Was I Turning Gay?

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Was I Turning Gay?
Here I was, jilted by the girl I had devoted the last 10 years to and wondering what I did wrong and how I would trust a woman ever again. All during that time my partner had a fixation with my ass and I was slowly but surely questioning my leanings.

It all started with her eating out my rear and progressing to the point that I couldn’t cum unless she was ramming her hand up my ass and jerking me off or blowing me at the same time. And I must admit, I was having the greatest orgasms ever with her technique and wondering what it would be like doing it with a real man!

Although I love to give a girl head, I couldn’t get out of my mind the thought of pleasuring a man by sucking him off till he blew a tremendous load down my throat, hopefully while getting pounded on the other end. So, whenever I was eating her, I would close my eyes, suck down her rather large camel toe and fantasize that I was gobbling up a large dick.

Was I turning gay? I didn’t know, but half of me wanted to find out . I really wanted a huge cock to gag me and glaze my face and let me taste some precious cum that wasn’t my own.

Meanwhile, I ordered some toys online and started to prepare for my evolution into a cum slut. I first got a vibrating butt plug, but found it to be too small so ordered the largest one the store had. I’d wake up early morning, canlı kaçak bahis wash out my ass, lube up and go back to bed with my toy sending me off to delirious heights. After an hour of so of pleasure, I would use a hand held vibe on my cock and explode all over my stomach and slurp up all the sweet nectar.

Well, this was so great but I wanted to feel even more! I found the baby I wanted with a 10″ vibrating cock that at first looked like a horse schlong, but at the same time had me drooling in anticipation. I couldn’t even get any more that the head down my throat, it was so massive, but I knew I wanted it deep inside me. Well, I picked up the monster at the post office, and was so excited when I saw it, that I called in sick for work and rushed home. I was sick, and really needed to know that feeling right away.

So, back to my bed I rushed, greased up my ass with an extra portion of love gel , added lots to my new friend, and slowly rammed it up my waiting love canal. After a little discomfort, I really started getting into the swing and was riding it like a trooper! With a little more effort, I had it all the way in and toy’s balls were pounding against mine. Was this what heaven was all about? I couldn’t stop, it was so great. Besides the great job it was doing on my prostate, the fullness and feeling of being impaled perabet drove me to new heights.

Now it was time to turn on the juice, so I turned on the battery pack and my dick went straight and shot out a load like none I ever knew I had! God, I was screaming to myself, “fuck me, fuck me, fuck my ass!!!”. The force of my ejaculation was so strong that it hit my chin, whereas I proceeded to gobble up all the cum, savoring it like a fine Medoc.

So, here I am, with the greatest toy ever imaginable and spending day after day pleasuring myself. However. I really wanted something in my other end at the same time. Still not brave enough to find a willing partner, I ordered an ejaculating dildo and after a few trials, concocted a solution of egg white, salt and a dash of plain yogurt that came closest to tasting like my own seed.

This baby wasn’t as thick around as my vibrating prince so I could slide it in and out of my throat with relative ease and practice my technique for when I give my first blow job. Now I could take my games to new heights by r****g myself at both ends at the same time. As I’ve said, my one dream has for a long time now been to have a cock in both holes pounding me into oblivion , cumming from my ass and cock at the same time, while a huge dick explodes down my throat .

So, till the real thing comes perabet güvenilir mi along, here I am, greasing up my best friend, putting in new batteries and filling a glass of my fake-cum solution. I start with the butt plug that has a very tense vibrating level, load up my dildo and proceed to suck, lap and savor all the juice that is being released like pre-cum.

I am in heaven, yet there is still a higher cloud level to attain. When I squeeze the balls, splurts of my egg solution squirt down my throat and the feeling of making a cock explode drive me mad. I replace the butt plug with Mr. 10 incher and turn on the juice. Bucking away like a common whore,I am totally out of control . With the cock deep down my throat, I am doing my best to scream “deeper, deeper,fuck me harder” but I am gagging to much for the words to form. Meanwhile , deep inside me, there is a fire building that can not be described. I don’t want it to stop, but I know it is going to go critical mass any time now.

Refilling my dildo, I bounce on my cockmate, it’s balls bouncing against mine as my cock explodes and the one in my mouth pulsates streams of great tasting home made love juice!

Now exhausted, but wanting more I decide this has to be done with real partners. But where am I going to find willing mates with huge dicks that can replicate this. Living in Japan as I now do, it will be hard enough finding one big cock, much less two, But it’s time to start searching. Meanwhile, I have my toy lovers to keep me in practice for when I finally turn that corner.

Chances are, it will be in the very near future.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32

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