Venice Revisited Part 2

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Venice Revisited Part 2
It was a mix of feeling just after my orgasm face which I hope is never caught on film. First the joy of my husband’s cream covered cock taking its last few strokes, the cream provided by me. But then second our closest friends surprised by such a sight, again I hope it wasn’t my orgasm face that sent them running.

Now with the act done the three of us left catch our breath. A followed jammed packed shower but believe it or not no complaints were verbalized. The third surprise of the evening was when our paid guest spent the night with us, be it the way there or the sizable tip my husband gave her, just like before no complaints were spoken.

As much as I’d like to say we went straight to round three but know we’re middle aged now and after such an evening sleep came rather easily. I was clearly the last to wake as my eyes opened to my husband and our Tart busily going at it in a 69 position. But that takes second to this new day’s activities as catching my eye from our doorway is our close friends. Jan was standing in front of Bill, Bill’s hands full with her ample breasts. Jan was doing her best windshield wiper imitation swiping her hips across what I’m sure was Bill’s hard cock.

I peeled myself way from the bed unnoticed by both pillow partners and in my birthday suit I made my güvenilir bahis way toward my friends. Their focus finally moved as their interest changes to me and what I’m doing. I moved in close to Jan kissing her, a deed I’ve done hundreds of time but this time I hope it was a bit more. As she didn’t pull away I thought I’d press my luck further falling to my knees before her. I gently moved away her hand which now was rubbing on her own pussy over the fabric of her robe. Then I slowly pulled on the soft belt strap holding her body from view. The robe gave way like the opening curtain to a play or something else fantastic, leaving me just inches from her yummy pussy.

I slowly d**g the tip of my tongue between her outer lips, gathering the creamy pearls beginning to form. As I licked again I placed my hands on her trembling thighs. As her full lips gave way to the hidden treasures I slipped my hands up and around filling them with her plump butt cheeks. I could feel Bill’s manhood, firm and warm to the touch. I paused just long enough to yank his PJ bottoms to the floor then I pulled Jan’s butt cheek apart as Bill slipped his tool up and down her valley.

Jan pressed my face ever closer as her orgasm built then after her release I spilt them apart only enough to take Bill’s cum covered cock in my mouth. perabet giriş After cleaning every delicious drop off his cock and balls I looked over finding Jan on the bed, she had moved our fifth to the side and was now sharing hubbies cock with her. I took Bill’s hand and we joined them on the bed. With Bill on his back I lowered myself onto his big shaft, gobbling up every inch of it. Although Bill was slightly bigger then my husband there was zero pain as my pussy was dripping with excitement and in no time I was riding him at full speed.

Then when Jan moved over sharing her tongue with both my soaked pussy and Bill’s shaft there was no going back. I raised myself off of Bill and with my hand filled with her hair I ground Jan’s face into my pussy as I released the biggest climax I’ve had in a long time and that’s saying something!

Now so satisfied I took it upon myself to make sure the others were not cut short. First I broke them up putting my husband with Jan and Bill quickly moved toward our guest. I had no worries as to my husband’s abilities so I focused first on the other two. Having Bill behind her in doggie they both had smiles across their faces. To enhance the experience I timed myself dipping in on some of Bill’s withdraws licking both his shaft and her pink button. perabet güvenilir mi

Reaching down finding Bill’s balls very swollen I knew he was about to explode so I reached to the nightstand then upon his next pullback I held him off quickly followed by rolling the gathered condom over him. In its purple sheath I d**g the head of his cock over her sloppy puss, then to his delight I took aim for her backdoor. I turned to her asking if she’s ready, her wordless nod was the green light. I wrapped my hand around Bill’s cock telling him slowly, then I released one finger at a time until my hand was cleared.

I wasn’t surprised that Bill announced his finish within two minutes and now my total attention went toward Jan. I reached between them, my fingers finding her engorged clit which I rubbed feverishly bringing her to climax. Her breath and moans quickened again quickly so in the more then capable hands of my husband I took a seat and watchful eye as I rubbed myself to the show before me. Jan had a second, third and fourth orgasm before my husband announced his end coming. He pulled out blasting his load across her belly and breasts, I didn’t hesitate to lick his seed off of her, sharing a kiss and his cum with her.

We all laid the exhausted and I could only guess what was going through their minds. As for myself I knew we had ten more days here and I wondered how the good old city could top this. With a crooked smile my mind filled with the odds of our chances. Knowing good sex is all about being open and honest, with that our chances were good. Good indeed.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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