened the bedroom door and stepped across to John’s room.

She tapped softly on John’s door. “John, can I talk to you a minute?” she asked.

“Yea,” John said from inside. Stepping inside, Stacey saw John at his PC, playing a video game.

“You upset about something?” Stacey asked him. “You certainly seemed that way, the way you were slamming doors and all.” John was still looking at his PC as Stacey knelt next to him and rocked back to sit on her heels.

“No,” John replied flippantly.

“Sure? I was afraid you might be jealous, the way I was on your father’s lap.”

“Why would I be jealous? I mean, according to my psych class, it’s normal for boys to be jealous of their fathers when it comes to their mothers. Maybe that’s why I never really liked to see you and Dad kissing and stuff.”

“Okay. But what does your psych class say about having sex with your mother?” Stacey asked with almost a giggle.
“Oedipal Complex. Named after some Greek king that had sex with his mother.” John hadn’t yet looked at his mother through the conversation, keeping his attention on the video game.

“Oh, come on. We can have a little fun,” Stacey said, trying to get his attention off the game. Finally, she pulled the T-shirt over her head and set it on the keyboard. John was able to pause the game without seeing the F3 key. He looked now at his mother, nude to the waist. “We can have a little fun for now. But I have something special planned for this Saturday,” Stacey told him as she opened John’s pants and pulled his cock through his underwear. “But first, somebody needs a little help,” she added, taking his limp cock in his mouth.

“Don’t you think Dad would wonder why the bed was creaking if we did anything?” John asked her, not sure he really wanted to do anything with his father in the house.

“Well, what would you like?” Stacey asked him. She stood up, placed one of his hands on her tits and kissed him, slipping her tongue in. John responded to Stacey’s tongue, the tit in his hand, and his mother’s hand on his cock.

Stacey broke the kiss. “See, you do want a piece of my ass,” Stacey said as she tugged on John’s hard on. “Come on, fuck your mother for me.”

“I don’t have any condoms,” John said, almost wishing he did. Taking his hand off her nipple, he used both hands to unzip his mother’s jeans. A little tight, he had to wiggle them down, taking her panties with them. He pushed them down past her knees. One hand slipped between her thighs and the other went back to her tits.

“Mmm, that’s it, Baby. Make your mother happy.” John’s finger teased her pussy lips apart and entered her. When it was sufficiently wet, he moved to her sensitive clit. Stacey let out a soft, “oh.” She stroked his now hard cock with more earnest. Again, she bent her lips to his. Slowly she started gently rocking her hips as if to meet a pounding cock.

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