The other guy

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The other guy
It was last year that my wife for 18 years and I had a great experience involving her long time school friend from back in Germany where she grew up. We live on an old farm that we remodeled and here we raised our five c***dren and live a good life. I am traveling for contracting business some and she is a part time teacher and has a small photography business. We moved to the US shortly after we got married. Now, 18 years later we have most of the k**s off to College and the younger ones are on their own feet most of the time. We hardly ever see them in summer when they are in camps or traveling with friends.
Last summer my wife told me about her old school friend Robert that was recently divorced and she asked me if he could come to visit us over the summer to get his mind of the ugly experiences he had the last few month. I happily agreed since I could use some help around the farm and even though I never met him I heard only good things about him. I must admit that I immediately had a plan to make something special happen I had thought about for a long time. I always had the fantasy of my wife being with another man. Every time a stranger laid eyes on her I had this immediate rush of excitement. I must say that is a very attractive, soft, classy, feminine, soccer mom type that is not so much a model type but she radiates a very sensual and personal, maybe even erotic aura. I for sure, am totally drawn in into her erotic nature and we have a good, even though rare, but creative and sometimes naughty sex like. We have done and still do some outdoor and car play, even blow jobs when in the car while driving to town, parking lot play with the risk of exposure, sometimes quick and dirty hand jobs either way while out for dinner. She even allows me to video us having sex and take very erotic photos of her. So we still have it. My biggest fantasy that we never lived out is her with another man. Not a threesome but her and the other guy while I watch from the distance to listen or even just know they are having sex. My immediate plan was that I would try to get her and Robert to fulfill that fantasy for me. I had told her about it over the years but she never really responded to it. Even though she once laughed and said she will keep it in mind if it ever comes güvenilir illegal bahis siteleri to it. I knew she really liked Robert and he is an attractive and fit guy and since im the same way I thought this could work very well.
Now I don’t want to stretch this out too far but here is what happened.
After Susan picked him up a the Airport we really had a great fun time for a week or so. One evening we sat out on the fire, I was cuddled up with Susan under a blanket on the large soft double swing. Robert was sitting across from us. We had good laughs and a few drinks. As the talks went on I ran my hand down her stomach towards her thighs. I didn’t get any restistance so I ran my hand between her legs while she talked to Robert. I felt her legs opening up just a little to give me access to her pussy, she was wet. It wasn’t very obvious to him but im sure he must have noticed something as she closed her eyes and smiled. I played with her a little bit but didn’t let it go too far.
We all went to bed and her and I had great sex that night. While we bed talked I told her again she should not hesitate and make him feel as comfortable as possible and that it would be good for him after all his bad experiences. She laughed and said she will consider it.
The next morning him and I went to work on some fence and we started talking about her with him saying how lucky of a guy I am to have a wife like her. I asked him if he was interested in her when they went to College together and he told me that at that time (which I knew) she had an affair with her Art Professor and that he tried a few times to get to her but she was very much into that married guy. I told him I knew about that from reading her journal and he was really interested in that little secret. I asked him smiling if he wanted to know what she thought about him and what all happened in her affair and he almost blushed but said sure….
So I told him that the guy was extremely sexual with her and that he tried a lot of are things with her anything from anal sex, to semen play all the way to sharing her with his friend on a camping trip. She enjoyed all of it and did not have any regrets. About you I read something too I told him. I know that she masturbated a lot thinking of you for some time canlı casino siteleri especially after she saw you sleep with a girl one time in your room across. He could not believe I told him that but that’s what I read in her journal.
I told him flat out that Im very open about her and I really liked him so if he wanted to give it a try with her I would not hold it against him. I also told him that I didn’t want to be part of it to even be present. I would let them have their own little secret. He just looked at me and said OK, I thank you for that but asked me to not ever hold that against her. I agreed.
So on his last day I told them I had to go to business meet that afternoon and wouldn’t be back until the next day. Now our Farm is set up very nicely In a little opening near a tree line. Our little Guest house in which he stayed is next to that tree line but from the you can also easily see the Fire pit and the kitchen window of our house. Now I work in Security and surveillance so I know my ways around Observation, concealment and tactics. When I said my farewells to him I shook his hand and told to take good care of the love of my life and that I knew she would be in good hands. He looked into my eyes and said I will do that. With a smile I went to the house kissed her goodbye and went on my way. I drove off to the nearby Barn. Grabbed my stuff and hiked back to the tree line where I set up my observation site. As the evening came I could see them through our kitchen window preparing the food for the evening. They were chatty and laughed a lot while the worked on our big kitchen island. She had her comfy clothes on. A tight t shirt, her tight soft grey yoga pants that hugged her female curves and cute little heeled summer shoes. As they worked they fed each other food into their mouth and ant some point he reached around her to grab something and she learned back and kissed him on the cheek as he stood behind her. To say it bluntly, I was extremely arouse watching the scene. I watched him give her a neck massage and she stood motionless and had her eyes closed. After a little while they carried the food to the fire place and had dinner with continuing to feed each other and laugh and they had good wine with their dinner. When she came back from the kitchen canlı poker oyna she sat next to him on the swing, kicked off her shoes and laid her legs over his lap. She had her wineglass which he filled up and he massaged her feet. She had her eyes closed and I saw his hand sliding upwards along her thighs. I know so intimately how she feels that it was almost as I did it. I could see all the details very clear and I saw her legs opening up a little as his hand rested on her upper thigh. He started moving his hand over her mound and I could hear her moan a little bit. She stretched her hand out and touched his face and he kissed her hand. Suddenly she stood up, grabbed his hand and started walking towards his guest house. At that moment I realized I had finally reached the point I always wanted her and I to be. Knowing she is the love of my life and that this would only get us closer. And I knew she not only did this for him but for the both of us too.
I had a really good view inside the bedroom of the guest house as it was only 20 yds from the tree line. I watched them have slow, intimate, sensual and dirty sex and it was the best thing I had ever witnessed. Seeing her opening her body to him, seeing her taking his beautiful hard cock in her mouth and her pussy, seeing his head between her legs, tasting and feeling what I had tasted and felt so many times, smelling what I smelled, seeing his hands oll over her body, seeing her turning around on her knees, spreading her cheeks for him so he could have a perfect view of her perfection, seeing him guiding his cock between her warm pussy lips, seeing her move under him and moaning, stretching her arms up so he can kiss and bite her erect beautiful natural and soft breasts, Seeing him trusting his hard penis into her open pussy slapping his hips against her soft ass, see her turn around again take his cock into her warm mouth and taste her juices on him as she always did with mine, seeing him lick her armpits and soak in her wonderful salty excitement….. and finally seeing him cumming in her mouth and her swallowing his juices and then share his cum with him in a long passionate kiss as she orgasms. It was the night of nights for me and for them and I still think back often. They are still in contact sometimes and I have seen him once more in Germany. There was no awkwardness at all. Seeing them talk and laugh later was a moment of total comfort and familiarity, knowing they have shared that night, their juices, their smells and her giving him her wonderful body.

The end
And yes… its all true


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