Tucker’s Studio Ch. 03

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I have a whole series of these stories written. They work pretty well as stand alone stories, all revolving around Tucker Sims and his porn studio, but some things will make more sense if you read them in the order they were posted. I hope you enjoy them. As usual, the people and places are fictional. All characters are over eighteen.


Triple Play

Tucker had a well practiced routine he used to find his amateurs. He was careful about it. You don’t want to give a business card to a city politician, for example, no matter how hot she is or how big a cock he’s got. No, you want run-of-the-mill people, but they gotta have the right look.

Tucker’s city is a pretty gritty place. Down on its luck economically for decades, it’s a blue-collar, low rent kind of town. Every once in a while though, a high rent woman grabs his eye. It goes against his better judgment, but he’s broken the ice and given out his card to a couple of them. He learned long ago that women are women, and a model scout telling them they’re hot usually doesn’t make them angry.

So there’s this woman he’s seen around a few times. Every once in a while she hits a blues bar Tucker likes, out with her friends or something like that. She’s actually married to a dentist, probably a trophy wife from the looks of her and knowing what most dentists look like. They live in a waterfront house, in a village outside the city. Nice house, couple kids, boat, little Mercedes convertible in the garage that she looks good in. Tucker knows none of this when he approaches her, of course. She’s just a hot looking middle-aged woman.

“You ever do any modeling?” he asked her at the bar one night.

“No!” she giggled.

One of her friends overheard and joined in.

“Yeah, she’s in porn. Ain’t ya seen her?” she said mockingly.

“Porn huh?” Tucker said, playing along. “Have I seen you in anything? Or should I say, have I seen anything in you?”

That got a laugh out of the two of them, and their friend joined in as she handed out shots of tequila. As they downed them Tucker pulled his leather business card holder out of the pocket of his jeans, and handed a card to each of the three. It was a first for him. Usually he was careful, quiet, and singular about his picks. He was pretty sure nothing would come of these three though, but what the hell, why not cast a line out and see what he could hook?

“T.S. Productions. Photography, Film, Video,” one of the ladies read off the card.

“Tucker Sims, at your service,” Tucker said. It was late in the evening, and he’d had quite a few beers himself.

“So what kinda stuff are you filming down there Tuck?”

“Well it just so happens I’m in the porn business too. You can’t tell anybody though.”

“You’re full of shit Tuck,” the drunkest of the three said.

“Maybe. Maybe not,” Tucker said. “What’re your names?”

“Patti,” the drunk one said. “That’s Karen and that’s Chrissy. We’re celebrating.”

“What’s the occasion?”

“Chrissy’s divorce just came through.”

“Ah, well, congrats Chrissy. What better way to start a new life than to come down to my studio, pick out a man, and let him ravage you in front of some cameras?”

“Is it as easy as that?” Patti said. “Christ! I’m in!” she laughed.

“Better yet, how about all three of you,” Tucker said. “I’ll put together a nice orgy scene with three of my best men.”

“Fuck yeah!” Patti yelled. She was bordering on out-of-control. “You guys ever do an orgy?” she asked her friends.

“He’s just messin’ with you Patti,” Karen said.

“Give me a call ladies, if any of you are interested. I can work you in right away. The money’s good too,” Tucker said as he drifted off toward the stage.

The three women burst out laughing after he left.

“What the fuck! It takes all kinds I guess,” Patti said.

“I don’t know. It kinda felt like he was serious,” Karen said.

“I know. That was a little weird,” Chrissy said. “I’m strangely turned on though.”

“I know, right?” Karen said. “Three of his best men? God, I’m glad I’ve got a good vibrator waitin’ for me at home.”

“What the fuck’s he want with three girls our age?” Patti asked.

“Hey, forty’s not so bad,” Chrissy said. “Karen’s the one who caught his eye and she’s forty-four. There’s lots of older porn these days. You think the guys he’s got are young?”

“You don’t seriously think he’s for real do you?” Patti said, suddenly sobering up a bit.

“I’m looking it up,” Karen said. She googled T.S. Productions on her phone. “Fuck! Here’s an article about him on some website. They won some kind of award for mature amateur porn! Fuuuck meee!”

“Lemme see that,” Patti said. “Holy shit, that’s the guy right there! Tucker Sims!” She handed the phone to Chrissy and she read it too.

“I’m suddenly horny as fuck,” Chrissy said. “Are we doing it?”

“Whaddya mean are we doing it?” Karen said. “Some of us are still married you know.”

“Some guys like watching their wives screw around,” Chrissy said.

“Yeah, illegal bahis and other guys are conservative republican dentists. I got one of those at home, remember?” Karen said.

“Hey, you don’t know if he’d like it or not. I bet you never asked.”

“Hey honey, is it okay if I go to an orgy with three hot guys? Yeah, that’d go over big.”

“Yeah. Better that you don’t tell him,” Chrissy said. “You too Patti. Don’t tell Donald.”

“Don’t tell him what? You make it sound like we’re doing something.”

“Oh come on you guys!” Chrissy said. “I just got my heart ripped out. You’ll do this with me, right?”

“Yeah, sure, whatever you say honey,” Karen said sarcastically, rolling her eyes at the other girls.

“Oh my God!” Chrissy said happily. The tequila had apparently rendered her unable to recognize sarcasm. Her friends just shook their heads at her and smiled.

On her way to the ladies room Chrissy found Tucker in the crowd and scheduled the orgy for noon the next day. He was surprised but delighted. If he didn’t have all the beer in him he would have followed up with the other girls, but Chrissy was excited and seemed sincere. While he watched the band he texted the studio crew with the details and called in three of his reliable men: Mitch, Dante and Ryan.

When the band finished playing he wanted to tell the girls everything was set, but they were gone. On the way home Chrissy had told them about their noon appointment and they strung her along, agreeing, laughing, thinking she was kidding. Patti was shocked when Chrissy knocked on her door at nine o’clock the next morning, dressed sexy, wanting to get things moving so they could go pick up Karen.

“Chrissy, what are you doing here?” Patti said, nursing a bad hangover.

“You need some hair of the dog sweetheart. You haven’t had anything yet?”

“No. It’s early. I don’t need you to help me with my hangover.”

Chrissy had been in Patti’s liquor cabinet plenty of times. Patti and Donald were both lushes, so it was well stocked. She pulled out a bottle of Vodka and made two strong screwdrivers.

“Jesus, that tequila does a number on me,” Patti said, holding her head.

“You think Karen’s getting ready? I can’t believe you guys agreed to do this. I’m so excited I could hardly sleep.”

“Agreed to do what? Oh, your imaginary orgy?”

“Whaddya mean imaginary. We’re gettin’ fucked for real, like the sexy girls do. What are you gonna wear?”

“Have you been on the tequila all night? Married, remember?” Patti said, holding up her hand with the big diamond ring. She took a sip of the screwdriver Chrissy handed her, and then downed half of it.

“Fuck that. Nobody’ll know,” Chrissy said. “I’ve been thinking about this all night, wondering if it’s crazy or not. You know what? I need this. The lawyer told me no foolin’ around with anybody until the divorce was final, so that was almost a year. And before that Dicky and I had sex about, oh, God, what, about three or four times in the last two years of our marriage? If you had any idea how starved I am for sex you wouldn’t be giving me that look.”

“I’m sorry honey. I guess I lost track of how dry things have been for you. But an orgy at a porn studio? I just can’t do that, and you shouldn’t either. It’s nuts!” Patti said. She finished the double shot screwdriver. “God that tastes good!”

“I guess it’s just me and Karen then,” Chrissy said. “We can handle three guys.”

“I swear to God you must still be fuckin’ drunk. Karen’s not doing it either sweetheart,” Patti said.

“I’m going over to her house,” Chrissy said. “You sure you wanna miss this? How many girls get a chance like this? It’s like a sign from God or something.”

“Boy, that divorce really messed up your head,” Patti said. “Hang on, let me fix my face a little. I’ll come with you to Karen’s. I have a feeling it’s gonna take both of us to talk you out of this.”

“Oh my God, not the orgy thing again!” Karen said when she ushered her two friends into her house. “I don’t think I’ve ever used that word in my life, and now in the last twenty-four hours I sound like a slut.”

“Karen! Are you bailing on me too?” Chrissy said disappointedly. “I thought you guys were my friends. Think of how much fun…”

“You got any Vodka?” Patti asked Karen.

“Yeah. You know where. Kinda early isn’t it?”

Patti made her way to the wet bar at the end of the big gourmet kitchen. The other girls followed. Chrissy explained her sexual dry spell to Karen while Patti mixed three screwdrivers, and all the girls commiserated. It turned out none of them were getting laid much.

“Will’s just lost interest,” Karen said. “Serves me right for marrying a guy twenty years older I guess.”

“Yeah but you got the house and kids you always wanted,” Patti said, looking around at the waterfront view out the windows of the cavernous place. “Here’s to us,” she said. They all clicked glasses and drank.

“I’m goin’ down there,” Chrissy said. “I can handle three illegal bahis siteleri guys. A gang bang sounds pretty good right about now.”

“No way are we letting you do that!” Karen said. “What did the guy say anyway?”

“He said we should be there at noon. Said he’d bring in a hair and makeup girl, and have three of his nicest guys for us.” Chrissy’s eyes twinkled and she perked up, looking happy when she told them about it.

“What the hell! I can’t believe this,” Karen said. “It’s like candid camera or something.”

“Why’s it so hard to believe? We’re not ugly you know.” Chrissy said.

“I didn’t mean that honey. You’ll find a guy. I know you will.”

“In the meantime I’m going down there,” Chrissy said. “I might call one of you to pick me up after, all right? I’m hoping I won’t be able to walk.”

“Fuck that!” Patti said as she finished her drink. “If you’re crazy enough to go down there I’m gonna keep an eye on you. Fuckin’ gang bang. You’re nuts honey!”

“And you’re half in the bag already,” Karen said to Patti. “I guess I gotta go babysit both you idiots. We’re just going so we can shut this stupidity down you know. We’re going down there, we’re going to apologize…I’m sure he’ll understand. I mean we were all sorta drunk last night. I’m sure this kind of thing’s happened to him before.”

“Dress nice. There’s gonna be good looking guys there,” Chrissy said happily.

“Good Lord,” Karen said quietly, shaking her head.


The three nervous friends drove through the old warehouse district, looking for Tucker’s studio. There was no sign, just a small brass plaque next to the bright yellow door. Chrissy pressed the button on the intercom and Tucker buzzed them in. Karen didn’t like the locked door aspect of it, but as soon as she was inside she realized the place was legit. Clean carpeting in the hallway, nice artwork on the walls and a gleaming chrome and glass cabinet with awards and honors from the porn world all added to the upscale feeling. Right here in my hometown, she thought to herself. Who knew? The other girls had similar thoughts. Tucker walked out of his office to greet them.

“Ladies! I’m so happy to see you all! I had visions of sending my staff home because you decided not to come.”

“I’m afraid I’m the only one who wants to follow through,” Chrissy said. “These two came to keep an eye on me and talk me out of it.”

“Oh, well that’s a shame. I mean we’re thrilled to have you Chrissy, don’t get me wrong, but there was something about a ‘friends’ orgy scene that seemed better and better the more I thought about it. But I can send two of my men home and we can just do a simple scene with you Chrissy, if you’d like. You two are more than welcome to stay and watch, if Chrissy wants you too. I usually don’t allow any kind of an audience, but this seems like a special circumstance.”

“Could you…I mean there’s three men here…maybe I could…” Chrissy said.

“All of them with you? Sure, we’d love that,” Tucker said.

“Chrissy, can we talk to you for a minute?” Karen asked nervously.

“You girls talk it over, and then I’ll introduce you to the men and the rest of the staff. Before I go, let me throw an idea out there. We’ve worked with anonymity before. Many times actually. Wigs, glasses, pretty masks. We can blur out faces in post-production, alter voices, that kind of thing. Often those kinds of scenes just get used as bonus content and don’t get seen much, but they’re still fun to do, and a great way to give more private people a taste of what we do here. Trust me, it’s a pretty incredible fantasyland when we get rolling. I make sure everybody’s comfortable and happy. So take your time and talk it over. My office is third door on your right whenever you’re ready.”

After two or three minutes talking amongst themselves Patti was more than a little intrigued, her curiosity no doubt fueled by the morning’s vodka and the remnants of the previous night’s tequila. Karen was the holdout, still saying the things a good conservative republican dentist’s wife should say in a situation like that. Then Mitch walked down the hall.

“Oh, hi!” he said, his big smile and perfect teeth flashing brightly.

The girls were completely speechless and mesmerized by the drop-dead gorgeous man approaching them. He couldn’t be one of the porn men…could he?

“I’m Mitch. Wow, Tucker said you guys were attractive. I wasn’t expecting the hot suburban thing though. Nice!”

“Hi Mitch, I’m Chrissy,” she said, extending her hand.

“Chrissy, my pleasure,” he said as he took her hand and kissed her on the cheek. And you are…?” he asked the others.

“Karen.” She was surprised a legible word came out.

“I’m Patti.”

Mitch kissed them both on the cheek.

“So,” he said, “you guys are first-timers, right? There’s something about that that makes everything even hotter. I hope Tucker’s got good fire extinguishers in this place. Have you met Dante and Ryan yet? I guess not if you guys are new.”

Right canlı bahis siteleri on cue the two men rounded a corner at the end of the hallway and headed toward the girls. Chrissy smiled. Had Tucker set this up? She was beginning to think so, and so far it seemed to be working. That was only part of the reason for her smile though. Mitch was movie star handsome, and the other two guys were both worthy of a ‘Wow!’ themselves. Ryan was a cute nineteen-year-old who played on the college soccer team. Long hair. Dreamy blue eyes. Dante, he was also an athlete, playing in a local football league after his pro career crashed and burned due to drug use. He was clean now, in more ways than one. His huge, muscular black body was shaved smooth, from the top of his head to the bottom of his massive balls. The girls didn’t know that of course, but even so, Karen let out an audible whimper when she got a good look at him. Big black men had long been a powerful trigger for her.

“Guys, this is Chrissy, Karen and Patti,” Mitch said to his friends.

“Hi, I’m Dante.”

“I’m Ryan,” the young one said. His pale blue eyes were like sea glass, and Patti got a little lost in them.

“Been lookin’ forward to this ever since Tucker called last night,” Dante said, his voice deep and resonant. “I usually don’t work half scale, but this sounded special.”

“Yeah. Orgy scenes are a rare thing around here,” Mitch said. “They’re so much fun! Ryan, have you done one yet?”

“Just in my dorm,” he smiled.

Karen’s throat just about closed up from the adrenaline and nerves. She had a son in college out of state, on the lacrosse team. Ryan reminded her so much his friends, the cute ones with the perfect young bodies. The ones who felt more awkward around her than they did with the other moms, because she was a MILF.

So Patti, she’d made a decision without telling anybody. If Chrissy was crazy enough to follow through with this fantasy, and Tucker let her sign something that said her face wouldn’t be recognizable, she was in. A crazy, anonymous, one-time group sex experience with these three men? Hell yeah, sign me up!

Karen was the only one holding on to reality. Yes, all three of the men made her pussy wet, but being an upper-middle-class suburban wife and mother held some responsibilities. Lots of ’em in fact, but very high on the list was don’t get orgy fucked at a porn studio.

“Oh, I see you guys have met,” Tucker said as he stuck his head out of his office. “Why don’t you ladies come in here. We’ll catch up with the boys a little later.”

“I’m so happy to meet you. I’m looking forward to the next few hours,” Dante said to Karen before the men walked away. He could sense her reluctance and wanted to draw her in if he could. As much as he was her fantasy, she was his. An expensively dressed white woman with a hot body and a big, flashy diamond wedding ring on her finger. She was just the kind of woman he loved to bury his big black cock in.

“So,” Tucker said in his office, “do you have any questions?”

“I need to know more about the masks,” Patti said.

Karen was shocked. She shot Patti a ‘what the fuck?’ look, but it did no good.

“Oh, sure,” Tucker said. “Let me think…Oh yeah, I can show you a little footage.”

He searched for something on his computer and turned the monitor around so the girls could watch. It was Mitch in all his glory, fucking a woman who was older than them, probably in her fifties. She had on a small Lone Ranger style eye mask, made of white feathers, and she was having a howlingly good time.

“We’ve altered her voice slightly too,” Tucker said. “She still sounds like a woman — it’s not that low voice stuff you hear on the news — but she doesn’t sound like herself.”

The woman had a wild orgasm on Mitch’s big cock, as his women usually do.

“Fuck!” Patti said quietly.

“So that’s one way. I prefer it because it lets more of the emotion shine through,” Tucker said as he brought up another clip. “This is another way…”

Two men the girls hadn’t met were fucking two women about their age. The women’s faces were blurred just enough so that you couldn’t see them. It looked a bit silly to Patti, but she knew Karen was gonna to be a tough nut to crack and she might prefer it.

“What do you think,” she asked Karen. “Dante’ll be disappointed if you say no. And you’ll never stop wondering what it would have been like. I just can’t see us turning back now.”

“A wig, a mask and the blur? Can we do that?” Karen asked Tucker. “I don’t know about the rest of you, but I need all that. God, I can’t believe we’re doing this.”

“Excellent!” Tucker said. “I’m so glad! Of course, we can do all those things for you. Each of you individually can choose. I’ll write it all in the contract and you can trust me. A lawsuit over this kind of thing would put me out of business, so the footage will be handled exactly how we write it. I’ll write up the paper work while you ladies are getting your hair and makeup done.”

“Ooo! Nice! Are those new Marsha?” Tucker asked. “I don’t remember the black ones.”

The girls were trying on small ‘lone ranger’ style eye masks, decorated with black feathers and colored beads. They looked like something a sexy Mardi Gras girl would wear.

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